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Dragon Skin – Most Protective Body Armor – Lightweight

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dragon skin armor
Produced by Pinnacle Armor, the newly designed Dragon Skin Body Armor is said to be lighter and more protective than any of its predecessors. The new Dragon Skin body armor is the first personal armor to be capable of stopping rounds delivered from an AK-47 without plate inserts. The dragon skin has silver-dollar sized armor plates composed of silicon carbide ceramic which overlap like fish scales. This allows much more flexibility than other body armor.

The tests that the Dragon Skin Body Armor have undergone have been very impressive. This lightweight body armor has been proven to stop multiple gunshots from both an MP5 and an AK-47.

Although the dragon skin body armor has proven itself in many tests, as pointed out at Defense Tech, some professionals are critical of whether the armor works as advertised.

Posted by Capt.   @   17 May 2007 3 comments
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Nov 18, 2010
12:16 am
#1 trent :

is it in anyway (and i mean anyway) possible to get hold of this armour as i am on my way to become a royal marine

Nov 18, 2010
12:17 am
#2 trent :

please get me some answers

May 11, 2011
9:10 pm
#3 Paul :

I could agree it could be handy, since I have heard of this for the past few years. Now if possible. how much and where and when as they are asking.Have a nice day.

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