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At Future Firepower we always keep the latest breaking news on the newest weaponry available to the United States Military and its allies. On top of following the technological advancements in weapons systems of the US, we also like to introduce the military capabilities of nations throughout the world. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has some very advanced weapons systems. Ballistic missiles and missile defense programs are paramount in Chinese military planning with the PLA carrying a number of advanced bombs and missiles. Everything from mobile artillery howitzers, to high-tech tanks such as the Type-99 and the lighter Type-96 as seen in the picture below can be found in the Chinese military.
type 96 china
On top of having an array of advanced ground vehicles, China also boasts an advanced naval force with large advanced submarines, and many worthy battleships but lacking aircraft carriers. The PLA also has a capable air-force, although it is nothing that could match the capabilities of NATO forces or the United States Military with the F-22 and many other reliable and proven fighters. The Jian-10, swept-wing fighter has been introduced by the Chinese air-force but the capabilities remain unclear.

There was speculation years back that the “star wars” program would spark a new weapons race and nothing could be more true as, once again, Russia, The US, and China are entering into a weapons space race. The United States militarization of space has caused uneasiness within China and Russia which has caused them to invest in their aerospace programs as well. One very frightening feat that China has been able to attain is the ability to destroy GPS and other military satellites owned by the US. China launched a vehicle into space intending to destroy an old weather satellite 500 miles in orbit and achieved their goal proving that they could indeed take out the ‘eyes’ of the United States military. The US military also admitted that China disabled a satellite while it orbited over China’s land mass using a directive energy weapon of some sort which produced a high power beam into the face of the satellite.

With China only spending 10% of what the United States does on military technology and expenditures, the PLA has some amazingly advanced technology. Some estimates say that Chinese military spending may spike to half that of the U.S in the foreseeable future. This would make the U.S government very uneasy.

Slideshow of Chine Military (PLA) weapons

Currently there is a weapons embargo between the European Union and the US with China. The Federation of American Scientists, a liberal group long known for its opposition to nuclear weapons, has come out against lifting the EU ban on arms sales to China.”Indeed, troubling transfers of Chinese military and dual-use equipment are numerous,” Matt Schroeder of the Federation of American Scientists, wrote recently.

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Feb 4, 2008
12:48 pm
#1 tropango :

China does NOT have aircraft carriers

Jul 3, 2008
1:45 pm
#2 Samuel :

The Americans and the EU will pay for their petty deed to obstruct the inevitable rise of a omnipower. China will rise, and the racists fools shall finally awaken to their pathetic destruction. Our power shall triumph and crush the infidels, and the milestone of our glory shall be the other’s downfall.

Jul 10, 2008
5:19 am
#3 Fred :

Ok… That seems just like fascist material that the nazis worked on in WWII.

Jul 20, 2008
12:03 am
#4 Cammarade pablo :

i agre samuel

Oct 9, 2008
11:25 pm
#5 Wong Fook Meng :

The US better know the PLA is not Iraq/Kosovo where US and Nato planes can roam at will. Yes in showdown with the US the Chinese will lose. there is no doubt about that. but is the US prepared to pay the price for regime change in Beijing?
Furthermore the ability of the PLA to inflict unacceptable damamge on the US i s growing every second.OK The the US can destroy China 100 times but the ability of the PLA to wreak
havoc on the US will increase from ,my projection ath moment,20% to 50% by 2010.
What the US want is China that is weak like in the korean war or in 1996 where the US can deploy its aircraft carriers.Then it ican force the Chinese to kowtow.
I believe the PLA has factored in X US carriers in a showdown over the Taiwan.I am confident if the US were to send ten ac into the Tiawan tsraits they will be burning hulk.
So the days when the Chinese are weak like in the opium war are over.

Nov 14, 2008
4:23 am
#6 Will :

I think this highlights the hypocrisy of the Americans. The Chinese are merely spending 10% of what US spends on military and yet it is the Chinese who are being painted as villains for even daring to think of upping its spending to half of what the US is spending.

Nov 18, 2008
12:14 am
#7 Casey :

I’m sorry, we are the only current super power, people have already attacked for our ideals, we have had nothing but problems with communism in the past. Yeah your right, we should not worry when the only country in the world that can put forth a million man army increaseases enough defense funding to cover that. Idiot.

Nov 20, 2008
11:08 am
#8 Wu Sheng Chin :

If any American cares to turn back the pages of his history he will find out the US has been involved in most of the major wars since 1945. Korea,vietnam ,bosnia,Kosovo,Iraq to name those I know.Well the US didn’t get involved in the recent Georgia war because the logstics were not in their favour. Furhtermore it was Russia not a weak Middle East country like Iraq that can be pushed around. Of course if the US really want it could win but at the cost of a general war which is not worth the price.
If the American people are not careful,their leaders could suck them into war on the pretext of defending US armed forces.If readers care to read about the Tonkin incident they will find out it was manufactured to give Johnson the pretext to attack North vietna,m. 58000 US youth lost their lives.
I’m afraid that in the Taiwan scenario, an ac could be sacrificed to start a war with China. Just imagine 5000 innocent lives lost because the US president wants to destroy China.Of course it aint easy and straight forward. The PLA must be prepared and bf China is almost pulverised they inflict unacceptable damage on the US.
Fortuantely I believe that saner heads will prevail in the Pentagon and such a scenario is a remote possibility.The point is the US can’t attack China without being hit like in the 1954 and 1958 Taiwan crisis. Then Mao’s army was poorly equipped and at most could sink a few US ships. FF to 2008 it’s a different story and the amount of havoc the pla can wreak on the US homeland will increase even with the missile shield,Ineed not say China will be a pile smoke.

Feb 5, 2009
10:41 am
#9 Joseph Tan :

China will not fight with America face-on since she realizes her weaknesses and shortcoming. In any way superiority in weaponry does not guarantee any country ultimate victory in a war. China will fight a asymmetrical warfare since the whole bulk of the Us weaponry depends on computer and computer-assisted guidance. She may launch cyber warfare, disrupt computer imaging, jamming IT related devices and of course, shoot against the GPS satellite to which bulk of American weapons great reliance at the little cost of both human and financial costs and also little international condemnation at time of war. She may even fight or frustrate America will on high moral grounds with little casualties inflicted on both side. The Chinese knowledge on computer related tools is increasing by the days and the days will the American dominate the world of IT and related technologies in the 60’s, 70’s or up to 90’s is a sheer dream away. Third World countries like India had grown leap and bound in this area. Further whether F 22 is that superior or not is yet to be seen. In a widely publicize “red-flag” mock-up battle, Indian-flew Su – 30MKI beat American F-15C in almost every aspects. In fact, on a questionaires survey, almost 80% voted Su- 30MKI would come out victorious as opposed to almost 20% votes goes to F-22 and the rest (a miserable 3%) give their vote to F – 15. Therefore the public is not easily fooled by the superiority of F- 22 as well. No wonder Congress had find it hard to approve the amount of number of the over-priced F-22 sought by the air-force, army and navy. Further with the current financial crunch in the US, it would sensible to think that the Us cannot afford to open up another war front with Iran, what more with China.

Feb 7, 2009
11:23 pm
#10 Eric Z :

Nicely said Joesph. However the questionaire is strange. Defeating an F-15 with a Su-27 variant is one thing. Having an aircraft with a huge RCS (MKI) vs one with a virtual non existant one (F-22) is definetly not a fair battle.
Red flags aren’t that definitive. :p

Mar 15, 2009
10:11 am
#11 Imperialism Sucks :

I am so glad that there are other more powerful than the West. When the West was powerful, they only look out for their own interest with total disregard for ALL non-Western countries. They are now on a road of economic imperialism. Instead of trying to invade country militarily, they are now trying to open up countries favorable to their racist corporations.

I am sick of Western racism and their white supremacism. If they go to war, they will suffer dearly. Since their lives have become too easy, they have forgotten what it feels like to have bombs dropping over their suburb.

Apr 14, 2009
3:04 pm
#12 Al in China :

Everyone is so quick to judge the US in its power and position… whats with you guys…jealousy maybe? Well, let’s see, if China takes the place as number one in the world will we see millions upon millions of aid going to other countries to help starving people? Take a look at the figures, not just this year, but every year for decades, the US people have generously donated literally billions of their own money to help others. Now let’s see, is that what the oil rich mid eastern Islamics are doing…? Or how about the Chinese communists? You really think that when YOUR country needs help, that Iran, Pakastan, Russia, or China is going to dig deep down into the pockets of its citizens and send their money overseas? NOT.

When the US goes down, there will be no one to help others. The other countries aren’t doing much to help now, and that isn’t going to change because their societies are not based on giving. The reason that the people of the US give is because the primary religion of the US is based on giving, not on forcing people to accept some belief at the point of a sword, or throwing people in jail because they speak about a savior.

Apr 22, 2009
7:35 pm
#13 TONY :


Apr 29, 2009
12:39 am
#14 sgt:cheapbeer :

What many of you fail to realize is the American people don’t always agree with our politicians plans on making War, We the people want peace not war. Even the wars we won we don’t stay and claim the land steal the treasures, no we win the peace make a new ally and leave. You all must remember this above all else America is were it is because of you or you’re ancestors and mine !

May 2, 2009
8:19 pm
#15 Michael :

America, my home country has a complicated history, both hypocritical with much racist policies before, but there are those who fought for a change here. the natives suffered deeply but now are doing much better and getting plenty of rights and self governance back. Finally we have a half black president showing we have progressed to a better democratic nation. I really hated bush’s policies but u cant put all the blame on america, china this past century has done terrible crimes i heard of but reading their history, they suffered bitterly at the hands of western powers and even recently from WW2 at the hands of the japanese. we have a right here to question our leaders and a right to believe in what we please without the threat of execution for it. Even with the wrongs commited here, i still love america and we do try and help others around the world. the wrongs done before are in the past, we should move forward

May 20, 2009
4:18 am
#16 Zac :

Well said Michael, I totally agree. Folks, lets be HUMAN again. No differentiation in race, religion and gender. There’s only the good and the bad.

May 23, 2009
7:17 pm
#17 forestq :

true, they have no aircraft carriers (as stated in article), although they have carrier hulk bought from russia

May 23, 2009
8:11 pm
#18 forestq :

What little I see here is the need to realize that the objectives of wars have changed. No government fights wars to ‘destroy’ enemy country (aka. leave ‘pile of smoke’) with either conventional or unconventional weapons, or to even take their territory as their own. Economic supieriority and influence is all that matters, as whole world exists in one global economical net, objectives of war (or reasons to wage war) would be increasing welfare, econ. power of own country. This applies to Taiwan. China grew incredibly stronger over last decade without waging any war, and it is not in their interest to start. The importance of Taiwan is mere ideological, historical and prestigeous (it is a part of China after all, and thats it). I don’t know how reasonable or predictable Chineese officials are (from what I’ve seen I believe the new guy in charge is witty man), but there is little or none at all chance that they would invade the island, risking war and embargo from western powers (that would hurt us all, just open your electronic-to-clothes and read ‘made in china’ sign). Not to mention few years ago i remember chineese official stating that ‘Taiwan would peacefully return to China by 2020′. And if economical developement and prosperity would be followed by gradual political changes towards more democratic, that could mean unification of the split country, for simple reason, that Taiwan’s main enemy – ‘the evil galactic communists of China’ would be no more even if ‘communist’ (maoist) by name, while citizens of Taiwan could possibly want easier access to China’s markets.
Furthermore no sane major power government would lead its country to military conflict against other major power, because of their devastating firepower. That would do more damage to both sides than the game is worth. That is not the case with smaller country vs superpower wars, as full destruction of any side is not a threat (smaller can’t deliver it, larger can go without it). And some leaders today would wage those kind of wars for reasons ideological, economical (is that a word?;p) or political. Georgian-Russian, Iraq/Afghan wars are examples here. In first case, G. war capability was destroyed (though together with some questionable infrastructure bombardments), 2 countries split from G. (please don’t go political right-or-wrong here) while G. authorities were not ‘removed’, in the latter cases, A./I. government changes were objectives and took places. In all of the cases, smaller countries took the fight and lost, assuming correctly that total destruction of their nation will not happen, and either to defend their soveringty or to stay in charge, they took the fight.
I am writing this, because assumptions ‘who would kick whoose ass’ seem out of touch here and to be fair, kind of kindergarten-trash-talk.

May 24, 2009
4:50 am

china will soon be the super power in asia

May 29, 2009
9:49 am
#20 Abe Im :

I wonder if North Korea is the most powerful nation militarily? BTW, Samuel up there is a bit too Hitler-ish and I agree with Fred. Another BTW, I’m S. Korean. Don’t think I’m North.

May 29, 2009
9:50 am
#21 Abe Im :

Samuel is a NERD.

Jun 1, 2009
2:11 am


Jun 12, 2009
5:57 pm
#23 Eric :

I have serious doubts that China will get attacked by the United States. There’s simply too much at stake. And to one degree or anothere I have serious doubts that China wants to attack the United States. The U.S. is already in debt to up to it’s eyeballs, and just afford to piss off the Chinese government. At the same time, China is pretty reliant on the U.S. to buy its products. If China sees a dramatic drop in the amount of exports to the U.S., they will start to see a breakdown of their fledgling middle class especially in places like Hong Kong, and the larger cities. Our two nations have become too economically intertwined that we’ve formed a symbiontic relationship, where if something happens to one, the other will suffer just as well as the other. So just cutting ties isn’t an option either. The Chinese Can’t afford to lose the United States as a primary customer of it’s goods, and the United States can’t afford make things domestically because it will cause rising labor costs, which in turn cause higher inflation. Simply put, it just doesn’t make good business sence to go to war. Even if China were to start losing money due a rise in U.S. Dollar inflation and treasury notes. China would still make a profit that happened.

Jun 29, 2009
6:19 am
#24 Jeff :

Have you ever seen a Chinese person drive a car? Do you really think these people can fly an airplane? What a joke. As for the 10% of the US spending, you obviously don’t know we’re talking about a communist country. Even if they were spending the same amount of money on their military they would not divulge that information. They are surreptitiously building their arms since they know they can.

Jun 30, 2009
7:55 am
#25 Adrian :

Today’s PLA military is strictly a defense force, they wont occupy or attack any country outside Asia’s mainland and taiwan.

The only way China and the US will ever go to war is if the Korean War starts up again and Western forces threaten to take the whole Korean Peninsula. The last thing China wants is a Western power occupying a country next to theirs. The last thing the US wants is to go to war with their #1 buyer of government bonds, China.

A war between the US and China is impossible in this age.

Jul 2, 2009
4:02 pm
#26 Michael :

Is there ever a reason for war? Perhaps sometimes like if we are attacked first or for a just cause but have we had just causes in recent wars? I think Afghanistan was one as the taliban was harboring bin laden hwo attacked us, and now we must finish there, I never believed Iraq was a just cause as No WMD were found there and no evidence of Al-quada was there, i mean the conflict proved to be very bloody till this day and the suicide attacks and the deaths of all those innocent civilians there is saddening, so many of our troops died, but the nation appears to be stablizing, i hope it doesnt collapse in onto itself after we leave. I dont want america to go to war with china, both our contries can negotiate their differences, but over north korea? I doubt china will get involved over that country, i mean they became fed up with them during the recent talks and all, yet we still trying to get them back to the six party talks. I think war in this case must be a last option, yet south korea and japans security are threatened by N koreas actions. Nothing serious happened yet, but i dont believe we should be intimidated by their threats and if worse is to happen, i just hope it wont get out of hand. I think its unfair to demonize china simply because their a communist government, i mean is our democracy better? Mostly yeah but i tend to wonder that democratic nations as our own at times have political parties who represent the will of the select few rich at everyon elses expence. I think a major threat within america is from the stranglehold and influence multibillion dollar private coorporations have over our nations economy and politics, these would include the oil tycoons and large banks.

Jul 11, 2009
9:14 am

Communist started from Russia, and yes it caused many countries in chaos after it collapsed in 1990. And some countries like china changed their trade policy therefore can able to maintain the government. Without US and NATO china is nothing. You see Chinese heavily depends on the industries. Not many well known companies come from china so we can see that if Chinese go to war with US. Chinese will lose before they can fight. How long Chinese can feed its military?

Jul 18, 2009
8:33 pm
#28 Hank-san :

Here’s the thing – the Chinese have essentially been stepped on by the west for quite some time. Ranging from the Boxer rebellion to an unpopular regime supported by the west which lead to the Revolution in the first place. Now, China is trying to put itself on par with the other big players. And it’s managing this, despite how things may seem, slowly but surely. It’s economy is booming, and people are surprised it’s military is too? It’s inevitable. As far as any conventional conflict against China goes (in the unlikely event of it anyway) it would be an economic disaster for most of Asia, whatever the outcome, North Korea would make a fuss – seeing as they’re essentially held together by China – the Kremlin would be seriously uncomfortable with that level of force being applied and would at the very least make life difficult for someone (and, barring a major change in policy and thought, I can’t see this being America) Europe would be unlikely to make any major move in support as their populations would be unlikely to sanction that kind of action – not to mention the nightmare of the Cold War not only reigniting, but getting proactive. As far as ‘Shock and Awe’ goes, the Americans would have to risk and spend a great deal of effort and resources to mount a completely effective assault against a country of that size, and the damage done to industry would severely affect the rest of Asia and many countries besides. This isn’t as simple as many think – yes, America can hurt China, yes, China can make life hell for the Americans involved, but there are so many external factors to consider that from whichever direction you look at any future conflict, there is no way this would be worth it.

