Barrett REC7 – M468 – Future Assault Rifle

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Apparently, the M4 Carbine or the M16 aren’t good enough for the grunts on the field.  This isn’t really a new revelation either.  Let’s face it, since day 1 of the adoption of the M16 during Vietnam, the M16 hasn’t exactly been everyone’s favorite assualt rifle.  In fact, it has been regarded by some as a killer of US troops, leaving them stuck in firefights without effective stopping power and jammed rounds.  Never fear though young GIs and military buffs, the civilian weapons manufacturing sector is listening.  Barrett Firearm’s answer?  Let’s give them what they want.

m468Greater range, 50% increased stopping power, ability to fit into the current modular makeup of existing M16 component parts.  Basically, Barrett knows how to get an invention considered by a buyer.  Hearing the voice of the GI, military procurement officers sit around and think, “What can I do about this problem,  and is it going to cost me an arm and a leg?”  These posed questions are answered in the design of the Barrett REC7 assault rifle.  This rifle hasn’t reached operational status yet, but Barrett firearms took into consideration some key aspects of rifle design and selling points with the development of this rifle (conveniently mentioned in the opening sentence of this paragraph).  All key aspects overlooked by other ambitious projects with the aim to replace the M16.  Rifles such as the OICW and the Heckler and Koch XM-8 are examples of attempts to completely redesign the rifle, which also come packaged with enormous costs and long-run expenses for spare parts.

REC7 M468 2Barrett said, “Hey, I can make a rifle that is built on existing parts already used in the M4 and M16, and deliver the results the military wants.”  Now, we can only wait and see if this bad boy will ultimately be chosen as the next generation rifle for the armed forces, but until then, we can watch Mack talk about the Barrett REC7 assault rifle and demonstrate it’s superb capabilities.  Enjoy.

Posted by Andrew   @   16 May 2008 134 comments
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Jun 12, 2008
12:55 am
#1 bryan chan :

can dragon skin body armor take a hit from a 50 cal bullet?

Jun 17, 2008
8:23 pm

I think is a great idea about increasing the fire power of the m-4. However, Keep in mind the more stoping power the higher the recoil. Would they be working on both?
or just the stoping power? I just think by working on both the by product would be a perfect military weapon.

Jun 21, 2008
4:07 am
#3 connor :

im only 14 but iv always had a intrist in desining wepons and i would like to be able to do it when i grow up but i dont know the names of any companys that do weapon desining could you people give me some ideas.

Jul 31, 2008
10:02 pm
#4 Zach :

I think that M4s and M16s and any other 5.56mm weapons don’t have enough firepower. What we need now is a cartridge that has both high power and little recoil. The 6.8 SPC is a good cartridge to fulffil that wish. By the way I’m only 12 and I know alot about weapons!

Aug 19, 2008
4:05 pm
#5 jaapie :

Man, i don’t know much about weapons, but this one looks awsome !

Aug 19, 2008
7:41 pm
#6 Aaron :

im 15 and i know quite abit about guns know to many names of them but this is new to me
theres quite a few companies who make guns including H&K who have made the g36 g36c
mp5 mp7 well lets just same they mainly make g36 and the mp weapons

Sep 27, 2008
11:24 pm
#7 dnyill :

No offense, but just because you play Call of Duty 4 alot doesn’t make you knowledgeable in guns and weapons.

Sep 28, 2008
5:28 pm
#8 Charlie :

i agree, 5.56 rounds can be deflected by dense foliage etc. I think the FN 5.7mm round should be considered for the next gen of assault rifles.

Oct 7, 2008
5:29 pm
#9 John Rahenkamp :

The Barrett M468 is indeed a formidiable weapon.After watching the weapon being demonstrated on Future Weapons,I am indeed impressed.Once it got past the military inspectors and testers,which is a very hard bunch to satisfy,it would then be a welcomed addition to any military or law enforcement arsenal.But when you talk about the Barrett M468,I always think of another weapon that is a tight contenter and that is the HK416.I call this H&K the west version of the AK-47 and/or AK-74.Because the HK416 combines western sophistication and precision of design with durabilty and maybe the impossible occurance of a weapon malfunction.Of course,lets not forget Murphy’s Law.But the German designers of the HK416 have a way of beaten Murphy’s Law.The Barrett M468 and HK 416 are two very magnificient examples of modern weapons technology.

Oct 15, 2008
6:01 pm
#10 Karr :

Im in the military and to be honest the M4 is not a bad weapon yes it does not ahve the knock down power we want and i do agree we need a better rifle. The accuracy of our weapons today are amazing considering how short and compact they have made them, and the conditions we put them through. One thing that does need to be resolved is that most of our weapons are gas operated. When we shot they not only get carbon build up on the bolt but also dust and other contaminants. If they can resolve that then teh m4 would be great.

Oct 18, 2008
4:06 pm
#11 Cj :

I like the Barrett 468, and yes Mr, e, they did take the recoil into account.

Nov 5, 2008
10:48 pm
#12 Dan :

My god, some of your comments are really amusing. Especially the first few. Aaanyway, the biggest issue with 5.56 rounds is that they simply do NOT have the stopping power. I was in New Zealand Army infantry, using the steyr AUG, and it simply was too small to do any serious damage. Many a time i wished i had something of at least 7.62 cal. Considering the 7.62 is available pretty much worldwide, and that it is the favoured round of terrorists and anyone with an AK (which just so happens to be the most successful assault rifle in history) then you’d want to be hitting back with at least the same calibre, if not greater.

in vietnam, GI’s were shooting 5.56 rounds that simply went through the enemy, didn’t knock them down straight away, which gave them the opportunity to shoot back with much gruntier 7.62’s. That’ll put a decent sized hole in you. The 5.56 just wont.

Weapons platforms of today should definitely take into account recoil reduction, accuracy, simple and quick modification, and reliability. How great would it be if you could have a lightweight rifle that you can use for close quarters, then modify within seconds to drop a target out at, say, 6-700 yards? I’d buy one in a heartbeat

Nov 24, 2008
2:52 pm
#13 Craig :

your all fuckin pussys and need to go to hell and you can eat my ass hole!

Dec 15, 2008
4:42 pm
#14 Dirk :

Why don’t we just implement the SCAR-H as the new replacement for the m16? It uses 7.62mm rounds, is deadly accurate from long range. Effective range is about 875 yards or 800 meters. Cyclic rate of fire is 550 rounds per minute. Slow, but for a rifle chambering 7.62, with the power of the SCAR (the bullet velocity is about 1600 Joules, compared to the M4’s 1300). Plus the SCAR is about 100 times less likely to jam than the m16. They are designed with a 90 000 round system service life! Some people don’t like the way the SCAR-H looks, but personally I don’t understand why not. It’s like an M16, only bulked up – bigger frame, more customization options, stronger build. The upper receiver is aluminum and the lower receiver has an extendable side-folding stock that can be adjusted in length to account for the size of the operator. Personally I pray that the US Army comes to its senses and adopts the SCAR-H or SCAR-L (the carbine version) as a replacement for the M16/M4 – it’s long overdue. The world will fear us again, just like the good old days!

Jan 3, 2009
12:38 pm
#15 Chaz :

Seems there is a lot of interest in the 6.8 SPC. Can anyone tell me, is that just because it gives 50 per cent more stopping power than a proven pipsqueak, or is it because it really is big enough to do the job?

Jan 6, 2009
8:32 pm
#16 Astro :

what is the type of the scope that he used?,,,,,

Jan 7, 2009
9:17 am
#17 stormlifter :

All this is very good and well. Research into new firearms is good, but there will need to be a lot more than a Discovery channel documentation for the upper receiver before it can be considered a replacement. The 6.7mm is a round with potential, but the added cost of the upper receiver may be too great to make it widely available for the military. The receiver alone is over $1000.

Will be keeping in touch with this upper receiver to see where it goes.

By the way. since it seems to be a serious misspelling… “a lot” is how you spell it, not “alot”.

