Future Military Weapon Technology - United States Weapon Systems
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22 June 2009

Myths About the NATO 5.56 Cartridge

M16A1, M16A2, M4, M16A4

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the current M16A1, M16A2, M4, M16A4NATO 5.56 round and its effectiveness on the battlefield. Now before you make a judgment as a soldier or as a firearm enthusiast (a more euphemistic way of saying “gun nut”), consider your sources. Who is …

13 February 2009

Small Diameter Bomb – GBU-39

 Bombs,Featured         2 comments

The GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb – the future of ultra-surgical air strikes.
Since the days of the first Gulf War, when it became clear to the world that precision air strikes would be the “go to” option for the opening rounds of nearly any theater scale military operations, the technology of …

25 August 2008

Russian Tank Forces – T90 Technology

 Featured,Tanks         129 comments

The Russians desperately needed to mount a response after the 1991 Gulf War, when the Americans stormed through the deserts of Kuwait and Iraq.   The Russian economy’s defense sector was reeling, after the American military’s Abrams M1A1 Main Battle Tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles left the battlefield littered with literally hundreds of burnt-out …

27 May 2008

US Air Force Airlift – Global US Military Aircraft

 Aircraft,Featured         25 comments

US Air Force Airlift
What does it take to be who we are in the world? To be able to strike deals massively lopsided in our favor? To make demands, threats, and/or promises of peace? Who knows, we could be your best friend, or your worst enemy. What does it take …

16 May 2008

Barrett REC7 – M468 – Future Assault Rifle

 Featured,Rifles         131 comments

Apparently, the M4 Carbine or the M16 aren’t good enough for the grunts on the field.  This isn’t really a new revelation either.  Let’s face it, since day 1 of the adoption of the M16 during Vietnam, the M16 hasn’t exactly been everyone’s favorite assualt rifle.  In fact, it has …

24 April 2008

M4 – M4A1 Carbine – Modern Warfare

 Rifles         47 comments
m4 carbine2

If I hark back to the days of the Wild Wild West, during the heydays of American machismo otherwise known as Manifest Destiny, I can only think of the ever popular shoot out.  The quick and dead, the fast draws, the lawlessness, and the cowboys.  Don’t be misled about the speed of the …

17 April 2008

M230 Chain Gun – Apache Attack Weapon

 Featured,Military         27 comments

The omnipresent adjudicator hovering over the skies of Iraq can deliver heinous death at any waking instant.  You are taking a stroll down the street, plotting some terrorist attacks in your imagination, and suddenly, without ever feeling a thing, you are reduced to a full sized human splatter pattern.  The reality is, …

10 April 2008

Carbon 15 Pistol – Bushmaster

 Rifles         9 comments

The Carbon 15 pistol is a firearm similar in design to an ArmaLite AR-15 or the Colt M4 Carbine. The main differences between the Carbon 15 “pistol” and actual M4 is the absence of the shoulder stock and the fully automatic option. You don’t really want or need …

29 February 2008

JASSM Cruise Missile of the Future

 Missiles         20 comments

“We need some options on the table!” Yells a military commander sitting in the Pentagon.
“How about the option to hit them with stealth cruise missiles, sir?” Says a lowly defense analyst in the back.
“What did you say!?” Screams the general.
“Well sir, we can just have our jets launch these …

20 February 2008

V22 Osprey – Hybrid Helicopter Aircraft of the Future

 Aircraft         15 comments

V22 Osprey
Manufacturer: Boeing [NYSE: BA]
Obviously, getting troops to the battlefield as quickly as possible is a paramount concern for military planners. Choppers can carry many troops, but really can’t fly very far or fast. Planes can get troops there quickly, but where can you launch transport …

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