Jul 29, 2009
1:41 am
#29 John Russo :

Remember America did not fear Japan before WW2, America thought it impossible for the Japanese to produce a superior plane like the Zero. Lets not repeat the past.

Aug 4, 2009
12:36 am
#30 jdsljvb :

every dog has its day (usa) islam will insha -allah win at the end 100% no matter how hard these americans try at that time they will be defeated. every greyhound cant sprint forever???

Aug 4, 2009
11:12 pm
#31 Scott :

Right John Russo… and that worked out swimmingly for the Japanese…

Aug 4, 2009
11:16 pm
#32 Scott :

There are only a few countries on earth capable of sustaining a global military presence for any real length of time. China is not one of them. They are certainly making strides, but still have a long way to go.

Aug 13, 2009
8:11 am
#33 andrew :

HMMMMMMMMMMM everybody is forgetting the at the EU is the worlds largest economy and and as the french have said it is time the Eu starts punching at its own weight in world affairs.
I believe they and not china is the next major superpower and its technology is equal to that of the US. The EU members are also allies of the US. Chinas prosperity and as such military capabilities comes from its huge export volume to both the US and EU. Also the lesson of selling iron to japan prior to WWII and that iron coming back as bombs has not been forgotten by the west. As for china as long as the Government is communist they will be fantastic at making shoes for they will never be able to get the technology that will turn them into an economic or any other form of superpower.

Aug 14, 2009
11:53 am
#34 body5in :

well if we intend to make the world a better place to live we cannot afford a third world war. To be precise if weapons of mass destruction are to be used by both sides all the hard work by these nations to give its citizens a better life shall be lost. how can asians forget the fact that a large number of asian immigrants live in europe and us. going to war just to prove a supremacy sounds stupid. what we need to realise is that it becomes very important for all to lay stress on a peacefull world rather than getting on each other.. a war is only required if inevitable rather then a insecure feeling driving us to war. think global thats the mantra for peace

Aug 16, 2009
2:00 am
#35 Anon :

Of course the US is Scared because China is challenging the USA’s power as a superpower

Apparently people can’t have two world superpowers without worrying to a nuclear holocaust. People will understand that if the US invades China or even moves a hostile act we will all be massacred in a matter of weeks after the declaration of war pertaining that China uses her 1,000,000 people army in an invasion against us. I’ve seen the chinese army and America has no chance if it comes down to war.

Aug 17, 2009
7:43 pm
#36 Benjamin :

China’s military is testing its boundaries as a new world power.

The truth is, the rich of America and the rich of China are in on this situation together.

They have killed the middle class in America, and sent most of it to China, in a massive redistribution of wealth. Where the rich here are selling out “the people” to China (China’s main desire). Meanwhile American companies that need ‘slave labor’ get the boot of the communist government on the neck of the peasant class to make you that Pikachu squeeze toy for your dog.

America loves when people talk of world wars. Because as long as the threat seems real, so too can they leach from “the people” in both their countries, spending billions on a war neither side will be fighting for the rest of all the rich people of the world’s lives.

The truth is, China is the sweat shop of the world. It is producing widgets by the zillions, but it has no innovation, and has to steal all its technology from outside sources. Nobody sells top of the line technologies to other countries. It’s always older models. Selling state of the art military equipment is considered contrary to security interests within the selling country.

Also, China and Russia are not such good friends as others are portraying here.

When push comes to shove, Russia wants to be part of the EU, and are racist enough not to align with China exclusively. (Racism sometimes does have its uses).

One last thing. Look at the history of China militarily. They are like France in that the only war they’ve ever won was against themselves. Mao murdered more people than Hitler in his own country. During that time the starving people resorted to cannibalism. That’s RECENT Chinese history. As recent as the ascent of the American middle class.

That day is almost over, despite a few high powered officials who are in their 80’s and 90’s now.

All nations are rising. But America still has more allies than enemies, when it gets right down to it.

China thinks it’s going to Tony Soprano the U.S., propping the U.S. up, letting them think they’re number one, until one day they are not…the Chinese are being used and they don’t even see it.

It is the servant that takes the money. We are buying their goods. They are feeding our currency value. They cannot make a domestic market in a vacuum. Who will buy goods from them if they leave the U.S. currency for dead?

Who? Britian? 80 million people? Germany? Russia? You can’t feed a billion people on 300,000 million wealthy consumers. China needs the U.S. to prop up its own worth.

If China thinks it can just collect on the backs of the U.S. forever, guess what? Look what happened with the gold standard, when they got rid of it. They screwed everyone out of money owed when they switched standard currency regulations.

If they switched the U.S. Dollar to something else, the Chinese would be holding a trillion dollars of toilet paper. Either party can change the rules of the worth of that money.

Just call the item something else, not money, and you are instantly debt free. All it would take it the U.S. to convince the people to switch it, and the U.S. is HOMEFREE.

Plus the U.S. can always clawback what they ‘owe’ over issues of currency manipulation and talk them down due to what their currency ‘should have been worth’ over the time the communist government was lying and pretending their country hasn’t increased in value for the last 30 years.

Plus they can argue over the lack of attention to intellectual property rights, which is worth at least half a trillion dollars in violations right there.

There are ways to minimize these loans. If the Chinese insist on ‘guarantees’.

I mean the population will be much smaller when the Baby Boom generation disappears. So less people will owe EVEN MORE per person. I just don’t think the rich, the chinese or the boomers cares what happens when they’re gone.


Aug 17, 2009
11:52 pm
#37 Me :

I’m not a US citizen, but why does everyone attack US moral?
Its not hard to see that the US fights for freedom and liberty..
I’m From Canada, We have a very small army, we basically have no Navy or air force, but we have a government that doesn’t opress people, and a high standard of living, thus, the US is our friend, aside from the fact that our history is intertwined and we’re right next to eachother…. I dunno, Russian and Chinese Powers are not Good…
When will you learn that your countries need to follow the west, all of Europ and North America, We have the highest standereds of living, the most visible rights to Civilians and such… Why do you think theirs a higher percentage of Russian and chinese people in Western Countries then the opposite? Such nations cannot be trusted with power… It will be obused and not used for freedom!
So I say, let China have there toy’s…
Let Russian have their toys…
When and if war was to break out, I surely know who is to win,
Freedom and liberty always prevails sooner or later..
-Proud peacekeeper

Sep 3, 2009
9:29 am
#38 Azizah :

On paper the PLA is no match for US forces.The US may be able to destroy and pulverise China. .It maybe able to launch a disarming strike on China’s nuclear forces. But wait a minute.It aint as easy as taht.
For starters the Chinese aint so defenceless like in the opium war or even in 1996.The days when the US can send its navy in China’s backyard are going to be over soon.The PLA missile power will see to it that any US ac or vessel lurking in China’s with hostile intent will be
become a burning hulk.
BF the US can destroy China it better prepare for Chinese retaliation. Yankee stationwhere the US park its fleetoff Vietnam will be a distant dream.

Sep 26, 2009
10:38 pm
#39 HLC :

Ok Anon. Have you forgotten how powerful the US really is? If the US and China went to war the US wouldn’t get destroyed at all. Sure China has a huge army, but that means NOTHING. America watches China’s every move even though China thinks we don’t. America has people all over the world. As long as America exists there won’t be a world where the US isn’t one step ahead. The government knows everything about China. We know where there nuclear facilities are, there main bases, and where there navy is stationed. The only reason why the American people don’t know about this is because if this got released China would flip out. China’s military may be huge, but there soldiers are severely untrained. They have so many troops they can’t afford to give all up-to-date weaponry. The US has superior strategies, weaponry, technology, training, navy, and air force. China is just big. If the US did go to war with China we could destroy in most of every way. China is a new power and can’t get close to standing up against the US. No country would help China except N. Korea and maybe Russia. We could destroy there country without even setting a soldier on there ground. We could starve them if we wanted to. China is nothing right now. China is scared of the US. They act tough, but the truth is they are scared out of there minds. Anon, you over-estimate China’s abilities.

Oct 2, 2009
11:14 am

I stongly disagree with HLC. Wat u sed was completely racist n untrue! U think USA is everything, u think USA knows everything, U think USA is supreme….ur WRONG!!! USA is nothing…u sed, Americans ar everywhere, they know the movements on China….who da FUCK are u to know about this! U ar nothing….The fact there is, is that….for there are more Chinese people around the world then u USA’s of ur’s! U Guys think u give out everything and donate billions to other countries….that is true, but thats called Aid! We are humans, we need each other…feel sympathy for humans, and thats y not only USA donate, but other countries including china which also infact donated billions but u asshole people dont realise the work of other countries! If China did go to work wif USA, u guyz are toast! this could be nuclear warfare, but even so….there are millions of chinese overseas if not billions. U USA’s are out numbered!!! Majority rules. U couldnt say u will win because of ur so called advance weaponary….We, all have advance weaponary…Not only USA!!! USA’s power is nothing but a fake pride taken from World war 2. IF the japanese had enough time, your Cities could hav been covered in disease plague n die! USA is not powerful! they are they true scared people. But at the same time, u guyz are ASSHOLES! U see USA is every war. But the 1 about the korean wars n the vietnam. U guyz sud be ashamed. the fact that u guyz tricked the world saying u guys won those wars. in the korean war….the USA’s wer trapped…surrounded wat we called chinese troops dressed as korean troops. u guys had to pull out. n in the vietnam war….chinese troops dress as vietnamess chased u guys. yet, u sed u won. thats BULLSHIT!!! China can beat u assholes! ur nothing!!! USA is nothing for sure….Ur fake supreme is nothing…..u pussy’s!!!

Oct 2, 2009
11:17 am

I stongly disagree with HLC. Wat u sed was completely racist n untrue! U think USA is everything, u think USA knows everything, U think USA is supreme….ur WRONG!!! USA is nothing…u sed, Americans ar everywhere, they know the movements on China….who da FUCK are u to know about this! U ar nothing….The fact there is, is that….for there are more Chinese people around the world then u USA’s of ur’s! U Guys think u give out everything and donate billions to other countries….that is true, but thats called Aid! We are humans, we need each other…feel sympathy for humans, and thats y not only USA donate, but other countries including china which also infact donated billions but u asshole people dont realise the work of other countries! If China did go to war wif USA, u guyz are toast! this could be nuclear warfare, but even so….there are millions of chinese overseas if not billions. U USA’s are out numbered!!! Majority rules. U couldnt say u will win because of ur so called advance weaponary….We, all have advance weaponary…Not only USA!!! USA’s power is nothing but a fake pride taken from World war 2. IF the japanese had enough time, your Cities could hav been covered in disease plague n die! USA is not powerful! they are they true scared people. But at the same time, u guyz are ASSHOLES! U see USA is every war. But the 1 about the korean wars n the vietnam. U guyz sud be ashamed. the fact that u guyz tricked the world saying u guys won those wars. in the korean war….the USA’s wer trapped…surrounded wat we called chinese troops dressed as korean troops. u guys had to pull out. n in the vietnam war….chinese troops dress as vietnamess chased u guys. yet, u sed u won. thats BULLSHIT!!! China can beat u assholes! ur nothing!!! USA is nothing for sure….Ur fake supreme is nothing…..u pussy’s!!!

Oct 5, 2009
4:47 am
#42 Shanghaeye'd :


Living in China the last 20 yrs… I know nothing is 100% Chinese in China(NOTHING!!), most technical innovations in the civilian sector and more so militarily are 5-10 yrs behind the West and more towards 10 yrs when looking at the US Military. For example: Air conditioners, Cars, even biscuits don’t get made here without Foreign technology or expertise(check your clothing tags… and take off those Levi’s)… or “borrowing” from other military utilizing the vast overseas Chinese network. Would love to visit your house and point out all the items you have that are Western, Foreign and something that your parents could only dream of during the great leap forward (30 million starved comrades… now that is socialism with Chinese characteristics). I was here in the 80s too and saw the Amazing Chinese Socialist System… Shockingly amazing…

China Rules then.EH??? Can’t even make a car without 50/50 Joint Venture… the last unique thing the Chinese made on their own was gunpowder, and a compass… Ahhh the good ol’ Days. The HONGQI… now that was a car… haha!

China Rules then??? Looking at your history (as a Chinese you wouldn’t have a clue about your own history), you will more than likely need to source information outside of China as your brainwashed mind and system won’t allow you to know the truth… If it weren’t for the US military breaking the back of the Japanese, hoping Island to Island in the pacific, giving your Peasant Ass guns, planes(flying tigers and pilots), tanks(Burma Trail) and ammunition (Ibid on both), and finally bombing the Japs into submission while fighting for every inch of sand on ignominious beaches, when somehow your great leaders have told you it was the PLA that beat the Japanese… What an amazing distortion of the facts a flat out lie that is… if it was just the PLA that was fighting the Japanese you would be enjoying some sushi right now the Japanese were beating down the KMT in as far south as Chongqing,and took over HK(although some nice Sushi houses in the HAI today and as all things in China cheaper than in Tokyo). The US did all this while managing and winning on a second front in Europe. While Mr. Jiang and Mao were fighting amongst themselves… the US Marines were winning the war in the pacific for China’s independence.

China Rules??? Modern Military Battle Experience: the last battle that the PLA was in was fighting college students in Tiananmen Square… Indeed the PLA did some amazing work there…The US Military has been fighting hand to hand over the last 20 yrs in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, against multiple enemies on numerous fronts at the same time. I guess we can call that a draw…

China Rules??? Aircraft Carriers… Again China has one… so I guess that is something to be proud of… spend the money on the people in Xinjiang maybe they will not want to rebel and kick your HAN ass out of town… BTW, there are 8 nuclear powered carriers on the seas at all times, and at least one within 200 miles from Beijing at all times… bring it on.

China Rules??? Nice Parade this past week…. reminded me of another time TANKS entered CHANGANJIE But one Question? What is with the Blue Anti-Aircraft Batteries? Kinda cool looking but wondering if the PLA plans on taking them for a swim? Why blue? Do they fly? That would be cool!! OR Was that just to match the new uniform? But will admit I like the White Tanks… and the Black Uniforms… reminded me of Star wars… I think the PLA has watched to many Hollywood Movies… can’t blame them a DVD just costs a dollar on the street another copied success story regarding MADE IN CHINA. But I will say though that the hotties in the red skirts with guns marching was intimidating and strangely sexy… Props there that was the best part of the parade!! Just AWESOME MILITARY POWER! The US Military doesn’t need a parade, as US Military is on parade every day at friendly ports throughout the world, and fighting for nation’s and their people’s inherent rights to self determination and human rights, something in China as a Chinese person you would know nothing about. Ask yourself, why if China is so great are there over 50% of all students studying abroad STAY in their adopted countries decide to stay their and start a new life leaving the superior China behind? Wonder why? I couldn’t imagine even 2% of Americans studying abroad leaving behind their homeland America for a chance at a new life in a new land… they wouldn’t go anywhere on the globe. I can’t even imagine the thought of that…

CHINA RULES??? As you say if the Japanese would have won if they had enough time germ or bacteria… sadly they used Chinese in Shandong to test all their germ warfare… (wish the US military could have ended the war in the pacific sooner, and should have given more support to local governments and resistance forces but in the case of China, the two sides KMT and Communists spent more time fighting each other… so why would or why should the US give aid to such idiocy??)…. the Japs seemed to have enough time for that setting up camps and controlling whole Chinese provinces, spending years raping the Chinese taking China’s resources… but internal civil war takes precedence over fighting an enemy that is laying waste to your country and people, again part of your proud military history. Why even bring up and IFs… there are 1,000 ifs in one battle let alone a war… but the reality is the US Marines, US air force and Navy beat the Japanese from Indonesia through to Japan, fighting and dying for every inch Japanese occupied islands in the pacific were taken by the USA, with limited help from local countries, included limited assistance from the Chinese. So what were the Chinese people doing during 50% of WWII against Japan… fighting itself… thanks indeed for your kind assistance during WWII… if you and the Chinese people would have focused on the real enemy rather than deciding who would play king (like today the imperial communist party is just another empire, families in charge, with its own forbidden city in Zhongnanhai, they feed you refrigerators and microwaves and the hope for the American Dream (sorry “socialism with Chinese characteristics dream” just rolls off your tounge) owning a house and a car… giving the Chinese leadership economic legitimacy. The Party even redefines your realities for you? So the PLA beat the Japanese Military eh? If you would have fought the Japanese instead of yourselves… then maybe I would give you some consideration as a people worthy of being a friend or worth listening to on the world stage… but at that time, even when Americans were dying taking back lands overrun by the Japanese war machine on each island liberating millions of people including the 800 million Chinese… China would rather fight each other and as usual leave the heavy lifting to a 3rd party. A simple thank you would be nice.

CHINA RULES??? Where is your innovation and independent thought… even in this modern age.. what new weapons have you developed? Maybe China can come up with something on its own? Where is the Chinese system for missile defense, new hardware, drone aircraft, etc, how about something truly Chinese a like Chinese AK -47… Doh… T72 Doh….a Mig 27 doh… seems they are all designed and created by someone else, like all things in the last 500 yrs innovation is outside of China. The People’s Republic of China…. will give you one thing the Olympic opening ceremony was way cool, more of that kind of China Cool… less Bullshit False Pride!!!

