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There is a lot of debate over what the best jet in the world is. I am going to leave this one up to you guys to decide. The f-22 Raptor is stealthy and fast and is a great technologically advanced Fighter, while the F-15C has the best combat record out of any Fighter in the world. All of the jets are great fighters for different reasons. What do you think the best Jet in the world is?

What is the best Main Battle Tank in the world?

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Posted by Capt.   @   31 May 2007 372 comments
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Sep 28, 2007
11:37 pm

the raptor is sooooooooo cool its got stealth, fire power, handling and speed. the only downside is that the f-22 as its that the machine can take control.

Sep 29, 2007
2:17 am
#2 Andrew :

what really determines the best, you know? Really, the f-35 is stealthy as well, and it has VSTOL, which allows it to operate on a much more up close and personal role. F-22 for deep strikes and aerial dominance, F-35 for air-support and immediate strike priorities all the way.

Oct 3, 2007
12:49 pm

The US has plenty of weird weapons at their dispossal,(thank God) the Axis will try to match if not make better weapons, The US needs to stop too much transparency with it’s advanced Future weapons programs and plans. Keep the info deep in area 51 and make up more crap! Stop the axis from knowing what the we know because if these guys take control, the things that you and I take for granted will be nothing but a faded memory and blame because we made a mistake, we showed them what we’ve got. Poker

Oct 19, 2007
9:22 am
#4 Jamie :

Where are soem of the other fighter jets? I know im british but i know theres alot more other great fighters around the world harrior, Tornado, and not forgetting the Eurofighter Typhoon, Sukhoi47-Berkut is another one……….

Nov 15, 2007
8:44 pm

in your poll of the best planes in the world, you oitted the MiG 35/1.42 from consideration. It is claimed by the Russians that their plane is in fact superior to the F-22. An analysis of the two would be interesting

Dec 19, 2007
4:56 pm
#6 mr 7 :

Well I think that F-22 is the best fighter jet in the world but china is also making a simler jet j xx and it might be batter then F-22

Dec 21, 2007
6:11 pm

the stealth characteristics of the F-35 makes iy difficult to utilize certain weapon systems eg Israeli python 5 or air to ground smart missiles like the popeye lite. This would limit the choice to the Su-37 or F-22. Little to choose from. I would have liked to see the Mig-35 included in the poll, then there would be no difficulty making the choice.

Jan 27, 2008
4:20 pm
#8 Richard :

I’d definitely have to say the F-35 for this one. It’s just plain awesome. And yeah, I can’t wait for the J-12 (J-XX).

Feb 22, 2008
6:48 am
#9 Lee :

China? I don’t mean to belittle the guys, but they can’t even make a decent jet engine. Did you notice they are using Russian one’s in the J-10’s that actually fly? Making a plane look nice and claiming capabilities is one thing… but they are still technologically decades behind Europe let alone the US.

Mar 11, 2008
2:53 pm
#10 Su-37 vs. F-22 :

Which do you think is better? The F-22 has stealth features (not completely stealth) and the Su-37 has super-maunverability on it’s side (front canards+thrust vectoring). No doubt if there was no stealth and it was an actual dog fight, the Su-37 would undoubtly win. But how effective the F-22’s stealth is not completely verified. IMO, i would say that the Su-37 ‘Terminator’ is better, as it has supermanuverability (it can perform the world-reknowned kulbit, which is basically doing a somersault within it’s own length). If we knew more about how effective the stealth is on the F-22, i might sway my decision, but at least for the time being, i say the Su-37 is better. What’s your take on this?

Mar 24, 2008
2:45 pm
#11 Walter :

The F 22 is just as maunverable as the Su 37. watch this video. I would like to know if the Su 37 could make a 180 degree turn in 3 seconds like the raptor did.

Mar 25, 2008
2:05 am
#12 william Roswaty :

I love f-22 raptor

Apr 6, 2008
1:07 pm
#13 Vince :

None of those ! The best is the french “Rafale”!

Apr 19, 2008
11:34 pm
#14 Max :

Why is there even a poll with the aformentioned aircraft? There should be a poll about which aircraft is the 2nd best in the world.

The F-22 is lightyears ahead of any aircraft.

1 – It has the highest degree of thrust vectoring along the “Y” axis. Thus giving it an edge in a turning fight. It can also perfom just about any airshow maneuver.

2 – It possesses the most advanced avionics system in the world.

3 – It has the most powerful jet engines in a warplane, thus providing it with superior acceleration.

4 – It has ZERO wing loading when in wartime operation. IE – Low drag

5 – It stores it weapons internally. IE – Stealthy and Low drag

6 – It’s a next generation US Stealth warplane.

7 – The plane costs more then any other fighter in the world. Money means capabilities in a dogfighter.

8 – It’s driven by the USAF. Enough said.

9 – The F-22 is not a concept aircraft. It’s fully operational. NOW.

Apr 24, 2008
7:52 pm
#15 Walter :

I admit that I had concerns if the F 22 could maneuver as well as the SU 37. That is until I saw the Raptor youtube video named “F-22 RAPTOR DEBUT presented by Leo Mann”. The raptor in the video pulled an unbelievable 180 degree turn in like 3 seconds. Here’s the link( Lets just say that I’m no longer concerned.

Apr 24, 2008
11:58 pm
#16 Walter :

The F 22 is the class of fighters. It’s not even close. It’s the most advanced jet in the world and can maneuver with any fighter. And we only know a fraction of the full capability. Which is good because the Russians would love to get as much info as they can. They put forward a challenge between the Raptor and the SU 37, which was nothing but a front to see as much of what the raptor can do to try and design a jet the beat it. Just like they designed the SU 27 the beat the F 15. And when we don’t fall for there bull they try to make it seem as if we were afraid or something. I’ll say one thing about the Russians, they sure have a good poker face.

Apr 28, 2008
5:15 am
#17 joe H. :

As far as U.S. defence knows, the F-22 is the best fighter in the world. It can sneak attack, and even if it is found, it can out-maneuver anything in the sky.

Except the Su-37 Super Flanker, which has 360 degree thrust vectoring, and GIANT air to air missiles the size of Harpoon Anti Shippers. If some Cold War rumors are true, the Su-37 could produce a plasma bubble, dense enough to absord radar, hot enough to burn air. If the Su-37 can do this, it will be able to go to mach 3, and have stealth.

I have been reviewing your opinions and most of you are informed badly. Generally spoken you can say that the Americans have superior technology and that the Russians build better planes. I heard that the Russians dared the Americans to combat their Su-47. The Americans never responded. That pretty much sums it up. It’s pretty sad seeing the Americans spend billions of dollars in Research & Development in order to develop their cloaking devices and that a student at a Technical University finds a relatively simple way to counteract the stealth technology. To make it short the Russians will use 100% anti-stealth radars and the Su-47 is the best and most manouverable fighter ever build.

Apr 28, 2008
5:16 am
#18 joe H. :


Apr 28, 2008
4:58 pm
#19 Walter :

joe H

The SU 37 does have 360 degree thrust vectoring. But the nozzles on the F 22 move faster and have a higher degree of movement. Plus how well does this plasma stealth work? I have been asking if any of the Russian fighters can turn like this raptor did in this video between 00:09 to 00:12 seconds at that speed. We know that they can do it at extremely slow speeds. Like I said before, they put forth that challenge to learn as much as they can about the raptor. Judging by that turn, the F 22 can maneuver with anything.

Apr 29, 2008
12:24 pm
#20 Gisse :

well, F-117 was also stelt and fall down in Serbia against old systems.

If you didn’t noticed that Su-37 can do 360 turn then you should try to find on YouTube video with that.

Apr 29, 2008
2:06 pm
#21 Walter :


I never siad the SU 37 couldn’t do it. It does it in a lot of video’s at very slow speeds. I just want to know if it can it at combat speeds like the raptor did.

Apr 29, 2008
2:09 pm
#22 Walter :

“joe H

Stealth is only a fraction of the cost of the F 22.

May 8, 2008
10:14 pm
#23 jack :

China will eventually steal the technology from
the west just read the Cox report on stolen US tech

May 19, 2008
12:26 am
#24 Eduardo Valencia :

The people who consider chinas and russian aircrafts to be the best in the world are just a group of ignorants with low IQ

The F-22 makes the SU-37 a big pile of junk in the air,No one can satnd the power of this airplane,no one

Russsians will have to suck it very hard to U.S

May 21, 2008
3:14 pm
#25 Andrew :

Of course the Chinese will steal it, just read my article on the “newest armor of china”

Jun 6, 2008
4:23 am
#26 john :

i didn’t see the rafale ,french fighter jet
it is for me the best fighter jet after the f 22

Jun 19, 2008
4:44 am
#27 mike :

The f-22, f-35, eurofighter, rafael, and their Russian conterparts have not been proven in combat. The f-15 has! The only thing the others got, is who has th best radar. Let me know if a f-22 or any of the others have ev en come within visuale range of an opposing aircraft. I consider the best fighter as one that can win in a in close dogfight, not who has the most tech.

Jun 19, 2008
5:32 am
#28 Joe B :

Well Said. I was waiting for someone to come out in defense of the combat proven F-15. Some people may say it doesn’t belong on this list, but it does have the best combat record out of any modern fighter.

Jun 25, 2008
2:01 am
#29 vladimir :

su37 has a good aerodynamic, that mean a great capacity of maneuver.

Jun 27, 2008
12:44 am
#30 Brian :

You can’t beat stealth! To those that say that the F-22 isn’t 100% stealth, even if it’s 80% stealth, nobody in the world can currently match it on maneuverability and being the least detectable on radar!

Jul 5, 2008
5:41 pm
#31 me :

Where is Rafale?

Jul 15, 2008
8:02 pm
#32 Jean :

In dogfight exercises, the Rafale outflies F-15, F-16 and F-18 opponents, and in technical and performance evaluations, we have systematically won against the F-15 and the Eurofighter Typhoon.” Col. F.Moussez (CEAM)

Jul 25, 2008
2:53 am
#33 eugenio morales :

I see everyone is facinated with the f-22 stealth capabilities but in orther to usit to it advantage the f-22 needs to stores it weapons internally. remember the airplene was built with stealth capavilities not the armament that can carry on four hardpoints on the wings, each rated to carry 2,270kg, if you see all publicity pictures don,t show the pilons why becouse this will compromise it’s stealth. the f-22 was build as direct result of scenarios where they proof that the su-37 can beat any airplane in our inventory so as result whe build the f-22. I will say they are both magnificent air planes and a testament to both nations. and don’t forget the su-37 is a multi role and the f-22 is a figther in order to become multy roll it must compromise it’s talent and trust me in a dogfigth stealt don’t matter is the pilot experience what count’s. there are examples in history like the mig -21 better aircraft than the mirage 2000 and israely pilots out perform the mig’s I will say time will tell. the Rafale is a good airplane but with all due respect Col Moussez the delta wing desing adopted by french figther has proof to be a doble edge sword in the hand of a good pilot can be use to it avantage as you know in a turn you will lose a lot speed an in that time if the other pilot know this and his airplane has a tigther turn radio you are done so again it’s depend’s on the pilot. but afact that not everyone knows is that The Rafale carries, for the first time in aviation history, an integrated electronic survival system named SPECTRA which features a software-based virtual stealth technology. The most important sensor is the Thales RBE2 passive electronically scanned multi-mode radar. So Brian as you see the f-22 is not the only one able to fool a radar. Joe.h for your information the SU.47 (berkut) ther was only one built and test and the concept of inverted swep wings is not knew we did that with the x-31 and also have trust vectoring and flew in 1990 and the berkut su-47 in 2000 but that other story. ATT SGT Moralesandino,eugenio USA.

Jul 28, 2008
8:18 pm
#34 paskau :

the conclusion is like below 47 berkut=eurofighter typhoon
2.f 22 raptor=su 37 terminator.
3.f 35=su 35 super flanker
4.f 18 super hornet= su 30 mki/mkm super flanker
5.f 16= gripen

the final conclusion.

Aug 2, 2008
6:46 pm
#35 Eduardo Valencia :

IMHO the F-22 fighter is the best of all by far,it can bring down a SU-37 from long distances without even noticed.

Even if the F-22 is found by the old,slow tech SU-37 (Higly doubtful),the F-22 will out-manevuer and destroy it instantly,like playing a vodegame,one shot one kill.

Rmember that the F-22 is the only 5th generation fighter of all,actally deplyed fighters and on papers.

The berkrut is joke BTW

Aug 5, 2008
5:38 pm
#36 Franky :

Recently , the USAF invited some Rafale F2s to do some advanced dogfighting against some F-16s Blk 52 .
It was a one v one confrontation repeated multiple times . The drill did last 3 days . The French and the Americans pilots had to find each other in a big portion of sky (100×100 km/square), then close in and go dogfighting .

The French Airforce only released the results of the first day :
6-2 in favor of the Rafale .
It has been on the French news on the main TV channel TF1 .
Video :,,3931177,00-contre-rafale-vrai-faux-combat-.html

Quick translation of the video (the good bits):
French pilot : ” we ‘re going to separate in the zone and then try to find each other , one Rafale and one F-16 , then go do WVR . We feel that the USAF is very curious about the Rafale and we think that they know what they are up against , so I think that we ‘re going to bluff them ”
Second French Pilot talk :
” It went well , the F-16s were very cool to fight against and we managed to shootdown them from time to time , it was good ”

Commentator :
“The Americans admit that they have been impressed by the French fighter ”

The USAF pilot :
” The Rafale is an aircraft with unique capabilities which can be flown in a very aggressive manner , more than the F-16 . But you know , the most important is the capabilities of the pilot (!)”
I think that sums up a lot , BUT I remind you that the Rafale pilots are not allowed to use active jamming during drills with Allies (SPECTRA and OSF have only been used to find the opponent).
It also shows that the APG-68(v9) radar (with a quoted range of 300km )doesn ‘t give an adge to the Falcon against the PESA RBE2 and the “discret” RCS of the Rafale .
It also shows that MICA is a very good dogfighting missile and does its job and it also shows that Rafale is more manoeuvrable than the F-16 Blk52 (which is the best dogfighther that the USAF has) .

I dare to say that if SPECTRA was used to its full extent (active jamming), the result would have been 6-0 .

Aug 14, 2008
5:25 am
#37 WhoamI :

US fighter are good for sale.
Russian fighters are good for fight.

Aug 22, 2008
6:08 pm
#38 John K :

Why do Brits always think the Harrier is so great. A family friend of ours is a retired Marine Harrier pilot. Let’s be clear, the Harrier was a useful plane in its time, but it was never a true air superiority fighter. It is now hopelessly outdated, especially since the US is replacing it with the VSTOL version of the JSF.
The amount of nationalistic bias and ignorance on this subject amazes me.
The F22 is handsdown better than anything else. The Eurofighter is amazing, but simply can’t compete with the F22’s better speed, manuevarability, and lower radar observability.
The Russian fighters are absolutely amazing when it comes to manueverability and speed(especially the SU-48, only 1 ever made) but they lack the avionics, stealth, and good composite materials the Americans and Euros have. Manueverability in a fighter just doesn’t cut it if you are seen on radar 100 miles away, and you have no indication of the stealth bird that is about to blow you out of the sky.

Aug 28, 2008
12:56 pm
#39 GatorFL :

Remember when we started Operation Iraqi Freedom-
The Russians said they sold GPS jamming devices to Iraq and US bombs will be useless? Bullcrap! “Russian Technology” lol, Thats like saying “Mexican Luxury Car”
The Russians always said the T-80 would destroy the M1A1 on the battlefield.. What happened?

The same thing would happen if Russia could even afford to make more than the 10 SU-35 that they have. The F-22 would destroy it, I bet the F-18 sh would probably win in the dogfight.
We already proved how superior US technology was-

The only thing I worry about is numbers.. although, We have Swarm missle technology for that

Aug 29, 2008
1:47 pm
#40 BreakTurn :

This is fascinating. I love these high tech fighter planes. I was amazed at the 180 3 second turn the F-22 displayed. The Sukhois are beautiful looking machines.

Sep 1, 2008
10:02 pm
#41 Sportexit :

Okey, this is stupid. ever aircraft got its own “main purpose”. and those who think we still live in the 50s please stand up!

Id say that the F22 is the absolute best for the USAF, since their main propose would be to defend their ground troops, bomb ground targets, fight non 4th gen aircrafts and to avoid getting shot down by old sam missiles witch any 3d world country could obtain.

I rly cant say how the F22 would do agenst a SU37 or how fast an X winged plane could do a 360 and what that would do for good in a dog fight, but i actually doubt most fights would come to a pure “dogfight” nowdays since most 4th gen aircrafts got state of the art radars (who could detect any F22) from miles away, (sorry guys)
The gadgets witch will dominate are the networking between the aircrafts, and or whit any ground unit.
Say for an example that US invades Sweden whit a modest assult force. (for some reson that i dont know).
A ground unit spots 2x F22, sends the info to a nearby road witch got an underground hangar for 2x Jas 39 gryphon, they got the targets, takes off from an deserted road somewhare in the deep woods, (now they have already locked on to the targets) its just to intercept and fire the bvraam (witch are being developed for the Jas). But still, the Jas is only as good as its enviroment, as are the F22. 4th gen vs 4th gen will result in heavy losses for both sides. And to think that the stealth will save the F22 in a conflict whit an advanced enemy are plain stupid. if US developes stealth, russia will develop a radar that will unstealth them.

I think Jas 39 Gryphon are the nr1 figher jet for defending small countries. (as it was built for)

Due to:
the Stol capability.
the great Maintenense vs flighthours.
the cost vs perfomence
the soon to come bvraam.
the new state of the art radar and networking systems.
the size of the plain witch gives it about the same “stealth” as an F35.
the new engine that will come whit the “Super Gryphon” (whit larger fuel tanks)
and lets not forget, the state of the art avionics that makes the airplane extremly easy to manover, that lets the pilot put their focus whare it belongs.

But then agen, it can never compete whit an F22 or the F15 when its about the best offensive aircraft, Jas are meant for defence. (even tought that they are trying to change it in to a more assult friendly aircraft to improve its chanses of exports)

And a pure guess, i do think that the Gryphon would kick the living crap out of the F22s if engaged in a cannon, and sraam only dogfight.

And for the love of good ppl. you cant just look at the angle of a turn, or how fast it can turn 180 degrees, at airshows these airplanes are flying at minimum speed to make it look good, the airplane it self could surely manage it in higher speed but the pilot wouldnt. so its just stupid to messure an airplain from an airshow.
Good damn. even a spitfire could do a decent 360.
that sure as hell dosnt mean that it would outmanuver an F22.

And my english suck atm, im haft drunk tbh

Oct 24, 2008
11:19 pm

well i think the f22 will kick the othe plins ass like it did to mine

Oct 29, 2008
12:46 pm
#43 jojo :

f22 is the best fidhter plane in the world.. jojo frm philippines

Oct 29, 2008
12:48 pm
#44 jojo :

usa usa usa usa usa usa usa usa usa……… super power country

Oct 29, 2008
9:51 pm
#45 Roger :

I think this is an interesting topic but it seems most people really haven’t checked up on the capabilities of the aircraft they champion compared to other aircrafts. The Typhoon is an excellent aircraft as well as the Rafale and others but to compare them to a Raptor is really not worth doing. The Raptor has the tightest turn radius of any fighter aircraft and the most powerful radar as well as thrust to weight ratio but that is not what makes it more dominant. That would only make it an air superiority fighter and that is not what a Raptor is. The Raptor is an air supremacy fighter which means it was designed to dominate the skies in any theatre, in any climate. In operation Northern Edge (an exercise in Alaska) it flew against F15’s, F16’s, and F18’s and it completely dominated them. I believe the kill ratio the Raptor racked up was 114 to no losses. In it’s first debut at Red Flag, I believe it racked up 200 kills to no losses and this was flying against not only US pilots but against Australian, Canadian, British, and other NATO pilots in assorted aircraft. For exact numbers, one can google Northern Edge or Raptors in Red Flag or something similiar. An Australian pilot expressed his frustration at not being able to get any kind of lock (radar or IR) on a Raptor even though he had eyes on the aircraft. The aircraft’s systems prevent you from getting a lock on it. This year’s Red Flag is suppossed to have British Typhoons for the first time and I believe the Indian Air Force were also invited to bring their Sukhoi’s. It’ll be interesting to see how well they do. In the end, pilot skills do have a lot to do with air to air engagements and all NATO pilots are similiarly trained and cross train with each other but this aircraft gives such an advantage that it is a scary proposition for any plot to have to fly up against anyone piloting a Raptor. As far as anti stealth radar is concerned, it is a myth. If such an animal exists, it is not radar but works on some other principle. If anyone has any information one this, I would be interested to know about it.

Nov 5, 2008
12:57 pm
#46 jojo :

with out a doubt, f22 is the best fighter plane in the 21st century.. russia and china is suck……….. f22 can kill 6 su 37 in 1 min.. thats cool

Nov 5, 2008
12:59 pm
#47 jojo :

congrats barrack obama being the next president of the usa

Nov 6, 2008
10:27 am
#48 Michael Mosco Kizito :

Its interesting to note that most comments here are emotional and not logical.i have on quite a no. of ocassions listened to fighter pilots and technological advances not underestimated,they say that up in the air its the pilot that matters most.i would love to hear from someone who has technical expertise on both the su-37,and the f-22.

Nov 26, 2008
4:48 pm
#49 lac scott :

the eurofigther is the best because it flone by the raf the best air forece in the world which is part of the best miltury in the world the british the eurofighter is wow and i work with this thing and trust me it amazing

Nov 26, 2008
4:55 pm
#50 lac scott :

lets face it any plane flone by and amaricans is pants cos it can only hit frendly and not the right target the best plane of all time is the spitfighter and no1 can argu with that

Dec 15, 2008
11:09 am
#51 hornet2121 :

the spitfire is a true hero no doubt about that.and the f22 looks awsoms like i always loved the harrier and the f15 tomcat.
cant beleive the euro fighter was so far down the chain.
who can beleive russia isnt a shity country after all lmao look foward to seeing the f22 fighting their f35 lmao wont be long now

Jan 16, 2009
7:49 pm
#52 SU 30 MKI :

JSF and raptor respectively, followed by a long list of 4+ gen fighters.

Jan 20, 2009
2:23 pm
#53 Omar :

jf 7 and f 16 fighting faclon arte among the best for sure

Jan 23, 2009
4:17 am
#54 Archy :

F-15 is the most successful aircraft (most kills) – proven fact – period;
F-22 maybe has the best “hi-tech” stuff but it did not have the opportunity to prove itself (unlike F-15), besides, too much electronics means increased chance of its failure and BAM! you’ve just crashed $137 million.

Russian Su or MiG planes cost less than F-22, they have impressive performances: good maneuverability along with decent speed. The fact is that Russian best arsenal is not known to public – while America proudly boasts with their “war toys”, who knows what is the best that “motherland” can offer?!…

Eurofighter Typhoon is awesome plane – even American pilots who flew it said that performances of this aircraft is excellent. It also has PIRATE (Passive Infra-Red Airborne Track Equipment) system – pilot can target enemy aircraft using helmet mounted display – a great advantage in combat if I may add.

Last but not least: it’s the human factor that everyone is underestimating – planes do not fly by themselves and abilities of the pilots can turn the tide of the battle.