Jan 21, 2009
1:01 pm
#18 john b :

it’s a good idea but needs to be improved a bit more

Feb 3, 2009
1:15 am
#19 Hill :

I like the m468 but I like the SCAR-H because of the heavy round. and the current M16 and M4 just don’t pack a punch. I also have to say the same thing about the current M9. The military needs to goo back to bigger and heavier rounds Like the 7.62 and the .45cal

Feb 6, 2009
10:11 pm
#20 tewkewl :

well guys, a lot of things come in to play when considering the next gen weapon for the warfighter. One of the things is, “how many rounds can i carry with me”. While the 7.62 has awesome stopping power, it is heavier than the smaller 5.56. The warfighter can simply carry more 5.56 rounds around than the 7.62. I think the 6.8 is a good compromise all things considered. this is a brilliant design for a rifle. It gets the job done without reinventing the wheel and costing a lot. hopefully the US will adopt this. Another thing to consider is the ability to reload your weapon with one hand instead of two (like the current m4). In anycase that’s my 2 cents.

Feb 13, 2009
3:52 pm
#21 Brisko :

Its a pretty awesome weapon, it still needs modifications cuz it is still as heavy as a sub man pad

Feb 18, 2009
1:33 am
#22 Bronson :

Actually, I was reading about the AK-108 has Balanced Automatic Recoil System (BARS) which allows for burst-fire or full auto without huge compensation of recoil depending upon situation and range.
If the REC7 (formerly know as M468) uses the 7.62 round with this system, it may be formidable and future warfare legendary.

My view is, you need every shot count and 5.56 doesn’t have the power to put someone dead in their tracks. You may carry less rounds but at least your more effective in the open fields or close quarter battle/combat. The most important is accuracy at great distance when moving house to house.

Feb 24, 2009
11:57 pm
#23 nitro :

im only 13 but i no alot about guns. im more of a sniper rifle person but it looks like this gun hits like a m-200

Mar 12, 2009
3:33 pm
#24 SH :

okay basically all you 13 and 14 year olds who say you know alot about guns can stop talking. There isn’t the matter of just recoil and firepower involved but the internal parts of the weapon. If you make a gun with a higher caliber then it needs to be able to with stand it. The barrel has to be larger and the material needs to be stronger. Also the bigger the round and adding strenght to weapons means heavier rifles. The 5.56 wasn’t meant to put someone dead with one shot but to take them out of the fight. If you are a trained shooter and can hit your target then a 5.56 can kill someone with one shot but it can also be used to shoot someone in a leg or and arm to wound them not kill them. If you want weapons for killing the make another rifle like the Ak-47 and/or Ak-74. Accuracy is another problem to because the heavier and bigger round you have means less distance so if your fighting long range then its not going to go as far and is going to be moving at a slower speed common scence. The military should make a gun that has good strenght, weight, mobilit, fire power, and strenght but its not easy as coloring a picture.

Mar 25, 2009
11:26 pm
#25 nitro :

sh just because im 13 dusnt mean im dumb i may not no as much as most people on this but i do know alot about the guns i choose research. i was born into a military family so i understand what a trained shooter can do.

Mar 27, 2009
6:14 pm
#26 Electronics Engineer :

I am Licensed Electronics Engineer with National Certificate in Mechatronics and Instrumnentation Level II. I need some in my designing in future weapons to kill bad guys and rebels. I am in a middle of something. I need help.
please e mail me here:

Mar 27, 2009
6:15 pm
#27 Electronics Engineer :

I am Licensed Electronics Engineer with National Certificate in Mechatronics and Instrumentation Level II. I need some help in designing the future weapons to kill bad guys and rebels. I am in a middle of something. I need your help.
please e mail me here:

Apr 4, 2009
9:46 pm
#28 Wm :

I was In Viet Nam and the 15 or m 16 neather were my choice .Yes it was light that is good.But not a good weapon because it alwase had to be clean and that is still its down fall.

Apr 30, 2009
3:34 am
#29 Jolly Giant :

Elec Engineer, Are u sure u are not a terrorist designing weapons? lol anyway there is no perfect weapon. the only perfect weapon is a smart weapon that can identify hostility and civilians. and shoot the bad guys with it. lol. dun think tat weapon will ever be made. good luck

May 8, 2009
5:07 am
#30 SigmundSauer :


May 8, 2009
5:42 am
#31 SigmundSauer :

Ya know guys…I have seen only a few good points on this entire page. Most notably, tewkewl, with your “how many rounds can I carry with me” comment. Lets not forget that the reason Eugene Stoner’s AR-15 was adopted by the military in the first place was for exactly that reason. The previous battle rifles, such as the M1 Garand (30-06) and M14 (7.62mm) had the stopping power, but the ammo weighed so much that it made it’s operational effectiveness diminish. This is why Mr. Stoner’s AR-15 was adopted by the US Air Force initially, and then the rest of the US Armed Forces later; thereby dubbed the renoun M-16. If a GI can carry 80 rds of 30-06 or 150rds of 7.62mm or 300rds of 5.56mm with the same burden, which one is better? I will give you the answer in the next paragraph.

Well, in a combat senario, operational logistics have much more to do with a win / loss than stopping power. Look at it this way. A dead soldier is a dead soldier! At this point all you need is a pine box and a flag. BUT…a wounded soldier causes much more resources to be used. For instance, if you shoot a enemy with a 30-06 and kill him with your first shot, game over. Done deal. On the other hand if you hit an enemy with a 5.56mm (.223cal, M4) he is severely wounded. Which requires a medic to stabilize this victim, which can easily be shot in the process. Then, a medivac via helicopter or ACP, which can be damaged or destroyed in the process. After this, the troop will be taken to a field hospital where they must be cared for by highly trained, highly paid mil doctors and nurses.

Look at the amount of resources that must be poured into the survival of that one troop. THESE ARE THE TACTICS THAT WIN WARS. Hit the enemy in the pocket book! Depletion of the enemy’s resources is the end all be all of all warfare, ancient and modern. Take a step back and soak in reality. Besides, if I were to shoot you with my AR-15 Bushmaster ANYWHERE on your body, you would not be fighting anymore. I also own an AK-47. Which is a very good gun in many areas. But, it’s accuracy is a joke. So, I would rather have 5 rounds in my AR than a 100 round drum mag in my AK.

May 13, 2009
1:05 am
#32 Ultimatesniper :

The Barret M468 or REC7 will be a great rifle to replace the M16 it has many of the same parts as an M16 which would mean lower costs and its 6.68 caliber is much more deadly and the best part is the M468 doesnt lose the accuracy of the M16.

I really dont get though why everyone rips on the effectiveness of the M16 compared to the Ak-47 because in my point of view i would rather bring a more accurate rifle than powerful rifle to a gunfight and that is why the M468 would be a great replacement for the M16 it is accurate as well as powerful.

May 25, 2009
8:43 pm
#33 Concerned Aussie :

M468 Looks great. However with any higher calibre round, there are things to consider. Weight, the round is bigger and heavier so a troop cannot physically carry the same number of rounds as 5.56. The question is, does the increased stopping power of the 6.8SPC make up for the lower amount of ammunition that can be carried? Also, whilst “one shot – one kill” is a good idea, If any of you youngsters are familiar with infantry tactics this doesn’t really happen. However I wouldn’t mind betting that the 468 wins the tender for next gen rifle, The current administration is looking to cost contain and the interoperability is a great selling point! I wouldn’t mind one, the Steyr is a piece of sh*#!

Jun 3, 2009
3:34 pm
#34 BullDog :

Sigmund, Get off that sales speech that was trotted out to rationalize the short comings of the 5.56. That “theory” is shot to hell w/the basic reality of our opponents logistics. They don’t the economy to provide means to finance a medical infrastructure like we do. Which that myth assumes. Consequently wounded have to be left on the field to fend for themselves. Thats a very very dangerous situation for our side. A little critical thinking here, Q. Whats the object of the task at hand when you go to war ? answer: To kill the other guys.
Some more reality here,,,the M-16 is/was the right expieriment that identified the proper make of frame for a assault weapon. I think it’s obvious to all that the war clubs dragged into WW2 was a case of using a tank to kill a fly. So now it comes down to a much closer resolution to the right size weapon to kill a man. The next question is, Is the 5.56 just a little to small and was it the right vector to bring us to smaller framed rifle ? The answer is, yes to both.
Now the 6.8,,,Unfortunately the answer will come from our boys in the field. Lets listen to them, not to the idiots in the upper echolon who have left the military to become lobbists for a defense contarctor. Remember Pres. Einsenhowers warning about that.

