AC-130 Spectre Gunship Video – Modern Warfare

AC-130 Spooky Gunship
mfg: Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] and Boeing [NYSE: BA]

AC 130 2The AC-130 gunship is an attack platform unlike any other. The plane is a modified C-130 Hercules transport, outfitted with a modified 105 MM artillery cannon and a 40 mm cannon along with Gatling guns. The AC-130 operates at night and the pilot flies the plane in a large circle around the target, and rains down fire from the sky. This weapon strikes fear through the very fabric of the enemy’s soul. In this video, the people are completely unaware that they are about to be attacked until it’s too late. Once the first shot is fired, all hell breaks loose. People duck for cover, attempt to hide, and run for their lives. The AC-130 has a crew of 5 officers, who serve roles of co-pilot, pilot, navigator and 2 fire control officers. With only 5 people and the AC-13o attack platform, the US annhilihates a Taleban camp and cave complex, killing untold amounts of the enemy.

This is a video of an AC-130 Spooky attack on the Taleban in Afghanistan.

[youtube 0Jn6nByuDS0&hl=en]

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