As Chuck Yeager once pointed out “An experienced pilot in a P-51 can shoot down a rookie in an F-4, in a dogfight.”

btw my favorite airplane is SR-71 Blackbird – it’s not a fighter airplane but it can outrun every airplane mentioned
in this discussion :P

Jan 28, 2009
5:41 pm
#55 Gary P :

I echo the “this is an emotional debate” comment. I have not seen the list offered but I can imagine it’s interesting. Reality check, training and using what you have for it’s best features will make the difference, not the toys. The air force that learns what it’s aircraft can do best, and uses it accordingly, will win.
What we know of (perhaps 10 percent) of the Raptor’s caipability has been done to death by other countries decades before. Supercruise has been around since the BAC Lightening, the data link control networks, Mig 31, Stealth, F-117. The F-22 is the best compromise of all the best tech available to create a single purpose machine, the air dominance fighter and it is impressive. However, how many are going to be built and put in front line service, and of those numbers, how many will be available at any one time? The F-22’s weakness is and will be numbers available. So specific tactics will be developed to counter this weakness and she’ll be sensibly employed in a layered defense network and used spareingly. You’ll never see the Raptor gain the same kind of history the Eagle did, simple becasue of this limit.
That being said, the various other aircraft available will play their games to suit their best attributes. If it’s speed, they will use speed. If it’s gizmos that can see in the dark, so be it. What ever it will be, will be. If I were a betting man, I’d say the opponents of the F-22 will field electro-optically guided weapons that run cold, silent and have a hell of a bang to reach out and touch the Raptor. If you don’t think the Russians are already on measures to defeat the Raptor, guess again. These guys are not stupid, just different. The Russian approach to aircraft is such that to this day, we can still see varients of the classic Mig 21 in the air. Who still flies a Western contemporary? And if the Raptor manages a 20 to one kill ratio, that’s great, unless your opponent fields 21 aircraft. WW2 saw the Nazies having the best ships, subs, jet aircraft, and superior tanks, but they were brought down by simple numerical superiority. (see note above about the Raptor’s weakness)
In a recient video I saw of a US Airforce officer debriefing after a joint Indian US exercise, he made several comments about the Indian Super Flanker verses the Raptor and in a few instances he commented how good, but not good enough the Super Flanker was, but with more experience the Indian pilots would learn how to use their aircraft better against a specific threat like the F-22. He conceeded it could be done, but with much different tactics. Don’t fly a Flanker into a Raptor’s fight. WW2 again, the Zero was the most manuverable aircraft out there, but the US Navy trained their pilots not to dogfight: zip in, single pass and hammer the Zero with the 50’s and run away. Game over. The AirForce officer made one very interesting comment, that the Raptors had trouble with the Indian Bisons, an updated Mig 21. The small size and upgraded avionics made the Bison a very serious battle field threat to the Raptor. He didn’t get into much more detail, but the commet was very telling indeed when you consider this debate.

Jan 31, 2009
11:49 pm
#56 simonsay :

merkava!…hahah! The Best of the Best is always German and Russian when it comes to armour.

Feb 1, 2009
7:18 pm

Considering that the russians are so obsessed with using missles to fight wars instead of planes, (eg icbm vs B-52, B1-B and B-2 etc.) they wuoldent (aw fuck i cant remember how to spell that shit!!!) have the expirence in makeing a bomber escort fighter, which is what the f22s would be used for in the event of WW3!!!!! the PROTOTYPE su-47s boast 360 radar, dumbasses. havent they ever heard of AWAKS! (which can sit 1000s of miles away and tell the f22 and any other us plane, in encripted data, where all the russian shit is! POINT, STOP TALKING SHIT ALBOUT THE RAPTOR!!! IT WILL RAPE YOU!!! AND NO, U CANT SEE IT… dumbasses

Feb 1, 2009
7:23 pm

O and there beter trained to! dont get a big dick!!!!!

Feb 20, 2009
11:48 am
#59 siva :

Indian jet fighters are not to be counted out boys
watch out for the new super power s toys in this century

Feb 28, 2009
4:36 pm
#60 Mick :

The downfall of the F22 will be the cost. As world economys decline we will see cuts in the USA military funding and along with it WILL be the F22 program. I feel sorry for the USN who has retired everything except the crappy F18 line of aircraft which is outclassed by every new modern fighter aircraft. Stealth is not going to make the F22 top dog for long. The F22 will eventually be overwhelmed by the sheer weight of numbers of foreign aircraft and the USA’s inability to manufacturer the F22 in sufficiant numbers to match the future threats will play a big role.

Apr 1, 2009
4:07 pm
#61 Robert Selinger :

Don’t underestimate your enemy. The Russians have quite an arsenal of modern weapons and they are notorious for not revealing their trump cards. We have not gone up against Russian pilots – yet. Two British agents a few years back reported that Russia is secretly, at the expense of their domestic spending, massively producing Fighters and military equipment – for what??, our intel refused to believe them. They were in space before us and they are not dumb. Over 50% of all scientific advancements and discoveries are from the Russians – World Almanac. Sun-Tzu’s art of war is what they breath and study – deception. So lets hope we have the best and the most but never underestimate your enemy or you will pay the price of a foolish pride and a prideful ignorance.

Apr 12, 2009
1:58 pm
#62 sidharth.p.raj :

really speaking,i do not know a thing about the f-22 air craft now, other than that it is the best fighter plane,that is according to the majority around the world. i really hope that you will pass the infor mation that you know about it and other air crafts to me by mailing those valuable info to my e-mail address which is given below. i hope i can be friends whit who ever intrested in the same field as i am in . and i am happy to have them as my friends…………………………..

( )

Apr 18, 2009
9:52 am
#63 Derek :

i don’t know whether it’s fair to say that china will “steal” the technology from the west. There is no concrete proof that they did. Even if they did could the west claim that they themselves have never stolen any technology? Strictly speaking gunpowder, cannon, missiles were invented by the chinese 1200+ years ago and “stolen” by others.

Apr 22, 2009
3:29 pm
#64 Joseph D Aupperle Jr :


May 2, 2009
7:06 am
#65 ricky cueva :

i think the best fighter plane in the world is yf-19 & vf-19.

May 2, 2009
7:07 am
#66 ricky cueva :

yf-19&vf-19 is the best fighter plane in the world.

May 18, 2009
3:16 pm
#67 Drew3rd :

The problem with this argument is transparency. We’ve seen the Mig 35 in action. Let’s be honest, it’s an F-22. The J-10’s are still a bit of a mystery, but what we’ve seen is that they are really on par with the Mig 19, very far behind. The J-12 cannot have advanced rapidly enough to be considered here. We really don’t know all that much about Russian or Chinese ability. They aren’t as open about it as we are. The French and the Brit planes bring up the most important consideration of all, the pilot. No one has pilots as steeped in real time aerial combat as the Americans. America doesn’t have pilots, they have warriors, big difference. so if the Mig 35 and J-12 are equal to the F-22, they lose. Who’s going to take down the American flyers? The same argument can be made for the American and British tanks. These guys are good in REAL combat. If your tank is as good, you lose.

May 18, 2009
9:59 pm
#68 aviation freak :

dudes in my personal opinion a su-37 could defently give the f-22 a good challenge if not defeat it and also the united states will not be the only one with 5th genaration fighter planes but also china and russia,,,,russia is coming up with t-50 pak fa wich is very phisicaly similar to the f-22 and china is coming up with the j-xx.

May 27, 2009
5:45 am
#69 Robert :

In 1984 Pope JPII questioned a German mystic who had been given visions of a future war. The Church consider’s this mystic to be genuine. The Mystic explained a vision wherein he saw the “…sky black with planes and missles coming out of Russia” against the West in a surprise attack that the West never saw coming. Some intel experts have mentioned a “rumor” that Russia is manufacturing enourmous numbers of fighters, tanks, and heavy equipment but the rumor cannot be proven. Catholic prophecy mentions WWIII, wherein Russia attacks the West in a surpise attack and all American forces overseas are wiped out and all our depots are captured, that this WWIII last about 4 years and the world is thrown back over 200 years, Russia is successful for 2 years and then the tide turns, we win but at an enormous cost, wherein 3/4 of Europe and 50% of the US are wiped out. This mystic also saw two Russian subs, one on the East Coast, one on the West Coast, launching their missles against major American cities in a last effort by Russia to turn the tide of the war that they were now losing. The reason in Catholic prohecy for this is that because of the loss of faith in the West, God allows the enemies of the west and Christianity to punish it for its apostacy (now happening). When all seems lost, when the Church seems finished by both its loss of faith and corruption. when it seems the enemy has won, then God steps in and turns the tide. Check out or search – The Three Days Darkness” which will be at the end of the War. The sign of sure catastrophe, not all of the reasons, of every decandent society, kingdom, and empire, was the acceptance of homosexuality, which was followed its destruction.
Marie-Julie Jahenny, the Briton stigmatist, (search her name) was shown in 1886, WWI, WWII, and WWIII. Her descriptions of the first two world wars were exact and her visions of WWIII are apocalyptic, detailed, agree with the above but in much more detail. Not the end of the world but 2/3 to 3/4 of the world will die and its starts with world revolutions shortly before Russia attacks. We are real close according to some mystics and it all happens real sudden. One prophecy states that everyone goes to bed in a relatively peaceful world, as today, for the most part in the West, and Monday morning when they wake up all the world is at war. Maybe just figuratively saying it happens in a very short time.

May 27, 2009
9:12 pm
#70 Scott :

Joe H. people like you make me laugh all you need to do is look at history, 1991 and 2003 The Iraq Military was the fourth largest in the WORLD and had the state of the art Russian plans and tanks and equiptment along with the most updated and powerful air defence know out side of The USA and with more than 4 times the people on the ground than we had and it only lasted 100 days befor crying uncle in 1991 and just a few months in 2003 befor we occupied the capitol. The only War this lopsided befor then or since then was the invasion of France buy the Germans in WWII after The English and French declaired war on the Germans.The French must have helped hang the Natzi flags it was over so fast and they knew it was coming just like Saddam after declairing War and they still couldn’t stop them nor could the Iraqi Army. So I’m intriuged buy the fact that so many people don’t believe stealth works. I bet if you could take a pole in Iraq I bet the first thing they remember of the start of the war was buildings disapiring and then anti air flack going up while we were back at the base in SAUDI getting refueled .The top of the line Russian Equiptment against The top of the line American Equiptment = a very short War. The Afganastan war bank rupt the Russian army and all we did is send a little special forces and a stinger missell over there, yet when we attacked after 911 we held all of the major citys in less than 6 months. History never lies

May 29, 2009
4:31 pm
#71 Adam :

The UK should get their hands on the Raptor if they could. Best fighter in the world combined with the the best pilots in the world. Interesting combination!

Jun 1, 2009
4:50 pm
#72 Scott :

Gary P. maybe you should read a few history books befor posting, The Luftwaufe had far less planes than the allies after the Landing in Normandy and yet with casualtys of the RAF and the US Bomber comand being higher than any other branch of the military until the invention of a plane that you probaly have not herd of called the P51 MUSTANG came along and firmly took command of the air lowering causaltys from around ( and read this part slowly) 70% in the RAF down to less than 4% in the first mission flown with the P51 Escorting the bombers. So to sum things up the Lueftwaufe had far less planes and still controled the air over Germany until the P51 Mustang came along and then the air was controled AGAIN buy a far superior plane and not numbers. History if you don’t lern from it you become HISTORY!!!!!!!!!! Unless you wan’t to argue that the P51 wasn’t the most dominating plane in WWII like that idiot in the post above about the SPITFIRE now that is funny.

Jun 8, 2009
2:05 am
#73 butt :

F-22, hands down. Especially when you consider the tactics being developed to boost the F-22’s chief drawback:numbers. To counter this the F-22s and 35s will be used with swarms of cheap, stealthy UCAVS, like the X-45. To be fair plenty of other countries will use similar drones.

Jun 8, 2009
5:47 pm
#74 nick :

yawl r all wrong the su47 berkurt is the best fighter jet in the world

Jun 9, 2009
4:37 pm
#75 ape :

Every machine can outdo everything and anything in this world, the world made a lot of fast crafts, but no human nature has ever outdone the full capacity of any machine specially jets.
Everybody will end -up in ashes if ever there will be a machine that could surpass what our body could take…let’s go back to our drawing boards and further study our physics…let’s retake our G’s subjects then we could consider who made the fastest and best jets in the world….

Jun 10, 2009
10:27 am
#76 Ryan :

F-22 hands down…300+:1 kill ratio in every single Red Flag excersise (ie-the best of the best vs. the best of the elite)…end of discussion!

Jun 12, 2009
9:46 am
#77 Dom :

I see a lot of people picking the f-22. Thing is, thats had more of its fair share of problems already. A pilot doesn’t want a plane thinking it can do the pilot’s work. I’m going with the Typhoon F2 because its Britains best plane in service, staying loyal.
The thing is though, the chances of another Battle of Britain or major aerial battle are so slim, we will never be able to tell which is the best. Yeah some of these planes may look good in testing but they will never be tested against other nations planes. Building good tanks, weapons, planes etc. is simply nations bulging there muscles in front of eachother to show that if something did kick off, it would get very messy!

Jun 12, 2009
10:01 am
#78 Dom :

BTW SCOTT…. a few comments up!!! The reason the Luftwaffe had so little planes at this point was because the SPITFIRES and HURRICANES spent the summer of 1940 shooting them all down, not this mustang. The reason that the Luftwaffe had air superiority over Germany was because it was there soil. So with the combination of AA guns and the fact that if a pilot bailed out, he could land and go get into another plane instead of being captured, was always going to favour the Germans, temporarily. Anything from the Americans merely helped, didn’t dominate. You look at the size of America and Britain, we simply needed your help to win the war FASTER, not win the war. I’m still very grateful though for the help though. lol

Jun 17, 2009
2:35 pm
#79 go123452 :

This is a tough one XD

Ok let’s put it this way
If F/A-22 and Su 47 are 20 miles apart, the Su 47 will probably be blasted out of the sky before the Russian pilot even detected the F/A-22.
At 5 miles apart it comes down to whether the F/A-22 can slip out of visual range of the Su47 or the Su 47 gets on the F/A-22’s tail first
At 2 miles apart the F/A-22 pilot will want to keep one hand on the ejection handle :D (Although the Su 47 pilot might want to bring a few sick bags)

Jun 17, 2009
2:41 pm
#80 go123452 :

By slip out of visual range i mean fly into the Su47’s blind spot and fire off a missile

Jun 19, 2009
7:05 am

Nick, the Su-47 is more of a technology demonstrator at this point, as I understand it.

Jun 19, 2009
7:44 am

It’s rather abstract to compare the F-22 against anything right now, if is to be believed (in French with snippets of English: sorry!).

It seems there is only a small lobby trying to keep that bird alive by pushing for construction of an export version for the Japanese. Otherwise, Def.Secr. Gates is committing to the F-35, the poor man’s version thereof, aka JSF for Joint Strike Fighter. The USAF wants 2,250 but expects only “well over 1,500.” More accurately, USAF Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz seems to be the defense secretary’s point man to foist that aircraft on the service.

This seems to be making the good general wildly impopular too.

All of this is happening against the backdrop of a grim and urgent accounting imperative: the ballooning US deficit means the Pentagon budget will have to take deep cuts sooner or later.

However, you can always carry on with hypothetical engagements between Chinese Su-27/Su-30s and JF-22s.

Jun 19, 2009
2:57 pm
#83 Dom :

Whats all this fuss about the su-47. Firstly its a prototype so probably know where near finished. Seondly its costs an arm and a leg to build. In this day and age cost is important, a $200 million fighter jet doesn’t seem that practical or viable.
Eurofighter costs half that, and has been around in service for a bit now, bit of experience under its belt. Also it has RAF pilots flying it. What more can I say.

Jun 20, 2009
4:57 pm
#84 wilmor :

I agree to both sides that they all best, both old and new generations of their fighter planes, i beleive in their diff tech knowhows and aspects of making such super fighter planes, both sides has succesfully made it and perfected it based on their varrious tests that they made… and It won’t be in a production if the said things won’t benefit them even to cost them a lot depending the kind of new tech and program that is being aimed to built with… I think it’s the pilot who matters which is the best fighter plane in the world coz they are the one who take responsibility, their guts, bravery, talents esp. in dog fighting, courage to face the enemy… we saw it in gulf wars, and whose planes became the dominant side, nothing but the US made planes, why not Russian made planes piloted by Saddam’s pilots or airforce, just mentioning the few… it’s the pilot who carries a lot.

Jun 23, 2009
11:56 am
#85 Wannabegeek :

Anybody heard of focksbat, a Russian cold war plane.It had a unique speciality no other planes
could fly as high as focksbat that; even F-22’s but it was not used for fighting.No anti air craft missiles culd go as high as it went.But it was a spy plane. But point I make is that Russia has equal technology with USA.Nobody made a documentary of Mig 35 or Su-37, but I’ve viewed half dozen documentary about F-22.So we are going to know what russians has only when we mess with them. but do we really want that to happen?!!

Jun 24, 2009
10:58 am

Gosh, I’m relieved you spelled it with an “o” not some other vowel that comes to mind.

The NATO reporting name is “foxbat”, like the airborne mammal.

You mean the MiG-25:

Jun 25, 2009
11:38 am
#87 srinath :

Hi to all, Give some comments on Sukhoi Su-30MKI & HAL Tejas fighter jets from *INDIA*

Jun 30, 2009
8:50 am
#88 prerna :

if USA is so much superior why not it using a f22s against north korea. All it has done is getting all dogs around itself before a fighting. USA, if alone could not even beat a small country like iraq. btw russian pilots have never attacked some country like usa did. the iraq war would have been over in 20 days if ita was russia.

Jul 1, 2009
11:25 am
#89 Wannabegeek :

Thank you Mr Arthur for correcting my mistake(pls be less embarassing nxt time).I knw few things about Tejas.Its been in prototype stage for 5 years.Its been in experimental phase for quarter century. Only the body and avionics is of Indian design.IAF has scrapped DRDO’s plan to have indegenously developed KAVERI engine(with French co operation) because they think its not competent enough.They may develop a good fighter(equal to F-16) in 5-7 years but by then evryone surrounding India will have far advanced aircraft.It has caused approx 2200 crores till now(gus how many Su -Mki shud hv been brought by tht much money).India badly needs a Kalaam or a Homi Bhaba for their aircraft industry(which is still infant).Su-MKi is very good aircraft.It can be used for reconssiance also.

Jul 5, 2009
10:55 am
#90 juno :

i think it is the tora tora fighter plane of the philippines. its the best

Jul 8, 2009
3:23 am
#91 Jet :

i heard that if it seeks a missle it does a u turn so fast it knocks the pilot out and goes to auto pilot and it has taken down all of the best jets in russia and usa

Jul 9, 2009
7:06 am
#92 KDD :

I do believe the F-22 has inhibitors to restrict it’s movement to prevent pilots from blacking out.

Also, the USA won’t take it’s top plane and let it dogfight others to see what it can do.
They let other countries bring their top planes to go against the lesser planes that everyone knows (ie. F-15,F-16.etc). USA knows what the F22 can do against these planes. In one excerise pitting F22s vs. F15s. It wasn’t even close. After a week, only 1 F15 got a shot off against the F22s. Most were ” shot down” before they even knew the Raptors were around.

Also, remember what you see from the US is usually 15 to 20+ years behind the technology they are currently working on in secret ( Can you say SR -71 and F-117, just to name a couple). So if the F22 is better than most countries ” project in working”, think of the things that they have behind the secret doors.

Just food for thought.

Jul 19, 2009
6:36 pm
#93 PK :

You guys forget that the F-22 also contains electronic warfare tech and is capable of burning out or even destroying any ememy radar system without firing a bullet.

Jul 19, 2009
6:47 pm
#94 KAPOW :

I say everyone here needs to shut up because I doubt anyone here has any idea of what each of these aircraft can even do. Do you think a country would be so naive enough to give out information on their most advanced aircraft?? If you said yes to that question oyur a moron. The F-22 in my eyes with the information that has been given to us is clearly the better aircraft. It has stealth and electronic warfare tech which is capable of destroying almost any mobile, aircraft or even ground based radar systems. No radar equals no location. Even if your french or russian had a clear advantage in dog fighting capabilities (which they don’t) they wouldn’t even know where to strike. You can’t hit what you can’t see period. F-22 with the information that has been given to the public is at the moment the better aircraft. I just see a bunch of nationalist throwing punches in the dark right now. The only way to find out for sure is a war and if any of you wish for that then I hope your sent straight to the front lines so you can truly experience it.

Jul 20, 2009
8:38 am

tora-tora? it’s not even a plane you moron. it’s a nihongo term

meaning .. “tiger” it’s a code name for attack used by the Japanese Imperial Navy during their attack on Pearl Harbor, “Tora, Tora, Tora”

On-topic: toss-up between the F-22 and the Su-37

Jul 20, 2009
10:41 am
#96 steve :

best airforces in world:

2. close 2nd, Israeli.

the best aircraft in those forces is the best aircraft, period. simple as that. even if the F-22 were less capable than the Su-37, the fact that the F-22 is flown by either the USAF or IAD retains supremacy. check the history books, kids.

Jul 20, 2009
6:34 pm
#97 Calum :

Let’s not forget the Eurofighter, when it was first commissioned, two Eurofighter Typhoons were placed into a war game with four highly combat experienced F-22s, Within 10 minutes the F-22s had all been eliminated! The eurofighter is so advanced, it is impossible to cause wing stalls, it can lock onto targets at it’s 6 o clock, it cruises at 1300mph, it is a ferocious air power.

Jul 24, 2009
11:47 am
#98 steve :

uh, Calum, u’re off ur rocker! the F-22 has never gone into a war game with anything other than USAF fighters, and they have an immaculate kill ratio of everything, in a few minutes, one F-22 took out 10 F-15s. u’re imaginary Typhoon war game is a hoax. get ur facts straight.

Jul 24, 2009
11:56 am
#99 steve :

try researching under wikipedia and military history channel. u really need to cite ur resources vs. just throwing out some fictitious claim.

Jul 28, 2009
6:41 pm
#100 glenn leslie :

id like info on german pilot who dropped a big one on the al quida office just after 911 my cousin was stolen from us on that day he was a huge fan of early yes …….so this guys a hero to me for sure thanks glenn leslie

Aug 2, 2009
2:25 am
#101 Robert :

Catholic Mystics have been shown WWIII and some were shown WWI, WWII, and WWIII, in the 1800’s. In 1984 a Mystic considered authentic by the Church told Pope Paul II in Germany that he was shown a vision of the sky black with planes and missles coming out of Russia towards the West in a surprise attack the West did not see or envision. Many Catholic and even some Protestant prophecies reveal an attack by Russia w/ China and the Moslem nations against the West in an attack completely unsuspected by the West and the Russia is victorious for about two years then we counterattack and win in the end after about 5 years. Check or search on the net “WW3 and the sub-heading “Visions from Central Europe”. Mystics have been describing in “detail” the Russian attach in three prongs along with an attack on the USA from within and without. They say Russia has been secretly building massive numbers of fighters, tanks, and military equipment without the West knowing and faking weakness and a poor military. Also the ” Three Days Darkness” happens at the “end” of the war or chastisement that lasts two years in the States and 5 years in Europe. Search the Three Days Darkness on the web. These mystics have accurately described WWI, WWII in detail and no one listened, and I guess most will not listen today. I don’t think the gov. or military are going to take clues or a warning from Catholic Prophecy. Anyways, the whole thing, or chastisement, is to punish the Western Chrisitan Countries for the loss of faith, to be punished by their enemies and God steps in only when all seems lost, when it seems that the enemy is completely victorious. Only then will He step in and then turn the tide and this time He will let it be know that it is He that does it – Apocalyptic happenings. Not the end of the world according to the Mystics, but 3/4 of the world will die and after it will be a glorious reign of the Church and about 50 years of complete peace and prosperity before man again falls from grace, then comes the anti-christ etc. Some French mystics describe the Russia attacks in extreme detail. One seen two Russian subs surfacing on both shores of the U.S.A launching their missles at the coastal cities, some seen Paris, Naples, and near every major city in the world being destroyed. Again they say the West wins in the end but at a very very costly price for both their stupidity, loss of faith, and sinful society that has abandoned God. The Mystics say that the Church, (Catholic) will be punished and purified and returned to its glory. That now the priests and lay people are wallowing in decrepit lives. In the end after the 5 years only one Church, The Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church, and no others will be left except the Moslems and pagans of the East and Africa etc who will eventually be the most of anti-christs army along with those who do not convert.