SSGT Bulldog Wayne

Jun 3, 2009
3:39 pm
#35 BullDog :

Correction for the third sentence of my reply to Sigmund,,,

They don’t have the economy to provide the means to finance a medical infrastructure like we

Jun 11, 2009
11:34 am
#36 smithmyster :

the efficiency of the 6.8 round is quite amazing to be honest. its all well saying that the 7.62 is more kill worthy than the combat 5.56 but you’ve got to remember where each of these rounds is best applied. the 7.62 belongs in a semi auto sniper rifle for squad support like the navy seals m14ebr for example.
While the 5.56 uses its rate of fire and pin point precision for unloading a burst into the guy round your next corner in a city fight environment.
The 6.8 is best used in an open 500-700 yard environment where you can employ your superior range and accuracy over the enemies 7.62 combat rifles. it is also efficient for taking enemies out behind light cover such as shown with the car doors. this combined with its accuracy makes it useful in taking out mobile enemies mounted in vehicles etc. without having to carry an overly heavy rifle such as a 7.62 or .50.
overall you equip your GI’s with the weapon best suited to the current war zone environment which the 5.56 is insufficient due to lack of stopping power and the 7.62 having a lack of rate of fire and its annoyingly cumbersome weight.

Jun 14, 2009
12:06 am
#37 will :

I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all but there seems to B 3 things everyone has missed. The 5.56 MUST be replace. Why? Because it simply will not penetrate the new body armor of our enemies. Nuff said.
Is the 6.8mm the best replacement? I don’t know, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. It seems to be a good compromise between power and ammo weight. And take it from an old grunt that has humped the M-60 MG, the M-14, and the M-16; weapon and ammo weight both count a lot!
Now for the weapon. The M16/M4 is, and always was, a POS. Primarily because of the gas system. The bolt carrier/lock-up system has some problems too but the gas system is the biggest problem. If the M468 is essentially an up calibered M16/M-4, it too will be a POS. A better bullet doesn’t matter if the gun won’t fire when you need it, so reliability is FAR more important than either accuracy or bullet ballistics. I hope I am wrong about the gas system of the M468 but from looking at the pictures available in the article and online, the gas system appears essentially identical to the M16. Sorry Barrett, but the truth is the truth. Fun to shoot on a clean range but a failure in combat.
Take a look at the following film clips on the LWRC weapon using the 6.8mm ammo or the HK 416. Both have re-engineered the M4 to have a short-stroke gas piston system similar to the M-14, which has proven reliable in any and all environments. I think the following clips will speak for themselves. and .
Also check out this video clip on the Heckler & Koch’s HK416.
Only if the Barrett M468 can match the reliability of the HK and the LWRC should it be considered as a replacement for the M4.

Jun 19, 2009
10:13 am
#38 LT :

I am not going to get down on the kids for taking an interest in firearms, but don’t claim to be experts or “knowledgeable” on anything other than elementary science or mathematics you just learned last week in middle school. Even you older guys; you can’t comment on the “knock down power” of the 5.56 round. If any of you doubt the power of the 5.56 to kill or maim, let me send you some pictures or just talk to any combat medic. Unless you have been in the military and actually seen some combat, don’t claim to have this experience.

The 5.56 round WILL take off limbs and will kill with one shot. It shoots significantly flatter, further and faster than the heavier rounds… easily. The only drawback and the ONLY time it has been ineffective is against combatants on narcotics without a center-of-mass shot. The .223 round (or 5.56 metric if you prefer) was originally developed for the military as a lightweight, high-velocity round for the next 50 years. The AR-18/AR-15/M16 barrel first had a 1:14 twist, making the round very, very unstable and would cause the bullet to tumble upon impact causing horrific wounds. (meaning 1 full twist every 14 inches of barrel. The more of a twist the more the round spins making it more stable) Then it was reduced to a 1:12 twist for official military trials with the U.S. Air Force Security Forces for perimeter guarding to make the rifle more accurate, but when tested in colder, denser air in Alaska the round started to wander past 400m. Therefore, the barrel twist was further reduced to a 1:9 and eventually a 1:7 as you see it today.

The M16/M4 platform originally developed by Eugene Stoner was and is still a very reliable and accurate firearm and is well-liked by most troops that carry it. The only design feature that continues to confuse me is the gas blowback system vs. a short stroke gas piston recoil/reload system. I still have no idea why the entire military has not adapted systems such as Bushmaster’s short stroke gas piston which can convert every existing upper into a new gas piston recoil; and thereafter only producing that configuration. Having such a system greatly reduces the amount of carbon buildup in the bolt carrier assembly from discharge, reducing jamming, misfeeds, and cleaning.

Again, unless you have operational knowledge of these weapons and rounds, do not claim to be an expert on how it does or does not kill a target. Now, there is nothing wrong with knowing facts about firearms, but there is a different between first hand experience and claiming to have the right to comment on its effects. In an ideal world, the military should switch to a 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC on a Magpul Masada, SCAR, or XM8 platform with a short stroke gas piston. Enough said.

Jul 13, 2009
4:39 am
#39 randy :

you idiot kids need to shut the hell up and stop talking as if you know this weapon.. if you dont own REC-7 aka “m468″ dont comment on it…
unless you at least DO have a weapon that fires the 6.8 round

Jul 14, 2009
12:35 am
#40 john :

Well the barrett REC7 seems like an awesome weapon and also there are some downsides to it with the recoil and 28 mag but all in all I think the army should consider putting into mass production…i.e. buy it. I am in the army and right now the M4 is a good weapon but it is not getting the job a higher caliber with about just as good accuracy works! Hey, if you can’t take the bigger recoil then maybe you should consider getting a new line of work…on the other hand I can see what you mean with recoil since it does affect accuracy.

Jul 14, 2009
1:53 am
#41 john :

I had forgotten to mention some other ideas that i did not mention earlier. These are some really pointers when considering the capabilities o fthe M468 or REC7 (for all u civilians out there), versus the capabilities of the M4/M16 series.

I read an article on this website where a navy medic had commented on the power and capabilities of the M16/M4 and if the 5.56 round was a devastating round, that inflicted much damage to human tissue. And he was right on the money as far as I was concern the 5.56 round that the M4/M16 uses has multiple good qualities about it but he made it clear that there were downsides to the weapon that fires the round and not so much the round itself, as some people believe. On the other hand a bigger round can mean a much more deadly round or more appropriately a more powerful round.

The 6.8 spc round is very good round (from what I have seen and heard) and the 5.56 round is a very good round. If you really want to test to see if these two are the same or one is better than the other then do some logical thinking and mathematics (listen up you kids). There a couple of things you need to take into consideration here. A 6.8 round travels at about 2700 ft./sec., a 5.56 round travels at about 3100 ft./sec. So we can already say that the 6.8 does not have as much speed as 5.56 round which affects both power and accuracy. Now the 6.8 round is bigger round and I have handled and felt a 6.8 round of ammunition, it is bigger and heavier than 5.56, so I know that having more weight in the bullet means more kinetic energy or more power. A 5.56 round is lighter, most definitely. So you can say that they are about the same since they each make in one area more than the other, the 5.56 is a faster and the 6.8 is heavier round. If you really want to see which is round is better then you might have to do some serious math, you’ll do a kinetic energy formula and also at the end of your formula for each round you need to see which round gives out the most “net-energy,” more than likely each should come very close.

There is one thing I hope that the Barrett REC7 becomes, the HK416 and the other competitors such as the XM8 etc. have a very reliable, no stoppages and HK416 bolt has a unique cooling mechanism that allows an operator to take the bolt right out of the upper receiver and feel amazingly cool for a M4/M16 upper receiver and bolt design. Also the fact that one can literally dunk the HK416 in water or sand and still be operational. I don’t believe that Barrett has been able to perform these very important “when the #%&* gets really bad” functions. I think they could adopt this but until then it might be a sad situation.

Jul 19, 2009
8:23 pm
#42 Drake :

I’m laughing at all the 13, 14 year old’s who think they know a lot from playing call of duty or “researching” They say they are fans of heavy caliber’s and sniper rifles. It’s hilarious. But honestly the 5.56 round is dead accurate, of course it simply cannot stop a terrorist now. Andrenaline will push you through pretty much anything a 5.56 can hit you with. Do you understand what a 5.56 round is? It’s a .223, so basically a .22. There have been people shot by .22’s who just thought a stick had hit them in the leg. A man went to the hospital two hours after he had been shot because he thought he stepped on something sharp, He just continued on what he was doing until he released it hadn’t stopped bleeding. He was so surprised when they pulled a bullet out of his leg.

It’s very disheartening and severely affects morale when people are shot, sometimes upwards of seven or eight times, but act as if nothing has happened and keep on fighting. Another thing to consider is the weapon is not the most reliable.

