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High Tech Missiles – Military Missles

JASSM Cruise Missile of the Future

“We need some options on the table!” Yells a military commander sitting in the Pentagon.

“How about the option to hit them with stealth cruise missiles, sir?” Says a lowly defense analyst in the back.

“What did you say!?” Screams the general.

“Well sir, we can just have our jets launch these JASSM cruise missisles from about 230 miles out sir. No one is put at risk but them, and they cost $300,000 less than Tomohawk missiles. We’ll save some money and take out the targets.”

“Brilliant! Order the strikes. What

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Future Artillery Weapons – The Army Tactical Missile System – ATACMS

ATACMSWhile launching seemingly endless volleys streaking up into the sky, the M270 MLRS mobile rocket launchers unload firepower unto the enemy. Many different types of missiles could be chosen to be launched by the MLRS, from rockets that rain shrapnel on areas the size of several football fields to GPS-guided rockets that can deliver a 500 pound warhead to any target. Likewise, defense contractors like Lockheed Martin will always be taking orders for more of these missiles and even upgrades for the system as often as they…

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Kinetic Energy Projectile – KE-projectile

penetrator ke
An APFSDS, Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabalized Discarding Sabot round.

A Kinetic energy Projectile is one that can pierce through advanced armor more efficiently due to a smaller penetration surface and a high rate of speed. As you can see the munition bursts apart leaving a small rod that can penetrate advanced armor technology such as reactive armor. Typically the penetrator rods are constructed of extremely high-density metals such as depleted uranium or tungsten. The purpose of a sabot with rounds such…

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Slow-Motion MLRS Video – Rocket

MLRS breakdownThe video below shows the multiple Launch Rocket System developed by Lockheed Martin in action in slow motion. The Guided MLRS (GMLRS) rocket is being developed under an international cooperative program with the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany. GMLRS will have a global positioning system aided inertial guidance package integrated in a rocket body. Additionally, small canards on the guided rocket nose will add basic maneuverability to further enhance the accuracy of the system.

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PAC-3 Patriot Missile – Surface to Air Missile – Raytheon

250px Patriot missile launchSurface to Air Missiles or SAM’s are a crucial addition to every countries military force. Being able to defend against air attacks from ballistic missiles, bombers, and fighters, gives any military an advantage over their adversary. The Patriot surface-to-air missile is an incredible weapon that is very precise in shooting down incoming munitions or aircraft. The patriot Missile is produced by Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. The patriot is in service in a number of countries including Kuwait, Germany, Greece, Israel, and…

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Hunter UAV Airstrike – Viper Air Attack on Vehicle

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC)

Viper Strike
The Viper is a standoff munition guided by GPS and laser-guidance. The Viper is primarily used in missions that require a flexible angle of attack, either steep or shallow. The weapon is produced by Northrop Grumann’s Land Combat Systems Facility in Alabama. This particular Viper Standoff munition requires a man to lase the target either from the UAV itself where the missile is fired from, or from the ground. The Viper is similar to the Hellfire missile used in the Predator UAV…

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Railguns – Electric Future Rail Gun – Military Raligun

A technology that will increase the Navy’s capable strike distance by ten fold is on the way. Proposed in the 1970’s under the “star wars” Strategic Defense Initiative, railguns are no longer a thing of the past or just an idea on the drawing boards. The United States Office of Naval Research has successfully fired a Railgun and has plans to incorporate the technology into Naval Ships by the year 2020. The main idea in developing the Railgun is to overcome the limitations of chemical projectiles. The Railgun will deliver projectiles to its intended target much…

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X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile – Fastest Cruise Missile

Imagine having the ability to strike anywhere in the world within one hour. The X-51 is an amazing hypersonic cruise missile that travels 600 miles in just ten minutes (approximately 3600 MPH or Mach 5).

x 51 cruise missile

Compared with the Tomahawk Missile which travels at a mere 550 MPH, the X51 gives the US the ability to strike enemies quickly before they can evade. As U.S. Strategic Command’s deputy commander Lt. Gen. C. Robert Kehler puts it, the goal of the X51 is “to…

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AGM-86C Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile

Manufacturer: Boeing [NYSE: BA]

The conventional air-launched cruise missile (CALCM) is an affordable, long-range (standoff) missile that has been proven in combat by the U.S. Air Force. It is recognized for its rapid-response capability, and it is produced by converting surplus nuclear-armed AGM-86B missiles into the AGM-86C/D missile, which is the basis for CALCMs.

CALCM cruise missile

This particular Cruise Missile is launched by a B52 Bomber and propelled by a turbofan jet engine at approximately 500 MPH. The AGM-86C is very hard to detect with radar due…

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Hellfire 2 – Fire and Forget Missile – Hellfire II Anti-armor Video

Lockheed Martin Hellfire II fire and forget missile

“Can be launched from multiple air, sea, and ground platforms, autonomously or with remote designation. HELLFIRE II is a highly successful, combat-proven weapon system for precision kill of high-value armor, air defense, ships, waterborne, and fixed targets. The missile may be employed by lock-on before or lock-on after launch for increased platform survivability.”

hellfire 2 water to air
Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT]

The new Hellfire II is the improved Hellfire missile that comes in…

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