CHINA RULES??? The PEOPLE? When are the Chinese people going to stand up and be the great nation it was destined to be? 起来! Some of the smartest, kindest hardest working people,, Friends and associates, with so much more to give… there are 1.5 billion individuals…. “individuals” but sadly one mind from One supreme leader communist party/King, controlling the message and content of the peoples life, using the outside world and foreigners as the scapegoat for all internal problems…. Watch some more CCTV they will tell you how great China is, how much wheat was produced today and how bad it is over there… NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN CHINA FOR 5000 YRS.. . only names haha like Socialism with Chinese Characteristics… can’t even make up your own name for something that already exists… just call it capitalism… oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter what color the cat is so long as it catches mice…. but millions died at the hands of the communist leaders because they were capitalists… so you couldn’t call it capitalism then could you?). Don’t let the facts get in the way of the Truth, demand more from your government. You spend more time debating US politics and world politics than you do your own national politics… Could you imagine having an open discussion about Chinese domestic and international policies? So enjoy this debate… just because you can.

CHINA RULES??? 5000 Yrs…, pls… what do you call the Yuan Dynasty? So now Mongolia is also China? The Mongolians for hundreds of years(longer than the USA has been a nation) just borrowed your capital I guess and since the face saving Chinese couldn’t stand to say shucks we lost the whole fucking country, we will just say they are Chinese too…Works for 1.5 billion people it works for me too, just keep making Gongbaojiding!

CHINA RULES??? Your legacy in Vietnam and Korea are indeed something to be proud of…. when I compare the North Korean state to South Korean State… there is really nothing needed to be said other than to ask you, which state would you rather live in today… If China didn’t attack the UN troops(it was a UN operation working to repel a Northern Invasion of South Korea) what would North Korea Look like today? Or when I go to Vietnam and see kids walking around with American FLAG shirts and they ask me where I am from… the USA we love the USA… then I tell them I live in China and they say Fuck the Chinese… why is that? I guess that is something as you say you should be proud of. If MacArthur had his way China would have had a McD’s in Tiananmen in the 60’s. Politics not the Military kept the USA from destroying the communists in Korea and would have more than likely been a big enough diversion to stop the war in Vietnam too.

CHINA RULES??? Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is just a euphemism for Capitalism… Your Great leaders will even make up their own realities just to keep the masses happy and to keep themselves in power… a grand illusion…. Somewhat similar to your arguments, just a lot of name calling cause you are frustrated that no one takes you seriously cause you now own a LCD TV and you think that is enough to be called a super power.

CHINA RULES??? Why have you not gotten the country of Taiwan? This peace loving island with 30 million ethic Chinese who have their own currency, own political system, they elect their own leaders for 60 yrs… just as long as PRC has been around BTW (someday you too in China can be empowered to choose the people who govern you… maybe but not with idiots like you leading the way). Your Military is so superior why not just reach across the 100km straight and take it? Because you can’t (even with Blue tanks)! The Taiwanese Military would destroy most of your jet planes, knock out huge amounts of the Navy, and by the time you got to the coast would see that great Taiwanese Fighting Spirit of an independent people defending their home and their freedoms…. ALL that without US military assistance…. The Taiwanese could achieve all that by just using some odds and ends from US/France Military supply… and not even the latest and greatest stuff. Why haven’t you gone for it? You have attacked and killed hundreds of your so called OWN people in Tibet and Xinjiang for doing much less… why haven’t you attacked the lovely little Island of Taiwan? Because your great leaders who know the capability of your military know it would lose in embarrassing fashion.

Jeez… was just going to say go fuck yourself you dumb cunt but got a little carried away…you are of an entirely different character…
Have a listen to MacArthur, Duty, honor, Country… 起来起来起来!

Oct 5, 2009
11:18 am
#43 kan u....Shanghaeye'd :

Oi….who da FUCk ar u to talk about us u piece of fuckin crap!!! I already know all dis shit!!! What u said….i already know!!! u know Y? U know Y???? Fuck u man!!! go fuck ur own self u fucking asshole!!! Wats with this long comments? u think i dunno??? i know all of this shit. the historys u gay fuck! but for u, u talk about ur miniture experience in China.. O ‘living in china for the past 2oyrs’ , GO FUCK urself!!! Tryna show of ur little talent of chinese history! Who da hell are u anyway! u dont know anything u FUCKING BITCH!!! ur little preach is already known…..i know it all! so dont tell me wat to do or wat not to do, or watch!!! Y, waste my time, writing comments like u bitch! if i really wanna write, i cud write 10 times more than u, on what china has or had not achieve, including its whole history…and foreign history!!! the USA, u think i dunno about them??? I know them alright…..its true, without the USA….it will be totaly different today!!! i like them…i juz dont like those Motherfuckers….racist bastard….talking and boosting about there military, and discriminating other countries advances……Pipl like u juz watsed ur timewriting this long comments!!! like i give a shit!!! wat u sed about the japanese…..GO FUCK URSELF!!! the chinese wer fighting among themselve. like chairman Mao and the government wer fighting in a civil war….wen those japanese bastards came n took advanage of it….so in the end…the 2 chinese groups joined forces to FUCK the japs outta their country!!! USA did nothing. For the japs, if they didnt bring USA into WWII…many countries wud hav been conquered…..dumb japanese!!! though USA brought chances, they are fucking boostful juz like u, u stupid KAn face!!! Im suprised u can write chinese….wer are u from….CHINA, MAlaysia, TAIWan…or juz a student living in china!!! I dont give a shit about u!!! u are nothing to me…U ar a useless crap..A living Fucking motherfucker!!! Y dont u juz go FUCK ur PUSSY coz u hav 1, if not go blow sum1s kok kid…. GO FUCK URSELF IN THE FUCKING MIRROR!!!!!!

K man,,, I GOT CARRIED AWAY!!! JUZ PISSED!!! SORI, to other pipl reading this…NO offens to other pipl…juz ignore this!!! but not 4 the fucking that questioned me!!! for him…thats..Shanghaeye’d!!!! GO FUCK UR neighbours, and ur fucking DOGS, or animals u have…including u!!! go hav GANG BANG WITH THEM U USELESS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 6, 2009
9:40 am
#44 Shanghaeye'd :

INDEED Touched a little to close to the truth… truth is a little painful at first… dig deeper… it shall set you free!!!


And in your spare time, spend some more time on your English you sound like a child.


All the best!

Oct 6, 2009
11:57 am
#45 kan u....Shanghaeye'd :

Look man!!! My apologies….lets start fresh!!! But the truth is, i know my HISTORY MAN!!! thats the truth. Getting angry at the wrong person??!! that, i say…I hate ur comments! but again…pain helps me grow!!! and also…

Your little chinese words…….telling me to learn English!!!
Spare more time on English??!! look man….u do not question me on that!!! I know english indeed, and very well!!! don’t compare me with other ASIANS or Chinese…asshole!!!
Overall, i dont need ur advices…I know its all already, but for you….You just wasted your time writing pointless things to comment on me, when i know them already. talking about stuff like the massacre in tianamin square!!!sigh……………Just another waste of effort!!!

Oct 6, 2009
12:33 pm
#46 FU....Shanghaeye'd :

haha! to say the truth, i never did read your long comment!!! but now that i did read little…..i see u wrote taiwan can kick chinese ass!!! about that…just be greatful that the tawanese was not conquered, your comment is just like saying ‘bring it on’ ! i wonder what would taiwan look like if the chinese military went and fucking rape their soory ass for acting so tough when they are just a piece of trash just like u!!! And the vietnam story, i can say thats a fake…coz i have lived there, but what i heard was totally the opposite. And to the Japanese side….Japanese are assholes!!! Just because their country is small, they were jealous and had to pick on the weak at that time, just like picking on children!

The mongolians, From my point of view…look at the mongols now, and all those fucking countries that were powerful before. mongolia, Rome, Greece etc… Are they any powerful now than China??? China was very weak before and poor….now, china is at centre stage! that, i feel proud! but at the same time… i do not appreciate offensive comments on china!!!

And what china had created?? Hmmm, not much i think. only famous for discoveries….. the military weapons…hmmm??!! chinese made AK47? they got designs from other countries…should i feel embarrased??? Y cant China make their own weapon if they are so superior now??? hmmmm…that, i dont give a shit. maybe china they create their ultimate weapon!!! BUt importantly thing is…it is not a country others should take lighter just like the old China.

lastly Shanghaeye’d or whatever…Y dont u comment on HLC since your so good in history…dont u think he’s story is more false then truth, and more racist, or is it just because your just like him. against chinese and its development!!! If so, i would say “americans are all the same” !!!

If readers, take that as a offensive phrase….than sorry!!! just for some that is. Not all americans are like that!!! if u think im racist, thats not true….the point in all of this!!!
Im just defending my country that i feel proud of and i would not like mean comments given about my country!!! We are the same here….Just like you defending your beloved country!!!

Oct 17, 2009
10:24 am
#47 Arthur :

China think they are going to be the superpower by 2020.Huns are rascist and they brutally suppress ideas of expression and their rule in in Xinjiang and Tibet is with total brutality.U.S and west will get the chance soon to separate china into 78 states.China will soon indulge war with India.West will get the cahnce to pull its full support to the world’s largest democratic country India against rascist inhuman brutal communist china.War will end with 78 democraticaly elected republics in place of Communist HunChina.

Oct 20, 2009
2:05 am
#48 ffddff :

Firstly, the chinese were not huns, you got them mixed up. Secondly, the chinese people are more diverse then you think, because during their history many people have camed and settled (without discrimination if they don’t make trouble) – that they are really more diverse like the american people

Thirdly, racist people are everywhere, by generalizing and saying every member of a group are racist, you have proved that you yourself is racist.

People keep poking the dragon in the ass and then wonder where that fire came from.

Oct 20, 2009
8:52 am
#49 Harry :

The Chinese are a growing superpower, there is no doubt. Their military is indeed growing considerably in power and so it should. Despite the official communist government, China and many affluent cities are more capatalist than ever. Its army is not as technologically advanced as other Western nations but it is still a force to be reckoned with. A country as large as China needs a capable military. And with the shadow of the USA and Russia over it, China doesn’t want to be left behind. The invasion of the Japanese in WWII have left their mark on Chinese history. Is strength a crime?

The USA thinks of itself as the wrold police poking its nose into everything it can. China has learnt the smart option which is to mind its own business. In the end, war is expensive. Yes, China does have many faults and crimes to ammend for, but what right do western countries have to judge China? Also, the Chinese have realised that destroying the USA is a stupid idea. Why bother when you can make money out of them and sell them cheap shit?

Nov 9, 2009
8:43 pm
#50 A guy :

The only reason why USA are most powerful is because they have not been attacked in history at alland thats why they are powerful, but china has experienced war with Japanese assholes thats why they slowed down in economy, so soon china will dominate you Americans because Chinas economy is growing rapidly.

Nov 18, 2009
10:02 pm
#51 a guy is funny :

thats funny sense in world war 2 the japanese attacked pearl harbor and destroyed most of are fleet.
2nd of all they attacked alaska a few different times. such of which included the bombing of dutch harbor. also the battle of the Aleutian Islands. back then alaska was only a territory and these were minor battles we have still been attacked and we have provailed.
when it comes to who would win in a war united states or china. i think it would depend on where we were fighting. if the united states went to china it would be much harder of a fight but in the end i think china would fall. ONLY because it would be very hard to give efficient training to so many people. and chinas airforce is so small and there navy is half the size of ares.they currently have only 1 aircraft carrier. i mean come on. we have 12. 10 of which are nuclear powered. and if you really dont think we arent watching china and all countrys that we think could be a threat in the future you got to be kidding me. we more than likely have subs watching china at all times. but luckily china will survive because we need china just as much as they need us. without us china would loose a crap ton of there wealth because who else is goin to buy there crap.

Nov 19, 2009
9:48 am
#52 Go Peach! :

HLC said “America has people all over the world. As long as America exists there won’t be a world where the US isn’t one step ahead. ”

If what you are saying is corrected, there won’t be 911 incidents

Nov 19, 2009
10:08 am
#53 Go Peach! :


Why are you suggesting that? Are you a Muslim? If you are, and are from Middle East Country or Indonesia, please advise your people to stop killing innocent people in the world (i.e 911 and @ Bali). Your people should target those government people that made the decision to invade or attach your country not killing the innocent people. There are a lot of people in US really against the war in the Middle East. Also, please stop saying it’s a “Holy War” ordered by your God. I really do not believe any God in this world would tell its people to kill innocent people.

Nov 19, 2009
10:48 am
#54 Go Peach! :

Shanghaeye’d said: “Can’t even make a car without 50/50 Joint Venture… the last unique thing the Chinese made on their own was gunpowder, and a compass…”

I know you r very proud of American’s innovation & technology and I think it’s fine. In general, American people are very creative and very strong in Marketing. But when you want to make a criticism that is based on certain race, you need to broaden your knowledge first. Did you know that there are many great scientists in US are not America born although they are US citizens that made up with many races?

Did you know why you are able to access to the Internet with such a high speed today? You should appreciate a scientist that invented the “Fiber Optic” technology. FYI, that scientist is a 100% Chinese, and he was a professor in Chinese University @ Hong Kong when he invented the Fiber Optic.

Nov 19, 2009
11:38 am
#55 Go Peach! :

A guy said: “so soon china will dominate you Americans because Chinas economy is growing rapidly.”

In my opinion, even though China’s economy is growing rapidly, I personally do not think it will able to dominate or overtake the US market. Basically, US and China are completely two different markets. However, I believe China can be one of the strongest countries in the world when its internal economy can be sustained by itself locally without heavily relying on exports.

Nov 19, 2009
12:32 pm
#56 Go Peach! :

Harry Said : “Also, the Chinese have realised that destroying the USA is a stupid idea. Why bother when you can make money out of them and sell them cheap shit?”

a guy is funny Said : “without us china would loose a crap ton of there wealth because who else is goin to buy there crap”

Well, many people here like to criticize or making fun of China for making cheap products just because China now has the capacity and capability to produce similar products with lower cost as compare to their countries. My point is that, China never force any American, European, and Japanese companies to set up their production plans in China. All these firms have done so for one simple reason: Lower Cost, Higher Profit. Sadly, the saving on lower production cost did not pass it on to us, as a consumer. Instead, it went to bonuses for the CEOs of the companies. The point is that an identical product whether it is made in China or US, we as a consumer still paying at the same retail price. One good example would be an identical Ralf Lauren’s Polo Shirt that is made in China or US or other countries, still carries the same retail price tag (if you don’t believe me, go and check it out yourself). You can never find it cheaper just because it’s made in China. As for China factories that made that shirt will never benefit in term of dollar on whatever price Ralf Lauren decided to sell. So, for that China factory, it just got a decent paid based on its production cost plus a bit of profit. In another word, what ever profit it generated due to lower production cost is still go back to American firm in this case. So it does not make any sense to making fun of China made products because China can make things cheaper. That’s why, before you start saying words like “cheap shit or crap”, please think twice who are the one to decide to outsource or set up a production in China and who are the one that kept all the saving to themselves. One day, there will be another country able to produce goods cheaper than China, and I can tell you now, all these firms will shift their production lines there. So what are you preparing to do? continue to make fun of that country?

Nov 19, 2009
2:37 pm
#57 Go Peach! :

Shanghaeye’d Said: “The US Military doesn’t need a parade, as US Military is on parade every day at friendly ports throughout the world, and fighting for nation’s and their people’s inherent rights to self determination and human rights, something in China as a Chinese person you would know nothing about.”

I found your long comments are quite funny to read and to certain extend, I don’t really share your view especially pertaining to what you’ve mentioned above. Like you said, Chinese people are being brainwashed by the government. Maybe it is truth. However, I believe the Americans also being brainwashed by their government too. What you were saying the US Military engaging a war in the Middle East is due to human rights reason. I found it very difficult to believe. Don’t you ever accuse your government did it just for “OIL” reason? Not to mention after the US had bombed the Iraq, most of the contracts for rebuilding the city went to US firms. Sometime when I think about it, it’s in fact a very good business strategy for the US. First, the US used up all their almost-expired and some newly untested ammunition and weapons for the war as live testing purposes, and best of all, the Kuwait and Iraqi government pay for every bullet its fired. Second, after the US destroyed their cities, major infrastructures and food sources, and they got the contracts to rebuild it. Third, the new government need a new force to defense its country, so the US provides the military training to its locals, and at the same time, the US can sell them those old and not-so-effective (after the testing) weapons that was supposed to recycle it. Finally, if the new government unable to pay the bill, they can settle it with OIL. What the world call it “Oil for Food” program. OK..maybe I just made up the story. But going to the war for human rights reason, I really need time to digest it, unless.., US is willing to send a troop to Myanmar and rescue this poorly treated opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, which she has been fighting freedom and democracy for her people since the 80’s. The fact is that, the world leaders recognized her afford and admire her courage to push for democracy for her countryman. Therefore, for her afford, she won the Rafto Prize and the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in 1990 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. But sadly, when her and her party’s members were locked up and tortured for one reason, Democracy and Human Rights, no nation, including US which has a strong belief in human rights has done anything to help Myanmar’s citizens and her. I guess the truth is, Myanmar does not have any OIL field. If US really going to start a war with Myanmar’s government, it will not be a good business strategy as it’s a zero return investment.

Nov 19, 2009
5:33 pm
#58 George T. :

The latest Russian Sukhoi and MiG fighters are very good aircraft. Of course the US and the latest NATO and French fighters maybe better. But if the quality of the aircrafts are almost even then the biggest winning factor is the pilot. An updated F-15 in the hands of a very skilled pilot can probably beat an F-22 Raptor. If he can see it, Ha,ha.