People are also discussing recoil and everything, honestly even the AK-47’s 7.56 round has very little recoil. The 7.56 would be hard pressed to be considered even a medium hunting round. It’s basically a light hunting round. If you can’t handle the recoil of a 7.56 you are either 90 pounds or extremely weak.

Jul 23, 2009
9:15 pm
#43 radek :

New Czech assault rifle: CZ S805 A

Jul 26, 2009
7:20 am
#44 Maphisto86 :

I admit I fall into the class of a video gaming playing kid (well I am 22 now) but I have been interested in firearms for years now. I have read much about the AR-15 type rifle’s unreliability. So far the most likely designs I can see replacing it are the FN SCAR, HK 416 & 417, Barret Rec 7 and the Bushmaster ACR. From what I have been hearing from soldiers and gun enthusiasts, reliability seems to be one of the main issues for any military weapon. I have read about the other riflle’s reliability being tested but have so far not heard anything about the Barret Rec7’s ability to take punishment and still fire.

Jul 29, 2009
4:20 am
#45 Bazillion :

Both the Barrett REC7 and the H&K 416/417 use a piston to reload (wow, with one sentence, I have made half the comments on this page irrelevant).

The only question is; does the military really need to fork out millions in order to facilitate a new caliber? As many people have pointed out, the main problem with the M16/M4 is the Direct Gas Impingement system used in the rifle for reloading, not the 5.56mm round. Sure the 6.8mm sounds good initially, but is it really any more combat effective than the standard bullet? It’s like the argument for 9mm Vs. .40/.45 cal, a small, fast bullet verses a bigger, slower one. In the end, the advantages and disadvantages for both rounds seem to pretty much equal out.

If I were the Man In Charge of picking the next assault rifle, I’d save a shit load of money (and use it to give the troops Dragonskin armor ) and buy/upgrade to the H&K. Either way, both guns are pretty damn cool.

My 0.02€

Aug 4, 2009
9:57 pm
#46 Howie :

Just one question for all the mooks out there that say the 5.56×45 doesnt have enough stopping power or is “too small to do any serious damage”. Sure it has it’s issues but so does everyother ound or weapon system out there. Have any of you X-Box grunts or weekend wanna-be’s ever been hit by a 5.56 round or seen what it does when it does hit someone? Try taking a hit by one and then lets hear ya talk.

Aug 7, 2009
3:27 pm
#47 Guest :

Well, I would suppose there are MANY sides to this story, but I really don’t think these people that are trying to say something about “Oh, You should join the military you pussy then talk” or whatever have a brain in their skull, Also I believe this isn’t a right/wrong subject, It would be GREAT if there was a weapon that could do everything but technology isn’t at that point yet you have to look at the situation you need the rifle for, For example, Accuracy can make a difference, If you can hit a target in the brain that’s good that will kill even if it’s a .223, But, Nowadays with these terrorists hyped up on drugs your .223 may cause damage but he’ll shrug it off until his body shuts down even if you are causing fragment and huge internal wounds and you’ll be dead, Although, The shoot the pocketbook thing is a good case IF the terrorists were organized like a modern military, so this application would call for a heavy round like the 7.62x51mm and please people, the recoil is not that big of a deal you’ll get used to it and it’s still not that bad, With all these fancy muzzle brakes and balance systems it should be hilariously easy, After all my shooting and service with rifles like the Sako Rk. 95(7.62x39mm) and FN FAL(7.62x51mm)[mostly used this] I can say it’s not a problem. But, According to some people if you’re in close quarters or just in the open(Hopefully not) the big 7.62 will over-penetrate so you may need a round such as the .223 or 6.8 or 6.5(They still make these right?) I’m not trying to sound like an A-Hole or a Know-It-All but I would like to try to see as many points as possible to be able to see different views and what’s up. Please act as if I’m Switzerland I’m neutral tell me feedback and improve on this or just frankly, Complain at me and try to prove me wrong or tell me flaws that’s fine, I welcome it.

Well, Until Next Time!


Aug 16, 2009
7:39 pm
#48 Zach :

how much recoil does the barret M468 assault rifle have?

12 years old

By the way I’am not the Zach who knows a lot a bout weapons.

Aug 16, 2009
7:41 pm
#49 Zach :

Aaron do they make G36k’s


Aug 18, 2009
3:52 am
#50 Nick :

I believe the 6.5 grendel round is superior…

Ballistic coefficient (BC) is an indicator of how well a projectile retains velocity during its passage through the air. The higher the BC, the slower will be the rate at which the bullet loses velocity during flight, thereby making a correspondingly flatter trajectory. A list of BCs are as follows:

5.56mm Mk262 77gr: BC = 0.362

7.62mm M852 168gr: BC = 0.462

7.62mm M118LR 175gr: BC = 0.496

6.5mm Grendel 123gr: BC = 0.510

The 6.5 grendel has similar reciol to the 5.56, althought that is not the issue
As for the argument, that the 5.56NATO round cavitates, and creates more flesh damage…The 6.5 grendel round producse greater fragmentation and correspondingly larger wound cavities. In May 2006 ballistic gelatin tests were conducted for 6.5 Grendel ammunition loaded with 123-grain MatchKings, which penetrated 2.0-2.5 inches before yawing and ragmenting. The gelatin blocks were shot from a distance of 50 yards, using an Alexander Arms Tactical 14.5 carbine. With an impact velocity of 2385 feet per second, maximum penetration was a shade over 16 inches, and maximum permanent cavity diameter was more than 6 inches. The bullet broke apart into multiple small fragments with jacket pieces visible at 11 inches and 13 inches…
One minor drawback of 6.5 Grendel is the weight of the ammunition, which is 30% heavier than that of the 5.56mm cartridge. This means that for a basic load of ten magazines (nine in pouches, plus one in the gun), there is a slight increase in the carry load, as well as a decrease in the number of rounds immediately available to the rifleman.
Although this difference could conceivably be critical in some isolated instances of sustained combat where resupply is not possible, the reduced quantity of ammunition must necessarily be balanced against the increased per round terminal effects. Lethality, penetration, trajectory, windage, and other factors are likely to be far more important in most “close encounters of the hostile kind.” Superiority of 6.5 Grendel over 5.56 NATO in these areas is so great that it might outweigh the difference in ammo load. Anecdotal reports from Iraq say that often multiple hits are required with 5.56mm to incapacitate an opponent. If use of 6.5mm reduces the number of hits needed to neutralize a threat, the “stored kills” would effectively increase in spite of the reduction in magazine capacity..
The 6.8 is a good round, but it lacks sufficent vilocity, the 6.5 grendel has a more moderate vilocity, lower recoil, and more accurace then the 5.56, with greater flat trajectory then the 7.62NATO round… enough said
I am in the army.. and love guns
If I could replace my standered assult rifle (C7-8)
I would have to go with the Bushmaster ACR chambered with the 6.5 grendel
we’d be giving our troops a reliable weapon system, thats easy to use, can be adapted to different situations easily, while chambering a round thats fairly light, has strong knetic energy (knock down power) has excellent penetration of trees/obsticales, armour…

Aug 27, 2009
7:39 pm
#51 mark :

where can i get one????????????

Aug 28, 2009
6:40 am
#52 Jim :

You guys need to leave the kids alone they may not have been shot before but I would not be suprised if some if them knew more then you. As for stopping power the m16 doesn’t have enough I can speak from experience have been hit before luckly it was a shitty shot or wouldn’t be able to make this comment. So to recap shut the $&@$ up if all you wanna do is bag on someone else. This is supposed to be about the weapons not your over inflated egos

Aug 30, 2009
12:13 am
#53 smithmyster :

i think that the modification required is for someone to minimize the mechanism used in the xm306 (forgive me if i got the name wrong) grenade launcher. which produces no recoil what so ever. on that basis you can use anything up to a .50 cal round with no worries about recoil affecting your accuracy. therefore all you then have to do is find a weight appropriate round and voila. perfect infantry weapon

Sep 12, 2009
12:57 pm
#54 James :

I’m 13. My grand-dad was in WWII in the pacific. He carried around the M1 Garand with him. In a firefight, his gun jammed, leaving him a dead man. I’m always glad to see improvements to weapons, because it can save lives!

