Carbon 15 Pistol – Bushmaster

The Carbon 15 pistol is a firearm similar in design to an ArmaLite AR-15 or the Colt M4 Carbine. The main differences between the Carbon 15 “pistol” and actual M4 is the absence of the shoulder stock and the fully automatic option. You don’t really want or need full auto though, because the Carbon 15 is not designed for suppressive fire, likewise, the red dot sight fitted on the accessory rail optimizes this weapon for close quarter personal defense-ideal for confined spaces.


We got the chance to let off some rounds with one of these bad boys not too long ago, and let me tell you, fire literally shreds it way out of the barrel. The accuracy was limited to short ranges, but the proprietary carbon 15 construction material makes it so light, coupled with the red dot sight, that one can hit successive targets accurately with little trouble.

Carbon 15 Pistol

Manufacturer: Bushmaster

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