Nov 20, 2009
8:51 pm
#59 Havoc :

My brother is in the RAF and I know that during joint exercises with the USAF we have downed their aircraft on most occassions even the much overrated F-22 which i’m proud to say has been out done by the Tornado F3 which came into service in 1985. This shows it is down to the sheer brilliance of the the pilots and not the actual aircraft. It seems the US is still in its teenage years when it comes to tatical planning and execution of military attacks and based on this I dont hold up much hope of them winning a war against China. Anyway why do most americans feel they have to verbally attack China or any other country which rivals them. The answer I suppose is Fear that they will no longer be the biggest and the one in the lime light. Fact remains that America is a relatively new country made up of europeans, africans, mexicans and oh yes asians, and in terms of starting wars and invading countries, I think america has had troops in someone elses country ever since, well ever since they took america from the native ameican indians and they have the cheek to call China evil etc. I rest my case.

Mar 18, 2010
11:08 pm

as a us marine, i have seen what the tactic of believing that the us is only a paper tiger, that its troops will not fight up close, and its military is completely dependent and lost without its airpower fail in the face of US marine aggression. we are not depedent souly on technology. it is our training that makes us THE BEST IN THE WORLD, better tan CHINA, BRITAIN, RUSSIA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, and ANYONE IN THE EU. te EU has its economic problems due to socialism, and china is constantly in need of the US to keep frtom collapse. how will china feed, fuel, train, transport, or feild an army based souly on numbers? they boast having an army of 200 million, and most of the members of thier military doesnt even know that they are in the military.

pound for pound, the chines military member cannot defeat even the least trained america soldier, and are not even close to being comparable to the US marine. in korea, the kill ratio at chposin resevior where marines had broken weapons with no ammo, and were frozen, ill clothed for winter warfare, and not prepared for chinese attacks (that were wrongfully involved in that war) were 1 marine killed for every 20 chinese troops. with the army it was one us soldier killed for every 7 chinese. china cannot ever hope to match the power of the united states.

bin laden taught his evil terrorist brainwashed troops that the us was entirely dependent on technology and would not fight up close. they found out this was not the case. in the american military you are taught to be a hand to hand warrior first, then trained with weapons, then you are trained how to use technology. we are elitely trained warriors who can take down any challenge that any other military in the world can dare to muster. if all the other militaries in the world ganged up on the US at once, it would be very bloody but we would still emerge victorious.

how can china expect to see us comming when our SF disables thier command facilities? how can china command its troops when thier generals and officers are getting assassinated by our snipers? how can china fight our air power with technology when they ave no electrical power? how can china comunicate when our satalites are jamming ALL of thier communications? how can thier navy fight ours when our submarines sink everything they have?

your RAF exercise was against a prototype, the new f 35 is superior to anything flying… the RAF tried thier exercise against it and never scored a victory, not even a kill. but i noticed you wont post that up here.

in a war against the US china will fail, just as those idiots following bin laden did. anyone who thinks that the US is weak and just arrogant about its power, step up to the plate and join the futile failing Jihad against us and we will send you to whatever GOD you wish. just remember, your sins will only lead you to death, and Jesus is the only way you can conquer death. americans know this, and have no fear of death or being wrong, because they are right.

GET SOME, and Semper Fi.

Mar 27, 2010
1:04 am
#61 MrPerfect :

“US doesn’t have a chance”……………

Ha please man….Like he said with NO aircraft carriers (US has 15,9 nuclear powered) and NO MODERN BATTLEFIELD experience….I see a formidable opponent on paper…and by parades (lol).and true it wouldn’t be an easy conflict(God forbid that ever happens)…….but Chinese commanders don’t have actual battlefield experience.And thats what counts beyond technology……or size………..US WOULD never invade China because they need each other…and that would be stupid anyway…too many gd Chinese soldiers for that! lol….so chill out with all the talk…nobody on Earth wants that WAR to happen would change everything…Alot of countries would be straight bitches of countries that have mortal threats to thier survival( Georgia-Russia,Israel(blah)-Iran Syria and whoever else hates em)……..and to be honest everyone on earth is entitled to thier existence…some are just going the wrong way about things…sorry to get off subject…China doesnt want that fight : )

Apr 3, 2010
10:23 am
#62 indian :

china doing many awfull things to the world.But they cannot beat india and its military.they increase there military power and its men.All r human and they r communsits and they want invade all the countries.They hack the indian websites and destroy it.They banished the google.

Apr 8, 2010
1:39 pm
#63 codes :

hey guys,
you say china is a great country, and it is not interested in other countries, reality check, chinese government has a very large apetite, even if there country is already so large they are eyeing their neibhors for extra land… for example china occupied tibet, china is eyeing indian arunachal pradesh (it started ulfa to create problems in india), to create unstability in india its going to a lot of work, seperete passports for indians in jammu and kashmir, developmental projects in pakistan occupied kashmir.

and china goes further to comment on india in its media saying that india “makes eniemes of neibours and makes distant friends”!!!!

whats our falt that we dont beg and humble our sleves before china. forget it we have pride greater than yours!!!. why wont you guys just leave us alone all our country wants is peace.

people of china you have been brought up with the saying china is great, just like us india is great… but ask yourself of your rights your country provides.

i dont know if this news is true, 8 chine political leaders rape a girl, but chinese court sets them free because they dont have aids… and kill a forigner because he carried drugs… man o man wat a policy and what a country….

you are not allowed to publicaly state your option, your information is curtailed, you only know what the government wants you to know… even google is filtered…

i dare you. go and hit a political leader or just bad mouth him in public you are dead…

your leaders killed students run them over by tanks.. i dont know what to say.. give such an order in india no army officer will carry it out even if he has to loose his life.

did you know!!! if your country spends more time helping the poor than on
monitring human rights activists yours WILL BE A GREAT COUNTRY,, but sadly yours dont..

your GDP is growing by leaps, but the poor is getting poorer,, what dose your government do for that.. and that poor start asking questions .. they are crushed…


did you know that of 4 in 10 counterfert products is produced in china, including baby products.. they harm the babys…
man do you care so much about money that you will do any thing…and your government denys it and goes along with it because they get a cut out of the profit.

people of china, look out of your doors, see how people live in other backward states, how they suffer for lack of resoures when few enjoy, how people dont know waht computer is. insted of talking about your army might talk about that and help the people. then you can be proud of the name peoples repeblic of china. till then you are peoples oppression of china…

live as people are ment to be, create a better china, china of free thought and free action. good luck!!!

bring peace, we share earth, and borders are imaginary, love your neibour and there is no need for a military…


Apr 10, 2010
5:30 am
#64 夏令 :

Chinese is a great country. American always pretend to the savior. more and more country dislike it。I think American should follow our China rules.
harmony and love…

Apr 12, 2010
10:58 pm
#65 INDIA :

China is under a large magnifying glass, E.U and U.S are closely spectating the arrogance of People’s Opression of China, and their bellicose attitude, its “i dont give shit atitude” will be subdued by India with the support of E.U and America….

watch out widescreens, the brown will sabotage u and ur red arrogance

Apr 21, 2010
10:41 am
#66 Who are you?? :

I am sorry for you all who spend time justify wether your nation is right.
Does it really matter if China has more weapons than America?
Both have different histories and can not be compared. Look at each arguement, each point. China and America are diiferent and will all ways be so. Spend time other other activies such as making a difference in the world like help someone else or focus on getting rid of poverty in the world today. History is a record of human mistakes, lrean from them and move on. And when you write on a site don’t swear the world had see and you degrade youself by using that sort of language. one more thing move to a neurtal nation they have no problems.

Apr 21, 2010
3:38 pm
#67 name,my ass,no names,INDIA :

look kids the whole issue is no1 in the fkin world likes communism
i mean if a chinese man writes a blog about what he hates in China the things deleted right away i mean censorship wtf, secondly Americans are Hypocrytes they want every nation to sign a deal that disallows the use,production and test of nuclear weapons(take a look at americas nuke arsenal)the current number is i guess about 60 to 70 i read somewhere.
what u up to yanks blowin up the world and secondly India im proud of it truly standing to its prestige we’r not gonna attack ne 1 on ne1s soil till u cum and fuk wid us on our soil god i love my country and although Americans always are hypocrytes and stuff i still think the fact the an army of a million and increasing is not such a big risk as it is not the number that counts its the industries that do, now youre thinkin is this guy dumb or what . but although the chinese as a nation have a huge industrial structure jus think if any country just sends a few Espionage Operatives to China and maybe even one of them causes a civil war i dont think they can do nething
i mean they’ve gotta keep the public happy thats all thats runnin the damn factories and stuff
if china goes to war and if that war lasts more than a year the PLA will have no resources left
and sooner or later the NATO and SAARC are gonna react with what ever forces they’ve got.
so all out and clear PLA cant do shit if it slows down during an invasion of any country.

May 6, 2010
9:26 pm
#68 dave :

problem with people criticizing other countries is that you have NO clue over the actual policies. What people say is how they fear communism and this and that, how ridiculous. What you are doing is assuming and labeling China based on Russia who has taken this doctrine to an ideological extreme. Tired of straw-man arguments thrown around with no actual knowledge of economic and governing policies. While china is a fascist state to some extent, communism is DEAD. China is only communist in NAME, they will be stripped of power or face civil revolt if they were not able to focus and delivery non-stop economic growth for the past decade improving infrastructure and such.

Overnight transitions is also IMPOSSIBLE, use your head, your extreme demands and bigoted views is on par with China’s fascism. No one gives a shit about what other countries think, think how you would feel when other countries demand US do anything. Overnight changes is unfeasible, and to assume no change is happening is ignorance. I do no blame typical western folks for this however due to biased western media (before you attack me, yes china media is HEAVILY censored, i don’t trust that shit either but majority of Americans exhibit bias blind spots towards their own biases). Being in Hong Kong (separate governing system- i.e not communist), if you ever even bother to search around to understand the situation, there is actually a lot of activist and opposition towards China government censorship. When times are bad, people would not sit there and take it. Last thing people need is western media swooping in and ‘saving the day’ like a superhero. No one cares what you think, a lot of people want this to be their own struggle. Moreover, a lot of people exhibit a fail consensus effect, while you preach your liberties (mind you, a lot of people agree, hell i agree), but apparently a lot of people in China don’t give a shit as long as they are living well. China’s economic is booming, what can I say? People are happy thus far, however this also bring obvious issues for those who are not in for the ride in midst of the economic boom. Namely, the minority will be discriminated against but that’s hardly a problem only found in China. Look in your own backyard first.

Regarding to weapons technologies, they are more of bargaining chips for strategic use than for tactical use. An war between US and China is retarded, both countries are heavily interdependent economically. Russia protested when US engage in the star wars missile defense programs because it upsets the nuclear deterrence strategy that has been in place in decades (we all have nukes, if we go to war we both die). What is with the double standard, China’s entire nuclear program from the get-go has been defense only, when repeated assurance of its use and a never first strike policy. So it is okay for states to violate the balance with missile defense but China is ‘evil’ and aims to destroy the world when they develop counter strategies of their own? What is with the double standard? Hypocrisy at its best my friend, before blaming China as the big evil, look at the facts because it does not match up. Seeing how American politics is largely based on fear mongering, i pity sheeps who cannot think for themselves and get scared by politicians into doing their bidding. While China is not a friend, they’re definitely not an enemy.

also, don’t talk to me about biases.. i major in psychology i study damn human biases and behaviors.

May 6, 2010
9:38 pm
#69 dave :

write with paragraphs, I hate to be a grammar nazi and i do not care for it.

but paragraphs make your opinion (note opinions not facts, a lot of you seem to confuse the two) exponentially easier to understand. Most of everyone’s comments and views are not supported by evidence, thus are opinions.I believe it okay to be critical of China’s human right records (i do not believe in most people’s absolutist views), we can agree to disagree on a lot of issues but I believe being thrown in jail just for speaking up against government is over the line. Ramblings in abstract extremes is unproductive and more importantly vague. It is probably better to target specific violations and have a discourse takeoff from there.

Again, from a tactile viewpoint war is not an acceptable option. While China will lose, it is never wise to underestimate your ‘opponents’ (though you are probably a victim of fear mongering if you do hold this view). Not even the most advance stealth spy planes have penetrated China’s airspace and now they even hold satellites striking capabilities, I would say its wise to reserve judgment of China’s actual military capabilities when NO ONE has any intelligence.

May 6, 2010
9:48 pm
#70 jake :

so many Indian trolls here lol, india is hardly better.. constant struggle with pakistan and you still have that caste system shit

May 10, 2010
7:32 am
#71 jon :

I think the only reason the US are indifferent to the rest of the world is because the US have never been attacked. European and Asian countries are very wary of military solutions and prefer diplomatic solutions because they have suffered the horrors of wars. The only country in Europe that have not been attacked and invaded in recent history is Britain, hence, their similar military outlook as US.

However, nobody is to be blamed. Personality of nations are just as diverse as personality of individuals. Similarly, as we all respect the differences in each person, we should also respect the differences of governance types in other countries. You want other people to adopt your culture, political system, etc…. you have to do it the old fashion way…you have to earn it. You can’t make people adopt your style by force. You cannot claim your system is universal when 50% of the world still have their old ways. Please recognize that sometimes, food to you is poison to them.

China cannot claim itself superior because it is not now eventhough China have been on the top for the last 18 of 20 centuries. The West cannot claim superiority either simply because the West has been superior for only 200+ years.

Jun 5, 2010
2:25 am
#72 patrick :

I enjoyed reading this forum but i think those who trying to pick the winner of a war between the US and China are quite niave. The answer is that there will be no winners. The next big war will involve breifcase nuclear bombs and genetically engineered biological agents. Both countries with be 100% annihilated. Hopefully there wont be another big war but it is possible.

Jun 10, 2010
3:25 am
#73 Michael :

F*** All of you short a** communists that want the US destroyed. The US is the best country in the world and you want it destroyed by China because everyone thinks the US is greedy and just takes and takes. Well people the US is the MOST generous country in the world and we help out everyone in the world. When a diaster happens in another country the US is always the first person to send aid. And if China did wipe us out no one would help your sorry a** county.

Jun 13, 2010
1:30 pm
#74 Alan Wong (HK ) :

The 9/11 was a blip compared to US destruction of Iraq.Tomahawk missiles were raining down like in the vietnam war. The Japs if they are stupid will be sucked into war with China over taiwan. The US will make use of Japan bases to attack China.
Well the Japanse better know China is not defenceless and have the missile power to destroy Japan if it were really the case.The US Jap treaty has made Taiwan a flashpoint and if the Japs are dumb to do the US bidding,better get prepared for destruction on both China and Japan..Then US will suffer significant damage.
This is the stark scenario I have painted and it is my fervent wish it won’t happen but you never know. The US may think its window of opportunity of military dominance is over could start a war with China over some naval /Taiwan incidents.A US vessel loitering in the Taiwan Straits is attacked by PLA missiles.
US nuclear weapons are used to neutralise PLA NW in the hope that US territory will be spared from Chinese retaliation.But it is a vain hope. I strongly believ the Chinese are prepared for US pre emptive strikes to eliminate threats to US security.They can easily increase their current stockpile of nw to 1000.
So it aint so easy for the US. It’s better to live in peace. If you want to have more/complete security it will be at the expense of the Chinese. No Chinese govt will allow it and neither will any US president.

Jul 10, 2010
9:04 pm
#75 China sucks DICK :

It just so happens that China will NEVER have the balls to attack American soil. Even if they ever had the courage to do so, the American military would turn that goddamn country inside out. China is going down the drain, ladies and gentelmen, they have to drown their own babies to stop overpopulation for god’s sake. Why do you think there are so many orphanages? I guarantee NONE of you miserable chink loving FUCKS know how powerful the American war machine is. You don’t even know HALF of what we would have in store for you if you decided to attack us. The war would be over in moments, literally. By the way, if you chinks think America is this masiive “pig nation” or whatever the fuck you want to call it, just remember that your little Japanese friends would be using your women and children as sex slaves and your men as factory workers if it weren’t for us. So, in conclusion, CHINA SUCKS DICK!

Jul 16, 2010
1:26 pm
#76 Richard Seeto (Australia) :

If I reply in kind to China sucks DICK, it would go like this: “You fucking yanks are all talk. If the Chinese are such a pushover, how fucking come your greatest general McArthur was shitting in his pants about the Chinese entering the Korean War? Talking about the cruel and inhuman Japs raping Chinese women and children; you fucking dare being happy at that you rotten son of bitch? Your America criminalise anyone who denies the Jewish Holocaust but sanction Japanese revisionists who deny the Rape of Nanking. What a mother fucking lot, you bunch of hypocritical Americans are! For you, the whole world does not exist outside your national boundary except when you want someone else’s riches and resources and then you would not be prepared to buy them but to go and fucking invade and kill for them. That virtually sums up the whole fucking America mentality since the beginning of the 20th Century.

Well, you might think you are invincible, but little backward Vietnam with no modern weapons, no missiles and negligible airforce, but with the help of China beat your fucking, brave marines to a pulp and in their haste to piss off Vietnamese soil, fall over each other in such haste, they crash into each other’s aircrafts and helicopters. What say you, you fucking moronic shithead? If your war making is so just, why did your Vietnam War architect, McNamara, apologise that Vietnam was a mistake? Hey, you fuckhead Honky, what have you gained in Vietnam and what prestige have you garnered through that war?