Sep 20, 2009
2:04 am
#55 GIJOE :

wow! i was going to say something about the 5.56 round, but another thought popped into my head since sniper rifles were mentioned.

while i was in the military, toting around the SAW (m249) which is usually belt fed, but has a magazine well that accepts the standard m-16 clip… i tested an idea out on the range one day when we were burning up a few “extra” rounds (so they could turn in just the unopened crates of ammo. it is less of a headache, for those that know you will agree)

i took a few clips and loaded one round in each so i could fire downrange about 500 meters, and my spotter was looking at the target for each round to see where the shot landed.

if i didn’t know any better, i would say the SAW could make an excellent sniper rifle in a pinch, especially if you had the appropriate scope fixed to the top of it. this is due to there being a bipod mounted on the SAW, and the fact that it is a much heavier weapon than the M-4/16 so recoil is lessened and the barrel doesn’t jump as much…so yes the 5.56 round is a very flat flying round and retains accuracy better than its heavier cousins.

i have also been firing the M-16 since i was about 12, (my godfather had CAR-15 with 4 way selector switch) and im almost 40 now, so i am very familiar with the pro’s and cons between both weapons.

if i was a little better controlling bursts ( i could only get it down to 2 shots most times) i think i could have pulled off some pretty sweet shots with a belt box and a scope mounted on a SAW.

good times

Sep 24, 2009
8:38 pm
#56 kareem :

Im only 14 but whatever.To start of, i agree the 5.56 round doesnt have the needed knockout punch.Now the new barret. M468 has the best of both worlds its accurate and pretty effective at a good distance. Also, there is not much recoil in the 6.8 round. which is kind of perfect from the way i see it. Any way there is a new gun called the LWRC PSD which is currently my favorite gun. It also fires the 6.8 round but with a little more recoil than the barret. M468 but does a little more damage. You could check it out on You Tube, Future Weapons.Its pretty cool. : )

Sep 29, 2009
12:24 am
#57 Fridgey :

Hey Guys, I am only 5, my balls havent dropped yet, but i think i have what it takes in the Marines Corp. Any Suggestions??

Hehe just kiddin brahz but on a serious note, this 6.8 round the Barrett REC7 boasts is obviously a great compromise between the current US Military preference of the 5.56mm M16/ M4, and that of which the terrorists use (7.62mm in the AK47 Assault Rifle). Both these Rifles are solid weapons, but IMO, Barrett has made a clever choice in ‘intergrating’ a new superior weapon on the basis of the AK, M16, M4.
Accuracy, Distance, Weight, Bullet Damage. What more do you want?

Sep 30, 2009
6:57 pm
#58 guest :

i play cod 4 and 5 ha aha ah ha ha ah ha ah ha ah ha hah ah ah ah ahh hah ah haghaha your all gay

Sep 30, 2009
6:58 pm
#59 guest :

yall know way to much about guns

Nov 24, 2009
1:43 am
#60 VJO :

I like to believe that probably the most important quality a weapon can have is reliability. As long as you are able to shoot a round and hit someone you’re for the most part set. Even if the gun is a 5.56 mm and does not have a lot of stopping power it is still better then your gun jamming and not being able to shoot them at all. As for the round, people say that the 6.8 still has some of the qualities of the 7.62 like its heavy so it drops after a certain range. I’ve always wondered why they dont make a 6 mm – 6.5 mm bullet. This seems like it would be the perfect compromise. Another thing many of you are not taking into consideration is not only the poor stopping power of the 5.56 mm round but its inability to penetrate. As for the weapons that are available nowadays I believe the SCAR is the best choice. From what I understand its pretty reliable and accurate, and based on the combat situation troops would be assigned the different versions (SCAR H and SCAR L) . Basically I believe the most important thing is reliability and at second accuracy and stopping power coming hand in hand because of the bullet size.

Nov 30, 2009
3:32 am
#61 paris :

yo, i think that the 6.8 spc is great because the 5.56 is nothing it wont bring anyone down plus the m468 (rec7) wont jam in mud or water i dont know about sand but the hk416 wont jam in any enviroment and geust what im 6 years old!

Feb 9, 2010
11:22 pm
#62 Paco :

Hey, Ya’ll you kids that are sayin you know alot about guns that’s cool but don’t bother sharing with us you “FAVORITES” because you have no idea how they shoot you’d probly end up on you asses

Feb 27, 2010
10:02 pm
#63 jon :

The 6.8 SPC round is one of the flattest flying rounds in the world. At a distance of 500 meters there is a 2 inch drop from aim point to impact point. Now it’s up to the shooters to hit their targets which, in the Army nowadays, is somewhat of a challenge. The 6.8 round is a good compromise, and a compromise is exactly what it is. Less accuracy than the 5.56 (although not much) and less impact power than the 7.62(again, not very much). The gas power piston reload guarantees less carbon build up on the bolt but not all debris comes from the carbon, there is dust (which in Iraq and Afghanistan is a pain in the ass), water, mud, sand, blood, skin, etc…
The REC-7 is the most cost effective replacement for the M-16/M-4 for the simple reason that it’s just replacing the upper receiver. Sure it’s over $1000 per unit, but to pay anywhere from 4-7K per unit for the entire military… think about it.
I like the frame of the M-16/M-4 for both maneuverability and accurate firing positions, adding the upper receiver of the REC-7 would be nice if it improved on reliability. One thing few people think about is the proper care of magazines. Once a week swap out rounds to back up mags to relieve tension on the spring. This will cut down on improper feed malfunctions.
Again, the 6.8 is a compromise, but I believe it’s a good one. Reliability still needs to be proven but at least they’re taking steps in the right direction. To all my military brethren, be safe, and let’s all get home for that beer we’ve been craving for the past 13 months.

Mar 1, 2010
6:16 am
#64 Joseph :

Personally I am a fan of the LWRC M6A2/3/4. it uses the 6.8mm SPC round and has a similar level of durability to the H&K416. In all truth the US military should switch to a gas piston system before 2015, but it will probably not happen. I honestly think that the Barret REC7, H&K 416/417, LWRC M6, FN SCAR and H&K XM8 are all much better rifles than the M16A4 and M4A1.

I hope none of you disagree that we need a new rifle.

Mar 12, 2010
6:17 pm
#65 Jack :

Hey y’all,
I was in the army, 19D Cav scout.
All of you who say that a 5.56 can’t stop, you haven’t been hit by one. I got shot twice, once in the arm, once in the rib. Bang-Bang. IT STOPS!

My guys managed to take out the guy, but I cant ever use my left arm again. So, 5.56 can’t stop… YES IT CAN! And it hurts like a *!@#$

Mar 13, 2010
7:00 pm
#66 Justin :

19D as well :) The most important change I’d like to see from the M16/M4 is reliability. No more jamming! A little more stopping power would be nice, but only if accuracy is not compromised. The whole idea is 1 shot, 1 kill! O and some1 said the SCAR-H had an effective range of 800m. Either that was a typo or you are mistaken. No assault rifle has the kind of effective range, or it would be a sniper rifle. The SCAR-H has a 300m effective range like most assault rifles, maximum 500m I believe w/ high velocity rounds. I agree we should switch to either a 6.5 or 6.8 short stroke. Very similar accuracy and recoil of the M4, more reliable and slight increase to stopping power…..isn’t that what we want?

Mar 29, 2010
9:30 pm
#67 Troll Mclulz :

Fuck all of you, Carl Gustav+W54 or GTFO. None of this nonsense about 6.8 or 5.56 or 7.62. Unless they made the RobArms XCR with BARS firing little nuclear 6.8mm bullets. Then I’d compromise.

Apr 10, 2010
6:03 pm
#68 jericho :

they should design an m4 carbine that could fire a heavy 7.62 x 54 round that has a high
rate of stopping power that could penetrate enemy body armor and vest. Also they make
the a m4 a multicaliber weapon that could carry faster,aero dymamic,and heavy bullets
beside the original standard 55.6 round.

Apr 10, 2010
6:10 pm
#69 jericho :

they should make a full metal jacket 7.62×51 high explosive round for m4carbine for the
navy seals, because they deserve a bullet that penetrate enemy vechiles and armor vest.

Apr 28, 2010
9:00 pm
#70 M134 :

If you thought the 19D is a great gun, you should try the M134 or pretty much any gun from Garwood Industries. Check out their website The accuracy, the power, the design, they seriously are unstoppable.