Aug 2, 2009
2:40 am
#102 Robert :

Something I forgot: That during this Chastisement that I mention previously God will despoil all the rich and powerful of their wealth and positions and power and give it to the sons of working men because the rich did not do with their wealth what God wanted; that there will be 10/12 women for every man, so many men will die. That it will be a shame for a women not to be married and have many children and be a wife and mother. That many women will join the “taditional” cloisters with the full habits.

In the U.S.A. A massive revolt in all the major cities, (cause unknown), and that we will be attacked from five sides at the same time, Florida, Mex. Border, Alaska, California (Chinese massive amphibious assault with help from within) where they take California to the mountains for six months before we beat them off (believe it or not its in the prophecies) and from Minnesota (largest Russian and Moslem populations are in the S.Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan area right now). 100 to 150 killer teams of 25 men to a team in every state destroying all the infrastucture, bridges, roads, electricity grid, etc. Russia plans all this to keep America busy while they attack Europe. All American soldiers and supplies overseas are killed and captured. Obama’s chief advisor Emanuel and his buddies have been working with the Chinese for years, so you can see the “help from within” on the California attack. Hundreds of Chinese transport ships are never checked and come into the California ports, do the math and thing it out. The FBI and our Intel have admitted that the Russians have many weapons caches in the U.S that have never been found. I could tell much more in detail but I guess many will scoff at what I have already said.

Aug 5, 2009
8:11 am
#103 KDD :

Hello derailment.

Governments will have their secrets, but this is about what plane is considered the best.

I’m sure there are other places on the web to discuss what your talking about.

Aug 5, 2009
6:42 pm
#104 jon :

This post was about which plane is the best. Which pilots are the best is another debate! Technologically speaking, the f-22 only has “stealth” and avionics over foreign fighters such as the eurofighter or the russian su’s. Other than that, the f-22 isn’t the most maneuvrable fighter in the world. And no, the f-22 does not have true thrust vectoring like the su’s. It can perform many of the same stunts, but i’m pretty sure i read somewhere that for some it has to play some trick with it’s engines that the su’s don’t need to do. True, the raptor could just fire a missile and the su would never see it, but the russians are producing powerful new radars that will pick up the missile coming from any angle. And the plane is capable of dodging missiles. The only problem, as far as i know the su’s still burn fuel too fast as it is bigger than the f-22 (approx 73ft x 48ft vs. approx 62ft x 45ft), so the confrontation won’t last long. And by the way, I think someone brought up the su-47 earlier, it is not going to be mass produced, it was just a test bed for reversed wing and stealth technology (yes, the russian have been experimenting with stealth technology)
In the end the f-22 has the slight edge in technology, though, and in my opinion the f-22 looks way cooler hands down.

Aug 6, 2009
6:14 pm
#105 Sabastian W :

now i am not the smartest when it comes to this stuff but what i do know is that the US military has clamed to have the best fighter in the world and no one has argued not only that but f-22 has stealth now i know that it is who ever spots who first in a fight now with stealth technology that has been proven (the only insedent a stealth aircraft has ever been comprmised is the balkens conflict which has not been able to be recreated) and with advanced radar that can help the pilot in cage multple targets at once but also spot enemy air father out then most will give the upper hand in any fight now lets just say the plane did have to dogfight with its thrust vectoring at high speeds not low like russian aircraft it can out turn any on the battle feild pluse it could jam enemy radar

1) f-22 read above

2)su-47 now it is aggod solid plane it can not beat a 22 but it can hold its with foward swept wings an thrust vectoring it is one of the best in the world but with just so much put into a f-22 it cant compete

3)f-35 with it much forgoten because of the f-22 it is also stealthy can huver makes good for the same reason i said in the first part of why i said the f-22 is good but in a dog fight it would fail do to lack of turning speed but dogfights are less likly to happen now days so thats why it is third

4) su-35 and rafel a tie both i would say in a fight match each other with radar avionics what it really comes down to is the pilot

5) typoon now i need to do more looking in to the plane but what i do no is that is one of the newest planes and i bet it comes withe capabiltes to hold its own vs the #4 spot in my list but i cant say that i also think it could vs planes like the f-15 and f-16

Aug 9, 2009
3:02 pm
#106 prophet :

fuck the russians and chiniese

Aug 9, 2009
3:56 pm
#107 Lost_stranger :

…… here is a link to a site i found in regards to emp weapons that can disable electronice hardware…..

Just wondering if anyone can go on the net to build on of this, you would think that the major military powers would have built something more advanced, and as far as i have read the russians are the most advanced in this field. Wouldn’t the installation of this weapon on a su-47, as a self defence mechanism, render a missile attack on the aircraft close to.. well useless? hence the stealth adavantage the f-22 has, well becomes not that much of an advantage after all. I would also like to make not that to shield against an emp weapon is close to impossible as it require the whole missle to be covered in copper shield, since the fuel need to come out of somewhere.. shielding missiles against emp weapons are close to imposible… does that mean simple technology > advanced billion dollar technology? AGAIN?.. remainds me of the story about russians using pencils to write in space while the americans researced millions of dollars to nake a pen… :P

Aug 21, 2009
5:15 am
#108 General Able :

Im really getting tired of the russians on youtube talking crap about the FA/22 Raptor and etc.

Aug 21, 2009
4:39 pm
#109 Russ :

I 100% agree that the Russians issued the challenge to absorb as much of the data it could on the F-22! #1, any of the SU’s,MiG’s, or anything else that MAYBE remotely close are still in the testing phase. Some of the maneuvers the the other “test” (not fully combat ready),jets perform are COMPLETELY useless in a dogfight. With the advent of the radar/weapons capabilities that the F-22 possesses right now, there is NOT another fully operational/service ready aircraft in the world capable of competing with the Raptor! Do your research before you make claims about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the Russian built fighters. If you research some of the AVAILABLE military test maneuvers, the F-22 literally “spanks” F-15’s(which are currently UNDEFEATED in air to air combat),F-18 Super Hornets and anything else which occupies the same airspace even in FAR superior numbers. Until the “experimental” aircraft carelessly boasted about are put into service and actual tests are confirmed on them, the F-22 is the fighter to beat! Don’t worry U.K. and other U.S. allies, we will eventually make these phenomenal aircraft available to you and in the meantime we WILL have your back if the need ever arises again (see WWII atrocities).Thanks for taking the time to read my comments and please do your homework before praising other E X P E R I M E N TA L aircraft.

Aug 21, 2009
5:07 pm
#110 Russ :

Robert…. Sorry to rain on your parade but any invasion/attack on U.S. soil would result in unbelievable patriotic support from ALL Americans and would result in a coming together of Americans unseen since WWII. During this possible, but unlikely scenario,anyone involved in such an attack would see a technological and manpower wrath unmatched in history!To quote a famous American, “I pity the fool” who ever attempts such an atrocious and horribly mistaken plan at the people of this GREAT country! The unity and unparalleled patriotism that would be bread from this unfortunate mistake would create repercussions barely under nuclear devastation without actually using nuclear weapons.Don’t forget the 11 “Supercarriers” and fleet of 60-80 nuclear attack subs that would thwart ANY type of mass invasion of U.S. soil.

Aug 21, 2009
5:26 pm
#111 Russ :

prerna…. Do some research, the full compliment of Russian technology couldn’t definitively defeat Afghanistan not that long ago! NATO is by FAR the most powerful military organization on this planet! Everyone is entitled to their opinion,but please educate yourself before you attempt to belittle the U.S. and it’s powerful allies!

Aug 21, 2009
5:43 pm
#112 Russ :

prerna… the way,Iraq had the 4th or 5th most powerful military in the world before the 1st Persian Gulf War!Battle hardened soldiers from the Iraq/Iran war were surrendering in droves to the allies by the end of both wars.Oh…I forgot to mention, Iraq had some of the best Russian technology available at the time, and was STILL decimated by the allies! I will NOT boast and brag of the U.S. and it’s allies military might with the risk of sounding too cocky,but again, do some RESEARCH! Also take into consideration how much of the allied technology is now battle tested and refined due to these RECENT conflicts! One commentator nailed it on the head when he stated that the technology currently being used was being developed 15-20 yrs. ago. Just think of what is under development and or available TODAY!

Aug 21, 2009
10:38 pm
#113 Russ :

Eugenio……you must have overlooked some of the specifications on the F-22. It carries 2-1000# bombs INTERNALLY stored! Also internally stored are the next generation AIM sidewinder that can find and destroy targets even IF they could by chance find the F-22’s six! Someone also mentioned the thrust vectoring on the SU’s…..check the specs on the Raptor! It also has thrust vectoring! The SU’s have 360 degree thrust vectoring as opposed to the 180 degree on the Raptor but…. the FACT is the Raptor has the tightest turning radius as ANY fighter currently AVAILABLE! If you do some research, turning radius has played a H U G E role in dogfights since their inception in the latter half of WWI as well as WWII. You talk of all of these other aircraft,but,currently the F15 is UNDEFEATED since it’s birth in the early 70’s to current. And yes, it has had encounters with MOST of the current Russian fighters AVAILABLE today. I stress….UNDEFEATED!!! Yet the F15, as capable as it is, is NO match for the F22’s. The F-22 also comes standard with bucket seats, power windows, speed rated tires and most importantly, RADAR JAMMING/DISABLING equipment!!!! There are some FANTASTIC fighters being tested/manufactured in this world today, no question, but there are MANY items that make the F-22 stand above the rest! Everyone wants to gauge their fighters against the Raptor for a reason.The U.S. is apprehensive for a reason, we don’t want to reveal ALL of the capabilities of our newest air superiority/attack fighter. I just have to mention, I love the “plasma” field statement mentioned above in regards to the SU jets, nice touch. I imagine you have some recon photos confirming this.Sorry…I do not believe that a country that is parking some of the most advanced nuclear subs in the world today has the time/funds available to develop such an incredible (and very,very futuristic) technology.Imagination/innovation breeds technology, but I think the nation that houses some of the most advanced concentrated energy technology(hint,hint, the U.S.), will develop anything of this sort long before it is theoretically possible to install it onto a fighter jet!

Aug 22, 2009
2:04 am
#114 Jonny :

Seems like Russ if fairly accurate.I’m not convinced the F22 is the best right now but he makes a pretty good case.I will have to read a little more on the Eurofighter before I will agree. Anyone have any comments about his information?

Sep 8, 2009
1:40 am
#115 James :

I remember when there was French Mirage 2000 vs Brazilian F5
The modern Mirage 2000 were beaten up by F5 like nothing, due to F5 having low radar and heat signature.

But now, there are other technologies employed on Rafale missiles :
-Missiles now can be fired WITHOUT LOCK, and it tracks the target by a fotograph.
It means that ‘stealth capabilities’ wouldnt work against a missile like this.

Sep 11, 2009
5:39 pm
#116 Buddha :

The best fighter jet in the world is the mig-25 ub with vacuum tube technology and a titanium reinforced cockpit. It has two independent cockpits, one for the pilot and other for the weapons controller. It is faster than the F-16s and at one stage had flown right on top of 6 F-16s and they couldn’t do anything about it. While the F-16 may have a good combat undefeated record, they have not been put up against the Russian technology, but rather against extremely weak targets in Serbia and other “sorry losers” part of the world…..sort of like a marketing scheme to sell the F-16s to international customers and allies. The Russian jets do not have a record because how many times have you seen them fight in wars in the last few years, except Georgia last year, which I must say they won within a space of 6 days.

Sep 12, 2009
8:02 am
#117 Ooookaaay :

Are you serious Buddha? The Mig-25? Saying it has vacuum tube technology would have been impressive… a few decades ago. Today it is only has two things going for it, speed, and resistance to a nuclear created EMP. With a speed of Mach 2.8 (it can go above this but that will damage the engines), it is fast. Yet it handles like a bus and is dead meat at closer ranges. It’s avionics and radar are obsolete, and it is quite a task for one pilot to handle the aircraft. It has a limited range and it largely relies on external guidance. With the exception of non-combat trainers the Mig-25 is a single-seat aircraft.

The improved Mig-31 is a step forward having a greater range, better radar, and a two man crew. Yet when it comes to maneuverability it is hardly an improvement over the Mig-25. The avionics and radar of the original Mig-31 are quite outdated today, yet upgrades like the Mig-31BM bring them to modern standards. Yet even the upgraded versions are primarily interceptors. It is expected to deal with bombers and attack aircraft, not enemy fighters.

Most Mig-25s are in pretty poor shape due to the limited resources of the air forces using them. Most of Russia’s Mig-31s aren’t even the upgraded variants either.

The best air superiority fighter would be hands down the F-22A in my opinion. We should really listen to the USAF and build more of them. The F-35 promises to be a relatively cheap and effective multi-role fighter, but it should not be expected to fill the shoes of larger twin-engined, air superiority or strike aircraft, like the F-22 or F-15.

When it comes to 4.5 generation aircraft I think they should be compared to aircraft of the same size and performance category. For example

Eurofighter Typhoon


JAS-39 Gripen

Sep 18, 2009
8:44 pm
#118 @$$@ :

Well, friends I think we shouldn’t waste our time in THESE groundless debates…..we should go with the facts…And facts are with F-22:[R@pT0R].It is the best plane in the world not just because of it uses the stealth technology but also because of its integrated avionics gives it first-look, first-shot, first-kill capability which many other fighter[RAFALE & SU-30MKI] do have.
But 1 thing I must say that the only fighter that can give a completion 2 Raptor is SU-30MKI(joint venture of Russia & India) because It is equipped with best supersonic missile in the world(BrahM0s) which give it a edge over Raptor..

Last but not least R@pt0r r0ckkkzzzz…..

Sep 21, 2009
1:53 am
#119 Robert :

British Intel reports a few years ago, that were ignored by their own government, stated that they had info that Russia was building massive numbers of fighters and military hardware, tanks, missles, etc at an unprecedented rate, “secretly”. Now we do have an edge on technology, but remember the Russians are not dumb, over 70% of all Scientific accomplishments and inventions come from Russian scientists, and they were in space and had a space station before us. Never, never, underestimate your emeny. Check out as this is spelled “WW3 Prophecies” and click on the “Visions from Central Europe”. These are Catholic and some Protestant Mystics that have seen visions of WWIII and all of them have a very high degree of integrity, having warned of other happenings that did come about exactly. Anyways, some of these visionaries, one in 1886 was shown, WWI, WWII, and WWIII, and her descriptions were detailed, accurate, and unfolded exactly; she shaw Russia attack the West in a surprise attack that the west never saw coming. Others have seen visions of the sky “black” with Russian planes, and the ground dark with an unbelievable number of tanks and over 10 million troops. They say we win in the end but at a great loss, over 3/4 of the world dies. Thats a big number, not the end of the world but it might seem it; then a long peaceful age of prosperity. Also, this happens in a 4’5 year period to happen soon, and at the end comes a “Three Days Darkness” like in the Old Testament (Chech this out on net). So, the Raptor and what we have maybe good, but a few Raptors, against hordes of just under it’s capability means disaster. And all Americans overseas are killed and all our depots are confiscated in the first few years. Also one visionary seen two subs surface on both the east and west coast and fired their nukes at American coastal cities.

Sep 23, 2009
12:07 pm
#120 vick :

dude check out new pak-fa fighter jet of indo-russian origin it is far better than F22 and also have stealth

Sep 28, 2009
9:28 pm
#121 Russ :

Way too many people want to base their accusations on hearsay, “secret” pictures, and prophecies. The FACT is there is no other current PRODUCTION jet in the world with the same capabilities as the F-22. PERIOD!!!!!!!!

Sep 28, 2009
9:34 pm
#122 Russ :

The Raptor has taken on the UNDEFEATED F-15C in actual exercises and won with almost an 8 to 1 ratio. Well let’s see, I guess that translates into destroying almost 800, yes 800 enemy aircraft for the current inventory of F-22’s.and yet it has not been decided if the U.S. will cap the production at 104! Any other PRODUCTION aircraft that can make that claim, I’m all ears!!!!!!!

Sep 29, 2009
11:30 pm
#123 VersusAllOdds :

This entire discussion is way too pointless.
The F-22 is the best fighter jet in the world simply because it’s the only 5th generation there is. I don’t think any other jet can take on F-22.
But the F-22 price is immense, and as someone already said it will never match F-15 in kills.

The post above is pure BS. F-15 was engaging Iraqi not well trained pilots, with low provisions, terrible moral, destroyed infrastructure, bad communications and headless leadership. It doesn’t minimize the Eagle’s success, but against a better enemy (basically any serious non-f***ed up country), the statistics would’ve been a whole lot different.

And the fact that Russians don’t have a jet to match F-22 doesn’t mean they don’t have extreme anti-air defense (S-300, S-400, S-500 under development) which can nullify every jet’s abilities within 250miles.

USAF never faced a real threat, a real enemy. Iraq was screwed before US ever showed up. You will never see US fight 90 million zealous Iranians, nor the N. Korea. You will never see them engage in Georgia or get too close to Russia. All these conflicts are done with silent approval of Russia, and the two superpowers won’t get a chance to test each other’s strengths until the WW3 which will last for 3 days after both launch SLBMs from a single sub (check the firepower of Russian Typhoon class subs).

Therefore, F-22 has no match within their non-Russian adversaries, and it can have fun in every war against screwed governments or divided countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

S-400 is imo the best conventional piece of weapon there is at the moment.

Oct 2, 2009
2:13 pm
#124 Russ :

I don”t know how many times I have to say this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do your research! The Iraqi armed forces had been in a fierce war with Iran for many years. Many combat hours were logged during this war. Most of the Iraqi Air Force had MORE combat experience than any of the Russian/U.S. pilots. Also, again with a little research, you will plainly see that Russia, with all of their advanced weaponry, struggled for victories in Afganistan and other former U.S.S.R satellite countries. We are talking airborne and ground technology, some of which came off the latest Russian production lines, that struggled against these other countries/states. Russia is and will always be a force to be reckoned with no doubt about it, but I;m not 100% sure that any of their “Typhoon” class subs will even be operational (look at the pictures of the dozens of subs that are parked and deteriorating right now), IF, and I stress IF, there would ever be enough complete morons on both sides that would allow WWIII to ever happen.These postings are about the best fighter jet though, and NOBODY has shown any FACTS that prove my prior statements incorrect.So when someone comes up with some actual FACTS, I’m all ears!!!! God Bless the U.S.A.!

Oct 10, 2009
1:19 am
#125 Bob :

I’d bet that the F-22 is currently the best fighter (when cost is not considered). However, it probably won’t be very long before Russia or China develop something even better as our foolish U.S. politicians continue to spend this country into the ground and our economy deteriorates to the point where we can’t afford to design our own planes.

Oct 16, 2009
7:25 pm
#126 RISh :

well for the time-being iil agree that the F-22 is the best fighter on planet earth but if u look towards the future I see a lot of advanced stelth technology from Indo-russin joint ventures like the sukhio-PAK FA we well probably see a mixture of high en stelth technology and the traditional good manuverabality blend into 1 in a superb aircraft that will be the aircraft which packed with a good long ranged interception system and a awsome all-aspect missile system will dominate the skies and such a project is already underway in India we should see the prototype rolling out by 2012 and this is sure to set new benchmarks for future aircraft designs.. we r all hoping for the best and the success of this venture by the indian govermnent along with HAl will consolidate india’s position and a counter-balance to china’s growing power in south-east asia ..

Oct 25, 2009
11:28 pm
#127 mw :

Its so funny that you yanks always think that your stuff is the best, unfortunately at this present time the Eurofighter has been prooved to be the best muiltiroll fighter jet in the world, here are just a few quotes from the internet,,In 2004, United States Air Force Chief of Staff General John P. Jumper said after flying the Eurofighter:I have flown all the air force jets. None was as good as the Eurofighter.,,,In 2005, a trainer Eurofighter T1 was reported to have had a chance encounter the previous year with two U.S. Air Force F-15Es over the Lake District in the north of England. The encounter became a mock dogfight with the Eurofighter allegedly emerging victorious,,,,In the 2005 Singapore evaluation, the Typhoon won all three combat tests, including one in which a single Typhoon defeated three RSAF F-16s, and reliably completed all planned flight tests.[119][120][verification needed] Singapore still went on to buy the F-15 due to uncertainty over Typhoon tranche 2 delivery dates.,,,During the exercise “Typhoon Meet” held in 2008, Eurofighters flew against F/A-18 Hornets, Mirage F1s, Harriers and F-16s in a mock combat exercise. It is claimed that the Eurofighters won all engagements (even outnumbered 8 vs 27) without suffering losses.,,there is also a story circulating that there was a certain meeting in America between 2xEurofighters and 2xF22s and the American military decided to censor it because they were embarrassed that there top plane lost,,,also every one knows the F22 is not so stealthy as people think

Oct 27, 2009
8:35 pm
#128 yujie :

both f-22 and su-37 has vectoring thrust but the raptor has stealth better radar and weapons

Oct 28, 2009
7:11 pm
#129 mr_flibbles :

all these planes are equally capable in combat and they each have at least one area they excel at, for example, the Eurofighter has very excellent manueverability and the F22 has the most advanced tech but it isn’t just the plane’s abilities that decide how good they are in combat.

There are many more factors that show an aircraft’s true worth like weather conditions, the combat zone, altitude, pilot experience and last but not least, numbers, for example a squadron of 8 su 47s would smash a squadron of 3 F22s no matter how well equipped the F22s are, if this debate is to be solved then it needs a completely unbiased expert who knows everything about air combat.

Oct 30, 2009
5:21 pm
#130 Graeme Ellis :

The F22 is crap. In a dogfight, it lacks manouverability. This forum was not
the fighter with the most advanced electronics! The Su-37 can outclimb (considerably), and turn inside the F22’s turn radius. Most of you seem to believe that because the F22 is American, it is better.

The entire Su-27 range, plus the newer models was better than any comparable American fighter of the time! (Su27 – F-14,15,16, Su37 -F-18 ,F-22).

Oct 30, 2009
6:00 pm
#131 Joe :


Nov 1, 2009
5:49 pm
#132 tim :

I know an ex squadron leader on Tornadoe F3`s , he says that the f22 just sits at 50000 ft and is undetectable the eurofighter can`t see it quick enough to win a bvr engagement . However in a dogfight the eurofighter would be all over the F22 .

However I guess both the F22 and Eurofighter pilots do keep certain tactics hidden from prying eyes so who really knows ??? I think the eurofighter will come out as a very successful project , unlike the jsf which is just a bomb truck .