Your mighty America is so great according to you, do you think you are going to win the war in Afghanistan? You are so dam stupid that you cannot see that you are not only losing the war there, it is bankrupcting your whole goddam country and destroying the finest of your youths for nix.

BTW, 9/11 was not caused by “Al Queda”. It was an inside job and as your famous president Lincoln said, your own government has fooled most of you Americans all of the time.

Listen shithead, America has over 10,000 nuclear warheads but China only has 400. How many can your little befuddled brain think it need to destroy this fucking planet that we all happen to live in? Why do you need so many WMD’s? Is it because you Yanks are so fucking scared and paranoid that you virtually surround yourself with this shit weapons? Hey, who are you to divine that Israel can have 200 of these weapons while North Korea or Iran cannot have one? Who the fuck do you Americans think you are? little gods?

Are you saying that WMD’s in your fucking little hands are weapons of peace while those in others are weapons for war? Where or how you come to have this one-sided logic? Shame on you but you really have no shame. You need to go around wearing a cow’s vagina like blinkers so that you do not have to see reality in the world.”

I have this little advice for all you clear thinking Americans: In an all out nuclear war, there is no winner. Everything on mother earth will be destroyed. There will be no human existence worth writing home about. Those who die with the first blasts are the lucky ones because it will over in less than a second. But those who are left behind will suffer such horrible injuries, with radiation induced sores and chancres and burns, they will wish they are dead and even if there are any survivors, they will not last long as the total devastation caused by multiple nuclear explosions will throw up so much dirt and debris the sun will be blocked for more than a decade and any rain will be poisoned with radiation and cancer. The ensuing Nuclear winter will prevent any crops grown and those that survive will wish they have never lived.

Now is this what War mongering Americans want? Of all the people of the earth, Americans are the most greedy and the wealthiest. With less than 5% of the world’s population, they consume 25% of the world’s resources. Is this fair? Now if an all out nuclear war breaks out, it will not doubt be fomented by the war loving yanks, these same Americans will be the biggest loser.

Someone earlier mentioned that it is the Americans who give aid to the world. So should they when they so greedily devour most of the world’s resources; it is not so much for their generosity but because they cannot consume any more without feeling guilty.

This same person said that other countries notably China did not give to the needy of the world. It is patently untrue and I cite one instance that China not only give to those in need in the world but also to those in the American sphere of influence in Haiti. And BTW, there are claims that the devastating earth quake which destroyed Haiti was caused by American weapons experiments in the Carribean in the first instance. This, beside other claims that America produced Aids and other ethnically targeted sophisticated germs through its Biological War laboratories.

GWBush said that the world hated America because it is jealous of its lifestyle. No, it is because America treated the rest of the world like a leper and acted arrogantly and dismissively like an overlord. It is obvious that Bush like to mislead the American people and too many have swallowed his line, hook and sinker. For so long, it has nothing but disdain for China and long predicted that nothing good can come from that communist regime. Isn’t it ironic that that if it is not for that bad communist country, America would be bankrupct today as is the EU.

Jul 17, 2010
7:11 pm
#77 China Sucks DICK :

Richard Seeto…., I really am touched by your comment. Ummmm, by the way…your from australia….? Who the fuck are you to talk about the rest of the world like that? I mean, china may be a shithole, but it could eat your ass any day. Were you, like, high at a barbie or something when you posted this? Go jump up a kangaroo ass and masturbate in your own shit.

Does america not have a right to its own technology? We invented the nuclear bomb through the manhattan project during WWII, do we not have the authority to preserve and protect the great weapons that we have forged, on our own soil? We have a right to the money and power that we have “hoarded”. Survival of the fittest, jerk-off. You think we’re gonna share with the scum of the earth?

Yes, america has fucked up countless times, but hasn’t every country? Your entire country was a slave colony once, did you know that? I admit GWbush was a failure and Obama is even worse, but we’ll pull out of this. McArthur was shitting his pants at the thought of he Chinese joining the war…Jeez, you really are stupid arent you? Brush up on your history, mate. McArthur wanted to conquer china and make it US territory, not run away with his tail between his legs. If you had any trace of a brain, you would know that. The only reason china is still standing after the korean war is that america was still recovering after WWII and wasnt ready for the onslaught of another conflict with that parasite country. I would LOVE to see you talk like this to an american marine, pussy.

By the way….dont call me a yank, jackass, i prefer the redsox.

Jul 22, 2010
6:54 am
#78 Richard Seeto (Australia) :

Like all Goddam fucking Yanks; you talk big Shithead, go and fuck a buffalo, the ones your race nearly extinguished. No-one said that you are not entitled your fucking deadly weapons of mass destruction; but hey, these are instruments of death and of course, I nearly forgot that you bunch of bastards like to deal in death.

I like to remind you lot of God Fearing hypocrites that Jesus once said that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword and if Jesus is Lord, his words will prevail and his prophecy will be fulfilled.

Unlike you ungrateful yanks who try to bite the hands that feed you, we have no quarrels with China and through our good relations and trade with that country, we have come through the American instigated GFC with flying colours whilst many of your people are doing it hard. It would be more probable that you would be stupid enough to want to fight anyone who is beating you to the economic post. We have no such notions.

Hey, as Mao once said, your nuclear bombs are just paper tigers. If you are so fucking brave, why don’t you start dropping them instead of fucking trying to bully everyone on this planet?

Talk is cheap. Your fucking marines no longer have any honour. Certainly not like the days from the halls of Montezuma.

Go eat shit, fuckass.

Jul 26, 2010
1:57 pm
#79 China Sucks DICK :

OMYGOD your a christian too?!?! This is great… The two things I hate in the world put together into one retarded waste of human flesh. YAY! btw, what hands are trying to feed us, huh? China? That’s laughable hahahahah. Nukes might be paper tigers, but the chinks couldn’t stand up to those anyways. Even if we didn’t have nuclear technology, America woudl still woop china’s ass any day. Richard Seeto = lolololol.

Jul 29, 2010
11:51 am
#80 Richard Seeto :

29 July, 2010: Rich said.

Am I a Christian? That’s for me to know and you to find out. You yanks are the ones who have a president who claim he has a direct line to God Almighty himself.

Not biting the hands that feed you? Read your damn news and history. Not only do Ameeerica owes China, but also India, Japan, EU and the rest of the world.

Chinks couldn’t stand up to nuclear bombs? Who can? Can the cowardly yanks? Do you think only you yanks have nuclear weapons? If you are not afraid of them, why are you so scared of N. Korea, Iran and any other country joining the world nuclear club? Why are you yanks so screwed up about anyone else having the same weapons of death that you yourself have so many of? What earthly use can they be other than as an instrument to bully and to dominate others? Please explain, dumb asshole.

America can woop China’s ass? In your dreams. China is no longer the weakling of the Opium War days, dumbass. Your big, fat bully country cannot best little Vietnam, you can take on China? Sweet dreams, my friend.

China Sucks DICK=One Big Yankee DUMBASS.

Friend, the more you say, the more mistakes you make. So you may as well shut up.

Jul 29, 2010
10:08 pm
#81 China Sucks DICK :

Your comments make me laugh my ass off! Thanks for the entertainment, really. China isn’t the weakling of the opium wars…its the weakling of the information age! Thanks for pointing that out. China parades their big ass armies, but really? The funding for their military is like…2 yen? Don’t bring up vetnam, crocadile dundee, the only reason we lost that war is there was no maral whatsoever within the troops. If there was ever a war with china? completely different story… And btw, we CAN stand up to nuclear bombs. you’re just too stupid and ignorant to realize that. And ummmmm, im not ur friend. Stop trying to make them, nobody likes you. I cant wait to see the next thing you post, ill bring popcorn! XD

Jul 30, 2010
12:11 pm
#82 Richard Seeto :

All you can freaking say is how proud you are of your nuclear weapons. I am afraid that is all you have and oh, besides your ill advised bravado. You yanks can do shits and the whole world knows that whatever you Americans touch and which ever country you deal with, you screw up. Refute that, desert head. My calling you friend is just a back handed salute; if you care to look at yourselves in the mirror, you do not have any friends at all in any part of the world and that is why every body everywhere yells, “Yankee go home”.

Aug 2, 2010
3:14 am
#83 China Sucks DICK :

awwww, now poor little ricky is pouting. :( I see you have decide to act like a child, so i will now treat you like one. being the insolent BRAT you are, you overlooked what i said before: “america would still woop chna’s ass, even without nukes”. and in return you posted “all you can say is how proud you are of nukes”. Something doesn’t add up here…?
“yankee go home” now THATS a joke. have you not seen the iraqis and afganis kissing the marines that liberated them from the taliban and hussein? have you not seen the tapes of the liberatin of france? no, obviously you haven’t. You were too busy leading the life of a royal cuntbag, that youoverlooed the most important moments in hstory. It is YOU who ne to shut your mouth. If te good ol’ outback was ever attacked, the USA would be the goddamn first there to help. This fucking blog can go on forever, i realy dont care. Youll just get your ass destoyed every time you post something. I’ll teach you t put a sock in your babbling mouth.

Aug 3, 2010
7:44 am
#84 Richard Seeto :

What an asshole you turned out to be. You couldn’t hit a fly. If you yanks know how fucking vulnerable you are, you would shut your big mouth. But of course, that is all you have.
Your name should be: YankeenotfittosuckChineseDicksbuteatChineseshit. You are just one big mudafukka period.

Aug 3, 2010
2:15 pm
#85 China Sucks DICK :

Keep it comin -_-. I can do this for the rest of my life! I see you have resulted to petty insults instead of real facts. How completely immature and childish. But that’s how you are, isn’t it? In the end, the good ol’ United States of America will prevail. As usual.

Now let’s wait a few more days for Mr. Seeto’s next frivilous comment, this one will sure be as retarded as the ones before.

eeeeeee a a tttttttttttttttttttt ii ttttttttttttttttt
e a a tt ii t
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eeeeeee aaaaaaa tt ii t
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eeeeeee a a tt ii t

Aug 3, 2010
11:48 pm
#86 Richard Seeto :

The people on the internet will see who is acting like a childish idiot. You know that yankee land is on the downhill slide from the time you voted for GWB and it is just about being buried. You are on your last bravado. Keep yelling like a lost soul who is being dragged into hell.

Aug 4, 2010
12:36 am
#87 Benjamin Morris :

LOL. the richard guy is getting hiis ASS kicked. Keep posting China Sucks Dick! The thing is, China does, in fact, suck dick. Nice and slooooow…

Aug 4, 2010
12:47 am
#88 China Suck DICK :

Wow, you’ve resulted to dooming me to hell? You’re a funny chap. I disn’t vote for bush, smart one. I even said before that he was a failure. I do agree with you on that. I also agree that I should stop getting all worked up. I mean, why waste any effort on a clown like you? I can’t wait to prove you wrong next time a country calls for america’s help. Oh yes, there deffinetly will be a next time. You just fail to notice that, BOY.

Aug 4, 2010
12:48 am
#89 Master Me :


Aug 5, 2010
10:14 pm
#90 Gen. Long Duck Dong :

China’s military making new super weapon to destroy capitalist warmonger. We no longer bow at feet of US. Some day soon China will have enough strong weapons to make US bow at feet of China. We already have billons of dollars in us currency reserves and will soon take control of all US economy. US people foolish spenders of dollars buying cars,tv,cell phone soon all to be made in china. Many US men fat and lazy watching tv made in china. We grow strong with pass of each new day. You sing rap song make no sense. That is all US do anymore. In new day we will be strongest than US.That is day we will own you like slaves.

Aug 5, 2010
11:24 pm
#91 Chet Barnett :

Although China is in the ascendancy now, what happens when the past policies of the Chinese government (only allowing couples to have one or two children) produces a population of far more men than women and not enough couples to support the elderly? Either the economy will begin to suffer or the elderly will be done away with out of necessity. A policy of abortion naturally leads to euthanasia. I’m sorry to say the U.S. may also someday head in that direction.

The U.S. has been an excellent trading partner for China. Much of China’s present prosperity is due to this partnership. Why destroy such a partnersip with opposing ideologies and world views?

The U.S. is not the “blue-eyed, imperialist devil” described in some of the posts on this site. The American people have no animosity toward China at all.

Aug 6, 2010
12:55 am
#92 China sucks DICK :

General dong…work on ur english
Chet Barnett…i have a great amount of animosity torwards china

Aug 6, 2010
6:31 am
#93 Richard Seeto :

A funny thing happen to me too. My learned friends have said to me why waste my time and energy arguing with a redneck who is not only ignorant but proud to be so and who has nothing better to do than to pound the bejesus out of his computer keys maybe living in his mobile home? What I am writing and have written applies also to Johnny-come Lately Benjamin Morris and any other Johnny come Latelies whether of the Yankee kind or not. This is definitely my last missive in this blog as I have better things to do with my time than to keep posting mindlessly about something China Suck DICK and his Ilk can do nothing about. But for the cognoscenti and those of the American public who can understand the notion that one cannot write crap and called himself/herself an insulting and provocative name rubbishing anyone and anything in this Blogoshere and expect to get off scotch free, I will part with the following advice:

Remember, China is not your fairy Godmother and just because China which follows a Confucian policy of not replying to worthless musings in blogs, doesn’t mean that there is no-one out there in the World Wide Web who will not take objection to some of the crap that is being thrown around.

Almighty America’s has had its day just like every puppy has had its day and the pendulum has swung in favour of some other nations in their rise to prominence. Failure to understand the workings of history will be the downfall of any political system which will hasten its destruction. As bad as it sounds, there is still time for recognition and redemption.

America has since WW2 spent most of its nation’s resources researching and ever searching for bigger, stronger, more powerful and devastating ways to destroy its enemies, perceived or otherwise. It cannot countenance any other nation’s rise to prominence. Try as she might to curb this would be akin to trying to chop the head off Hydra, or to trample mushrooms underfoot to stop them popping out of the ground. No power on earth can stop the preeminence of China, India, Brazil, Iran from rising to the top in their turn. Only America has so far fail to recognize this fact and accept that their time of hegemony in world affairs is coming to an end.

Despite all the most modern and fearsome weaponry in its arsenal, Americans do not feel safe. Why? Have they ever wondered why? Little do they know that they are their own worst enemies and they will even shoot at their own shadows. When will they ever learn that no amount of WMD’s no matter how many and deadly weapons can make anyone feel safe and that is why they are so paranoid of any nation on the rise. Their immediate reaction like any incompetents is to first resort to violence or threat of violence. This is amply demonstrated by the likes of China suck DICK and the Johnnies come Lately particularly of the Yankee kind or of the Yankee kind of mentality.

No-one in America has ever asked the question how with all that trillions of dollars expended on that most modern of security systems in the world that its renowned Air Force could not scramble to shoot down the passenger liners which were supposed to have crashed into the Twin Towers. What good is all that security money spent when it cannot give peace of mind to the citizens? What earthly use is all that cache of WMD’s, Chemical and Biological weapons of mass killing which are being accumulated more and more everyday but unable to deter any would be trouble maker?

There is ample information out there in the World Wide Web given by those who seem to know; military men and experts who will tell you that it does not require any WMD’s to disarm and immobilize America. It takes nothing more than a hammer, a hacksaw and some acid to do the job effectively. That being the case, just what earthly use is all that vast amount of money being spent on the Military-Industrial Complex to produce ever more effective and deadly weaponry? Who do this benefit? Certainly not the average American Joe. Only the handful of Billionaire owners of the means of production are getting fat on the sweat of the American people and laughing all the way to the Bank.

What sort of saps are the American public who will believe every bullshit dished out by their government which like to feed them crap, keep them pregnant and barefeet? What kind of people are they who will be deceived by their own government all of the time? Which country other than the almighty America which will think nothing of unleashing the awesome power of the atom on the world destroying countries wholesale but not realizing in doing so, they will also destroy their own habitat and environment? If they are so powerful why are they scared shitless of anyone of Middle Eastern appearance and victimize their Moslem brothers and sisters?

There is a saying, what goes around comes around. In other words, “Whatever you sow, so shall you reap” . I see it happening already in the good ole U.S. of A. with Katrina destroying most of the southern states; countless hurricanes sweeping through the land unrelentlessly and of course the greed of oil caused the recent downfall of that oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. How the lives of those poor American fisherfolks and residents affected are devastated and no matter how they cried, their lives cannot be put back together again. Yet, what did Americans feel towards those unfortunate South Americans whose lives and habitats were similarly destroyed by their Oil companies like Chevron and others which spill and pollute through their oil wells? I rest my case.

Isn’t it time for the American government to try a different tack as their war mongering has given them no peace, no satisfaction and nothing of lasting value? For the world to ever escalate their hunger for ever more deadly armaments is to ensure mutually assured destruction. (MAD).

The better alternative is to foster peace and give all that wasted loot to the Third World to feed, educate and gainfully employ them so that we can all live in harmony and enjoy better and happier lives.

Aug 7, 2010
1:24 am
#94 China sucks DICK :

Richard Seeto has apparently lost his outback mind. I believe that throughout this whole expirince, he has been fuming in his mother’s bedroom about how horrible he, his life, his patriotism to the chinks, and his worthless homeland is. His last hormonal outburst obviously confirmed that. He can’t control his own life, so he instead will try to lead a new one on the internet. However, he still fails at what he does, losing every fucking argument he posts. Richard has decided to give up now, he knows he has lost. The american public WILL notice this “blogosphere” so will many others in this god forsaken world. And undoubtetly, they may not admit it, but they will agree with yours truly. Richard will look at this blog again, I guarantee it. He will recognize his utter loss again. I won’t lie, it was a very fun time. Thank you, chink lovers.