May 17, 2010
9:47 pm
#71 Nicccki :

Some people just kill me…. ANYWAY
This gun is quite amazing, The REC7 is easy to adapt to (with prior m4/m16 training) and looks very appealing, as a soldier, you want a gun you love for its ability to save your ass and give you an upper hand in battle, and a gun that looks badass, when your carrying a weapon that you couldn’t of made any more appealing, theres some sense of pride… Kinda like a wife, you want her to do her job, and look appealing infront of company, good or bad… Getting off topic, so I’ll continue, I wouldn’t mind carrying this gun into a fight with a hardened and well equiped enemy, superior firepower wins every time, and thats what you want to be bringing into a fight, but for the brave men in the middle east waging war right now, this is overkill, the 5.56 is more then effective against unarmoured mutts fighting against our soldiers, I will shed some light on something for you, The reason these Islamic nutjobs use terror tactics is because everytime they come into contact with us, (even being out numbered 3:1) we haul ass and they die, monumentally. The 5.56 is incredable at cavatating and fragmentating into unarmoured personal, as seen in the utter destruction of other soldiers carrying the 7.62 AK47. So yes, I do believe this gun is amazing, and should be a buffer between the m16 family and the new generation of firearms more then likely to come, but we should equip our men when its logistically reasonable, sinse theres no real hurry, our boys are equiped with a decent platfourm and round. (one noteable, and again mounumental flaw is the m4/m16s reliablitity, now theres where our real concern should lie)

Jun 4, 2010
1:51 am
#72 nic :

dude’s I have read most of these comments I just want to know how many terrorists actually wear body armour? the reason why so many lives in Iraq have been lost is because of IED’s not small arms fire. The foremost weapon of the iraqi military is the AK-47 most body armour the US military uses can stop all but the most direct of hitsto say this 5.56 round is weak a single shot from a .303 M1 greand puts a whole 6 inches wide in the exit wound. Most of you all on this page think that the average insurgent is armed and amoured like the US soldier. they are NOT a single round can put one down very quickly.


To the kids aged 13-14 here once you fire a real round you have no idea at all COD 4 and 5 are games and just that they DO NOT depicts the reality of the shot fired in real life

Jun 7, 2010
11:30 pm
#73 Brian :

Scar-H is not an Assault Rifle, it is a Battle Rifle like the M14 and such.
The power from the 5.56 is the hydrostatic shock which is pretty much how the impact of a really fast object just sends shock waves throughout your body. And to you 7.62 people out there, there are 4 different kinds of 7.62 bullets that I know of and they are the 7.62×39 AK round, 7.62×54 Russian round, the 7.62×51 NATO and the 7.62×25 Tokarev Pistol round. So not all 7.62 rounds are the same because a longer, thinner bullet should technically penetrate better. The 5.56 is actually adequate because of the wounding effects of tumbling and fragmenting in the body and because it is an ideal penetrating round since it is both (moderately) long and (really) thin. It is also one of the faster bullets out there and unless you are some sort of hyper-conservative, redneck high calibre person, that means better accuracy and also a longer range without as much bullet drop. And keep in mind that the 5.56 has minimal recoil leading to more hits and more can be carried while it should reliably kill in one hit.

Jun 9, 2010
10:29 pm
#74 Mike :

You’re an idiot and you should hang yourself. A 5.56 nato and a .22 have nothing in common other than the fact that they’re both bullets. A 5.56 round will kill a bad guy just fine thank you very much. As for your claim that its unreliable, you’re full of shit. If you keep it clean it wont jam. Mine never did………..Seriously you fucking cum stain, HANG or DROWN yourself……whatever hurts more.

Jun 22, 2010
3:03 am
#75 Bell :

the 6.8 is the more perfect round. The 5.56 is fast, but like many people say, it does not drop the target, especially when you get into the more penetrating versions. Cuts right through you and you don’t get that tumble effect. The 7.62 is just to big. Great for snipeing, but it has a lot of recoil and the bullet falls right out of the sky after 400 meters if fired from an assult rifle. The rec7 6.8 gives the power of a 7.62 because you just don’t need more, and is fast and does not have as much recoild as the 7.62. Sure the 5.56 would be best preffered but it just isn’t stopping people. The worst thing is shooting somebody and not knowing if you stopped them. Plus the rec7 is a piston so its very reliable, sure to junk build up. But now a days the m-4’s biggest problem is over heating. The piston solves that problem.

Jul 22, 2010
9:52 am
#76 Caleb :

A lot of idiots talking about guns. That of which they learn from video games. I might not deal with guns every day but at least I go shooting, and have the patience to read. No 50. cal. rounds are anti-vehicle. Light armor to be exact. If it can go through the side of an armored jeep, it’ll go through something you throw on your chest. And to this, and other replies, I’m happy with the tech we have available, yet pissed that nothing seems to be happening. I’ve seen several weapons and modifications (or at least guns that can be taken apart and thrown onto others) that companies like Barrett create, and in-all, fit what we need perfectly. I understand the struggle in switching weapons out in mid-war times, but as for changing the receiver… that is something you can have your troops due when they’re sitting in their barracks. Hell, there are several SpecOp geared guns that “come with” separate receivers so you can swap out in battle. We can keep our M4’s and swap out parts or go “hell, time to change scenery” and change the weapon itself. With M16 style guns a big issue is them NOT having Gas Piston, which is a main source of the clogging. Switch that, and optionally, switch the receiver so you can fire a different round. Now i’m mainly saying if we just modify what we have, probably being cheaper and easier to do now, versus worrying about changing guns that are going to be almost the same as after we mod our guns… is that it’s such an easy solution. I mean, it’s great to have variety, like Barrett, but as for Current-Time… we simply need to change the gas piston, which to my knowledge is a swap of the upper-receiver?

Jul 25, 2010
3:50 am
#77 GunPro :

The Ak-47 is said to be one of the best assault rifles invented, firing a 7.62x39mm cartridge, while the M-16 is said to be one of the WORST assault rifles, the pathetic thing capable of only firing a 5.56x45mm cartridge.

Jul 28, 2010
8:27 pm
#78 Guest79 :

Seems to me people have forgotten what an assualt rifle is. Accurate enough for man size targets out to approximately 300 meters, semi & full auto capability, large capacity magazine, plus shorter & lighter than full size battle rifles(i.e. M14, M1 Garand, etc.). The AK is a weapon for ignorant masses. On the other hand our rifles are meant for aiming and hitting at all ranges just as Marines are taught. I like the 6.8 Rem and believe it is the best bet for an assualt carbine.

Aug 4, 2010
12:18 am
#79 jack :

i think that if this new design were to incorperate the “floating barrel” design then perhaps it could solve the recoil problems. or maybe a bulpup design with a foregrip would help. but i think personally that if a design with a padded spring design in the stock, and a compensator could keep the barrel from drifting up. and instead recoiling straight back into the spring system.

Aug 26, 2010
2:00 am
#80 Dave :

The REC7 is a fantastic weapon, and the fact that is uses and short stroke rod system over direct impingement is a bonus in that the weapon is less likely to jam due to debris build up. The 6.8x43mm cartridge also delivers enough stoppping power to drop a target at a considerable distance, but all this talk about range is completely dependant on the barrel, the length of which has a pretty heavy influence on how far the round will go. A new weapon that looks pretty good is the Magpul Masada, or the ACR, which is completely customizable, from cartridge, to barrel, to stock, the rifle is completely adaptable. Also, an adavantage of the REC7 (M468) is that it is a weapons platform, not just a weapon, so it can function as either a CQB rifle or a marksman’s rifle, basically either an M4 or M16, but on the same platform.
If you love guns and want to talk more, my email is:

Sep 1, 2010
10:53 pm
#81 kaz :

To be honest, this is all catch-up to what we could’ve had in 1951 with the EM-2. While it’s nice and all that we’re finally trying to fix the mistakes of the past, we *did* dick up ordnance quite a bit already.

Oct 4, 2010
2:23 am
#82 black knight :

the m468 is great assault rilfe, the 6.8 special purpose cartiridge is alright.
But the engineers of barret firearms should redesign m468 to carry 7.62×39
to enhance the stopping power of the rifle because are military is fighting
terrorists carrying body armor and shooting ak 47s[a popular assault rifle in
the middle east and around the world] killing are troops.the u.s special ops
commandos are complaining that the 5.56 round ani’t up to the job.

Oct 21, 2010
11:26 am
#83 walter :

What about using the bridish em-2 round (7 mm Mk1Z (7x43mm))? It was effect to 700m, could be controled with one hand in auto fire, when fired from an en-2 rifle.