He did say that the tornado F3 would take out any current or planned soviet jet due to superior tactics , missiles and radar . Only in a merge would the Soviet pile of junk stand a chance and then the the asraam would blow it out the sky .

Anyone bleating on about Soviet Jets needs their head examined , they are unreliable their sensors and weapons are ten to fifteen years behind US/UK systems and they are relying on their older pilots as their new trainees don`t get enough hours flying time .

Bye bye Vladimir you sucker , you destroyed the Soviet defence forces , a true comrade to the West !!!

Nov 1, 2009
5:52 pm
#133 tim :

Sorry anyone bleating on about the Indian/Russian fighter also needs their head examined , a waste of money that would be twenty years behind US/Western tech .

Get Real

Nov 9, 2009
5:10 am
#134 Diego :

In the race to space, during the cold war, The NASA spent millions of dollars developing a pen that could work in zero gravity in space. The russians preffered to use a pencil. Its not how expensive it is, or how much technology do you put in it, its about the pilot flying the plane, and the plane doing the job. You cant imagine how much i laughed about all the people talking about the US and the F22 as if it where really the best things in the world. I respect the F22, its an incredible plane in almost any way, but id go with the Berkut or some other european plane, the F22 is too expensive, compared to other aircrafts. Anyway at the end its the people skills the ones that win wars excercises or whatever it is. My country is sadly outdated with military techonology, we fly planes bought in the 70’s, and even at that time werent brand new(MIrage III, V, IAI Finger, A4 Skyhawk, etc.) but anyway during the falkand war(1982) we showed that it didnt matter how old or outdated the planes were, the pilots were higly skills. A funny story is that Argentinian pilots meassure themselves among them playing games like, who can get the largest ammount of grass during a flight, littearly, even with high grass, you have to be flying at less than 2 m off the ground (6 ft). Anyway, i wouldnt say which plane is better, i would say who has the better relation pilot plane. Give a young aprentice an F22 and a Mig 21 to the best, and youll get what i mean.

Saying hi from Argentina, Private Pilot, Diego Arias

Nov 9, 2009
7:58 pm
#135 Russ :

Enough with the EXPERIMENTAL SU’s already! None of them are into the production phase at this time! Given Russia’s current financial woes, they probably never will be.I agree that the pilot of any aircraft is the deciding factor, but no other country spends more time and money on pilot training than the U.S.. How about a shout out to Miromar! Top Gun changed the kill ratio in Vietnam from 3 to 1 to 12 to 1 with jets that were far less maneuverable than their MIG counterparts. Any questions????? Didn’t think so! Also the F-22 is only flying at about half of it’s actual capabilities due to limits of the human body. Just wait til they are controlled by well trained pilots watching from a computer! How many countries are using unmanned aircraft on a regular basis??? 3 OR 4??? Well the U.S. is one of them and it won’t be long before you see an unmanned F-22 flying at it’s FULL capabilities!!!!!!!!!

Nov 9, 2009
9:04 pm
#136 Woody :


Hands down the best Jet Fighter ever to fly is the F-15 Eagle. The F/A-22 is good on paper, but that is all it has going for it at this moment. The ‘Eagle’ was THE Air-Superiority Fighter of it’s time, and still will be in the US Air Force Reserve/Guard for the next 20 years. Also, an honorable mention should go to the F-16, which also has an outstanding record. I should also mention that other great Jet Fighters are the: MiG-21, Tornado, F-4 Phantom, F-14, F/A-18, the MiG-29, the ‘Flanker’ Family of Jet Fighters, and the last three of the Swedish Fighters (the J-35 Draken, the JA/AJ-37 Viggen, and the modern JAS-39 Gripen).

Nov 13, 2009
4:03 am
#137 moataz :

all of you must know that the f22 with an overall is better than the su 35 and more expensive also but that is not the point.the point is that the russians work on the pak fa and this is the one that should be compared to the f22 and not the su35 so wait and see.

Nov 13, 2009
9:02 am
#138 Sica :

Well… let me put it this way. The majority of you played video games whit F-22, and OMG IS THE BEST, it looks SO COOL :))) you make me laugh. F-22 is 50% Fighter 50% Bomber. My opinion is that in 1v1 air combat there are at least 10 FighterJets that are better.
Mig-29 Sniper
Mig-21 Lancer (is not good in “dogfight” but is one of the best interceptors in the world)
Eurofighter (witch is a verry good plane also)
And there are allot more. So if you play games and you “kick. @ss” that dosen`t sems 2 be like that in real life :)

Sorry if i`m offtopic.:D M1A2 Abrams is on 3 place as the best Main Battle tank :D

Leopard 2 or T-90
Chellenger 2 (it has a verry impressive armour)
and let`s not forget the Merkava 4 (this tank can run everywhere in the world (desert, ice rocky grounds. etc.)
The M1A2 Abrams is verry sensitive 2 harsh terrains.

Cya all enjoi

Nov 15, 2009
2:10 am
#139 Captain Rossford :

well if you think the Mig-25 is really fast and all that, I still vote for the sukhoi-37 is my favorite. If it obviosly had to dogfight, but they say that the Mig 21- OVT should kick everybody’s ass out there because it can change it heading just like a lightning. Russian air force is my favorite. I had served it for 17 years now and went back to the U.S. (I am from russia suka)

Nov 15, 2009
11:44 pm
#140 Russ :

DOES ANYBODY DO ANY RESEARCH???????? Talk about shooting from the hip eh???? MIG-21????? Can’t even compete with the F-15, let alone a F-22! How many MIG-21s did the Iraqi Air Force have?? How many are left?????? I believe they had some MIG 25s and 29s too. Did they have “air superiority” in the last 2 wars???? Let me answer it for you. NO!!!!
Russia makes some fantastic jets, no question, but I am still yet to see a PRODUCTION model capable of competing with the F-22. Don’t forget, the F-15 is UNDEFEATED in air to air since it’s inception in the early 70’s!

Nov 25, 2009
3:45 pm
#141 JR Sanders :

I think the best fighter jet would be the F/A 18C Hornet. But the best fighter of the jets depends on the pilot

Dec 3, 2009
5:19 am
#142 Russ :

The F/A 18C is a fine 4th generation fighter,but the SuperHornet is far more capable and is pushing the original to extinction. I have just recently gone on a fact finding mission, and current PRODUCTION Mig’s and Sukhoi’s are still no match for the F-22! The Eurofighter deserves a lot of respect,but will be comparable to the F-35, fantastic performance at a reasonable price but still not in the same arena as the Raptor. Need I remind everyone that the F-15 Eagle is still undefeated and has seen the likes of the current Migs and Sukhois. A lot of the Russian jets are formidable to say the least, and can perform some eye opening maneuvers, but the Eagle’s state of the art radar and attack hardware have not been defeated yet.The newest Mig (29), was defeated by Eagles and Superhornets in recent years in ACTUAL combat! I think if Russia could still afford to spend now what they have in the past, their fighter jets would probably be equivalent to the performance of the F-22, but nobody currently has the Stealth technology that is available in the U.S. There are also some fantastic jets coming from the UK, France and Germany among others in the immediate future, but everyone one of them is an ally to the U.S., so they would be flying side by side with our finest if the need ever arose. NATO is by far the most powerful military organization on the planet, and if ever fully committed, would wreak havoc on the poor souls who made the mistake initiating a full fledged conflict. Let’s all just pray something that drastic never again takes place and hope for sustained PEACE!!!!

Dec 9, 2009
2:13 am
#143 Dlandbob :

(the Su-37 would undoubtly win against F-22 Raptor) NOT!!!! The F-22 has software to keep it from making more G’s than a man can handle. If it didn’t control the G’s it would kill the pilot and put his eyes in the back of his head. I never miss a airshow and seeing the F-22 in person flipping around and turning almost at a dead stop is Awesome!!! In a dog fight the there isn’t any plane in the world that could match it… The P51 Mustang D might give it a run for it’s money even though that wouldn’t happen. If you are in a dog fight, stealth doesn’t help because you would see it but it has the power to kill the enemies electronics so if you are close enough you are done and your going down! F-22 Raptor is the best in the World… Funny, if anyone watches the youtube videos of chinees jets someone took American jets and added a little wing to the front of them to try and make the m look differnt. They took pictures of the X-23 X-32B and even the F22 and added a stupid little v shaped wing to the front to try and make it look totally different, it’s real funny. F-22!!!

Dec 10, 2009
2:56 am
#144 Tim :

Clowns !!!! Enough !! The F22 , F35 and Eurofighter would wipe the floor with any future Soviet/Indian/Chinese jet !!!

Superior Pilots , Missiles , avionics , radar , ecm , training and tactics !

You idiots need to actually talk to UK and USA pilots , they would laugh out loud at these fools bleating like lambs about crappy Soviet jets !

Hilarious !

Best Pilots , USA and UK and thats it please no bleating about israeli clowns !

End of !

Dec 12, 2009
3:53 am
#145 Russ :

Well……. I guess for once I am the diplomatic one! Wow… that’s different. Let’s face it, RIGHT NOW the F-22 is the Jet to beat, but hopefully all these incredible maneuvers performed by the newest jets worldwide will never be seen outside the realm of air shows! Happy Holidays, and peace to all!

Dec 16, 2009
5:07 pm
#146 Ben :

good old spitfire

Dec 16, 2009
5:19 pm

ok…..that:s right USA always makes the best fighters in the world. for example F-14 tomcat which you canot find it in the world just in u.s and one of the best jets .result : F-22 raptor///F-35 fightening are the best jets in the WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD.


Dec 25, 2009
7:14 pm
#148 Sanjana Perera :

The f-22 Raptor is the superfighter yet know to the world as an aircraft that holds steath technology and high maneuvrablilty and with the dedliest wepons with a cutting edge design wich allow it to fly at high speed and great control.
So due to that USAF F/A-22 Raptor rules the sky.

Dec 25, 2009
9:47 pm
#149 ANDY :

OK!! I too agree. f-22 is the best. but yet it never proved its importance in a real war like f-15 did. some people are just fooling around hear without any knowledge.

And its not necessary that falcons are better than migs or sukhois counter-contenders. As in India-Pakistan war of 1971. India smashed pak with mig-21 against lots of f-86 sabre. May be it was fault of Pak Air Force. There are chances of it but we have to follow the result.

America is really ruling the world if we feel. But a prob with America is foolish pride. Sorry to say but i love America too. It will lose all of its money showing its power. I mean wats the need to show all about area 51. I know we are the best. I should warn that there is a big cheap n sick copy cat CHINA !!! I respect Russia n Israel both. But CHINA??? Its a MOTHERFUCKER PIECE OF SHIT GANG-BANGING COCKSUCKER :D

Dec 29, 2009
11:17 am
#150 Eugene Scott :

the best fighter jet in the world is….wait for it……sukhio_30 go check it out boys and girls on youtube….need i say more

Jan 2, 2010
6:07 pm
#151 Russ :

You are basing the best fighter in the world on a you tube video???? Do some ACTUAL research and you will see differently,I am 100% convinced of that!

Jan 3, 2010
4:23 am
#152 max :

First and foremost lets talk facts… the morons on you-tube videos filming these debates about Americas limitations is ridiculous at best. lets not take advice from the fuckin UN or the idiots at some global summit defense team who could not make it to a meeting without getting out of breath. I live in Georgia you numb nut fucks, and have friends that work at lock-head martin and they.wont even begin to talk about how advanced the sr71 blackbird that was built in the sixties let alone the f22 or f35 jsf. there is some stupid hoax you-tube video going around about this Russian fighter and that this Russian fighter can beat f22’s or f35’s fuck these russian planes cant beat the f15 eagle. listen kids, the only thing Russia is good at is making vodka and that’s it… well maybe some contribution to a space station. we helped them build it.. jeez… are you kidding me,,, russia better jet fighters than the US watch the vid and learn people—uuuuugghh dummies… u fall for it all until you watch this vid..and learn the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 3, 2010
4:28 am
#153 max :

if Russia had more firepower than the US they would have attacked already—get a clue people… also there is some vids about how advanced Russian subs are. hey if countries want to display all of their capabilities or lack of to the world then go ahead but behind our open borders of America somewhere at lock heed martins skunk works is the 6th generation fighter being made right now to fly at the upper stratosphere at mach 6

Jan 3, 2010
4:34 am
#154 max :

First and foremost lets talk facts… the morons on you-tube videos filming these debates about Americas limitations is ridiculous at best. lets not take advice from the UN or the idiots at some global summit defense team who could not make it to a meeting without getting out of breath. I live in Georgia and skunk works is king!, Have friends that work at lock-head martin and they.wont even begin to talk about how advanced the sr71 blackbird that was built in the sixties let alone the f22 or f35 jsf. there is some hoax you-tube video going around about this Russian fighter and that this Russian fighter can beat f22’s or f35’s. These Russian planes cant beat the f15 eagle. listen kids, the only thing Russia is good at is making vodka and that’s it… well maybe some contribution to a space station. we helped them build it.. jeez… are you kidding me,,, russia better jet fighters than the US watch the vid and learn people dont fall for it at all and watch this vid..and learn the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 3, 2010
4:34 am
#155 max :

First and foremost lets talk facts… the morons on you-tube videos filming these debates about Americas limitations is ridiculous at best. lets not take advice from the UN or the idiots at some global summit defense team who could not make it to a meeting without getting out of breath. I live in Georgia and skunk works is king!, Have friends that work at lock-head martin and they.wont even begin to talk about how advanced the sr71 blackbird that was built in the sixties let alone the f22 or f35 jsf. there is some hoax you-tube video going around about this Russian fighter and that this Russian fighter can beat f22’s or f35’s. These Russian planes cant beat the f15 eagle. listen kids, the only thing Russia is good at is making vodka and that’s it… well maybe some contribution to a space station. we helped them build it.. jeez… are you kidding me,,, russia better jet fighters than the US watch the vid and learn people don’t fall for it at all and watch this vid..and learn the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 3, 2010
7:42 am
#156 max :

the f22 and f35 were not developed to be the fastest.. that title was wasted by the Mig 25 fox-bat! It has that role as the fastest fighter ever.What we are talking about is air superiority and when you talk about the most advanced avionics and defense systems that may come into play, then there is absolutely no other fighter more advanced in a real war to war scenario then the f35 JSF. It took skunk-works and Northrop Grumman years to perfect its defense systems. It is the only plane that can squelch a ground to air missile by jamming its guidance system from more than 100 miles away. also the f35 can forward all battlefield positions of all enemy aircraft in a 200 mile radius to subs ground and even the warfare command station in seconds with high speed satellite radar beacon technology system.

Jan 3, 2010
7:48 am
#157 max :

So what that Russians have proof that our f22’s lost in dogfights against su37 and su30 or the berkut 47. who cares . in real life the fight will not be a dogfight it will be 100-200 miles away at 30,000ft. all of the jsf”s top secret technology could be unveiled very soon. if Russia or china or any other po dunk country ever flared its muscles for real instead of in some dumb war game air show then you would know the winner. lets not even mention the f22. this plane is so advanced that we cant even pay for it so Obama put a hold on future orders but that will all change when republicans get control of the house in 2010…

Jan 4, 2010
3:45 pm
#158 Wod :

This is starting to look like, “whats your favourite?” Well the best is i would say the f22… But my favourite is the f35 vtol. Is there any need for this thread to be here?

Jan 4, 2010
8:22 pm
#159 Russ :

Again, ALL the new Russian PROTOTYPES are exactly that! They have one or two built and usually less than that functional.If they had the resources, these PROTOTYPES probably could be built into a functional deadly jet, but the facts remain the same:they don’t.And if anyone thinks the Russians are sharing/selling all their secrets to the Chinese, think again! Bunk computer simulations don’t do anything for me because I’m sure the F-15 has been beaten numerous times in these exercises but is still UNDEFEATED in over 30 years of actual combat!

Jan 5, 2010
10:10 am
#160 manav :

hey guys all of u have been talking about the best fighter plane but whats the use of that ‘best fighter’ if it hasn’t got a good pilot . i think plane’s win in any dogfight depends mostly on a pilot’s capability

Jan 8, 2010
1:05 pm
#161 indo warrior :

frndz f22 and sukhoi both are best fighter birds.. bt sukhoi is ma favouraite bird… i like mig 29 tooo

Jan 13, 2010
5:31 pm
#162 I iMaRkZz I :

i think that the F-22 is the best jet in the world (even tho im british) because of its sheer agility and handaling even though the eurofighter typhoon has slighty more speed and range.

I really hope people will work on jets like these to make better models

Jan 14, 2010
1:21 am
#163 Nick :

not long ago, I have just learned Su-37 link, it rocks!!! He can make 760 degrees turn in only 7.3 seconds, beat that!!! + His colour filters 100% of radar waves, F22 wouldn’t stand a chance to sniff out Su-37. And when it comes to a dog fight, he will kick F22s ass!!! Americans made F-22 to small and stuffed him with “jingumahoos” to much, which makes him clumpsy and fuel waster. Su-37’s wings( which are going forward unlike any other jet fighters) give him unusual maneuver posibilities, plus he has the latest computer controll that does a lot of tasks by him self, and can easily escape any missles. But if you need long distance fight, sure, Mig 35-39 is right there, aqueped with so many weapons, that F-22 could only dream of.
And the shifting tubes were also russians invention, and so was the helmet with virtual screen.
There is no way US airforce could be better. 20 of Russian could take 200 of theirs.

so yeahh… Russian birdies Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 14, 2010
1:23 am
#164 Nick :

Oh, sorry, su-47, not 37, yahh, it rocks

Jan 15, 2010
10:53 pm
#165 Russ :

Nick……………there are only one or two Su-47’s and they are strictly prototypes!!!!Your level of education/knowledge in this area is about a 1 on a scale of one to ten.If you even read all of these posts, you would move up to a 3.If you actually did some research, you could probably move up to a 5. When you do acquire SOME knowledge, come back and share your findings.I am sure you will be amazed at how little you actually know right now. Look up the F-15 and see how fantastic of a jet it is, let alone a Superhornet or an F-22!!!!

Jan 19, 2010
4:24 am
#166 Brett :

Ok i would just like to put my little bit in. No matter what jet you look at in the world they will have some flaws somewhere in the design. So this debate about what one will be the best will go on forever. The names and the jets will change but it will be the same thing over and over again. All of these jet that have been stated in this thread are all very good jets AT WHAT THEY WERE DESIGNED TO DO. Say what you will about my comment but i stick by it.

Jan 19, 2010
6:58 pm
#167 duit13 :

F-22 dominates the skies then it is the su-44 and the typhoon the chinese planes sucks as so all of them do china is trash that figths with nubers only they will never replace the us they cant even replace russia as nuber 2 so f-22 rocks.

Jan 19, 2010
7:00 pm
#168 duit13 :

have you also seen the new planes that carry lasers that boing plane i think it would blow anything out of the sky you cant evade a laser beam so the US still rules the skies.

Jan 30, 2010
6:25 pm
#169 aschneid65 :

Im the proud son of an Grumman engineer. Sadly Grumman is no longer around but many of my friends are proud of it’s heritage. This is a nice site for people to chat and discuss new aircraft of the 21st century. I see many people naming the F-22 as the best aircraft built or the F-15 with its proud track record. I however, realize the F-14 is now retired but none have even named it a contender. First let me point out with all the pluses of the F-22 to date unless someone tells me Im incorrect it cant fly over deserts as in Iraq or Afganistan or sand will get into its engines and welp bye bye a billion plus dollars per aircraft. Which leads into my next point how can you justify spending that much money on a plane. I wish Grumman were still here. We built the best fighters in the world @ a fraction of the cost/ they could go anywhere and yes continually be launched of a carrier without catastrophic damage to his airframe as in the current F-18. I wonder what the F-14 would look like now? Perhaps our engineers are relying too much on computers and not enough on what they learned in college – theres a new Soviet threat and perhaps one soon from China – we need to go to work – thanks for reading this.

Jan 30, 2010
6:27 pm
#170 aschneid65 :

Im the proud son of an Grumman engineer. Sadly Grumman is no longer around but many of my friends are proud of it’s heritage. This is a nice site for people to chat and discuss new aircraft of the 21st century. I see many people naming the F-22 as the best aircraft built or the F-15 with its proud track record. I however, realize the F-14 is now retired but none have even named it a contender. First let me point out with all the pluses of the F-22 to date unless someone tells me Im incorrect it cant fly over deserts as in Iraq or Afganistan or sand will get into its engines and welp bye bye a billion plus dollars per aircraft. Which leads into my next point how can you justify spending that much money on a plane. I wish Grumman were still here. We built the best fighters in the world @ a fraction of the cost/ they could go anywhere and yes continually be launched of a carrier without catastrophic damage to it’s airframe as in the current F-18. I wonder what the F-14 would look like now? Perhaps our engineers are relying too much on computers and not enough on what they learned in college – theres a new Soviet threat and perhaps one soon from China – we need to go to work – thanks for reading this.

Jan 31, 2010
8:26 am
#171 charles794 :

Jet fighters are fossils! What are they good for from current military point of view? Aerial combats? Explosives delivery? What else? The air show pirouettes look nice, but their combat application is dubious at best.

Feb 3, 2010
11:37 pm
#172 BG :

no offence charels but your dumb, air supiriority is invaluable in war. No matter how many tanks, aa guns, missles, or ships you have you will still loose if you dont have air supirority, therefore you need jet fighters. they are used for air combat and explosive payloads your right but thats not all. They are also used for transportation of supplies at high speeds, spying, and sheer intimidation. If a jet fighter flew right over your head nearing the speed of sound you would shit your pants. there should be only 4 jets on this list for the best fighters (so far) that would be the 5th generation fighters. The F-22, The F-35 (both by lockheed) and the Sukhoi PAK-FA.

Feb 3, 2010
11:40 pm
#173 BG :

also another possible contendor is the Northrop YF-23

Feb 9, 2010
2:51 am
#174 icbm :

Just for the record: I have been researching area 51, and other “secret” bases that the US has for about a year now. my findings are: The US has weapons , planes, and technology that no other country could even dream of. Example: The Aurora, Particle Energy Weapons, Possibly even non-terrestial technologies as well. Think about it, The worlds fastest, highest flying, lowest radar signature plane is the SR-71 which was built over 30 years ago! It’s officially been retired for 10 years. At about that time the US acknowledged the existence of the F-117. Since that time no other country has been able to produce anything comparable.
Bottom line is, the US is so non-transperant that we still don’t know exactly what is i our arsenal , and what happened at area 51 in 1947. Any declassification of our military secrets only happens when that technology has been replaced by a better one. I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of another world war with the US. BTW 9-11 was an inside job, and aliens have visited our planet many times. Type UFO on youtube to see the testamonies of retired military personel.

Feb 9, 2010
3:03 am
#175 icbm :

Just to ad to what I said earlier, the f-14 which is still a great fighter was able to fire the Pheonix missle which had a range of 100+ miles. In any engagement, the f-14 would win before the Migs or SUs knew they were in trouble. Here’s the good part, The f-14 has been retired for 15 years! Our new fighters are even better. BTW, the Russians stole the Stealth technology from us, just recently coming out with jets that have the same technology as jets we retired over a decade ago. So stop talking shit Russians, it is impossible for your country to even stand up to us for a day without being destroyed.