Aug 11, 2010
3:02 pm
#95 Gen. Long Duck Dong :

US people getting fatter every day. Fat man can not fight in war. Rap song not save you from crushing power of China. WW2 us man strong fighter and win war. No more strong fighter left in us man. To fat and busy sing rap song to fight. Not want to sacrifice anything. Buy to many house a car cell phone and rap song. China win war and make all fat us man work hard like slave. Us use to much world resource like greedy piglet. Stuff so much into body and be so fat. Us ecomny sink to bottom of ocean so us man not want to work hard like china man. To late change now. China strong=us man weak and fat.

Aug 13, 2010
4:29 pm
#96 China Sucks DICK :

this is hilarious. us…fat man…rap song…lololol

Oct 17, 2010
9:50 pm
#97 ImBJC :

OK. This is just WAAYY too funny. Yes, China IS an EXTREMELY powerful country as far as it’s two hundred trillion man army goes. However, they NEED that many people in their army, navy, and air force. It takes, what, 30 guys to keep one of their outdated Soviet era aircraft in the air for one hour? It takes AT LEAST 10 guys to scrub the white walls on their army vehicles’ tires? Now, out of that two hundred trillion man military in China, how many of them are ACTUAL WARRIORS? I don’t mean maintenance, clerks, medics, political advisors, etc. How many are ACTUAL SOLDIERS/SAILORS/AIRMEN?

See, what’s so funny is that all you people on here that BASH the USA, like Mr. Down Under, don’t realize that WITHOUT the USA you have NO CHANCE. NONE. If you were to sit down and be honest with yourselves, ACTUALLY HONEST WITH YOURSELVES, you would KNOW that it’s true. Who do you all come running to whenever something happens? Mr. Australia, I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your country and her people. I absolutely LOVE the United Kingdom, too. So much rich history and tradition. But, as always, there just HAS to be that one guy. Know what I mean? OK, moron. Take a GOOD LOOK at Australia’s armed forces. You hate/detest/despise America and how America spends on her weapons systems. Well, fucktard, please tell me just what your front line fighter/interceptor aircraft are? What’s that? The F-18 Hornet and F-18 Super Hornet? Hmmm. Made in China, right? What about your current front line tactical bombers? What’s that? The F-111 (Pig, you guys call it) Aardvark? That’s right. IT’S made in China, too, right? OK, I guess I’m not being too fair here. Let’s look at your airlift capability. You use the C-130 Hercules and the C-17 Globemaster III. Made in China, too, correct? Your fifth generation attack fighter that you are going to replace the Hornets and “Pigs” with is the SU-30? The Eurofighter 2000? The Rafale? The Draken? Oh, wait, no—the F-35 JSF. Made in China? Made in Australia? Made in France? Made in Russia? Made in Iran? Hmmm.

Now, how about we look at your army. What weapons do you primarily use? I am no expert here, but did I see an M-1 Abrams? I wonder where you got THAT from. Oh, and then there’s the M-16/M-14 assault rifles and their derivitives. Where did THOSE come from?

Let’s now look at your Navy. The new Aegis system you are putting on your new class of air defense destroyer was developed in Somalia? China?

Now it’s understandable why so many countries hate the United States. I am a PROUD American. However, the America I live in is a NAME, ONLY. Our freedoms are being taken from us more and more each day. NOBODY can ACTUALLY OWN a home here. NOBODY. Even once you have paid your mortgage off, it is STILL NOT YOURS; you STILL have to pay RENT for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. And, as long as that house that is PAID OFF is still in your family’s name somewhere, THEY have to CONTINUE to pay RENT for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. Don’t believe me? Stop paying your RENT (property tax) for a few months and see how long your remain in “YOUR” HOME. Let some SON OF A BITCH decide he wants to build yet ANOTHER FUCKING MALL and “YOUR” HOME just HAPPENS to be in the way. Let the government decide that they want to build a new on-ramp to the freeway and “YOUR” HOUSE just happens to be in the way. See, Americans DO NOT HAVE PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF SHIT.

Now, just to be a United States Citizen in GOOD STANDING, we are soon going to be FORCED TO PURCHASE HEALTH INSURANCE. You name ONE OTHER COUNTRY where as a requirement of citizenship you have to purchase something–ANYTHING–from a business. No, this is NOT the America I was born in and grew to love. This is simply another SOCIALIST STATE where the corrupted government can do and say whatever the fuck they want and get away with it while WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE LEFT TO SUFFER AND PAY THE FUCKING BILLS.

As for the nuclear weapons issue, please tell me what you would rather have, MR. AUSTRALIA. Would you RATHER have the USA in control of such an enormous stockpile of nuclear warheads or would you prefer to let, say, IRAN be in control of them? How about AFGHANISTAN? SOMALIA? Or, as somebody else earlier asked, ARE YOU SIMPLY JEALOUS AND WANT AUSTRALIA to control them? You couldn’t ask for better stewards of nuclear weapons than the USA. Now, NOBODY, and I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOBODY is perfect. Shit happens. Accidents happen. But, at least Americans LEARN from their mistakes and ESPECIALLY when it comes to her nukes, CORRECTS their mistakes. You people say how America has been in so many wars, or even EVERY war since WWII. Well, what if it wasn’t the USA that had this nuclear arsenal? What if it was NORTH KOREA? Do you, for ONE FUCKING MOMENT, believe that North Korea would not have let them fly during the Korean war? SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT THAT. Do you, for ONE FUCKING MOMENT, believe that the North Vietnamese wouldn’t have let them fly during Vietnam? DID WE? HELL NO. See, WE believe in using them as a DETERRANCE. Countries like North Korea, Iran, etc., see those as FIRST STRIKE WEAPONS. If they GET THEM, they WILL USE them. NOT as a last resort. NOT as a well thought out plan to ultimately save MILLIONS of lives over the loss of a couple hundred thousand of the ENEMY. Yes, America is THE ONLY nation to have EVER used the atomic bomb in anger. But look at the alternative. If you know ANYTHING about WWII history you know DAMNED WELL that the only other option was the loss of MILLIONS of ALLIED LIVES–AND ENEMY LIVES. And, even with that incomprehensible loss of millions of lives an all out invasion of Japan MAY NOT HAVE EVEN WORKED! THEN what? YOU AUSSIES could POSSIBLY be speaking JAPANESE now instead of your version of the Queen’s English. The dropping of Fat Man and Little Boy is STILL a HOTLY debated topic. I believe it was necessary. I don’t make that decision lightly. The truth is, simply, I am HORRIFIED OUT OF MY DRAWERS by nuclear weapons. I can promise you this much, Mr. Down Under, that if YOU were serving in the Pacific theater during WWII, YOU would’ve been cheering as ONE OF THE LOUDEST at the dropping of the bombs. Instead of the alternative absolute BLOODBATH and DECIMATION of the Japanese land and people; and another possible five years of war, those TWO BOMBS ENDED IT, THERE. DONE. OVER. NO MORE WAR. Yes, it IS tragic the suffering and loss of life those things caused. But what would have been worse? Not only that, but the USSR and Germany were ALSO working on the atomic bomb. What if THEY had developed it before WE did? Can you imagine Hitler with it? EVERY new weapon Germany developed HE USED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Imagine Sydney in a mushroom cloud ALONG with New York, London, Washington, D.C., Canberra, etc.

Now, before you go waving your Australian flag and spewing your tripe over the United States, why not take a moment and THANK US. I don’t know of ANYBODY in America, literally NOBODY, who has anything bad to say about Australia or her citizens. So why do you have to be such a DICK about US? You know DAMNED WELL that you have NO OTHER ALLY that could even come CLOSE to protecting you the way we are able to, AND WILL GLADLY DO, if you needed it. So SHUT THE FUCK UP, DO YOUR RESEARCH, AND THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR UNEDUCATED EMBICILIC MOUTH.

90% of Australia’s military equipment is AMERICAN. By the way, if China was to decide that they liked the way Australia looked, and decided that they could REALLY REALLY use Australia and decided to start an all-out invasion, do you really think your paltry armed forces would stand a snowball’s chance in hell of saving even just ONE CITY? Oh, absolutely, you have a DAMNED FINE military. Very good people, very well equipped, and very patriotic. The problem with YOUR armed forces is SIZE. You would put up ONE HELL of a fight, there is NO DOUBT. But patriotism and will along with the few things you have will NOT win an all out war. Well, unless it was against somebody like if New Zealand attacked you or something. This is NOT an insult, it’s simply the truth. YOU NEED ALLIES. WE ALL need allies. THAT, dude, is why AUSTRALIA AND THE USA ARE ALLIES. We have so much in common. Why not focus on the POSITIVE things that Australia and America have instead of your perceived negatives?

Now, as for China: China is a JOKE. Sure, they have their two-hundred trillion strong military. Unfortunately, their equipment is lightyears behind ours. They have a population that is absolutely DESTITUTE. Something like 95% of all Chinese in China earn LESS than $1000.00 PER YEAR. Now, please tell me how they could POSSIBLY be compared to a western force? Also, Chinese are CONSCRIPTED–FORCED to “serve” in the armed forces. Now you tell me. Who is going to be more motivated at a certain task, say, a cannoneer; a person who VOLUNTEERED to do it, who WANTED to do it? or, somebody who is FORCED to do it and wants NOTHING MORE THAN TO GO HOME AND GROW RICE? Next, show me what China has invented/developed by itself for the military. Go ahead, show me. VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING THEY HAVE is either STOLEN technology from US, or BOUGHT from USSR/Russia. Anything they DID do from beginning to end on their own wouldn’t stand a chance against something of western design from 30 years ago. China’s power comes in sheer numbers and in China’s ability to STEAL WESTERN MILITARY and PROPRIETARY WESTERN BUSINESS SECRETS. Please tell me what one hundred thousand screaming Chinese running into a barrage of one thousand fortified machine guns could possibly gain? Please tell me what chance the Chinese air force would have against JUST ONE US carrier battle group?

Come on. If it wasn’t for the USA, this world would be a MUCH NASTIER place to be in. Do I agree with everything our corrupt government does? Do I agree with how some jackass who spent his whole life HATING the armed forces and EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM and PROTESTING EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM can now be the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF? FUCK NO. I think it’s FUCKING RIDICULOUS. I FIRMLY BELIEVE that in order to be Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces you MUST have served AT LEAST ONE ENLISTMENT with an HONORABLE discharge–AT THE VERY MINIMUM. I FURTHER believe that once a war/conflict/police action (or whatever ELSE the fucking suits want to call it) is started, it should be given to the Joint Chief’s of Staff to run with ONLY the MOST MAJOR decisions given to the civilian leadership. We didn’t lose Vietnam because of China or Vietnam. We lost because of OUR OWN FUCKING GOVERNMENT. Had they turned the war over to the COMMANDERS IN THE FIELD, Vietnam would have been annihilated in WEEKS. The reason we lost had NOTHING to do with the Vietnamese NOR did it have anything to do with the CHINESE. Chinese bleed and die just as easily as Vietnamese. If the commanders were allowed to hit the targets and take the necessary strategic points that THEY KNEW THEY NEEDED TO AND DESPERATELY WANTED TO, there is NOTHING that would have stopped us. We were supreme in each and every single category. It is the same thing now. Instead of having this MORON of a “President” (King) calling the shots in Afghanistan it should be turned over to the COMMANDERS. LET THEM DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS–THE JOBS THAT THEY HAVE SPENT THEIR ENTIRE LIVES LEARNING AND PERFECTING. OF COURSE there should be civilian oversight, such as in a decision to use nukes, etc., but when a Commander says he needs more troops HERE, NOW, AND FOR THIS REASON, HE SHOULD IMMEDIATELY HAVE THEM. It’s INSANE, IDIOTIC, for the King (O-bummuh) to “mull it over” for a FEW FUCKING MONTHS. WTF?! O-bummuh, NO military experience WHATSOEVER. NO KNOWLEDGE of the military and its capabilities. NO CLUE about logistics. NO IDEA what goes through a soldier’s, sailor’s, airman’s mind during a battle (real OR training), NO COMPREHENSION of strategy and tactics and ON AND ON. Yet, this RETARD–MORON–is COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF?!?!? HE is going to MICRO-MANAGE the battlespace?! Now THERE, PAL, is where you should direct your hatred. NOT at us as a people. NOT at us as a nation. And, CERTAINLY not the US armed forces who will be on YOUR FUCKING SOIL WITHIN 48 HOURS IF YOU WERE EVER INVADED TO SAVE YOUR ASSES AS THEY HAVE DONE THROUGHOUT HISTORY COUNTLESS TIMES.

I can respect your patriotism. I am a BIG TIME patriot myself. It’s ADMIRABLE, it’s HONORABLE, and it’s RIGHT. I CANNOT respect your views on America and our weapons systems, people, and armed forces. Americans (overall) are a GOOD, KIND, GENEROUS, and LOYAL people. You of all people should know that. No matter WHERE disaster strikes, AMERICA IS THERE TO HELP. Even in places where we have NO DIPLOMATIC TIES. Earthquakes demolish Iran and America is THERE, HELPING–GIVING FOOD, GIVING MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, GIVING AID OF ANY KIND INCLUDING OUR FUCKING HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS. Yet what do we face at every turn? HATRED, from IGNORANT PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

I believe that for ONE YEAR, America should say to the world that since everybody hates us so much we have decided that we will not get involved with ANY other nation for ANY reason–be it an attack, famine, natural disaster, etc. I would just LOVE to see the reaction from all you “learned” people out there who have such a negative view of Americans. Go ahead, let CHINA feed your fucking asses when your entire agricultural system is destroyed by a tsunami or massive earthquake. They can’t even make PET FOOD!! Do you have ANY IDEA how many people lost their beloved pets to POISONED PET FOOD FROM FUCKING CHINA?! Let CHINA provide the drywall (or plasterboard or whatever the hell you call it there) for rebuilding your homes. Oh, wait, Chinese DRYWALL has poisonous gases coming off of it. Hmmm. What else can we trust China to get right. TOYS!! YES, let CHINA send you toys for your suffering children after a Hurricane or Cyclone or Tempest or whatever the hell you call it. Ooops. Now your kids have LEAD POISONING FROM THEIR FUCKING TOYS. Need I go on? China is about as corrupt as it gets. China needs to be WATCHED, and CLOSELY. The TRASH that China manufactures is as absolutely bottom of the barrel low quality as they can possibly make it.

As for YOU General SMALL DONG, go ahead and MAKE CHINA SUPERWEAPON THAT MAKE US SUFFER. It’ll probably explode where it sits killing its users before it ever has a chance to do something to America. That is, if it doesn’t POISON YOU ALL FIRST. By the way, Gen. SMALL DONG, why don’t you go start a family. Say, three or four children? All girls? You are so stupid that you don’t even deserve the time I’ve already spent on slapping you down. You are a simple RETARD. I PRAY that you are a CHINE GENERAL (sic). I hope THEY ALL LIKE YOU as dum and misinformed/brainwashed. If so, you’ll be a walk in the park. I KNOW that OUR government is corrupt. But YOURS? Geez. Now THAT is an ENTIRELY whole new level of corrupt. By the way, out of that two hundred trillion man military that you command, GENERAL SMALL DONG, how many of them are SECRET POLICE who are there just to make sure none of you defect or run away? How many?!?! Sit down, SMALL DONG, you are WAY out of your league here.

Oct 17, 2010
10:11 pm
#98 ImBJC :

Oh, and may I add, Gen. WEE DONG, that as China make superweapon that make US bow at China feet, THE UNITED STATES IS NOT SITTING STILL. While YOU are focused on “superweapon”, the US is CONTINUALLY designing, improving, and implementing newer and newer and better and better technology. The truth is, Gen WEE PEEPEE, by the time China superweapon that will make US bow at China feet is “ready”, the United States will have probably already designed a countermeasure that will have made China superweapon that will make US bow at China feet OBSOLETE. Stick THAT in your hat and wear it. Oh, and I can’t figure out WHAT “superweapon” you’re talking about because I haven’t heard of a theft of our technology by the Chinese lately. So, what IS this supposed superweapon? A directed energy beam? Done that already, already have it, already in service. Nukes? Nothing new there. You guys stole every nuclear warhead secret we ever had. It’s no wonder you have advanced nukes. I am REALLY curious as to what this supposed “superweapon” could possibly be. Seriously. I would LOVE to hear you discuss it. Or, Gen. Wee PeePee, are you just mad that you’ve been stomped all over the place and had to come up with some kind of make believe superweapon to make you feel less inferior?

Oct 17, 2010
10:39 pm
#99 ImBJC :

One last thing, Gen. Wee Duck PeePee, America will be sitting idle for the next fifty years to allow you enough time to make enough strong weapon to make US bow at China feet. We’ll be fair. We’ll stop manufacturing, designing, and improving our weapons systems for fifty years so that you can catch up, OK?