Oct 28, 2010
12:40 am
#84 Tully :

I am a fifteen year old weapons genius, and from the things i’m hearing about the 6.8spc round, this could be our answer to our military’s problem in close-range firefights facing arabs with akms and aks-74o firing the 7.62×39 and 5.45×39 and not having a solid round. But, as with the 6 mm pdw round, people take what they hear about certain weapons systems, and accept it as fact. While the spc may seem like a “miracle weapon”, the facts have been blown up, and while mack on the military channel may say that this is an excellent all-around weapon, it all comes down to the fact that this weapon was designed for high-risk client protection, inferring a weapon designed for a fairly close range-inside of 100 yards, and inside of that range, I think they would have better luck with an AA-12, or even a heavier, more cumbersome USAS-12 loaded with grenade rounds.
And, lets face it, if you are in a squad of guys carrying m-16, what are you going to do for ammo? and since the 6.8 is a larger round, you wil de using more space to carry less ammo.

Nov 27, 2010
7:28 pm
#85 lcpl nash :

the 7.62 is not a good idea to put in a assualt rifle most wars are now fought in an urban enviroment and one problem with having a massive round is that there is a high chance of the round traveling straight through the target and hitting a civilian as the round travels through the target. a smaller calibre round has less chance of this hapening and th 5.56 is very dangerous at close range as te round cartwheels inside the target becasuse the front of the round slows down and the back maintains its speed causing the round to spin and inflict mass trauma inside whatever it has hit.

another problem with larger rounds is weight soliders have to carry body armour, rations, first aid equipment, personal role radioes, the weapon itself, spare clothing, and any other equipment they may need for a patrol if you have a big round it will be heavier and carried in lesser quatnies and the solider will becom tired more easily and will lose combat effectiveness increasing the chance of the solider getting hurt/killed a smaller roundis lighter can be carried in bulk and makes the logistical part of a war much easier.

Dec 8, 2010
11:02 am
#86 Chuck (15) :

You see gentlemen, my intelligence knows absolutely no bounds. Think outside the box, the 0.625 in (15.9 mm) lead ball fired by a baker rifle is already proven to disintergrate entire armies. Yes, it is 9lb (4 kg’s) but this weapon already tested on the field for remarkable accuracy is the future of modern warfare… 3…

Dec 12, 2010
2:21 am
#87 Guest22 :

Alright, so people are saying how the 5.56 isn’t an effective round… it is. This 6.8 round is still a very big round that will be sure to give some recoil. I would question it’s accuracy. Also we don’t really need any stopping power weapons if you think about it. There probably will not be any wars that we will fight where the opposition makes body armor standard. Wars are now fighting terrorists that dont have body armor. The 5.56 does a great job with hitting people that arent protected with body armor. Why? Because upon impact the round will stay in the body causing lead poisoning and blood loss. But this 6.8 round could come in handy… for instance maybe in light machine guns?
PS: hahahaha im reading all these kids’ comments on how they are so little and know so much… i think it’s COD that makes them want to look up this stuff. hahahahaha

Dec 25, 2010
5:46 pm
#88 simon stannard :

Totaly agree with above,well said!! When in the Theater of war surly knock down /stopping power is not so important, yes of course in CQC differant ball game! but to be honest close quearter combat happens what 2 % of the time? if that! its not like in the movies when the hero takes a bullet and carrys on fighting.
once a man is hit even a flesh wound on the hand its
“game over” then your using up resourses I.e man power,medics, Evac procedures,helicopters (more opertunintiy for the enemy)…or vise-virsa if your fighting Guerrilla /terroist they’ll have to look after there man,carry him away.the old classic tactics ( shit on your spears) :)))))
Is there a argument for less knock down power, more accurancy …

Dec 25, 2010
5:54 pm
#89 simon stannard :

Yeah sorry didnt read other comments, all saying the same…:)

Feb 1, 2011
7:06 am
#90 2kewl :

I hate how everyone just assumes the 5.56 is a week cartridge that just isn’t enough to kill somone. It really doesn’t make a difference if they adopt a slightly larger cartridge unless it’s cheaper or more accurate or something, stopping power isnt a factor. The 5.56 has very low recoil and is very accurate. The army uses jacketed bullets so caliber would only make wounds microscopically more damaging. The army should just use lead bullets, a 5.56 would be able to take a leg off easily. I know the call of duty kids will say “you can’t shoot through things with it” but that doesn’t matter. You aren’t allowed to shoot through things in the army anyways. It would also not pass through things easy and cut down on civilian casualties

Feb 5, 2011
4:43 am
#91 DeltaStrikeOp :

Ok you teen FPS players, let me tell you this, in your virtual world, how come you never have to dial in your sights? How come your video games allegedly report that a AKS-74U is the best rifle? Don’t you people know that virtual and reality are different? Consider this, in a popular multiplayer game called “Combat Arms”, the G36 is arguably the best rifle. I thought you guys said that 5.56 sucks! Well, the G36 uses a 5.56 cartridge, so what now? Ok, here are the facts. The 6.8 mm SPC round that the REC 7 (formerly known as the M468) has a 50% more stopping power and longer effective range at a lower velocity than a standard .223 (5.56 mm NATO) but 1.5 times the kinetic energy. Now, if you are sane, you probably know about the “everything has a pro and a con” saying. The trade off is that there is more recoil and more weight for each round. You people haven’t seen a 5.56 in action. I have fired a 5.56 jacketed round into ballistics gel before, and the entry and damage paths are different. There is like a “video game” damage that you wouldn’t believe. The damage is like if i took out a piece of barbed steel 2 inches by 6 inches long out of you. You kids haven’t been to the battlefield. I’ve been in the Marines, using anything they give me to neutralize threats. I participated in Operation Anaconda. I’ve seen the damage of the .223. The US has thought this out! Video games make weapons you never heard of so powerful and so accurate, where’s Murphy’s Law? The AKS-74U is ment as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), but Ive seen people in CoD that run around with it as if it were god’s right hand. It’s a PDW! It’s inaccurate! The G36 has a sight that can’t be dialed in, but Ive seen people use it as an DMR! Seriously? Ive been in multiplayer games where im criticized for having a M16 or an M4. Personally speaking, Ive used these weapons before and I love them. I end up defeating those losers who carry around FAMAS and Steyer AUGs. I am a Glock lover, and Ive beaten those online players who have weapons that are insane in SWaP index (Size, Weight, and Power). Seriously? Personally speaking, if it were in the real world, trust me, you’ll take a AR-15 type weapon over those cheap, communist AKs.
This is dedicated to all those US servicemen and servicewomen who dedicate their lives everyday defending liberty.

Feb 23, 2011
3:45 pm
#92 Rob :

Consider the slightly increased weight of the weapon, in addition to an improved stock buffering system and recoil of the new Barrett AR is no worse than the current M4.

Mar 10, 2011
12:24 am
#93 Bugks :

First, there are a lot of good comments here…and a lot of misconceptions as well. The absolute primary issue with a combat weapon is reliability. It has to work in poor conditions. Any rifle that fails to operate in the field is nothing more than a club, and a very unhandy one at that.

Every trained soldier, whose life depends on his weapon, knows that cleaning, maintaining, and repairing your weapon is the ABSOLUTE highest priority in a combat zone. Soldiers whose lives depend on a weapon firing when they pull the trigger know this, and take far,far better care of thier weapons than they do of anything else. Far better.

The next priority is that you have ammunition to use in that weapon. Again and empty weapon is a club. If you run out of ammunnition in a fire fight, your chances of survival are almost zero. If you for one second think your going to get extra ammunition from me after you wasted yours…

Third is accuracy. Hitting what you fire at is the very best way to survive combat situations. Nothing can take the fight out of an enemy as fast as accurate rifle fire. Period. No matter if the bullet goes through and through, doesn’t “instantly” knock them down or make them dead. There are many, many soldiers that have been wounded by weapons far larger than 7.62mm and kept right on fighting without missing a beat. Shot placement is tremendously more important than that of the bullet caliber. Bullets than instantly incapacitate are well aimed shots to vital areas of the target. everything else is a fantasy.

On that note, wounding the enemy better than killing the enemy? Well, it takes about 18 years to grow a soldier, at least another 2 years to train one to a high level of competency, and a wounded soldier will most likely return to combat smarter and meaner. A dead one stays dead.