Feb 15, 2010
1:40 am
#176 Colky :

To the american who claimed the mustang was the best in WW2, perhaps you should check your history. Yes it became a war winner as the only allied fighter which could escort bombers into germany BUT only after it was given the rolls royce merlin engine. Before that point it was considered a joke. It was trounced by virtually every axis fighter and even after it got it’s engine it could never come close to a spitfire in a dogfight.
As far as best current fighter i’d probably go with the F-22 in terms of air superiority but it is certainly not as agile as the eurofighter or latest russian types and cannot out turn any of them. A senior USAF pilot who is the only one to have flown both said that as far as agility was concerned the US had nothing to compare to the Eurofighter – look it up. Being the only one to have flown both aircraft i think that settles it. However as has been repeatedly stated the F-22 will likely see the Typhoon long before this point. I’m a brit and think the Typhoon is a fantastic aircraft but firmly believe the RAF should purchase a small number of Raptors and the JSF as stealth is essential in modern air combat. With the advantage of the Typhpoon’s superb agility and the deep strike/air dominance of these two the RAF would have little to fear from any potential adversary. And before some brainwashed american jumps in the US will never be an enemy, at least not in my life time, our two countries are each others closest military allies and regularly involve each other in virtually all top secret programmes. EG Brit pilots flying stealth aircraft before they were ever made public and US tanks being immediately fitted with Chobbham armour. Obviously more of these programmes are US based as you have a far bigger military budget but we both employ designers from each other. See the littoral ship – designed by a british company. So why argue as if anything the F-22 and Typhoon are probably designed to operate alongside each other, unless you want to contune to delude yourselves that america is an island and the best at everything!

Feb 19, 2010
9:56 am
#177 JOHN :


Feb 20, 2010
7:50 am
#178 galwin :


Feb 20, 2010
11:25 pm
#179 Bob :

The F-16 is the best fighter -no contest the F-22 and F-35 are awful expensive White Elephants -machines useless in the real world. Both are far too complex, I could not see either being maintained under battle conditions. The F-35 is particularly delicate and feeble, the makers have learnt none of the lessons in trying to make a VOTOL plane -it obeys all of failures in design and none of the wisdom of its ‘predecessor’. The F-22’s ‘Stealth’, is of no use at supersonic speeds, you glow just perfect for radar and the very very good infrared missiles available now (that’s why the F-117 and B2 fly ‘slow’). Supercruise is nice, but irrelevant, afterburners are of only use in dog fights -not the journey to the battle, an F-16 has a similar range to a F-22 due to this. Price, a F-16 costs $16M a F-22 $320M. I know I would prefer 10 F-16’s loaded with the same missiles (and a whole lot more) to a single F-22. Maneuverability, I admit vectored thrust is a cool toy, but in the real world, both planes are even, they are limited by the same thing -what the human can stand not what the plane can. Pilots, the F-16 (and the F-15 and Harrier to a lesser existent) are fighters for fighter pilots, designed by them and taking into account what is needed in a time of war. The F-16 was designed from the mistakes of the Vietnam war, made for pilots needs in hard times. The US military has since forgotten these lessons and we are left with a F-35 that can’t even take off even unloaded and a F-22 that had a distinct dislike of humans being in it!

Feb 21, 2010
6:41 pm
#180 BG :

we have to remember that the more advance we get the more money will be needed thats just the way it works, and at the same time the roles needed in war change, so one day we need a plane like the F-16 (hands down i do love this plane) can take punishment but can dish it out, but then lets say that we need a stealth plane, you will say oh lets send a B2 spirit, but its really slow so we need a faster plane (YF-23) but it needs constant maitenance. you see where im going with this? i dont know if this makes sence to some people but we have to remember that all of these planes are for completely different roles.

Feb 21, 2010
6:43 pm
#181 BG :

You also need to remember that were all human. Pilots, plain designers, and others all make mistakes, so you have to expect that some planes are going to be flops but hey thats how it works.

Feb 22, 2010
11:27 am
#182 Bob :

I agree we all make mistakes, unfortunately due to this, it needs a complete balls up for those in control to be moved out and radicals to know what is needed to get the job done. It is not the fault of the manufacturers, but the advisors and politicians who created the specifications the plane has to be designed within. Please do not get me wrong, the F-22 is impressive, impressive enough for the Russians and Chinese to duplicate it. But it looks like more of a stepping stone device to a completely autonomous machine. Also, as so very few F-22 that are going to be made, means I could see their only use as being escorts to B1’s for a first strike, at sub-sonic for stealth to work. For anything else, making the F-22 and to a lesser extent the F-35 Stealthy, has limited their usefulness in multi-role warfare. They don’t have external mounts so it limits their ordinance range. The F-16 though, is still may favorite, either totally clean or loaded so the wings are barely visible, it looks good. I think the US has missed an opportunity in not creating a real replacement for this 4000+ sold plane, most of its past buyers are looking to the Gripen as its natural successor, not to the disastrously hopeless F-35.

Feb 27, 2010
9:45 am
#183 Joe Blogs :

People, what I am seeing in this forum is that most comments posted here come from the heart and are far from being objective. I’m not an American, but if I had to fly into battle, the F-22 would be the plane I’d pick. There is no discussion that, with the data currently available, the Eurofighter is the 2nd best. It has repeteadly defeated all current fighters (both American, European and Russian) despite being stil T1 models (No CAESAR radar nor Meteor missiles). The only plane against with which it was measured and lost (at least in most of the engagements) was the F-22. The general agreement was that it faired much better than any other fighter (in particular when fighting in close quarters), but the F-22 came still on top. I’m an European and my country flies the Eurofighter but I still can admit that it is not better than the F-22. See, it’s not that difficult. In any case I still think that Russia makes better planes (I’m just talking about flying machines strictly); nothing flies as well ad a Mig-29 or a Su family aircraft; but their hardware is relatively unreliable, and some components have past their best. When it comes to training, I think that (apart from Israel) NATO pilots are by a long shot the best trained pilots on the world; their tactics, coupled with good, reliable hardware is the reason why in every conflict they come consistently on top. In any case, better to enjoy these marvels of technology at airshows than having to go to war. PEACE everybody!

Mar 2, 2010
4:28 pm
#184 stuckey :

the f-22 is the best what gives it its diaframe is the W works on the outside. and on top of the they also help with its stealth.and it gives off less heat

Mar 3, 2010
5:01 am
#185 dave47 :

the f-22 Raptor is one of the most agile and high performance aircraft,can supercruise w/ stealth capabilities and trust vectoring engine….it has an AESA radar,the only downside is that it has no IRST (infrared seach and track equipment)……it can be detected by the russian PAK-FA and MAG-35 or even tha SU-30MKI, SU-35 and EUROfighter at 80-100 km range using its advance OLS/IRST sensor and the PIRATE (passive infrared seach and track equipmant ) of the eurofighter.

Mar 6, 2010
9:40 pm
#186 Neutral Ireland :

CAPMAN, lol, what is this Axis you speak of? The Axis of Evil I’m guessing, no such thing. Thanks to the Internet people in normal countries can see how the a stupid media and a militaristic society can produce such a paranoid population. I’m guessing you are American or one of these other military obsessed socities.

Mar 7, 2010
10:17 am
#187 Ethan J :

As far as who has the best planes, technology and production, it means nothing unless the pilots who are flying have the proper training, you could put a poorly trained pilot in the best fighter jet ever created and you can put a well trained pilot in an old plane, the well trained pilot is always going to be the victor in a dogfight.

And as far as who has the best technological advances in weapons, designs and deliverance systems America, Russia, China and Japan are all on the same page, America and Japan as they are allied in the coalition and Russia and China as Russia is the main supplier for China’s Military hardware.

On the topic of Russia, they are alot like America in the terms of having a history of warfare, though Russia has been more domestic than America has (Chechnya), also Russia’s unveiling of their new stealth fighter the Sukhoi T-50 has been said to match the F-22 raptor, though it has been 2 decades since the release of the F-22, as good of a leap forward for Russia as this is, Russia has managed to produce very good quality fighters that would rival any fighter in the air, guaranteed the pilot had the correct training in handling the aircraft and the weapon systems.

On the topic of the F-35 JSF i wouldn’t think that this is going to be ” the shit” for the next couple of decades, i would say that the main flaw is the fact that the F-35 is designed to be able to do a VTOL take-off and landing. Now i personally see nothing wrong with the current aircraft that take-off normally from aircraft carriers and land bases. Also in a simulated dogfight where the F-35 was up against Russian and Chinese jet fighters it was beaten, here is a link

That is all i have to say, but also it is a waste of time and money for Australia to be purchasing the F-35, when i can think of many other better aircraft to purchase- Eurofighter Typhoon, Mirage 2000, F-16, F-15, Dassault Rafale I could go on but, getting a basically still prototype aircraft is just the wrong thing to do.

Okay, I’m done

Mar 7, 2010
9:51 pm
#188 grasshopper :

WAH! WAH! So far, after reading all your comments, I’ve come to 1 conclusion that we can all hopefully agree on. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HE SAID, SHE SAID BULLSHITT!!!!!!!! ( to quote Limp Bizkit). What we need is a world competition of every country’s best planes and pilots, and settle this debate once and for all. Although, I doubt that it will. Someone, who lost, will probably say that the sun was in their eyes or some shit like that. All being said none of these planes will get off the ground if someone hits the other first with a high altitude nuclear detonation. The emp will take out anything electrical for hundreds, maybe thousands of square miles.

Mar 10, 2010
11:25 am
#189 Bob :

I do agree with Bob, even after my emotions, It’s steath maybe beatable, it’s missiles and radar may not see too far, it isn’t the most maneuverable, it costs far too much and will exist in only small numbers and it isn’t the best looking but, the F-22 is still the best plane presently out in there. That is the question asked on this site and the F-22 is the answer.

The F-22 maybe the last time the west has lead in fighter design, from now on, it may well be the west who will be copying the east’s designs, as China (worryingly) takes up its position as the worlds new superpower.

Mar 10, 2010
10:57 pm
#190 al :

I’ve enjoyed reading the comments of fellow aircraft enthusiasts. One factor many of you have left out however. When desigining is what is the function of that particular aircraft? I’m not however an engineer, my father was for Grumman Aerospace. I know a great deal about all the aircraft listed here and some about their flaws. Due to Chinese and Russians constantly looking 4 weakness I cant reveal short comings of air craft but I can say none of you have mentioned the retired Grumman F-14. It was retired due to politics – purely politics and the fore mentioned air craft did not meet their design goals only the Tom Cat surpassed them – and that is fact!!!

Mar 11, 2010
6:37 am
#191 Me :

Al, I have to give you the 14. It was an extraordinary fighter. Even now, there is no aircraft better suited to protect a carrier group. It can identify and engage more targets simultaneously then any other platform, ever. But the decision to retire it, while political, (all military decisions are political, after all the military exist to protect a country’s politics) was a good decision. The 14 had way too big of foot print on a carrier. It also took an average of 40 maintenance hours, for every flight hour to keep the Tom Cat flying. In comparison the f18 only requires about 15 maintenance hours per flight hour.

This thread however is about the “best fighter jet in the world”, right now that is the f22. Unless some country is hiding a jet up their sleeve or holding back during testing the 22 beats all competitors in most situations, hands down.

Mar 13, 2010
12:50 am
#192 al :

Thanks to the person reponding to my letter. Im a proud son of a retired Grummanite. As I said in my last letter Grumman was bought out in a hostile take over buy pure politics. Most Grummanites will not talk about it (in the past). What I can say is that Grumman and till even now Grumman has built some if not the best fighters in the world. No other company can say they single handedly help win WW2 (the pacific) with planes like the wild cat and hell cat nor can any air craft company say they landed a man on the moon. Grumman was a family and treated the pilots to their air craft as such. The F-14 as with all former Grumman aircraft were designed simply to kick ass and bring its occupants home safely. As to man hours I do seceed that you are in fact correct. These problems were to be addressed in the F-14 D and it was to change its fly by wire system to a more modern system again (cannot mention) but due to the powers that be politics killed a superb air craft, Dick Cheney would not allow the Grumman version to go back to the carrier/ he would allow the navy to revamp the f-14a/b as a cost cutting measure..

Mar 13, 2010
9:59 pm
#193 michael :

figures cheapscate cheney would kill the opprotunity to field an improved Tomcat F14, but since its retirement, hasnt the new FA18EF superhornets been upraded to also take over its mission? It may not have the same capabilities as the F14 but like just improve its radar to that of the F14 standards or better and give it the capacity to opperate the phoenix air to air missle. But then the Naval version of the F35 is eventually suppose to replace them all.

Mar 15, 2010
1:16 am
#194 Greg :

I see that there’s a lot of opinion on this board. Of course, there was a lot of opinion during the middle ages as to what made thunder roll, and all of it was wrong until science gave the answer through observation and cause/effect analysis. So how about we solve this one: lets start a really big war, with Iran let’s say. China, desiring to save it’s oil interests will enter against us, along with Russia because…well just because they’re Russia, GB, France, Israel and the Netherlands go with us. That should cover all the serious aircraft contenders. Then we sit back and count the victories and losses, and at the end of the war we know which aircraft is (was?) the best. Wheeeee!

Mar 15, 2010
5:42 pm
#195 rey :

I’m not an expert,but F22(Raptor)great tecnology,but by test under fire F15

Mar 16, 2010
11:58 pm
#196 al :

Again I must say thanks to my fellow aircraft enthusiasts – Im getting a kick out of all the feed back that is posted. I must admit this is not my site but again thanks for allowing my opinions to be posted. “Personal” to Michael who commented on Dick Cheney. Most people in Grumman did not care for the man – but to be fair the President of Grumman at the time Mr Obrian was also playing crooked politics so some 33,000 Long Islander including my father were brought out (not by their choice) and then laid off (fired). To answer your question regarding the F-18 superhornet all you need do is check the internet for comparisons key in f-14 vs f-18 and you’ll see actual facts regarding the two – I can say the F-14 was still a better craft. We long Islanders love building aircraft – we are proud of Grumman. Im saddened but moving 4ward most people love the F-22 but it to has flaws – so before you log on to this site as Greg implied check out Russia’s newest the SU-35 and I’ll bet China has something cooking alluding to a comment I made earlier they both are always trying to steal our military secrets!!!!

Mar 18, 2010
4:11 pm
#197 Bootes :

I have mixed feelings about competetion in fighter technology. I recently read a book about WW1 flying aces. The boys of that war were subjected to a deadly technology competetion where one side would temporarily gain superiority and slaughter the other side. Technology superiority was only temporary. Aces were created, then they were slaughtered. The cycle repeated itself a few times. The sad part was that boys (like Albert Ball, George Gumeyer, and Richtoffen) did their duty, but they hated their job. They believed that “war has a life of its own.” Meaning that a war can be started for any reason, but war is fought by boys wanting to defend their homes. The Cause of a war is not the same as why that war is fought.

Mar 19, 2010
4:10 pm
#198 Marquis :

You morons should learn how to spell. In addition to that, please learn how to write proper sentences. The f-22 is the greatest jet ever created. Once upon the time, the Mig and Sabre were two of the finest jets ever. The F-4 Phantom was also the greatest jet ever created, but since then, it has been surpassed.

Mar 21, 2010
5:14 am
#199 Roger :

At the end of the recent Dubai airshow the F22, the Rafale, and EF2000 Typhoon, competed in some simulated aerial combat scenarios, the Rafale beat the Typhoon 7 to 1, in dogfight simulations, and fought the F22 some 6 times in simulated dogfights, the results, according to a French airforce colonel was, 4 draws and 1 kill each for both planes, also the F22 got shot down in a simulated dog fight with a Mirage 2000-9 of the Emirian airforce flown by a French airforce instructor. So then it would appear that the F22 isn`t so superior!

Mar 23, 2010
4:16 pm
#200 Rory :

doesnt the f22 have a little issue with.. umm.. rain? wonderful technology but i understand the designers forgot “all weather” as an important factor…
how does the debate over the f22’s expense factor into this argument? if its the best fighter in the world why does half of the american government fight its production as wasteful spending?

when i find it, i will post a link to an interview given by two elite US fighter testers who gave the f22 and the eurofighter thorough run in tests explicitly designed to compare the two. the gyst of their findings was that both craft were INSANELY exceptional but often in different ways. they identified situations in which one fighter or the other would come out on top.
a particular issue i remember was the operating function of both craft. the f22 was designed to be most effective in tandem with another f22. essentially a solo eurofighter is less vulnerable then a solo f22 but in optimum tactical conditions the f22 will pawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn.
youre welcome for the stunning level of detail i’ve provided. i’ll do my best to find the interview!

Mar 30, 2010
5:12 pm
#201 zulu t :

f22a raptor is the best fighter ever hands down no other fighter can even come close i saw them in tennesee in 2004 flight testing from everything i’ve witnessed it can outfly any other fighter and yes all you russophiles it will in fact fly rings around any su including the pak fa which is a way too little way too late response cobbled together from su parts and deep observations of the 1990 yf23 and yf22 prototypes as for jxx so far a myth born out of a desire to become a world superpower rather than a regional one which it never will become given the price china will pay for artificially devaluing their currency when that unsustainable economic bubble bursts last i heard they were forced to buy russian engines for the j10 as their engine tech is not up to task also much of their computer tech comes from europe and isreal which is inferior to us computer tech and by the time china reverse engineer those systems they will be 2 generations behind so im very very skeptical of seeing a jxx anytime soon at least ru7ssia has a flying prototype china has smoke and mirrors

Mar 30, 2010
5:29 pm
#202 zulu t :

the f-22 was tested as proof against 5th gen radar systems also against other raptors if a raptor which has the worlds most advanced avionics can’t detect another raptor how then would a 4th gen system do so? the f-22 has a 5:1 kill ratio against f15s so how long do you think an su 35 based on the su27 which is only slightly better than the f15 would survive against a raptor? even without bvr capabilituies it would quickly destroy the su35 yes it has 360 degree tvc nozzles but their motion range is so limited that the 2d vector nozzles are far superior also raptor is far more powerful which only adds to it’s agility superiority over su35 nice looking plane but not in class of raptor

Mar 30, 2010
5:43 pm
#203 zulu t :

yes congress rails against the f22 but make no mistake about it yhose objections have absolutely nothing to do with the raptors performance really not even the raptor at all it’s about the economy going to hell the asinine occupation of iraq, the idiotic search in afganistan for a long dead fellow named bin laden,the billons going down the drain daily to fund those idiotic adventures in the name of national security and the lame excuse that the f35 could perform the raptors duties even though any idiot knows it cannot. so basically the idiocy of the american people that elected an idiot named bush cost the usaf hundreds of it’s best weapons system ever for the mony wasted in iraq and afganistan in one month the f22 could be built in the thousands so i hope i enlightened you it’s politics and stupidity not the raptor itself

Mar 30, 2010
5:51 pm
#204 zulu t :

i think the us should not sell the raptor to our allies with the exception of the uk and australia which have demonstrated time and again to be the kind of allies you would want on your side also the unshakable loyalty of the brits alone should merit a lifting of the export ban for them a stronger britain = a stronger alliance

Apr 9, 2010
6:51 pm
#205 noah :

I think the f22 or the f35 is the best What sort of jerk would think the junky russian migs are best also, the ea18g growler shot down a f22, but that was the only test search up ea18g vs f22 and youll see, it even shows that. yo zulu over 1500 people were killed in 911 try searching military factory. that is RADICAL

Apr 9, 2010
6:53 pm
#206 noah :

btw i saw a b2 spirit

Apr 10, 2010
5:50 am
#207 夏令 :

Maybe American to stolen our China technology。 Chinese people is the most intelligent and courageous!

Apr 13, 2010
12:54 pm
#208 Phlyonthewall :

Most the planes listed above do not have a track record that comes close to some planes of the past. The P51 is still and might always be the prettiest and meanest bird to ever fly. In fact apon Germany seeing the Mustang they knew the war was over.

Apr 22, 2010
12:31 am
#209 mans :

夏令 china just sell garbage . and u ppl stink

Apr 22, 2010
1:58 pm
#210 F-22 Sitting Duck :

Give it up gentlemen!!..F22 is a fine air beast indeed but up in the air it would just be another flying duck against the newer/mightier SUKHOI PAKFA. Both of them are 5th generatiion fighters having stealth capabilities but the russian warbird is faster (Mach 2.45 as compared to Raptor’s 2.25), more agile and has more wing loading(470 kg/sq.m. compared to raptor’s 375 kg/sq.m.). More wing loading means more weapons load. PAkFA has +11g g-loading compared to RAptor’s +9g – loading. PAKFA also has a supercruise capability though not yet disclosed. Finally, within visual range PAKFA comes with a deadlier autocannon than the Raptor. How about that!!!

Apr 23, 2010
6:53 pm
#211 Jordan :

To be honest with you all, i can almost guarantee that everyone who is saying the f-22 is the best are Americans. Now im British and i can tell you that yes it is the best plane in the world but it is also the most expensive, there are only two drawbacks to an f-22 and that is the price and the fact that a eurofighter typhoon is more maneuverable than it. Other than that, best plane in the world. and all i can say is that im glad were friends with America and not at war with them. Although i would have to say that British pilots are still the best in the world and it is agreed by experts all over the world that the British have the best special services in the world and some of the best trained armed forces going. In my opinion the us military focus too much on technology and not enough on the actual soldier, so i guess America is lucky to have Britain on its side also.

Apr 23, 2010
6:56 pm
#212 Jordan :

and as i have just found out the f-22 is more than twice the cost of a eurofighter, so you can either have a f-22 or two eurofighters :P

Apr 23, 2010
6:58 pm
#213 Jordan :

oh and Chinese bloke, im pretty sure you’d find that the US is absolutely miles ahead of china technology wise

Apr 23, 2010
7:01 pm
#214 Jordan :

oh and well said zulu t

Apr 23, 2010
11:14 pm
#215 noah :

the f22 is DOMINANT the enimies dont see it and it bombs you it could shoot down more than 6 f16s the US is coming out with the switch blade that goes MACH 3.5 that means it can OUTRUN heat seaking missles and OUTMANUVER an f22 or the maybe coming soon f23


Apr 23, 2010
11:15 pm
#216 noah :

the f22 is DOMINANT the enimies dont see it and it bombs you it could shoot down more than 6 f16s the US is coming out with the switch blade that goes MACH 3.5 that means it can OUTRUN heat seaking missles and OUTMANUVER an f22 or the maybe coming soon f23


Apr 23, 2010
11:16 pm
#217 noah :

the f22 is DOMINANT the enimies dont see it and it bombs you it could shoot down more than 6 f16s the US is coming out with the switch blade that goes MACH 3.5 that means it can OUTRUN heat seaking missles and OUTMANUVER an f22 or the maybe coming soon f23


Apr 25, 2010
1:09 pm
#218 F-22 Sitting Duck :

I think someone has been grossly misinformed here. Granting that what Noah said about something that US Air Force is cooking right now is true; that it could go as fast as Mach 3.5 I doubt it can generally outrun or outmaneuver advanced medium – ranged missiles. Short-ranged missiles (AIM-9 Sidewinder, which has a speed of Mach 2.5) maybe but not the US-made AIM-120 AMRAAM (which has a speed of Mach 4) or certainly not the Russian-made Vympel R-77 (speed Mach 4.5). BTW, I doubt that USAF would revive the Northrop/McDonell-Douglas-built YF-23 for military use coz it already lost the competition to Lockheed’s YF-22(Raptor). The only two YF-23s ever built were transferred to NASA for civilian research use. Though there were plans initially to revive it in 2004 but then it was cancelled for good in 2006. To make it short it seems that F-23 isn’t coming to save the day.