Wow, Chinese technology. Leaders in aerospace and defense. True trend setters. *sigh*

A fair warning, Wee Duck PeePee, do you know WHY nobody wants to invade the USA? Not only because of our armed forces, GENERAL. About 75%-85% of all Americans OWN GUNS AND KNOW HOW TO USE THEM. An invasion of the United States would be absolute SUICIDE. I don’t care about your two hundred trillion man army. You can’t have them all here at one time! Why do you think nobody ELSE has tried to invade?! You wouldn’t just have the armed forces and our civilian police to deal with. You’d be faced with a VERY well armed CIVILIAN POPULATION! The ONLY way to conquer the United States is with a MASSIVE nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons strike of a size and scale that is unimaginable. And, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of an invasion to begin with? Whatever kills US would surely kill CHINESE, wouldn’t it? And, obviously, the United States wouldn’t just sit back and ALLOW that now would we? Um, there would be a retaliation against China on a scale that SHOULD make you shake straight out of your skin if you have even an OUNCE of knowledge about these types of weapons. Sure, you’d lay waste to the United States, but the United States would lay waste to China a thousand times over. So what did you gain by using WMDs? Absolutely NOTHING. I don’t fear an invasion by China IN THE LEAST. I DO fear China, but NOT because I think they’ll invade. I fear China because the Chinese government is beyond corrupt and will do ANYTHING–A N Y T H I N G–to keep the communist party in power. If they had to massacre 1/2 of the Chinese population to do it, they would. YOU should be EQUALLY afraid, General Needle Dick. Actually, YOU should be MORE afraid of China than any other country is. Why the hell do you see Chinese BY THE SHIPLOAD leaving China for the United States? Is it because China’s such a wonderful place to be? Because of all the FREEDOM you have there? Because of the WARM FUZZIES they get when they think of your leaders? I think not. General, Mr. Needle Dick, I have to tell you that I haven’t had THIS much fun slapping the stuffing out of such a flubtard in YEARS. I could LITERALLY go for HOURS MORE. Unfortunately, I have to go get some sleep so that I don’t fall asleep at work tonight.

Oh, and some friendly advice? BEFORE you open your pie-hole, PLEASE do your research PRIOR to flaming me. If you want to get into it with me, I’ll be happy to oblige. But, I will stomp you for each and every moronic thing you say (type). You really don’t stand a chance but I will go at it with you if you so choose. Just be ready to back up what you say with FACTS–NOT with conjecture and NOT with MAKE BELIEVE “SUPERWEAPON”. See, what YOU may call a “superweapon”, WE would probably call a FIRECRACKER. The day your military can field something that is even HALF the quality of the M-1 Abrams main battle tank is when you can tell me about “superweapon”. Or the day you have eight nuclear powered aircraft carriers afloat and all over the world, you can tell me about “superweapon”. Or the day you can send one of your aircraft over the United States and not even be NOTICED on radar, etc. Until then, General Needle Dick, just sit down and stop making an ass of yourself. You are doing nothing but embarassing yourself and your nation. And for the record, I actually do love the Chinese PEOPLE. The ACTUAL PEOPLE. There is SO MUCH that one can learn from the wisdom of an older Chinese. I really am sincere about that. I have ZERO beef with the Chinese people. I even love your food! Well, goodbye for now. I’ll be looking forward to reading whatever drivel you spew forth my way! TaTa for now!

Oct 27, 2010
3:17 pm
#100 CydoniaLost :

Well,we’re not likely to fight a direct war out of economic webs linking alone(as has been mentioned). If we did fight a war,we would all be in trouble. Both sides have superweapons,so their use is out of the question. Smaller scale attacks alone could be disastrous(imagine China hitting our eyes in the sky,anti satellites and so forth-they are capable and have proven they can in fact do something on this scale).Ten years ago,it wouldn’t have seemed possible they would pose a threat. Five years ago,They would have been a hollow threat at most. Imagine in Ten years? Well,I can’t really say(none of us can),but if they keep growing like they have been….

Samuel wasn’t being hitler-ish,he just criticized racism,so I don’t know how some of you people came to that conclusion(“He hates racism,therefore he’s racist”?).

I don’t like the fact we came about via bloodshed,and killed something on 15 million native indians,breaking treaties as we’ve seen fit, fighting so many modern wars(since WW2,and even a bit before),only nation to drop a nuclear bomb on another nation,and we have the audacity to criticize nations like Russia for invading a former small republic-while we wage war across the middle east. No,I can’t say I’m as proud of the past as some would seem to be. (To be fair,we did do three things right:Freedom,democracy,and the internet :D)

But china… China’s got it. You have to remember,the 70 million that died at Mao’s time weren’t executions.(that’s like saying soviet union purged the 20 million that died,when Nazi’s invaded,killed Russians,starved russians,and 8.3 million soldiers died…It’s not that there purging,its that there being purged). Chinese had Communists fighting Nationalists,then the warlords who strived for control. If that weren’t enough,the Japanese invade the east and this leads to even further losses across the east.

Every other day,I see examples of will tested. The Chinese are hardened and made to do push themselves,and have this value in uniformity and discipline… How many of you knew that the US military once allowed stress cards in boot camp? That’s right. Can’t handle it? Raise your card and that’ll get the drillers off your back. Of course,now those are phased out,but the impression is the same. Military today has two broad general types of people:Those who are in it for the benefits,and those who arrogantly believe America is national perfection.

@ImBJC:You seem so desperate to save your dignity(what little there is). What you said to Aussie is the reason why Australia is not solely looking to America for help. Actually,they’re opening up fairly well to China. In 50 years,they’ll be switching from F series aircraft to J series. What’s that about aircraft you said earlier? Takes 30 men to get an aircraft out? Chinese aircraft are made to be independent,they typically utilize the single seaters VS the two seater US jets. Yeah,mention the takeoff team. Technology for telling someone to lift off is pretty universal,and isn’t all to different technology wise.
And yeah,Americans do own guns. But If we were to get ourselves into trouble again,I couldn’t see americans banning together in a singular force. Yeah,you can put a national sentiment spin on it and assume people are going to fight for there birthplace,but what then? Your left with the same people that got into the situation,the same people having to fight the ‘enemy’,and so on. Nothing’s changed internally.

Actually,you know We did have good control over Vietnam. We DID have that little draft,so man power shouldn’t have been a problem. But two things happened. 1)Americans realized they’re imperialistic tendency and wanted the boys back home and 2)Vietnamese resolve paved the way. We bomb them to shit for three years(65-68),Gen. Westmoreland himself states that we’ve might as well have won the war. Then the Vietnamese turn around and unleash the Tet Offensive the same year! And slowly continue building afterward. We went into villages and burned them down,and in the end justice caught up with us. In korea we ALMOST had an early success with UN forces…But what happens? The chinese waves sweep across korea,pushing us PAST the 38th parallel. So yes,last time we had a major conflict with China,we didn’t do so good.

Bad drywall and dog food problems? At least they make it. Proportionally,we do have much more of a military accounting for almost half the worlds budget. You can suck on that information for a second. A nation with almost five times our population has a SLIGHTLY higher military.What now? I’m not a sinophile,but I have to say they’ve come far and we’re not what we used to be spiritually. Financially,well,Corporations don’t last forever and our working force isn’t that brilliant in terms of size(though it is in production).

You can gripe about truths and try to desperately protect your pride,but it won’t matter. Your one of the reasons this nation is going in the hole. Get a life and do something to make it better. No,I don’t mean find a job for the government,quarter of america can do that. You want to improve something,change your philosophy.

Oct 27, 2010
3:30 pm
#101 CydoniaLost :

And btw,the fact alone that they rose from a three ring civil war and invaded by Japan to become a superpower is,alone,miraculous. IT took us 250 years and countless years of bloodshed and distribution to become what china is going to be in half the time. US balances with both good and bad,but when you have people who comment on here about how we CAN stand up to a nuclear bomb,it makes me ashamed to be from the same plot of land as him.

And we give so much as part of our ‘stick and carrot’ routine. They play ball,they get the carrot. They disagree with us,and they get one hell of a stick up their… This applies to just about every nation under the sun.

Oct 27, 2010
3:46 pm
#102 CydoniaLost :

@ImJBC;The Aussie’s don’t need to thank us for helping. They had a K;d ratio of 2 to 5 against the Japanese. :P

Oct 30, 2010
2:30 pm
#103 Brian :

Um, CydoniaLost, I don’t think you have a clue in HELL what I said in my rants. God knows, you sure as hell didn’t adress them but went off on your own little tangents. I can’t even begin to address all of the inaccuracies in your posts, but I will try a few.

1. I NEVER said that we wouldn’t be in trouble if we ever fought a war with China.


3. Where did they get their NUCLEAR WARHEAD technology? US. SEE ABOVE.

4. What in God’s name are you talking about with “take off team”, etc.? How old are you? I would suggest you RE-READ WHAT I WROTE. Since you are an embicile, I will EXPLAIN IN ABC form for you: I did NOT write that it takes 30 people to TAKE OFF, retard. I wrote that it takes 30 people to KEEP ONE OF THEIR AIRCRAFT FLYING BECAUSE OF ITS AGE AND OBSOLESCENCE. ONE HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OTHER. And, Mr. Expert, the reason that SOME of our fighter aircraft are two-seaters is because the aircraft are FAR beyond what a single human being is even CAPABLE of utilizing fully. SOME of our fighters actually have to have the software programmed to not exceed the human body’s ability to survive. There is *NOTHING* in the Chinese air force that is as capable as even ONE of our 4th generation fighters, let alone one of our 5th gen. Any aircraft that China owns that NEARS the performance of our aircraft has that performance nullified by the training and experience of our aviators (that means PILOTS). Now that you’ve had a chance to re-examine what I previously wrote, don’t you feel like an idiot? It’s OK. I’m used to having to slap people down now and again. Let’s continue, shall we?

Listen, I WAS *IN* the U.S.A.F. during the COLD WAR under REAGAN when tensions with the USSR were VERY high (over COMMUNISM). Were you? How could you POSSIBLY know, if you weren’t in, what we were faced with then? Also, if you were to have done some proper research, you would have discovered that the vast majority of China’s technological growth is due to their OUTRIGHT *THEFT* OF NATIONAL SECRETS (from US *AND* MANY OTHER NATIONS!!!) AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. You can argue against that until you choke but it’s a FACT. EACH and EVERY SINGLE LAST DROP of nuclear warhead technology (all the way up to the W-88 warhead) was *STOLEN* FROM *US*. FACT. NOT CONJECTURE, NOT BELIEF–FACT. Their missile guidance systems (ring laser gyros, etc.) CAME FROM *US*. Oh, and I PROMISE you, there were no “stress cards” or whatever the hell you’re talking about!! LMFAO!! Again, RETARD, DO YOUR *FUCKING* RESEARCH:
You are WAY out of line you stupid SIMP. There are *NOT* just “two types” of person in the military. You ASSHOLE. I *DARE* you to go up to a Marine and tell him what YOUR *BELIEF* of the two types of person joins the military is. If you are still alive afterward, come back and read ANOTHER reasons. LOVE of FREEDOM. PATRIOTISM. A SINCERE DESIRE TO SERVE. TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. DISCIPLINE. TO *GROW UP*. TO IMPROVE ONESELF AND HIS/HER SURROUNDINGS. There are MANY other reasons. Oh, and BTW, *DICKHEAD*, I had the desire to join since I was in KINDERGARTEN. I grew up beside Andrews Air Force Base and had a genuine love for the military ALL MY FUCKING LIFE AND STILL DO. And, you flea, NO MATTER WHAT REASON A PERSON HAS FOR JOINING–IT IS A *MASSIVE* SACRIFICE. You have *NO* clue. Lord in Heaven I’m going to go cool off now…

5. As for Vietnam, the ONLY reason we (supposedly) “lost” is because of the CIVILIAN LEADERSHIP. It had NOTHING to do with the military, it had NOTHING to do with seeing the errors of our “imperialistic ways” or people wanting our boys home. Our armed forces in KOREA *AND* IN VIETNAM would have DECIMATED the enemies at the respective times if they were allowed to fight the way an armed force is SUPPOSED to fight a war–TO FUCKING WIN. No, they were told “Don’t bomb this, it will make them mad”, “Don’t bomb there, it will make them walk away from the treaty talks” and so on. General MacArthur WOULD HAVE walked clear across China (oh, yea, it would have been damned bloody) and we would not now have the problems we are now faced with in regards to North Korea, Red China, and even Communist Vietnam had it not been for a bunch of pussies in the civilian leadership with absolutely no fucking clue and with no vision of the future. I’ll tell you right here and now that if time were to somehow reverse and the civilian leadership knew what we know now those mistakes would NOT be made again.

6. Just who in hell do you think LIBERATED China from the Japanese in WWII?! US!! AS IN THE UNITED STATES! Without us, they would be speaking JAPANESE NOW. IT IS BECAUSE OF THE ALLIED EFFORTS that China is now “China” and not a province of Japan. It is because of the MASSIVE resources of the United States and our manufacturing powerhouse that China was freed of the Japanese menace of WWII. Good God, man, WHERE did you get your “history” lessons?

7. Who the HELL are YOU to question MY “DIGNITY”? You don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about but YOU tell ME “what little you have”?! LMAO. All I can say is, how about learning English, then learn to type it, then learn reading comprehension, and then finally learn to do research BEFORE opening your pie hole for a shit slinging fest.

8. Please show me just where the hell I said that Australia should be “looking solely to the US”. PLEASE. I BEG YOU. I don’t even know where the hell you pulled that one from. What I *DID* say is just how much THEY *DO* TURN TO US! In case you are too stupid to know this, I WAS USING *SARCASM* IN *ALL* OF MY POSTS. Yes, I know, I know. It’s beyond your intelligence. Alas, if you had READ and COMPREHENDED what I wrote, you would have seen that I was in NO WAY saying that Australia (nor anybody else, for that matter) should come running solely to us. What I *WAS* doing is pointing out the fact that THEY ALREADY *DO*. MOST of the high technology in Australia’s air force is AMERICAN. Hell, easily 75%+ of the REST of their armed forces equipment and technology is AMERICAN. READ IT AGAIN, MORON.

9. “Bad drywall and dog food problems? At least they make it.” Um, and WE DON’T?! The DIFFERENCE, socialistard, is that WE don’t make these products POISONOUS for all consumers. THEY *DO*. We’ll see just how happy YOU are when YOUR fucking dog or cat is killed by the poison in their pet food. We’ll see just how happy YOU are when YOUR fucking spawn gets deathly ill from the lead paint in the toys that come from China.

Look, you infantile embicile, I could go on and on slapping the snot out of your (probably) 19-25 year old ass. Unfortunately, there isn’t time enough in a day to address every inaccuracy and literally backward thought in your posts. Reading through your retorts to my posts was education enough for me. This is what I learned about you: You are either a socialist or a communist–either way, you are a far left liberal. You are quite possibly a homosexual. You probably haven’t spent more than the absolute minimum amount of time necessary in any history class but that needed in order to graduate (if you even did graduate) from high school. You don’t read a whole lot of ANYTHING (fiction NOR non-fiction). Any belief/philosophical viewpoint you have is something that OTHER people of your ilk have indoctrinated you into and you spew it as if it is your own thought, not even understanding what you are talking about. You spend the VAST majority of your time on the internet in chat rooms, forums, and/or blogs looking for somebody who doesn’t agree with you and you pounce on them without even taking the time to form your OWN, INDIVIDUAL thoughts. You just spit out the tripe that the liberal left has indoctrinated you with. Your IQ is probably no higher than about 115-120. You are a male, never served in the armed forces, and you come from a relatively well-to-do family. Everything you have was handed to you on a silver platter and you haven’t worked a day in your life for anything other than extra pocket money for your high-school beer drinking bashes and ways to get into another person’s pants. You never won a spelling bee. You got a MAXIMUM of C average in English, if you even passed at all. IF you took the ACT, you got about an 18. You have a VERY limited command of the English language. You have probably been arrested AT LEAST once. You wear your pants around your knees and your baseball hat backwards and to the side. You drive with your driver’s seat reclined so you are looking out the rear door window. You have several tattoos, in order to make you LOOK “tough”. You probably weigh about 145-155 lbs.

Now, a little education about ME: I am 43 years old, I served in the Air Force at Lackland AFB and at Andrews AFB as Security Police Law Enforcement. I was a firefighter/EMT for 11 years and a civilian cop for 10 years. I am as STRAIGHT as an arrow. I broke my back–literally–broke it. I have an IQ of 161. I have an EXCELLENT command of the English language, and I can outspell/outgrammar just about any English teacher in America (with the obvious exceptions of PhD’s). I am a MAJOR history fanatic. I LOVE reading both non-fiction AND fiction. I am a hard-core gamer. I have been building my own computers since the early 1990s. I am a MAJOR military buff. 99% of the TV I watch is History Channel, Discovery, Discovery Science, Military Channel, Discovery International, BBC, and some odd dramas. I am center-right philosophically. I learn as much as I can about something and THEN *I* FORM *MY OWN* beliefs. I am fairly religious but not overly so. I am *FAR* from the “perfect Christian”. I have one HELL of a temper. I have little use for stupid people or people who argue without having the facts first. I CAN and LOVE debate. I CAN and DO change my beliefs when somebody proves that what I believe is wrong. I *READ* what people write *BEFORE* I respond. I make sure I *KNOW* what the hell I’m arguing is FACTUALLY CORRECT and NOT just somebody else’s opinion or just another rumor. I DO *NOT* just take what somebody else says without understanding and try passing it off as if *I* am the one who said it. I will *NEVER* argue with somebody without FIRST knowing that what I am saying is FACT.