Apr 9, 2011
1:23 pm
#94 Callmebigpapa :

They should make a gun like the m82, a gun with extreme recoil control. For a 50 cal you can barely feel the m82’s recoil.

Apr 26, 2011
1:45 pm
#95 Estavan Cruz :

It all boils down to this…..What do you want the rifle to do for you? Do you need stopping power for close assault? Do you need a lot of rounds downtown with extended time on target? Are you on a mission where weight is a factor? Personally, being a US Army combat veteran with m16a2 experience I have to say the rifle never let me down once. I pumped a few thousand rounds through the platform and it pretty much did what they told me it would do. However, now that I am an old fart who likes to shoot, and is concerned with home defense my requirements have changed. I want something that will stop my enemy from killing me or harming my family, and as an added bonus keeping the ammunition cost down. 6.8mm are about $1 a shot right now new in the box, 223 is about 30 cents. But, how much is your life worth? I listened to what the SF guys said about the 6.8mm and trust they know what the F they are talking about. Accuracy, keeping a good sight picture/back on target time is good with a lot of the new rifles with better recoil systems at the 6.8mm. I know I can kill with a 5.56, and I am positive a 6.8mm would be a step up. I fired this at the rangea month back and have to say it is all that and a bag of cookies. I am going to own one because I know it will fulfill my needs/wants. I am pretty sure you would agree if you went and shot one at the gun store/range. And, besides being a solid platform with plenty of room for tactical additions, it looks really really tough, and that alone makes me shoot better lol. I shot the para ttr as well-nice for 223. pros and cons with any rifle, so you have to decide what you can live with-scar has stock that doesn’t stay where it is supposed to unless fully extended, para ttr stock is the best, and the rec 7 stock seemed solid to me. I am leaning toward the rec 7, and part of the decision is knowing that a good manufacturer will stand behind the product like Barret does. Now, can we just get the price down on the ammo I want to pop off a few hundred rounds without bankrupting me.

May 4, 2011
5:50 am
#96 Andrew :

I really dont know that much about guns and I dont know if they allready do this but do you think they could use 5.56 rounds for use in smg’s and instead use a different type of bullet for assault rifles please dont judge if I said something stupid just making a blind suggsestion

May 9, 2011
4:27 pm
#97 goose :

you guys are lame, dragon skin can not take a hit from a .50 cal, the damn thing goes over the speed of sound, newbs.

May 17, 2011
5:11 pm
#98 devil :

after reading this debate of the three rounds , i still feel it’s more important that i shoot once & get the enemy down rather than shoot him a zillion times & miss. Thus, it’s important to note that accuracy is always a major priority than stopping power. i’d rather hit the head once than the chest thrice. also i think that after the fn p90 was brought out it would be better of than any assault rifle in today’s scenario of combat. also i still feel the round is’nt the only thing one should consider the rifle matters equally .

May 24, 2011
2:21 pm
#99 Keith :

when you talk about a new Battle rifile it will come down to one factor . logistics ……..

Jun 10, 2011
10:43 pm
#100 david :

How reliable is the m468? is it the same as the other ar-15’s?

Jun 25, 2011
10:45 pm
#101 Dylan :

I am 16 years old and I do play video games but I play games then research the guns on these games myself. That being said I understand that unlike a video game more things matter than their narrow views. Like someone stated earlier the wait of these heavier rounds calls for a heavier gun but rounds like the 5.56 mm do not hit hard enough. Therefore I will support a gun with 6.8 mm rounds this being a good compromise.

Jun 27, 2011
8:09 pm
#102 Anon :

Dan Said,
My god, some of your comments are really amusing. Especially the first few. Aaanyway, the biggest issue with 5.56 rounds is that they simply do NOT have the stopping power. I was in New Zealand Army infantry, using the steyr AUG, and it simply was too small to do any serious damage. Many a time i wished i had something of at least 7.62 cal. Considering the 7.62 is available pretty much worldwide, and – Stopped reading

For gods sake.
I’l shoot you with the .223 round and we’l see how lacking in serious damage it is.

Also, .223 rounds are known to ‘tumble’, meaning they actually put quite a large hole inside the target, not so much an entry wound, but internal damage is a lot higher.

Also… Dan went on to talk about the AK-47 using the 7.62 cal. round… which is simply not true.

Sick of these retards popping up on the net all over the place.

Jun 27, 2011
8:11 pm
#103 Anon :


Aug 17, 2011
7:08 pm
#104 Ken :

Martime Ammunition can be a complex concept.

Many other things are taken into account; not just velocity, stopping power, and trajectory. The 5.56 round was created with the whole picture in mind. Accepting its flaws, which it undoubtedly has, the 5.56 round is a great, and thoroughly thought through ammunition. It was made to kill, but also to wound. The thought was, it takes more resources to take care of the wounded than it does the dead. The fact is that one wounded man is more immediately expensive than a dead one. So with this taken into account, the 5.56 round is a very acceptable, multifaceted round. The problem is, at the moment the majority of our battles don’t benefit from wounding the enemy, seeing as they already have practically zero resources. So maybe a new projectile technology is in need. It would be cool to see a sabbot >6mm round with a higher grain. The plug/fin addition to the round could allow it to create a bigger cavity while attaining good flight path. But it would also be cool to see robocops with miniguns.

Sep 13, 2011
8:18 am
#105 Realist :

Please ppl i have seen 4 comments worth reading… the rest is bullshit, .223 came into large scale use after WW2, a conflict in which large caliber wpns were used, military and wpn designers alike recognised that the days of individual .303 and .338 wpns were over hence the .223.
ppl that are paid more than anyone in this stupid forum had good reason to transition to .223 and confine use of hvy calibers to specific uses. big deal if terry taliban uses .338… if youd take the time to notice then you would see that he lives in a squalid pile of shit for a country, wishing the world regressed to the middle ages so that he could fight with his family fucking sword. idiots…. i’ll shoot you with .223 and then we will see just how well you are stopped by its QUOTE lack of stopping power!

Dec 9, 2012
12:51 am

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this blog, this website is truly amazing.

Feb 1, 2013
4:25 am
#107 Rob :

Does anyone know the standard issue rifle for the 75th regiment aka army rangers?

Sep 21, 2013
12:12 am

Could you please update the video, cuz this one was removed. Thank you!

Nov 18, 2013
4:52 am
#109 Colin :

You guys need to remember that the 7.62 round weighs way more than the adaptable five five six. also the 556 round travels at a higher velocity causing a air cavity to form when it comes in impact with a body. Do not underestimate the power of the 556, very accurate too. Though it could be improved… A 6.8 or a 6.2 would be a good balance between the properties of the 7.62 and the 5.56. Though Remington has already jumped on that idea with their ACR rifle. And sorry if i had any false info…. Only 14

Dec 1, 2013
10:30 am
#110 Callsign ThunderZeroSixSix :

to the kids talking about guns and sh*t HK makes more than the G36 series, they also make HK45 socom, along with many police issue weapons and many german SOG weapons, Call of duty while a fun game to play is the hollywood version of war, me my squad play it when we have some R&R but for the most part there are hundreds of weapons manufacturers. so take what you know from playing COD and keep it in COD this is the real world. it would be nice to see something other than 5.56’s in service many servicemen and women speak about a newer round with more efficency at good long range and center mass kills without having to worry about round bounce within soft targets. me and my spotter are lucky to use a .50cal barret, but we’d like to see a new caliber round for sniper rifles maybe the 6.8 would work well, the rest of you guys on here are pretty spot on with info, my opinion i’d like something to happen caliber wise before any kind of sh*t hits the f**kin’ fan.

Semper fi

Dec 1, 2013
10:52 am
#111 Callsign ThunderZeroSixSix :

Semper fi to the other marine on here deltastrikeop.

he is dead on, AK-74U is outdated, most AK’s don’t have accuracy worth a shit, they weren’t meant for it they were meant for mass production in a time when the country of origin was in deep shit, i’d shoot one if i had to but i’ll stick to what i’m given, aslong as it hits the target and kills them that is good enough for me. i’ll keep my operations to myself i’m a few months away from being out and in civie world. regardless, the kids that think they know what the battlefield is talk to a few veterans of previous wars, listen to them, war is not glamour or glory, and anyone who thinks as such is doomed should they ever be placed in it.

before i end this post and get back to it, Who’s Like Us? Damn Few and Thier all Dead.

Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters see you all on the flip side.

Mar 28, 2014
6:11 am

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Jun 13, 2014
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how so without adapting to a larger round?

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