May 2, 2010
6:11 am
#219 martin :

All i can say is ide pick the euro fighter,
Basic facts
1, stealth planes can be detected it just takes time to make the required tech,
2. There isnt any tech to win against agility in a dog fight,
I recon any stealth plane is the wrong way to go, The way tech moves it will soon be obsolite,
But the euro fighter will allways have its mobility

May 17, 2010
2:58 pm
#220 danish :

f 35 lightning is the world best ever stealh multirole fighter day night sound bariier braker optical manging

May 20, 2010
9:07 am
#221 Stephen :

I dont think the US planes are Necessarily the best, Yes the research budget is huge but i think you should also take into consideration the cost of the F-22. Dont know the figure but i do know it was biblical. The newest Mig the Eurofighter and the SU-37 are all good jets they all need to do the same job. The true power comes from the pilot, and we all know the US is lacking in the sector. Im british and i know non of our troops feel safe with US air support around. I would have to go with what Martin said agility is key in the right hands and so Eurofighter for me. Also ive seen the think fly past at about 200ft it is awesome. Makes your lungs shiver.

May 20, 2010
3:13 pm
#222 Miguel :

The F/A-22 RAPTOR is my mine design in 1974, When l was nine year old. My F/A-117 stealh call the NIGHTHAWK! why? lt’s because l named it after a soul radio DJ and the name and design finished 01-17-75. F/A-117 1989Jan issue. All my design are in Popular Mechanics Magazine and met the head designer who design the cover in Aug 1975 and Eurofighter too design in 1976. l was a 11 years old.

May 24, 2010
2:34 am
#223 big g :

f-22 is the best. heres why it has all aspect stealth including the ifra red spectrum
ground based radar will have trouble tracking it, how can any fighter radar or air-air missile radar track and attack it. the russian stealth plane is impressive but….. its russian. the world thought the mig 25 was great but then we found out it was a piece of crap with gigantic engines that needed constant rebuilding. These r warplanes, being able to maintain and keep a steady sortie rate is just as important as airframe performance, the united states has the most experience operating and maintaining stealth aircraft. The russian plasma shit is a fantasy. What did the russians do against a tiny country like georgia? they took appalling losses, thats like the taliban shooting down ten f-15e’s. remember the f22 is only the ‘A’ model, by the time the russian plane becomes operational the f22 will be considerably upgraded f-22 is the best by far then f-15c only because its combat proven! also someone said that scott speicher was shot down by a mig 21… was a mig 25 VERY big difference

May 24, 2010
2:43 am
#224 big g :

the mig 25 was not the fastest fighter ever that title belongs to the yf-12a even though it was a prototype the sr71 and a-12 proved the speed in an operational environment. and the cruise speed was 3.2 mach the top speed is much higher over mach 4

May 24, 2010
4:00 pm
#225 gowtham :

As per my view USA is the best country in the world to have and produce the best fighter jets.

May 24, 2010
10:56 pm
#226 Snake :

You people here seem so uneducated
1.”noah Said,

the f22 is DOMINANT the enimies dont see it and it bombs you it could shoot down more than 6 f16s the US is coming out with the switch blade that goes MACH 3.5 that means it can OUTRUN heat seaking missles and OUTMANUVER an f22 or the maybe coming soon f23


1:How can you be sure if the “switch blade” will ever make it out to combat, let alone testing, even if that

2:Su-37 is only a technology demonstrator, any aircraft to be flown by the Russians into combat as advanced (or more) as the Su-37 would be the Su-35BM or Pak Fa

“Bob Said,

The F-16 is the best fighter -no contest the F-22 and F-35 are awful expensive White Elephants -machines useless in the real world. Both are far too complex, I could not see either being maintained under battle conditions. The F-35 is particularly delicate and feeble, the makers have learnt none of the lessons in trying to make a VOTOL plane -it obeys all of failures in design and none of the wisdom of its ‘predecessor’. The F-22’s ‘Stealth’, is of no use at supersonic speeds, you glow just perfect for radar and the very very good infrared missiles available now (that’s why the F-117 and B2 fly ’slow’). Supercruise is nice, but irrelevant, afterburners are of only use in dog fights -not the journey to the battle, an F-16 has a similar range to a F-22 due to this. Price, a F-16 costs $16M a F-22 $320M. I know I would prefer 10 F-16’s loaded with the same missiles (and a whole lot more) to a single F-22. Maneuverability, I admit vectored thrust is a cool toy, but in the real world, both planes are even, they are limited by the same thing -what the human can stand not what the plane can. Pilots, the F-16 (and the F-15 and Harrier to a lesser existent) are fighters for fighter pilots, designed by them and taking into account what is needed in a time of war. The F-16 was designed from the mistakes of the Vietnam war, made for pilots needs in hard times. The US military has since forgotten these lessons and we are left with a F-35 that can’t even take off even unloaded and a F-22 that had a distinct dislike of humans being in it!”

1.Your point about supercruise, you must remember, Supercruise is sustained supersonic flight of an aircraft with a useful cargo, passenger, or weapons load performed efficiently and without the use of afterburners. So either your point is unclear, or just bad.

And to those who say that the F-22 has 360 degree TVC, it has a ±20° axis, 2d thrust vectoring


Considering that the russians are so obsessed with using missles to fight wars instead of planes, (eg icbm vs B-52, B1-B and B-2 etc.) they wuoldent (aw fuck i cant remember how to spell that shit!!!) have the expirence in makeing a bomber escort fighter, which is what the f22s would be used for in the event of WW3!!!!! the PROTOTYPE su-47s boast 360 radar, dumbasses. havent they ever heard of AWAKS! (which can sit 1000s of miles away and tell the f22 and any other us plane, in encripted data, where all the russian shit is! POINT, STOP TALKING SHIT ALBOUT THE RAPTOR!!! IT WILL RAPE YOU!!! AND NO, U CANT SEE IT… dumbasses

Posted on February 1st, 2009 at 7:18 pm ”

I will only combat your AWACS point for: there is a Russian AWACS
the A-50 Shmel

May 25, 2010
12:12 pm
#227 Sanggay :

History has proven US made planes are more superior than others. My bet is F22 is the best.

May 27, 2010
8:39 am
#228 Miguel :

The costs of my design is and still be a Zillionaire before turn 22 years of age. Now l’m 45 years of age. ALL DESIGN by MAV. Miguel Angel V****** 1974 to 1976. MVS transport my M1A1 Miguel-1 Angel-1, my Humavee is called Hummer/MiguelAngelV******/elementaryequal. My F/A-118 Hornet named after being stung in back by four hornet as was jumping the fence in the backyard. My B-2 StealthBomber is called the Kitty Hawk because, l’m live in NORTH CAROLINA design at 10 yrs old. lN THE SPIRIT OF 1976 as design on landing wheels bay doors as well as the name KITTY HAWK. First in flight NORTH CAROLINA STATE MOTO. Lets not forget my MV-22 OSPREY VTOL name and my house number also design 11 yrs of age.

May 30, 2010
7:35 am
#229 mr.j :

fighters are graded for these things:Kill ratio,seves lenghth, buildinh difficulty, and fere factor.
The f22 has an outsdanding 424 kills and no loses.Because of its stealth and because its so ajile many contrys are afraid they are going to loose many aircrafft in a war with the United States so fere factor is exelent. It’s a dufficuilt aircrafft to build but the United States Air Force (USAF) only needs a few of them so building difficulty is good.Serves lenghth lets it down because it only recently, but the f22 will stay in serves for a long time so the USAF say the f22 stills scores good in serves lenghth meaning the f22 is the best fighter in the world.

May 30, 2010
7:38 am
#230 mr.j :

fighters are graded for these things:Kill ratio,seves lenghth, buildinh difficulty, and fere factor.
The f22 has an outsdanding 424 kills and no loses.Because of its stealth and because its so ajile many contrys are afraid they are going to loose many aircrafft in a war with the United States so fere factor is exelent. It’s a dufficuilt aircrafft to build but the United States Air Force (USAF) only needs a few of them so building difficulty is good.Serves lenghth lets it down because it entered serves only recently, but the f22 will stay in serves for a long time so the USAF say the f22 stills scores good in serves lenghth meaning the f22 is the best fighter in the world.

May 31, 2010
5:57 pm
#231 Dave :

I say F-35.

Jun 2, 2010
6:35 am
#232 sneak :

the philippine airforce S-211 is the best fighter in the world. it can take off and land smoothly despite heavy thundertorms and in an uncemented run way. you can mount with it a 105 mm cannon above the aircraft and it can fire without even causing turbulence to the aircraft. can afford to engage in a dogfight even for the most modern aircraft of the world. 5th generation fighters is only an earthworm for this aircraft. this is the top secret weapon of the philippines. a multi role aircraft, its functions can never be surpassed by any single aircaft ever existed or going to exist in the world of armaments.

Jun 5, 2010
3:10 am
#233 Billy :


Jun 5, 2010
3:11 am
#234 Billy :

prob raptor or typhoon n fact f22

Jun 5, 2010
3:12 am
#235 Billy :

Typhoon without a doubt

Jun 5, 2010
4:17 am
#236 Simon :

F-22 has been projected as the best. The F-35 has been projected as second best (though not necessarily against the Sukhoi T-50). F-15 silent eagle (it’s a modified version of the F-15) and typhoon are also contenders

Jun 13, 2010
6:58 pm
#237 Simon :

update: PAK/FA (aka T-50) is also up there against the F-22/F-35. People who say that it’s g load is 11g’s are most likely reading off the wiki article, which only estimates. It’s real G-load has not been confirmed. However, odds are that it is at least as maneuverable as the F-22. It’s stealth will also probably be as good as the F-35/ F-22 (I’m estimating here, given how the Russians want to match the Americans). But lets not forget, the F-35 has better avionics than anyone (I took that from the wiki article, so forgive me if I’m wrong). Also, supersonic speed doens’t really matter, since aircraft do not enter dogfights past Mach 1 (attempting to avoid a missile at that speed would kill the pilot).

Jun 20, 2010
7:59 am
#238 jatin :

i think so f-22, su-mki-30 & lca-tejas are best fighter plane in the world.because it have great wepon sestym.specialy lca tejas is one of the great fighter aircraft in the world

Jun 20, 2010
3:19 pm
#239 david jeda :

israel eilat

Jun 28, 2010
8:32 am
#240 NK :

F22 raptor is the best now………….. forget other fighters, no one can match the capabilities of this machine, it will blow your mind off… thank to the US go raptor go

Jul 2, 2010
4:22 pm
#241 Tyler :

You people must check out the Russian Sukhoi T-50. This is the only fighter jet that can touch the F-22 Raptor. This thing is beyond awsome and I thought I would never know a cooler or more worthy company to the F-22, but this is and might jjust be better. CHECK IT OUT!!

Jul 3, 2010
12:56 pm
#242 SU-37 :

Wht d hell u guys r talking abt..????
every1 knows that soviets have got far apart excellence in aerodynamics thn US currently has… i vote for Sukhoi T-50…THE BEST

Jul 4, 2010
12:03 am
#243 Simon :

SU-37 Said,
every1 knows that soviets have got far apart excellence in aerodynamics thn US currently has…

Fair enough, Russian engineers go a long way to making their planes extremley manuverable.
Reason less people are voting for it is because according to Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and the Pentagon, both the F-22 and F-35 “enjoy a 400% loss-exchange ratio against all current and projected air to air threats, to include Sukhois”

Reason people like you (and to some extent me) vote for the T-50 is because there’s no way of knowing if those “projected air to air threats” included the T-50

Jul 4, 2010
3:03 pm
#244 Thunder :

I saw some people mentioning Iraq and Afghanistan war as the dominance of the us military force over soviet/russian. but remember vietnam war guys. against americans there were vietnam and secretly russia. and the result? the same effect – afghanistan war. usa and pakistan against russia. the result? i bet if in the gulf war, and in the 2003 iraq war some super powers had showed any kind of assitance to iraqis the result would have been different and there would be no dominance of usaf. sorry for my poor english, i am not american (and not russian).

Jul 4, 2010
3:06 pm
#245 Thunder :

So i would say the usa (its air force) never met any serious enemy force with equal fight potential.

Jul 11, 2010
1:04 pm
#246 miguel :

what!!! SPY IN USA that’s funny and sad…. Look at a Popular Mechanic Magazine… Why spy? Darn we can’t get along… heheha >>>666 999 69 1001001SOS <<< fuc U ÅÌÏ ….. l will end this world as life as l know it…The year 2012… 999÷by666=1.5 What l design, no money… 69=SUCK my /\¿/\ …. (1001001SOS) Or call the President 202-456-1111 DON'T BITCH….

Jul 16, 2010
7:32 pm
#247 chris :

how can people say that the challenger 2 is so low rated it’s been battle proven to win in iraq yes the M1A2 Abrams has all the gutchy kit installed like sat nav but it can’t fire on the move like the challenger 2 MBT. its attributes are so outrageous like who needs satelite navigation can the Abrams fire on the move and accurately hit a target no it can’t because it needs to stop to aquire the target where as the challenger 2 can do it on the move due to it having the ability to do so making it the most efficient fighting machine

challenger 2 rules

Jul 16, 2010
9:32 pm
#248 Tom Clement :

“usa super country”…. never won a war……

Jul 20, 2010
4:57 am
#249 Travis :

Ok simple facts in 2008 American military research not weapons spending, was $711 billion total spending of the other top 7 nations totaled only $409 billion with china #2 $121 billion and Russia at $70 billion we spend way more just on research, let alone our weapons. The f22 is the epidemy that the world knows about, developed quite some time ago actually. Here is the thing it is honestly outdated from the american military perspective but still more advanced then the entire world. I am a military tech mechanic who can verify over 800 gen 7 fighters hidden from public with capabilities you can’t even fathom. Just think, that is only our jets, and our gen 5s are untouchable. Think of are bombers, and their payloads are localized weapons systems( we could sit here at home roast a country before the world knew what happened). He’ll, with 5000 troops in formations holding aa12’s full auto shotty we are already unstoppable. Noone wants a real war with the US, especially not on our soil. We are the most armed and psychotic nation of citizens by far. So, most spending research, best weapons best training, period.

Jul 20, 2010
7:44 pm
#250 justin :

my cousin helped build the abrams

Jul 25, 2010
10:48 am
#251 TWISTER :


Jul 26, 2010
2:18 pm
#252 sean :

Actually, there is a Raptor like plane called Sukhoi-47 which has about the same technology

Jul 28, 2010
8:25 pm
#253 max :

Well, it seems everytime these blogs surface about the greatest war plane ever built then here come the anti american teen blog masturbators to sit in their room on a fu&kin xbox and want to down any american achievement. this teenage blog obsession is nothing new, it went on in the sixties, anti war hippie movement and it goes on now with anti american talk of how the west has failed against older russian built heaps of crap—————————————————–IF YOU LIKE RUSSIA–IF YOU LIKE CHINA—IF YOU LIKE IRAN—IF YOU LIKE ANY OTHER COUNTRIES JETS —THEN SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND GO LIVE THERE AND WE WILL SEE YOU ON THE BATTLE FIELDS OR IN THE SKYS YOU ANTIAMERICAN PUNK BLOGGERS—COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!F22 UP YOURS WITH A MISSLE!

Jul 29, 2010
3:25 am
#254 Thunder :

Max, you are an idiot. Hope, there are in the states not many of those like you.

Jul 30, 2010
12:15 am
#255 me :

the guy who talked about the sukhoi t-50, just compare its design to the f-22. they are so surprising look a like. and guess what t-50 and will not be produced until 2012 without its 5th generation engines!!!!
to see what iam talking about check these:

and to tell the truth, the Russian airplanes had more aerodynamics capabilities than the us airplanes, but the US airplanes are more advanced technologically.
but this time, looks like the Russians had copied the f22. just opinion!!!

Jul 30, 2010
6:53 am
#256 Lol :

How can you forget gripen retards?

Aug 11, 2010
8:08 am
#257 Mehdi Rostamzadeh :

For Me F-14 is the Best of all

Aug 13, 2010
6:21 am
#258 lenny :

Heys guys no use argueing about the best cambat jet. It has to be proven in real combat.

The russians used to say their MIG 21s were superior to the F15 – 16s, but in the israeli – Syrian war, Israel with F15s and 16s blew 40 Syrian/Russian MIG 21s out of the Sky with no
casualties with the F15s-16s. 40 – 0 ratio is pretty telling.

Maybe the F22 -35s can do the same to the russian Sukhoi-50 and the rest??

Aug 13, 2010
10:27 am
#259 jad :

you can compare planes to know which is better you should look at its preformance,maneuverablility,armament,speed for example u compare f-22 and f-16 the f-22 turns out better but that doesnt mean in a dogfight the f-22s will win a dogfight with f-16 because the pilots skill matters the most a good pilot doest look at planes preformane but at his skill so if the f-16 pilots are more skilled they have a better chance tto win even though the enemy aircraft has better preformance but i actually think the best planes are eurofighter typhoon f-22 raptor su-37 su-47 and mig-16 mig-25 f-14 tomcat chose wich are better i cant because all like all of the planes i mentioned now

Aug 13, 2010
11:31 am
#260 jad :

btw the f22 raptor IS A PIECE OF SHIT WITHOUT ITS STEALTH!!! when i grow up im going to be a fighter pilot so wahat aircraft do u think id take i might go for su-37 terminator su-47 berkut f-22 raptor or ef typhoon

Aug 14, 2010
9:44 am
#261 jad :

BTW the USA is the weakest country in the world but whats making it strong is its technology . the usa without its technology would have 0 chance of winning a war. and the only reason no country is attacing the usa now is because every1 is afraid of its nuclear missiles . without the nucs iran would have attacked america long time ago and btw the f22 raptors weakness is machineguns and ground or air units with machine guns can attack it without getting a lock-on i think when i grow up ill gow with the su-37 terminator

Aug 14, 2010
6:04 pm
#262 jad :

i was reading other peopls decisions and most are right there is another cool looking sukhoi called the pak fa wich i think is stronger than the f22 since its been biult later than the f22
and mw’s brain thinks right just because the f22 is american doesnt mean that its the best .BTW FUCK U ISREALI SKUMS U ARE ALL TERRORISTS AND PPL WHO LIKE ISRAEL NEED A NEW BRAIN.oh and its correct that israel is using american tanks weapons and jets and with all that power thay lost the war against lebanon which has very weak technology and has no jets lebanon won with only troops who were commanded by hesbollah .u american fools wont believe this because u are with isreal and want to keep that israel losing a war a secret but i was there during the war i took videos and spread them to the world.

Aug 17, 2010
8:26 am
#263 jad :

is the yf-22 raptor the f-22 raptor because they look alot alike

Aug 18, 2010
7:18 pm
#264 billy :

None of yous know the answer to this soo please everyone stop bigggin up the jet which represents your country, find a pilot who has flown all these top planes IN COMBAT, ask him then let us all know the answer……. exactly, it aint gonna happen because it hasnt happened. I dont know which one is the best because im a forklift driver soo im not going to even guess, i like the guy who said “it depends on the pilot”, im sure ther’s alot more to it than that but i bet it makes a hell of a difference!!

Aug 19, 2010
11:20 pm
#265 Tom Clement :

just remember.. America has never won a war… The Russians were the main force in defeating the Germans WW2… the only way you could subdue the japanese was by dropping a nuke on their defenceless citizens.. Too weak to beat their army on the Now any third-rate nation can drop a bomb too.

you aSPEND A LOT OF MONEY FOR NOTHING… WEAPONS THAT YOU CAN’T WIN WITH.. just give up and act like decent human beings… maybe the rest of the world will just tolerate you….

Aug 20, 2010
10:06 pm
#266 Mark :

Where is the french Rafale ? I can tell you on the ground with all the guns. Just like every time someone invades France. They could have the worlds best fighter would not matter. They surrender anytime someone says BOO. Look back through history.

Whats the old joke . French army rifle for sale never fired droped once

Aug 20, 2010
10:07 pm
#267 Mark :


Aug 20, 2010
10:12 pm
#268 Mark :

No Tom USA only country with bomb then. That make us great and everyone else third rate

Just smokes your ass that you cant beat us dont it

Aug 20, 2010
10:23 pm
#269 Mark :

Oh yeah and let us not forget. That a bomb ended wwII.
So I think you can call that a win
along whith us winning our independence go read a histoy book.
korea duh you dummy.
Do I need to keep going.

Aug 20, 2010
11:02 pm
#270 Tom Clement :

Mark…. too bad, your magic is gone, anyone can have a bomb now.

my ass will only smoke if a serious military threat arises. You guys are pusscats.

just limped back across the Iraqi border with nothing to show for it.. put that in your history book.
Just give it up… you guys are not fighters…

Aug 20, 2010
11:21 pm
#271 Tom Clement :

yes mark, keep going…. like WW2, cuba…Vietnam…

Aug 20, 2010
11:36 pm
#272 Mark :

wwii we ended with the a bomb right
cubun missle crisis we drove the russian nuke out of cuba
vitnam our only so called loss even now they our our allies

so read another book

Aug 20, 2010
11:40 pm
#273 Mark :

do you want to metion afganistan next
you like russia so much do we not remember they spent ten years there and failed due to us wepons namley the stinger missle
so you and everybody else needs to wake up
we gave the missles to bin laden then when the russians withdrew we left them hi and dry thats why we are we re we ar at today

Aug 20, 2010
11:41 pm
#274 Mark :

Dude wake up and pay attention to what is going on around you

Aug 20, 2010
11:42 pm
#275 Mark :

Nothing about the french I guess we agree one one thing

Aug 20, 2010
11:50 pm
#276 Tom Clement :

mark.. cuba remained socialist.. to this day.
remember the helicopters removing the last of the US forces.. big deal, Vietnam is everyone’s ally today..
I am just not reading “your book”. the dillusional ” we are the greatest” country in the world book.. Stop kidding yourselves into thinking you are a great mighty power.

you are good at making sugar water and mouse cartoons… stick to that. jet fighters, military/politcal strategy is a little confusing for you…

Aug 20, 2010
11:50 pm
#277 Mark :

limbing out of iraq becase of a piss poor leader. but the world will never have to deal with sadam or was that you mother

Aug 20, 2010
11:58 pm
#278 Tom Clement :

mark, re:wwii “we ended with the a bomb right, ”

yes, because you didn’t have the: do it, to beat the japs on the islands. You had to kill defenseless citizens to end the Pacific part of WW2. but the heavy duty war was in Europe… Thankfully the Russians were there. You guys could have shown up years before… but too busy watching baseball and eating hot dogs..

Aug 21, 2010
12:33 am
#279 Mark :

OMG that was the name of the game back than the russkies did it the japs did it brits did it the germs did it read a book whatch the dicovery ch was way before presision guided wepons so talk to me when you learn a thing or two …
I refuse to have a battle of whitts with someone who is unarmed

Aug 21, 2010
12:34 am
#280 Mark :

wake up and learn history

Aug 21, 2010
12:36 am
#281 Tom Clement :

Mark Said,
limbing out of iraq becase of a piss poor leader. but the world will never have to deal with sadam or was that your mother…Mark Said,
limbing out of iraq becase of a piss poor leader

I assume you are referring to Bush who got you into it.. A $5000 contract could have gotten rid of Saddam. You didn’t need to spend trillions of dollars and loose thousands of US lives.

As I said… this military stuff is a little too complicated for you guys. You are just hurting yourselves…kicking yoursleves in the shins.. have you thought of taking up knitting??

Aug 21, 2010
12:46 am
#282 Tom Clement :

you are not having a battle..

you are being stomped on…. you are a confused little propaganda filled yanket.
Don’t embarrass yourself any further..