This ONE REASON ALONE is why your responses to my earlier posts have been blown clear out of the atmosphere. You DIDN’T *READ* what I wrote, therefore you made a complete ASS of yourself by misquoting me, by misunderstanding what was clearly written, and then arguing with me without doing any research whatsoever. Sorry, pal, you need to prepare yourself MUCH better when you want to attempt to take ME on.

Finally, I am going to repeat some things so that hopefully you can finally grasp them. I *LOVE* the Australians and I *LOVE* their country. I *LOVE* the *ENTIRE* United Kingdom and the British people. I *LOVE* the Chinese people. I love the customs and traditions of ALL of them. I RESPECT them. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! I DO *NOT* LOVE COMMUNISM. In fact I *HATE* it. It is a FAILED political system that can *NEVER* work. I *HATE* SOCIALISM. It, too, is a failed political system that CANNOT WORK–EVER. I have *NO* tolerance for people that argue that Socialism and Communism are GOOD THINGS. As I said earlier–I CAN’T STAND STUPID PEOPLE. Do I believe CAPITALISM is good? In *SOME* ways I do. Unfortunately, as with Communism and Socialism the HUMAN FACTOR has to be taken into consideration. Because of GREED, which is a basic human instinct, Communism and Socialism CANNOT WORK. Unfortunately, it is the very fabric of what makes Capitalism successful. I am at odds with this. I DETEST greed. I am conflicted about many other things, too, but as of right now I can’t think of ANY system or political philosophy that is WONDERFUL and FOOLPROOF. Sadly, Capitalism works and it’s sad that GREED is what has made America such a powerful nation. Greed is the very foundation of competition in business. And competition is the way to technological advances. The more advanced a technology is, the more that business makes in selling it (that is, until the NEXT thing comes along and bests it). This is why Communism CAN NEVER WORK. EVERYTHING is controlled by the government. There is no incentive to foster competitiveness, other than the fear of being shot. However, once you add GREED to the mix, and the potential to make more money and improve one’s status in wealth, recognition and power, then and ONLY then will you advance. You do not advance a nation’s military strength beyond the strongest military on the planet by stealing the technology of that nation. You only achieve PARITY. However, while you are trying to implement the STOLEN technology and reverse engineer it, the STRONGER nation is STILL ADVANCING. Now, hopefully, you’ve received at least SOME sort of an education and are able to now see that whatever the hell YOU were talking about in response to my posts was WAY beyond inaccurate and literally made you look like an idiot.

Good luck in life and next time eat your Wheaties before taking me on!

Oct 30, 2010
2:44 pm
#104 Brian :

errr…ummm…OOPS. LMFAO

I don’t watch “Discovery International”. I watch “HISTORY International”. And, yes, I DID happen to see a couple of spelling and grammatical errors here and there. But, with all of the times I have gone back and forth across what I was typing and adding/deleting things, I didn’t do too bad. Like I said, when I argue, I make CERTAIN that I’m not shouting out of my asscrack.

My sincerest apologies for any spelling and grammar errors. Even MORE sincere apologies for any facts that I got wrong. I WILL admit to being wrong–IF I am, indeed, wrong.

Nov 28, 2010
10:28 pm
#105 History American :


Dec 1, 2010
12:12 am
#106 david :

I just love all the ignorant racist comments here, whats going through the mind of someone so insecure that he has to come onto the internet to curse out another race so he can sleep better at night? What do these dumbasses think that just because you are cursing the Chinese, something bad will happen to them? You uneducated dumbasses need to realize that a country’s prosperity is dependent on countless factors and things can go good or bad for a country over time. China lasted 5000 years and theres been good and bad times over those 5000, how long do you think US will last, punks? The golden age of the USA is slowly coming to an end. Dumbass comments like “do you think the chinese can fly a plane?” “china is no match for India” “China would not dare attack the US” make me LMAO. Leave it to those racist morons who come up with baseless crap like “Chinese cant drive” Oh shit really? you’ve got a single fact or statistic to back that up? China would not attack the US, no shit sherlock guess what, 700 years ago China had the world’s most powerful fleet, did the Chinese attack anyone? Instead the fleet was used to explore the world and send gifts to foreigners. Unlike the Western powers who started to colonize and enslave people the moment they got the power to do it. Its ironic that these same people are talking about oppression and human rights? who enslaved the Blacks? Do you think you are qualified to talk about human rights, punks?

Dec 23, 2010
8:20 pm
#107 Anthony :

This is a load of shot. The American Army is being corrupted by anti communist generals. Although we boast the most advanced technology, we have spent billions of dollars on the F22, while the Chinese have been culturally and militarily expanding their beliefs. Nationalism will kill the US army. Face it, the United States of America will fall. If you don’t like, play the fallout series, where America has billions of dollars, and the Chinese will fall. While America’s debts increase, China’s military expands. Deal with it, or go cry to your mommy, American morons. Glad I’m Chinese.

Dec 23, 2010
8:25 pm
#108 Anthony :

Gen long duck, I totally agree, America may have flashy weapons and shit, but I overheard my superiors at work saying the Chinese developed teleportation already, and are going to travel here and kill us all

Dec 31, 2010
5:41 pm
#109 reinhard :

i dont understand all the racism remarks… im american and i dont think the way you say we all do. all i have to say is do it…. i dare you china… please invade america. if you think our military might be a threat…. wait untill you have to deal with our people….

2nd amendment YHAAA!!!!!!!

Jan 6, 2011
6:42 am
#110 hiyoko :

We should understand that fighting will do no one good, But i still think China has a good reason to boost its military. In breif, USA, India, Japan and Korea are pretty much enemies of China deep inside. How would you feel if your neighbours are all plotting against you at the same time along with the USA who demonise all countries which rise just because it doesnt want to accept a second power. The USA do do good things however limit other peoples rights more than anything. Ie genetically modified crop seeds to many countried which ultimately ties up to buying american seeds and fertiliser for ever.. theres heaps more. America is just finding excused to do what they want to the world.. so when japans strong they say japans going to overtake the world… russia? they say their going to nuke us all, and now China? find a good name for your new enemy America.

Jan 7, 2011
8:15 am
#111 Anthony's Chinese? :

Nice western name Anthony… very Chinese.

Jan 9, 2011
6:51 pm
#112 Nyerk~ :

Nice comments everyone.
They are definitely entertaining to fill out my boring weekend. Keep up the good job :P

Jan 20, 2011
10:55 am
#113 wang nai tian :

Hello,My name is Wang Nai Tian.
I work for the chinese air force and so did my dad,I am sorry to say but we do have aircraft carries.Our defence does not need to be as strong as USA because we are not at risk of other countries attacking us,but the USA is.Our defence is one of the best in the world and I know people from the airforce who have gone to wars with really good aircrafts.And also our army is and navy is really good.

Jan 20, 2011
6:06 pm
#114 bandan :


Jan 20, 2011
6:26 pm
#115 bandan :

wow,,,,keep me entertaining those those were perfect motherfuckers,,,,,.??????? I wish upon my life that u.s and china go for war ,,,,,…….””” so psychotic blood and power thirsty people like u gets killed ,,,,,…??”all of u are cursing each other ,,,..””just realise the fact that china’s or u.s’s supremacy doesn’t have nothing to do with u and ur life in a mess,,,””’JUST UPGRADE UR SELF N THINK RIGHT””” and get off the fucking internet ,,u guys do not deserve it,,,,,,,,”””’??????,,,,””’ oh lastly do u guys know that there are plenty other nations on earth watching over u ????????? so,,,,,,fuck u motherfuckers,……..u guys are just like ”””bin laden ””’,jolly over someone’s dead body

Jan 23, 2011
10:27 pm
#116 anonymous :

first of all why has this conversation turned into whose better the U.S. or China? Both are good countries with some not so great leaders. China is becoming more advanced, but is has taken recent years for it to happen. I don’t want to sound like the bad guy here, but China was the very people to put themselves into this hole once upon a time. They where the racist who viewed European technology as junk and decided that they weren’t going to talk with them or for that matter the rest of the world. If in fact they had, they would be with everyone else, maybe even more advanced. They led the ancient world and technology. The chinese have made some great contributions to the world along with many other nations of the world. In the end, I believe it would it would be a stalemate. U.S. has some of the most advanced training in the world. The marines are taught to use the whole body as a weapon and taught different martial arts, some are even sent to Israel for a more advanced type of training. China has a good training for what it is and a line of weapons that seem to be pretty elite for them.

Feb 3, 2011
2:23 pm
#117 USMC Vet :

To ALL. It seems as if many of you almost want a showdown between China and the US. All I can think of is when we were kids and would say “my dad can beat up your dad”. Listen- as a combat vet, I’ve seen the terrible things war does to all people. IF two Superpowers collide now, with the weapons EACH side has, it would be DEATH on a monumental scale. We will ALL know what the word “apocalypse” means. WWII will look like a picnic.- The US has the ability to project power around the globe, while China is very capable of defending itself. Each sides Generals think they can counter what the other one’s can do, and ultimitely win any war. But, both sides can/will only sustain so much conventional destruction- then the NUKES start flying. The world loses, along with it’s inhabitants- ‘cept a few cockroaches. Let’s all tone down the rhretoric, or the Stone Age will be upon us. . . . and the next one rode a pale horse, and his name was. . Death (paraphrased).

Feb 3, 2011
2:36 pm
#118 USMC Vet :

Oh. hiyoko, in regards to China and its neighbors- NOT ONE FREE COUNTRY IS “PLOTTING” AGAINST CHINA! ! I believe they are concerned, perhaps rightly so, what another Communist Superpower may DO with their military!

Feb 5, 2011
9:30 am
#119 rishav :

we should go to a war with china and destroy their navy ships because this is only were china have edge over india and russia and rest leave on india because iaf will surpass plaaf by 2020 and to tell rusia not to sell aircraft to china then china will be lose its air power and not to give them aegis technology and to offer aircrafts , ships and hi technology to russia and india then give india f 35 for aircrfat carrier and to boost its naval power along us and china are doing war then china position and economy will get distrub and also not to import chinese product .
this is the best way to show fellow dragon his position .

Feb 20, 2011
2:15 am
#120 Ben Dover :

rishav, just shut up and go back to playing cricket and eating your curry.

The US are a bunch of European inbreeds, obviously the EU will stick up for them.

Another factor for the strength of the US is Israel, without the Jews USA aint shit.

As for all the fags who are shit talking about us chinks, regarding “making shoes” and shit like that, look within your own household and tell me you dont own a piece of “made in china” product, the chances of that is pretty damn low.
You cunts keep on buying “made in china” products from us and make us richer.


Feb 22, 2011
3:29 am
#121 Billy Boi from Kentucky :

Well my name is Billy Boi from Kentucky, and I think we should all share a cucumber together and become friends. Yay!!

Apr 11, 2011
1:01 am
#122 Goh tuhel :

@Ben \Dover: You obviously don’t know much. If the US and China were to go to were, there would be severe economic effects for both countries.
I personally think if the US and China were to ever go to war, that would be the the start of WW3 and probably would eventually end when the the “big guns” (Nuclear bombs) would be lobbed across the globe, and no one wants that.

Apr 11, 2011
1:02 am
#123 Goh tuhel :

@Ben \Dover: You obviously don’t know much. If the US and China were to go to war, there would be severe economic effects for both countries.
I personally think if the US and China were to ever go to war, that would be the the start of WW3 and probably would eventually end when the the “big guns” (Nuclear bombs) would be lobbed across the globe, and no one wants that.

Apr 11, 2011
1:05 am
#124 Bend Over :

I was just joking around about what I said in my first post.
I love the US.

Apr 11, 2011
1:11 am
#125 Bend Over :

Gee, America is so great! Just wanted to share that with everyone. Ya know?

Watch this everyone!

Apr 12, 2011
2:52 pm
#126 arjun :

You all forgot about India .It has the forth largest army in the world

Apr 22, 2011
2:48 am

“Chinese Military Weapons-” 04/21/11,22:39 P.M.
China can not be underestimated because they are violators of human rights and wanting to create their own new world order. But what China should really do to see a more prosperous future is to change it’s ungodly constitutions and allow human rights and GOD.
They are a drying, dying country that suck food supplies from other countries and can not keep up their country with dry lands.
North Korea is running out of food according to the UN and must be watched because they may invade South Korea, but what N.K. must do is change it’s ungodly constitution and allow God and human rights and also become “ONE KOREA” in the invitation before them and we know that it would work better than war and even a 3rd World War.
Re-unification in Germany shows that we can do things with less wars and less deadly catastrophic events that will leave all with less each war. THE END.

May 18, 2011
5:58 am
#128 Joe :

Shanghaeye’d, are you used to lying all the time? It seems to me that none of what you said is true. I am sure that I know China more than you do.

May 18, 2011
6:00 am
#129 Joe :

Shanghaeye’d, You seem like a sociopath? It seems to me that none of what you said is true. I am sure that I know China more than you do.

May 19, 2011
3:03 pm
#130 General :

men wachina mko juu tu sana maze……kudo……..

May 20, 2011
4:25 am
#131 Mad Sniper :

All America knows, is war. War war war, nuclear warheads blah blah blah. Well though America has the M4A1 assault rifle, we have the Russian AK’s, which never jam. All we wants is peace, not war, and if look deeper, you’ll find out, the Americans, started EVERY WAR.

May 24, 2011
11:47 pm
#132 S O A Fears :

Too much tension in the air.
I wish we could all revert back to swords and bows.
The thing about fear is it forces common people to entertain ideas. Ideas based on assumption based on our favorite movies. When there is so much tension in the air between governments this drives biological weapon advancement. When enough governments have reached the apex of there advancement. I believe our humanitarian attitude to war will have changed. For the worse it is like the washing away of sand dunes on a beach.
Not our generation but the next . Will be born into technology, nano technology born with trillions of $ spent by each government to bring humanity to the apex of advanced weaponry.
Humanity will have no dunes left next generation born in technology born in mistrust born in tension born in FEAR.
They will say thank God (any God will do)we have reached the apex we are prepared we are ready.
Now when they make there move we will have taken them by surprise because all I have to do is PUSH this little red BUTTON.
forgive me if I do not place much stock in the next generation. I just do not believe present humanity is in a better place from the previous generation.

Purely based on my own analysis there is just a bit too much tension in the air and there is no relief.

May 29, 2011
12:57 pm
#133 kipa :

it might be known that china has weapon to threaten any country.but china should not thought of arunachal. that this is being belong to part of India and will forever until earth destroy.

May 29, 2011
1:00 pm
#134 kipa :

it might be known that china have powerfull weapon that can used threaten any country.but china should think of arunachal that this is being belong to part of India and will forever until earth destroy.

Jul 1, 2011
6:24 am
#135 dhine :


Jul 6, 2011
4:29 am
#136 Nar Whals!!!!!!!!!!! :

Samuel, FUCK OFF!!!!!!!
Imperialism sucks, wow, you fail to understand just how much america gives to other countries. WHAT THE FUCK HAS CHINA GIVEN TO POOR COUNTRIES!!!!!!! They keep all the money to themselves not because they aren’t white, but because they are Commies…..

Cuba sucks
North Korea sucks
Venezuela sucks
Laos sucks
China sucks
USSR sucks

Note that there are no 1st world Countries that are communist, the poor are piling up and getting exploited. And what is the reason for that curious little fact……


Not only does the US give to their own poor people but ones in other countries. China keeps the money to themselves, along with the oil rich middle easterns, the rich in oil in North Africa as well keep it all for themselves.

America feeds those who are poor in North Korea and China (take a good look at the list of those communist countries,people there receive food and money, USSR is gone, but we feed those in that country as well….

Jul 6, 2011
4:52 am
#137 Nar Whals!!!!!!!!!!! :

China sucks Dick, dude you are awesome, just totally awesome…….

Jul 6, 2011
4:57 am
#138 Nar Whals!!!!!!!!!!! :

Imbjc is making all these long, elaborate posts, whilst Gen. Small Dong ‘s only rebuttle is calling America fatasses.

Jul 6, 2011
5:02 am
#139 Nar Whals!!!!!!!!!!! :

I will say that the original topic, China’s growing military strength quickly became a series of slurs between the Chinese and Americans. This is a big indication that tentions are high.

Here comes another Cold War………

Aug 3, 2011
4:07 pm
#140 Oh the beauty of living in the middle of nowhere :

I live in Autralia, oh how beautiful it is to live completely out of the way from any of this crap.
You chinese fellas yelling about Americans being assholes, your racist pricks.
You American fellas yelling about Chinese being assholes your racist pricks too.
Isnt it great that both sides of the equation are equally hypocrytical?!

Meanwhile you two self obsessed groups bitch at eachother about whos got a bigger dick, ill sit down on my deck chair completely oblivious to the worlds problems drinking beer and watching the sun go up and down each day.

Aug 3, 2011
4:08 pm
#141 Oh the beauty of living in the middle of nowhere :

I live in Australia, oh how beautiful it is to live completely out of the way from any of this crap.
You chinese fellas yelling about Americans being assholes, your racist pricks.
You American fellas yelling about Chinese being assholes your racist pricks too.
Isnt it great that both sides of the equation are equally hypocrytical?!

Meanwhile you two self obsessed groups bitch at eachother about whos got a bigger dick, ill sit down on my deck chair completely oblivious to the worlds problems drinking beer and watching the sun go up and down each day.

Aug 3, 2011
4:10 pm
#142 Oh the beauty of living in the middle of nowhere :

Bit of a double post there, my bad :P

Jan 1, 2014
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