Just get ready for the Chinese who will really stomp on you. The battle will be over in a matter of hours. or get a brain… realize what your true status is and try and convince your country mates to be a decent country. Repeat after me. ” WE are not a super power”… We have only been told we are a Super power.. We are just going to live according to the Christian principles we say we believe in…

Aug 21, 2010
1:20 am
#283 Mark :

we are the only country that beieves in live and let live you are badly misaken to under estimate the united states NO diffrent than admaril yomoto after pearl harbor and i quote “I BELIVE WE HAVE AWOKEN A SLEEPING GIANT AND FILLED HIM WITH A TERRIBLE RESOLVE ”



Aug 21, 2010
1:22 am
#284 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
1:22 am
#285 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
1:27 am
#286 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
1:31 am
#287 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
1:42 am
#288 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
1:47 am
#289 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
1:51 am
#290 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
1:51 am
#291 Tom Clement :


your last comments reflect what the US will do when pressed.. collapse into incoherent babble nonsense….. your done…. can’t walk the walk….

get a grip boy… you have to educate yourself see what is going on. Strength is based on a clear, accurate, true vision. You have none. Don’t be a deluded person..

Aug 21, 2010
1:53 am
#292 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
1:56 am
#293 Tom Clement :


sorry boy.,,, I have crippled your mind..

Aug 21, 2010
2:00 am
#294 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
2:01 am
#295 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
2:02 am
#296 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
2:03 am
#297 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
2:06 am
#298 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
2:08 am
#299 Mark :


Aug 21, 2010
2:42 am
#300 Tom Clement :

oh Marky…

did the helicopter come to take you away?….. can’t take the heat…
or are you still in rehab?

no? you must be reading history books….

Aug 21, 2010
9:16 pm
#301 Tom Clement :


did you finish the chapter on how the US won the Korean war yet?

Aug 22, 2010
4:09 am
#302 Tom Clement :


you are really George Bush… right.????

I can tell by the eloquent use of language & sophisticated rhetoric
and the good knowledge of history

Aug 23, 2010
1:24 am
#303 Simon :

People, stop mentioning the Su-47. It was a cool concept, but it’s never going to be built.
The PAK FA outstrips the F22 and F-35 in:
Avionics (F-22 not F-35)

Here’s an idea: instead of spending millions of dollars on jets that will never be used, why doesn’t America, China, Russia, whatever, spend their money on improving their citizens health care, infrastructure, or educations systems? They could also use it to curb debt and lower taxes. When you think about what all this is going towards, is the amount money truly being well spent?

Aug 23, 2010
8:29 am
#304 jad :

yes but if the country doesnt make itsself stronger it will easily be invaded. BTWUSA SUCKS

Aug 23, 2010
2:05 pm
#305 actual us vet :

First, I’m not sure if any of u have actually served in the real active duty mil lately but anyone that thinks we only stop invasion by threatening nuke programs doesn’t know anything about us mil strategy. The last time we were invaded
By a foreign power they were more technically advanced, better trained etc. Never underestimate the power of a people fighting for their homes

Aug 24, 2010
4:20 am
#306 Simon :

USA’s primary reaction in a war isn’t to arms it’s 8000+ warheads. She would use a more conventional approach. People say that a nation needs a strong military, or else it will be invaded, and while this works in theory, it doesn’t work in practice. It’s like “actual us vet” said: never underestimate the power of a people fighting for their homes. A nation wouldn’t invade another nation just because it feels like expanding territory or obtaining resources (the latter could be achieved diplomatically). Such an invasion would cost said nation a great deal, and strain it’s economy. Taking over a nation, no matter how small, is no small task, and a nation could soon find itself in a stalemate against the civilian population (going back to the “never underestimate the power of a people fighitng for their homes” statement), look at iraq, or afghanistan (no offense meant to any actual veterans from either of those conflicts). In warfare, stalemates should be avioded at all costs (Sun Tzu said “no country has ever been benefited from prolonged warfare”) Look at countries like Sweden, Switzerland, or Denmark, and New Zealand; none have very impressive army’s, yet they all have managed to stay out of conflict.

Aug 24, 2010
5:11 am
#307 Tom Clement :

re: Russ… ” Aƒfhanistan and Russians.” U S is not doing that well in Afghanistan either and they have the support of Nato countries.

Aug 28, 2010
8:19 am
#308 Thunder :

Mark you are dark :)

Aug 29, 2010
5:31 am
#309 Another American :

Well actually the F-22 was always rivaled with the Su-37. F-22 with its stealth features (not completely stealth) and long radar tech has kept it a formidable rival while the Su-37 had its unbelievable maneuverability and speed on its side (front canards plus thrust vectoring) keeping it close with the F-22. Debates about which one was better has been going on for awhile. Unfortunatly the F-22 isn’t supreme in the air as we ae now introduced with a new plane. The T-50 Pak Fa fighter. (kinda looks like a hybrid between the 2 rivaling planes). With new stealth features like the F-22 and intense maneuverability like the Su-37 I only hope to see it in action. (T-50 is a 5th Gen fighter)

Aug 31, 2010
7:06 am
#310 jca120 :

The best we have to offer have always been on carriers, naval aviators have seen more combat than air force pilots and will continue to be our front line fighters in the years to come. The Russians may have some pretty jets but the only way they will see American skies is in a movie our carrier battle groups will see to that. GO F-18 Super Hornets!!!

Aug 31, 2010
2:36 pm
#311 Randy :

The F-22 is overrated, still unproven for the most part, and doubtful in very compact, limited spaces, probably wouldn’t survive well in engagement where stealth doesn’t play a role, and extremely expensive. The Rafale F-2 is impressive though, maneuvers well, has enough speed, agile. Of fighters today this is a good one. Still with upgrades and if we figure in versatility, what a decent pilot can do with one and cost, the F-16 is at the top of heap with the F-2 period.

Sep 3, 2010
7:17 pm
#312 mark :

thank you us vet. Oh by the way I am one too. I love the way a lot of these would be’s have no idea about military tactics.

Sep 3, 2010
7:21 pm
#313 mark :

Are we seious the t-50. not yet in production and by the way does it look familar to anyone the f 22 hello

I think all that is is a ploy to say we can build a jet that good too but oh thats right we dont have the tacid blue program to make a stlh aircraft

Sep 3, 2010
7:27 pm
#314 mark :

su 37 are you for real not a fighter a modified su 35 old tech if it works so well why are they not in production thats right not a real working concept not practical only 2 were modified notice i did not say built . my my my so far behind the times..

Sep 4, 2010
4:41 am
#315 Mark :

su 37 yeah yea yeah so good close up to bad it would never get that close to a f22 to see.
would be blown away thats right and then the next one would try and gone again oh wait thats right 2 of them and it su 37 game over their gone whiped of the earth wow what numbers

Sep 6, 2010
12:30 am
#316 Tom Clement :

Mark… you are back.. you seem to have recomposed yourself? You actually seem coherent.. .Recovered from the shock that the US has never won a war?

Sep 15, 2010
2:38 pm
#317 jad :

i agree with tom. mark ure really a fool to think that america is the strongest country .americas first reaction to realize its losing a war is to arm its nucs and scare the opposition with it.and remember this fact america joined the war when it was near the beginning just when its allys were about to surrender america attacked russia and its allys after like 3 years of fighting and in those three years of fighting russia and its allys have lost many tanks jets soldiers and so on. so america attacked russia and its allys when the war was about to finish and the countrys became weak by all the losses and thats why ameerican and its allys on the war so after the war finished america took all of the enemys scientists and so and told them to work there so all of americas technology didnt come from its ppl but from russia and its allys in the wars ppl so if americaa didnt take the scientists maybe by now russia would have had americas technology.

Sep 15, 2010
4:27 pm
#318 jad :

and remeber neeither the f-22 nor the pak fa are the best fighter jets every country has its own secrets like maybe a war happens between russia and america a russian jet is flying and its command tells it u have 2 ff-16 heading your way. now the russians jets take them down and command tells the u have 2 unknown planes heading your way and the russian pilot is like im sure theyre f-22 but when he sees the enemy plane hes like WHAT THE HELL IS THAT AIRCRAFT?. i think USAhas about 6 hidden jets and russia has about 6 also i guess.

Oct 6, 2010
1:07 pm
#319 Zac :

None of those; B-2 Spirit. IT IS AWESOME!!! Stealth, Bomber. Oh yeah and I think the F/A-18 Super Hornet is good. Although, I would say, the BEST in everything plane in the world, is not made yet. Wait until the future. Maybe 30 or so years?

Oct 19, 2010
4:44 pm
#320 rozz :

The thing people always seem to forget is the design of American dogfighters. Since the P-51 we have always tried to create the fighter that will go into your back yard and mop up. Meaning it will fly into enemy air space, dominate, and fly back home. Sure at 30,000 ft. the Su-35 might be able to outfly it, assuming the F-22 won’t shoot it down in BVR and it can actually lock on to it, but at 50,000+ft.? No contest. That’s what people seem to forget. We design our fighters for high altitude fighting. We make the enemy get on our playing field and then we take full advantage of them and expose them. Please keep using canards and thrust vectoring Russia. It really shows you are stuck in the stone age. If you read into Red Flag you’ll read everywhere that the weapon systems the European and U.S. A.F. were using had extremely hard times locking on to the F-22. Not only that, but just trying to hang with the F-22 flying capabilities was already hard enough.

Russia comes down on America for not doing a simulated combat with the F-22 vs a Russian aircraft, but do they think we’re really that stupid? We would show our competition our better technology? Russia really is stupid. Don’t think that the F-22 is our greatest weapon. Who knows what’s stored for our enemies deep within Area 51 or other areas we don’t even know about. to compare the F-22 with ANY fighter in the world is like comparing who would win in a fight with mike tyson vs an infant. It’s just too one sided.

Oct 19, 2010
4:50 pm
#321 rozz :

Tom its interesting you accuse the Americans of killing all those innocent civilians, however did you stop to think of what would happen if we did invade Japan? How many U.s. soldiers would die? How many Japanese soldiers and civilans would die? How much longer the war would have drug on? What would have ahppen if Russia had the time to get over there to Japan? Russia would have slaughtered everyone in Japan. If we didn’t drop the bombs, MUCH more people would have died. russia would be beating down the door to join the invasion so Stalin could set up another puppet govt. within Japan. Keep in mind the history with Russia and japan pre world war 2. russia would have loved to dimeanor Japan in every humanly way possible.

Oct 23, 2010
2:16 am
#322 Simon :

Rozz, America didn’t need to nuke Japan, they were going to surrender. Eisenhower himself said “we didn’t need to hit them with that awful thing” and he was a celebrated general (
As for these guys instigating Mark, give the man a break, I may not agree with him anymore than you do, but he’s back, and he wants to talk with us in a level debate, he deserves our attention.

Nov 4, 2010
12:15 am
#323 troy :

the f22 really isnt a dog fighter most of the other planes mentioned in the comments are in tests one f22 went up against 10 or 12 f15cs and shot and killed all f15c before they even picked the f22 up on radar and in other test it also won in one on one or one on three dog fights but everyone knows that the plane is so expensive because of the stealth and technology but the countemeausures are far cheaper

Nov 10, 2010
8:10 pm
#324 josh14 :

The F-22 is superior for 1 major reason in my book. the JHMCS. all the manueverability in the world doesnt really matter as long as you have human pilots your very limited. missiles are far more maneuverable that we can ever be right? well the JHMCS allows pilots to liteally look behind them and shoot. Ive seen the aim 9x come off the rack and make a 180 turn in an instant. unless the rusians have a similar system, that kinda settles the arguement right? plus stealth… not to mention the tactics a pair of F-22s can use like one aircraft out of firing range can “share” his radar with the stealth aircraft so the missiles literally come out of nowhere.

Nov 24, 2010
6:02 am
#325 Mark :

I think the best aircraft firghter is alien’s aircraft

Dec 2, 2010
5:46 am
#326 Chris :

You guys just keep brushing other countries aside like they are 1/1,000,000 of how strong America is. America is not the best. Seriously, just get with the times. J-XX is 5th generation, Pak Fa is 5th Generation, other countries are catching up. I like the F-22, J-XX, and Pak Fa so I’m not taking a side. But just to give you a heads up that other countries are catching up. Pak Fa is also known as T-50. I did not read all the comments but I also bet one of you had accused China of “copying” another country or other countries. But just so you know, every country copied stuff. We even sometimes have no choice but to copy off of our friends. Most people say on the internet that China is becoming second place when it comes to Super Power Rank. America still holds number one and is grabbing on. Oh and BTW, you all think America is so strong right? But someone called Aby The Liberal had said that America is not strong military wise and technology wise, but in Global Alliance. Russia fell apart because it’s Soviet Union fell apart. China is rising up and wil fall. All countries will rise and fall. Lockheed Martin is a very good company that made the F-22 so if you want a very good animated video of the F-22 go to Lockheed Martin’s website and look up the F-22. Also the F-35 too. Also Shut Up Mark, you do not know what you are saying. You do not do any research when it comes to these things. Why are you even posting on here if all you are going to do is spam it with you unneeded comments? Mark you really are clueless, I bet when you come back to these comments later on you’ll realize how the hell you really type.

Dec 3, 2010
5:02 am
#327 Chris :

Jad, your wrong, it’s not America’s technology, it is it’s Global Alliance. I’m pretty sure that America was the one that started NATO. And I also think that NATO was created to make an impression on Russia but that did not work out. Now I think NATO is trying to make an impression on China.

Dec 5, 2010
6:39 am
#328 rozz :

Chris idk if you know this or not but not to long ago, the russians released a statement that the first 50-60 t-50’s they produce won’t have the saturn 117s engines that gives it such capabilities like supercruise.. makes me wonder why that is… probably because they don’t have it. Also need to be aware that what china and russia are working on right now, we were working on in the 80’s. They still have an EXTREMELY long way to go on stealth fighters. I couldn’t find any video of the j-XX even flying. So I don’t see the competition. Not by a long shot. The F-15 is still the premiere dogfighter as far as i’m concerned. Never been shot down in combat and what’s even funnier is that the russians claimed they invented the eagle killer (mig 29). 0-9 against the f-15. Eastern aviation is borderlined a joke. Who the hell uses canards? (last part was humor :))

Chris the F-22 is still king of the skies and is one of a kind. It would make quick work of the t-50 and j-xx IF its flying.

Dec 5, 2010
6:44 am
#329 rozz :

oh not to mention chris, the avionics the f22 is capable of is down right scary. Now I have been searching everywhere but from what I have found, the t-50 wnt even have fly by wire that the f22 has. Maybe it does but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

Dec 5, 2010
9:58 pm
#330 Chris :

Thanks for the info Rozz, and for the correcting, but I have a question, doesn’t F-22 just have supercruise to avoid the lights when it’s flying in the dark? Like other planes with their other engines, the engine just shows the light.

Dec 5, 2010
10:07 pm
#331 Chris :

Also I think that J-XX actual videos will be released in like 2013 or 2014, that is because the J-XX probably is still being tested or being constructed, all we know is what it looks like. The J-XX is going to be in service in 2015. This has nothing to do with this but doesn’t the X-32 look weird?

Dec 6, 2010
1:11 am
#332 rozz :

no from the research i’ve done super cruise is used pretty much whenever they want to.. the biggest and best advantage of supercruise is being able to hit super sonic speeds without using afterburners. afterburners chug gas and can really hurt you in a 1 on 1 dogfight when one jet has these capabilities and the other doesn’t. Not even the F-15 has these capabilities and the thrust to weight ratio of it is at 1:3. It’s scary to think of what the f22 might have.

Another thing is that when comparing two different militaries you must always sit down and think of pros and cons. Some people here, yes, will say that U.S. is best because that’s where they’re from. Me on the other hand I truly believe that there is not a military power that can go toe to toe with the U.S. for more then two years and come out alive.

Now I know a bunch of people that read this will think, “What about Afganistan?” and rightfully so, but when it comes down to the middle east we aren’t fighting militaries like, north korea, china, the third reich, we’re fighting a way of life, a religion which makes something like that so much harder to do even though I do believe we shouldn’t be over there.

If you know of any military power that can take on the U.S. please say and tell me why cause i don’t think there is one out there up to the task.

Dec 8, 2010
3:58 am
#333 Chris :

I think China is the only one that can beat America, I’m making my point right now that I am not taking a side, but im pretty sure that China is the only country in the world that possesses the “Carrier Killer Missile” and im also pretty sure that China is the only country right now that can destroy satellite technology from the atmosphere. But I also think that America has this too. Also, I have just seen a video from that has shown that Chinese students have just taken a test that 15 year olds are supposed to take around the world. China has schooled America in doing so. This is even China’s first time doing the test. China remained on first place which brought up Asia to first place. A man had said in the video that China is not just making plastic toys for the world, but is also beating other countries in competing with anything that involves Brain Power which Mark seems to lack.

Dec 8, 2010
3:59 am
Dec 8, 2010
9:38 pm
#335 chris johnson :

i think everyone forgot sukhoi, according to me sukhoi pak fa is the best aircraft, secondly US built F-22 raptor

Dec 9, 2010
2:33 pm
#336 rozz :

Chris you’re telling me that China can defeat U.S. because of the smart 15 year olds they have. You need to check out U.S. defense systems on an aircraft carrier and you might think differently on that, besides you’re still bringing in technology a country has yet to obtain. it’s in the process of being tested and has to come into production and the chinese has even said they don’t know when that’ll be. Idk about chinese being able to take out equipment in our atmosphere, but assuming we have our satellite technology we might just be able to locate these missiles and take em out with ease. People dont understand that if you don’t control the sky, you mine as well throw in the towel. America is 30 years ahead of every country in aviation.

Chinese has always been very smart and had produced alot of the world’s goods, but we all know that communism always fails. Eventually the Chinese economy will collapse. It’s a known fact.

Chris Johnson, reading my earlier posts, how is the sukhoi and pak fa superior to the F-22?

Dec 10, 2010
6:20 am
#337 Chris :

China can beat the U.S. since it has a strong relationship with Russia. You’re probably going to say that Russia had collapsed a long time ago. AKA Soviet Union. But unless you do some research about China’s tech and Russian tech, then you’ll think differently on China being weak. Also no, America is not ahead of every country in aviation, explain to me why the Sukhoi Pakfa is a Russian Version of the F-22 and how China’s J-XX has similar engines to the F-22 Raptor? I agree with you the Communim is bad but even America would hate to go to war with China. America basically relies on countries for everything it has. It has borrowed tons of money from other countries. Also, you think, that since China’s economy is just going to collapse suddenly? If China just asks for repay from America, America would fall straight to the ground. A video on youtube explains how China’s navy has caught up with other countries. Especially USA, about 10 years ago, China was behind America in Navy about 50 years. Explain again how now it’s 15 years behind in just 10 years? Not even half of 50. Also, how come when China announced it had created the Carrier Killer missile, America suddenly started stressing out and trying to find a way to counter it? Also, China is far from collapsing, America has been number one since the start. Also, pay attention to other things and not just the military. China has had much more Innovations that America, a much more vas culture and much more history. America has only been on this Earth for about 210 years. You really think China would collapse as fast as America? Compare when the Qin Dynasty came to be, and then when people had started coming to America on accident. They wanted to go to Asia to find spices and other things like silk. Still, you think that China can collapse as fast as America? Russia’s Soviet Union lasted for only 6 years. Seriously, this is reality. Face the facts, other countries can catch up and are catching up. Yea, Chinese have always been smart and are still smart. So have Americans, and other’s too. Also, what do you think those 15 year olds will do when they grow up? Atleast I bet one of them will take on a Military Technology Career. What do you think? China having the most people on Earth, with tons of 15 year olds that are very smart. Israel has a lot of technologies that had been shown on the show Future Weapons. Like their special tank where they have found out that tank’s are best if they have a unseen hatch. Also, they made a special kind of Assaut Rifle that has surpassed any that America has made. I like Israel since there are lots of technologies being constructed there. Airforce is not everything, I forgot what that war was called but some of the enemies had shot a B-2 Bomber. The Great B-2, the Stealthy and Dangerous bomber was shot down. I have a question, which country will rise when China falls? I bet atleast one of you will say “Why are you always standing up for Russia and China?” Well I know you view point. Since we all think America is very strong, why can’t someone that thinks other countries are also strong balance it out? For those who think that America is just the strongest since you guys think has the most nukes, Russia has more. But here is something I am confused on. Why is China, Russia, and America, the only countries that are building newest generation jets?

Dec 10, 2010
10:14 am
#338 Paul :

All of you are talking about best plane,but i believe a pilot can make the difference.Even good pilot can takout F-22,just using MIG can add as many technology or advanced engine in it but the rest remain on pilot.Its not an easy task to be a fighter pilot.

Dec 10, 2010
8:45 pm
#339 Alex :

The F22 and Eurofighter are aerodynamically instable. They are full of electronics that are keeping them to fly. The russian plane still use i think electronic tube (more reliable and cheaper). So, in a very short war the F22 is maybe better, but over some big country’s like Russia and China, with some heavy winter storms and rains, I don’t think they are better then SU or MIG’s. The electronic is very sensitive and the human mind can’t think of all possible scenarios. American are simple people, very much like russians.
Think at Einstein: WWIII maibe will see some weapons like F22 and SU, nuclear bombs and some other super-weapons, bur WW-IV is gone be done with rocks ans sticks.
So all this super planes are useless. Word will be better if all army’s be dissolved and the resources will be use to make humanity advance, like search in to space and in to oceans. The next WW will start because of over population of earth and because some country’s cant feed they people (no more resources).

Dec 11, 2010
3:18 am
#340 rozz :

China and Russia are not weak BUT both of their mindsets are very stone age. They believe in numbers and always have. Russia though I have to say.. is a joke. They have ONE aircraft carrier and if im not mistaken its STEAMPOWERED.. who the hell still uses steam power.. russia’s capabilities to make war somewhere else other then its own country would be so one sided… china yes has huge technological advances on the home front in the CIVILIAN world. i remember in high school how europe, asia and other countries were using flat screen, dvd, etc while we were still using VHS lol… but ultimately none of that really matters. jx22 isn’t in servicee and won’t be for a very long time, t-50 still doesn’t have engine capabilities the f22 has and nine times out of ten, doesn’t have the avionics capabilities the f22 has.

I agree with U.S, being in hot water with the economy. China is booming right now. But keep in mind through history, communism has NEVER trumped capitalism and it never will. Here’s the beauty of capitalism. you can have all the geniuses in the world in china, under communism it will eventually fail. History has repeated over and over again that capitalsim always prevails and communism always collapses. It’s only a matter oftime.

I hope you’re kidding about Qin Dynasty. If my history is correct the Qin dynasty collapsed in early 1900’s. ARe you aware of the Roaring 20’s here in the U.S. People didn’t come here of mistake. Everyone knew during that time that U.S. was the place to be. All during 1800’s we had the california gold rush, oklahoma land rush, and other events that made U.S. what it is today.

PLEASE send me alink of a B-2 getting shot down. thats hysterical…

Dec 12, 2010
11:12 pm
#341 Chris :

I dont think there is a video of the B-2 Bomber getting shot down, all I had seen was a news report or something a long time ago. But remember, in that small short time, the emperor combined all of China. Also, you didn’t even try to counter what I had said about America panicing right when China made the Carrier Killer Missile. Hahaha, about your capitalism and how you think China will never change. In about 30 years, China will be capitalist. Also, don’t numbers count as a lot? Have you ever started stomping in a ant or where ant’s crawl out from? Keep killing keep killing they keep coming out. Also, there were much more dynasties than the Qin Dynasty.

You seem to think China does not have a clue about what it is doing. Like I said, China is becoming capitalist and America I’m guessing will be fine with that, but still wants a rivalry with China. Oh and I think you need to know that the world’s greatest mathemetician is chinese. Hmm, this is a prediction, I think there is more information about J-XX and T-50 on their country’s websites. Like a chinese website that shows military things and a Russian website that shows military things. I agree, that when the T-50 came out, America did not panic to much as to the Carrier Killer Missile. If I am wrong, please correct me, but I am pretty sure that China posesses the strongest missiles in the world.

Rozz, is 5 years really a long time? Also, how long until China’s Navy surpasses America’s? How long until other small country’s realize that China is getting ahead of America? How long Rozz? But don’t you think Russia is strong since it started the Space Race? Made engines that can travel into space FIRST? You seem to ignore my BIG points in my last comment. America maybe can’t hide technology anymore, but China and Russia can. They did not think that America was the best place to be, they went to America to colonize more land just to show their strength. After or before that, everyone wanted to go to China. I agree with you that the Rush’s were very special events. Also, tell me your prediction of that matter of time until communism falls? Because it has to be somewhere inbetween 30 years.

Atleast try to answer all of my questions please.

Dec 13, 2010
1:12 am
#342 rozz :

“China will be capitalist” this has got to be a joke. China HATES capitalism. The only reason why they haven’t bailed on north korea right now is because if they do North Korea’s economy will collapse and people will demand a capitalistic economy. IF China bails on supplying North Korea and their economy and govt. collapses on itself (which this will only be history repeating itself) the U.S. will move quickly to est. a puppet govt. there.

Everything you say is wrong. Who cares about the T-50 and the Jxx when they’re not even in service and won’t be for several years. The only thing the t-50 has done is a maiden flight. They dont deserved to be mentioned on this forum. It’s like saying in 1980 we have the F22 that’ll take down anything. We didn’t have it even if it was in design.

Who cares if Russia went into space first. Here’s five good reasons why russia blows.

1. They have ONE airfcraft carrier and its STEAMPOWERED
2. They rely on 3-d thrust vectoring instead of avionics.
3. They believe in numbers, not strategy.
4. Search Moscow theatre crisis and you’ll realize how big of a joke the spetsnaz is.
5. Russia is a HUGE country and should have endless resources at their disposal, yet they continue to live in mediocrity.

5 reasons why China can NOT go toe to toe with U.S.

1. China does not even have an aircraft carrier.
2. Chinese does not have the f-22 nor the b-2
3. Chinese is still at least 20 years behind us in aviation.
4. They are communist. They will collapse eventually.
5. Another country that believes in numbers.

Again China is strong and advancing quickly, but not to the degree of the U.S. military. Even if they had the F-22 capabilities, what are the pilots like? You need to understand that when a country spends $685 bil a year on military, its gonna be the best. With russia and china combined its like 110 billion. Plus the U.S. marines have the best slogan. “Mess with the best you die with the rest” now you ahve to say that’s pretty intimidating (last part was for giggles)

As for this carrier killer.. again they have not produced yet. They don’t kn ow if its going to work so that has baring in this conversation.

Dec 13, 2010
1:22 am
#343 rozz :

*It has NO baring in this conversation.. sorry had to correct that

anything else i need to answer let me know. But its ridiculous to think that either one fo these countries can go out and start a war with a country who has 10 or 11 aircraft carriers and another one to deployed in 2015 and another one in the makings up to 2023. Man just stop. Please. There’s no argument here. No one has seen America in an all out war and I don’t think anyone wants to see that side either. China and russia combined has ONE aircraft carrier… ONE. they can’t make war anywhere else but their own turf. we even have stealth ships. I’m telling you russia and china are WAY behind in almost every category.

thought it looked pretty clean haha.

Dec 13, 2010
3:12 am
#344 rozz :

however i should have added that if obama gets elected in 2012 we will see the death of capitalism in america… that’s the ONLY way. but america is so sick of him though right now there’s no way he’ll win.. but america is crooked to the core and it is possible corporations will see to it he’s back in.

Dec 13, 2010
3:16 am
#345 rozz :

ahh sorry i keep forgetting to add things.. haha so bare with me. if ron paul gets elected (his popularity is increasing every day) then i can assure our economy will return to full strength if not more so. he knows how to work capitalism and he’ll see to it that it returns.. even if we have to suffer a depression. that’s what sucks for america. We either do it obamas way and lead to the crash of the american dollar where there is no recovery or we suffer a depression for 5-10 years and prosper big time down the road. of course america is so lazy and ridiculously impatient i don’t see ron paul getting elected :(

Dec 13, 2010
5:04 am
#346 Chris :

Hahaha, It’s so funny how you really do not know what your talking about. If China hates capitalism, why don’t you search it up on a CHINESE website? Try reading it and you will see what happens. Again I ask, if China did not know that the Carrier Killer is not going to work, why is America panicing to that missile? Yea, I don’t think ONE steam powered aircraft carrier will change much. Also, that counts for what you said, Russia belives in numbers, so why do you keep mentioning that? If what I say is wrong, then how come you don’t say that other people are wrong?

Dec 13, 2010
5:37 am
#347 rozz :

Well let me ask you this.. Is china a communist country? What do communists embrace? Does communist manifesto sound familiar? Hell no one steam powered won’t make a difference it would be sunk within a matter of hours with htat stone age technology. Answer me this as well. How would china make war against the U.S.? FOR THE LAST TIME, carrier missile technology does not exist and i would hardly call it a panic. The only thing they have said is basically we hvae to come out with something to counter it. when u.s. says they’re coming out with soething… you can bet your bottom dollar its gonna be legit. 635 billion a year legit. Is china moving slowly towards capitalism? yes i guess if you wan tto call it that, but at the end of the day the govt. controls alot of their products. The reason why I mention that RUssia beleives in numbers is because its stone age. They have muscle not mind. I want a direct answer. how would china make war against the u.s. with zero aircraft carriers as opposed to u.s. 11. man i cna’t wait to hear that one

Dec 13, 2010
12:36 pm
#348 joshua :

i think all of them is better if the MIG-35 shoots a radar missile they would use a flare so the following missile would be confuse cause of the flare

Dec 15, 2010
2:50 am
#349 Chris :

Rozz, you really expect me to answer those questions when you don’t even answer all of mine? What kind of a fair trade is that? Also, FOR THE LAST TIME, the Carrier Killer Missile exists, its another version of the Dong Feng 21A (DF-21A). You could atleast search this up you know.

Also do you think other’s asking for payback of money from America is legit? Using 635 Billion Dollars is not legit. Having it is and using it the RIGHT way is. Your so typical, Rozz, I bet you think China is a country that believes in numbers just because they have a lot of soldiers and a large population. It isn’t China’s fault for having so many soldiers in their military or having such a big population. Rozz, you’ve used this term a lot, “stone-age technology”, can you define it please? Like you said, you do not call it a panic. But I do, and there is proof everywhere.

I keep forgetting where this came from or what examples it is used in but oh well. I am just going to use the word country as the example. Have you heard of this? “Countries will rise and fall but shall never rise until a very long time later.” I am still not sure where it came from but I read it somewhere. It has something to do with rise and fall. The perfect example is Russia, Russia used to be one of the leading superpowers but has dropped to number three on the list right now. Also, it has been a long time since it rose up. Do you really think America will suddenly rise up again? You have not answered all of my questions but everyone has a bit of curiosity.

Dec 15, 2010
3:44 am
#350 Tom Clement :

Re: Travis: “”and our gen 5s are untouchable. Think of are bombers, and their payloads are localized weapons systems( we could sit here at home roast a country before the world knew what happened). He’ll, with 5000 troops in formations holding aa12’s full auto shotty we are already unstoppable. Noone wants a real war with the US, especially not on our soil. We are the most armed and psychotic nation of citizens by far. So, most spending research, best weapons best training, period””

Travis my boy, you are still not going to win any war..Just sit there quietly thinking you are the greatest.. and secure. If you try anything aggressive in today’s world you will be crushed.. So just keep your noses clean, keep making sugar water and mouse cartoons and you will be ok… You’ve never won a real war… and you never will… The only problem, like you, many Americans are deluded and think you are powerful. You are not. You are weak, hot dog eaters… Good f..n’ luck..

Dec 15, 2010
6:17 am
#351 rozz :

search up the cruise missile and it’ll say that its in production.. no way around it. They don’t hve it yet. They don’t have an aircraft carrier, they’re YEARS and YEARS behind us. Now will they catch up? yeah eventually but before that happens I think communism will do what it has always done. fail. stone age technology as in YOU are behind US. and have a long way to go. su35, 37, mig 29, and all these other crappy jets is like throwing sticks at the f-22. Look at russia’s aviation history and its comparison to western style fighters. It is too one sided its almost scary.

No not because of their population but their style of fighting. just look at history with countries like china, japan, and russia. now i will give these countries credit they have come a long way but not far enough. again behind.

Again what govt. was in place when russia fell? America will not fall UNLESS obama gets replaced. He will single handedly be the reason for the american dollar collapsing.

The good ole last line of defense of “you’re so typical” i love it. desperation

what questions have i not answered?

Dec 16, 2010
12:33 am
#352 rozz : bout right lol

oh and i used the word production loosely in my last post.. in research… lol..

Dec 16, 2010
4:23 am
#353 Chris :

Read my comments and you will see my questions. BTW, there is a lot you need to know before you actually make examples to me from Asia and Russia. Define your “YEARS YEARS”. To me reading those two things actually means 5 years. I’m happy you love being typical and that your so desperate to prove your country strong. You can tell that that was not my last line of defense. China back then did not have as much people as it does right now, of course, but I’m pretty sure that China fought Japan with only less than half of the military size that Japan had possessed, and you are probably going to say that China did not beat Japan, America did. That was only part of the war you know. One of my big points is that America uses GLOBAL ALLIANCE. I bet that America spends 635 Billion Dollars just to buy or persuade other countries into alliances with America. Check videos on China’s Navy, you can even see some people talking about how China used to be 50 years behind, and all of a sudden now is 15-5 years behind.

You haven’t given these countries enough credit. Again, this is another big point, you haven’t responded to what I said about other countries just recalling for money from America. If all the countries asked for recall from America, not even your so called “future savior president” can help. If they ask for recall, America will have to sell half of it’s military and will lose a large amount of their military income. Then what will you and your country do? Go back to your so called “Stone Age Technology?” Ever heard of the Domino Effect? The so called Global Alliance is known as NATO. Heard of that? NATO, like I said, was created for an impression on Russia, but since it failed, it was looking for a new target, that new target is China. I have said this before, America may not be able to hide it’s special projects anymore, but since you think other countries are so behind, the other countries can hide their special projects. I stand corrected for the missile, it is in production and is not out yet. Also, what happened to that technology not existing? What happened there? Why do you have such a confidence that your savior president will bring back America’s strength? How do you know that the F-22 is so superior to other jets? There has not been a war by the Superpower Countries since WW2 or something. So where is your example of them fighting against each other?

@Travis, No one won the Korean War.

Dec 16, 2010
4:26 am
#354 Chris :

Oops, I mean @Tom

Dec 16, 2010
5:08 am
#355 rozz :

China during world war 2 was about ilke a ghost. Japan owned yall. Ever heard of island hopping? Iwo Jima? Gualacanal? and other battles like that?

For the F-22 not being proven.. look up red flag and its performance it speaks novels. History is a cycle. We’ve been down and out before but capitalism and democracy will always make a comeback. Always has.

Ok for the last time if something is in research that means you do NOT obtain that technology yet. Are you aware of how many times countries will bail on projects because they just don’t have the proper equipment or technology? su47 is a prime example HAHA stupid russians. you can sit there and say recall or buying alliances, we’re still ahead. thats like saying a win is not a win. yes it is.

yes i have heard the typical american a million times from foreigners and it seems like every time they use it they get in some sort of desperation to come back with something. its great to watch. as this is right now

Dec 16, 2010
5:29 am
#356 Chris :

Recall of Money=Selling Everything you have since you can’t afford to pay with what you have right now. (In America’s Case)

Alliance=Pretending to have power while linking each other together and trying to show the world your strength. (In America’s Case)

Ahead=Not just military wise, but politically and economically. (In America’s Case)

Typical American=American who always thinks they are the top even if they get proved wrong.

Bailing on Projects=Projects that seem difficult and unachievable.

History is a cycle, Soviet Union Falls, America will Fall, China will Fall, every country will rise and fall just like you said.

How does looking up the Red Flag prove the F-22 Raptor?

It is great to watch you type about yourself since you have not noticed that some of your comments are two sided.

I did not say RESEARCH, I said PRODUCTION.

If you have not seen Asian History, China had actually beat Japan in some of the battles, America always had the advantage over Japan since in Iwo Jima, the Japanese soldiers were poorly treated and had bad equipment while America just sent tons of warships to blow up the island.

Russians are not stupid as they are the one that started the Space Race and were the FIRST to invent engines that can work in space.

I agree, Democracy and Capitalism will always stay on top. But you don’t believe that China will become Capitalism. Strange how you call me a foreigner without asking me where I am from. But, I would guess that since you are so typical. Also, I don’t give out that kind of info. Look up the history of NATO, America made it, GLOBAL ALLIANCE again. After China had navy drills with Australia, America made navy alliances with Australia. Im pretty sure that is how it happened. Su-47, is a real jet, it has been compared to the F-22 which is a bad comparison since we all know that F-22 is 5th Gen and Su-47 is still 4th. Typical American is not used as a last hope or for a desperation, it is used for people like you.

Dec 17, 2010
10:50 pm
#357 rozz :

You say production so you’re telling me they’re building the missile that will take out the carriers? prototypes does not mean production, that is research. Russians are stupid man accept it. Sure they paved the way for one thing but im not giving them too much credit because of the last 100 years they claim they make something awesome and it ends up being an epic fail. Mig 29 the perfect example.

Red Flag is about as close as you’re going to get to combat minus missiles, and bullets etc. Air Forces from all over couldn’t even lock on to it. I think the final kill ratio of the f22 was something like 98-2. Something outrageous.

I’m against the U.N. Not big fan of it. Britain was also aprt of making it. Churchill was a HUGE fan of it as well. Bailing projects isn’t something that SEEMS too difficult, if that was the case we would still be living without electricity. Its one of two things, money or lack of technology. Creating the jet engine seemed difficult, getting to the moon seemed impossible. Everything we do in the technological world seems difficult. i can tell you’re a foreigner by your english. It’s not that great.

Su 47 is a joke. i can PROMISE you that comparing any jet in the world to the f22 is comparing who would win a fight with mike tyson vs. an infant.

Pull out any jet you want and tell me the advantages it has on the f22. JXX doesn’t count neither does the t-50 because neither of them are in action and one of them hasn’t even lived up to what it was promising. Referring to the engine capabilities of the t50.

Again i want to know what questions I have not been able to answer for y ou.

Dec 18, 2010
12:39 am
#358 rozz :

At least you admitted to capitalism trumps communism. you need to realize how many times these govts fall and how long they take to rebuild. Russia, china all these countries as opposed to the U.S. We have had a huge down fall two or three times. But we always bounce back in ten years or so as opposed to russia’s llike 50 years and they still suck. China hasn’t been much to look at during the 1900’s either. When their govt. failed in early 1900’s they might have hit another high point along the way but nothing special. Capitalism is the driving force of a legit economy. U.s. is starting to lose their way and I fear that obama is attempting for a bigger one world govt. That’s why he does things like this. Call it consipracy, crazy or whatever BUT when its all said and done, i think that’s his agenda.

Dec 18, 2010
12:08 pm
#359 mohamadreza :

the best fighter is f-22 raptor! 1.8 mach with out after burner and super technology

Dec 19, 2010
4:41 am
#360 Tom Clement :

Sorry boys but communism got China to be the strongest economy on the planet.

however, now they are playing the capitalist game.. and will definitely beat you with your own rules.

Capitalism is so smart that it gets China to make everything for you… so clever, except now you can’t even make a tv. and wait until they start exporting their cars. You think the Japanese were competitive. The Chinese are smarter and harder working than the Japanese.

it’s over… the cards are down. REad them and weep..

Dec 19, 2010
6:24 pm
#361 rozz :

no…hitler also had one of the greatest economies at one point in time. don’t get me wrong, it may be awhile when we see the downfall of china again but trust me. all they’re doing right now is communism with the look of a capitalistic economy. they’re not fooling anyone. you can’t mix two polar opposites. doesn’t work that way. sure right now it looks good but long term no its not happening.

the sooner we get ron paul into office, the chinese are screwed royally. that man knows the capitalist game like the back of his hand. a true modern thomas jefferson.

Dec 20, 2010
11:30 pm
#362 Chris :

Really Rozz? Hitler of course had one of the greatest economies in WW2. That is how he almost managed to destroy Great Britain with 1000 bombers. But, America had a BETTER economy. Now change America to China, now look what will happen. Also, they are not pretending to have a Capitalist economy, their economy has already become Capitalist, I have just learned about that. Capitlism has brought America’s economy up, and also has been bringing China’s economy up. What is so good about Ron Paul? Hes just a Republican Congressman. What do you mean the downfall of China “again”? From what it comes to me, America has had more downfalls than China, and China has had a longer history that America. It looks good and is good now. I read something about China about to finish their first aircraft carrier. America has BORROWED money from other countries, manipulating other countries, and using them. America took advantage of NATO, wanting to challenge Russia in what it seems to look as if they want to stop Terrorism. Also, I stand corrected for China having only one 5th generation fighter under production, they have three. Every country takes their own road, America’s road looked good at first and was good at first but has lead them to a dead end. China is learning from other country’s mistakes and trying to counter them when they appear in China’s path. Who said anything about Prototypes? I meant Production to the J-XX, XXJ, and J-X. You say they are stupid since they have always been proving you wrong. MIG-29 turned out to be an “epic” fail since America had built the F-15 around the 80s when both planes came out. You only do research on America and a small amount on other countries. SU-47 is a good fighter jet, but is far from F-22. But J-XX and T-50 count as a lot, I really wonder why you say they don’t count since you say they are not in action. F-22 was put in service around 2005. But these newer Russian and Chinese jets are going to be in service a 10 years later. Russia’s T-50 will come out even sooner I think. Now, they are just 10 years behind, explain that? Russia donated 2 retired aircraft carriers to China to study, China has built on already and it will come out soon as I said. Let me suppose you are not a big fan of UN since China and Russia are in it? You need to realize that America is slowly falling to the ground, it will not rise up even if Ron Paul gets elected in 2012. I agree, Obama made some bad turns, but you shouldn’t disrepect him.

Dec 23, 2010
12:34 am
#363 rozz :

yeah america did have the better economy.. capitalism.. it ALWAYS prevails. you need to know that china is nothing even close to that and their fall is soon.

Apparently you haven’t looked into Ron Paul and you don’t know the true definition of capitalism. Capitalism in its purest form has very little govt regulation as opposed to a communist country where the govt. controls supply. you need to realize you can’t have a communist govt. with a capitalist economy. It’s impossible. THERE IS NO DEAD END WITH CAPITALISM. The F15 came into service in 1976. Look man if you’re going to get on here and debate research it before you go babbling about stuff you don’t know.

Jxx and chinese fighters are in research along with alot of crap you’re telling me. china isn’t even close to completing their first 5th gen jet and not even close to finishing their first aircraft carrier. you can’t look at sometihng in production and say “they’re almost finished”. when its tested and its efficient then they have that 5th gen or aircraft carrier. The mig 29 was specifically meant to take on the F-15. The russians called it “the eagle killer”. Su-47 didn’t even come into production and never saw combat so how can you say its a good jet? man please you’re digging yourself ina hole. You’re right it did come in at 2005 BUT research was going on in late 80’s. That’s what you don’t realize. A country can’t just wake up and say “hey let’s build a stealth fight as capable as the best in the world” it takes YEARS and YEARS of research and development. Realize that the maiden flight of the f22 was in 1990. What 20 years later the russians make their maiden flight and all of a sudden its the best? man please get out of here! Russia doesn’t have two aircraft carriers. That’s fine though, russia please keep donating china to do research on aircraft carriers from the 70’s. Obama is a joke and not my president. Ron paul 2012. Ok some things you need to look into are obviously:
1. f15
2. capitalism
3. ron paul
4. su47
5. common sense

Dec 23, 2010
4:29 am
#364 Chris :

Hahaha, you need to do more research. Russia has aircraft carriers that have been donated to China for studying. Also, if you look into China’s military technology and news more, you will see that their aircraft carrier really IS going to be finished soon. So what? When America made it’s first aircraft carrier you think somebody said, “Oh, just because they say it’s going to be done its not really going to.” Now America’s aircraft carriers are all nuclear. F-15 was around the same date as when the MIG-29 came out. You think that I should get off of here? This is a free country and you should have respected that since you think America is the perfect country. Also, yes a country can do it. That is exactly what America did. They woke up and said, “Hey, I have a great idea, lets make a 5th Generation Stealth Fighter that actually is average and lets force the media to tell the citizens of other countries how great it is.” America has been brought up by it’s media too, you would have mentioned that if you knew. Or, if you did not want to show that weak spot. The truth will be revealed and you shall see who is really right. Try getting some friends from other countries and letting them tell you some real info on other countries. Also, Ron Paul still isn’t so good to me. Just how you think Obama is not that good. Same exact concept. Anything is possible Rozz. You really think that America can produce 20 different 5th generation jets without asking one country for money? Or use up their entire income? America has found many ways to show it’s strength by just making the Media do it and also by siding with other countries. I think I wouldn’t be here if I did not know what I was talking about. Have you even seen other websites that are not America’s? Here are something you need to look into “obviously” :
1. China
2. Media
3. Russia’s Aircraft Carriers
4. Other Websites that have a different language in it
5. China’s Economy
6. America’s Truth
7. America’s Budget if they spend it
8. America’s Economy
9. Respect for current Presidents
10. WW2

Also, didn’t America wake up after the Vietnam war thinking that they should just build fighter jets that are (in their definition) much better than other countries?

Jan 4, 2011
9:24 pm
#365 Chris :

Oh BTW, I’ve read something that tells me the USA will stop production of the F-22 Raptor at around 2012. There is about 108 currently, they will stop production at 187, that is my guess.

Jan 19, 2011
3:40 pm
#366 Chris :

And..J-20 (J-xx) Has made it’s first maiden flight. Under construction? Say again Rozz?

Dec 21, 2013
1:06 am
#367 Noa Ruth :

I strongly agree that we the people of the United States stand for something greater than any other country of the world. To protect the weak and accept humans or in other words people that can not protect themselves, respectively. Have we ever tried to start a world war? Have we ever had mass genocide after the Civil War? the answer is No. no one is perfect but that is another subject for another day. I know America is really advanced but that doesn’t allow any one to hate on us because we are just trying to keep the world afloat as a whole. Imagine the world without the USA. WW3 would have happened a long time ago, if not already finished by the Germans and Japanese in WW2. So as a humble citizen of the United States of America I ask only for your open mind and support so that we can continue to protect the world and hopefully like we’ve always been doing…uniting every country of the world to create the most diverse and powerful nation, America.

Dec 21, 2013
1:09 am
#368 Noa Ruth :

Also one more fact I would like to point out…God bless America and us all.

Dec 23, 2013
10:06 pm

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