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Eurofighter TyphoonApparently the nations of Europe aren’t planning on going to war with each other anytime soon. If they did, they would be fighting against each other with the exact same aircraft, I guess it comes down to the pilot’s skill at that point. The Eurofighter Typhoon, or Europe’s answer to the 5th Generation fighter aircraft concept, is finally emerging on the world stage as a prominent export fighter aircraft. While people consistently try to compare this jet with the F-22 Raptor, it really doesn’t compete in many areas. The Eurofighter Typhoon’s primary attributes are its maneuvering and speed capabilites, while it falls short in the deep penetration role. There is only 1 pilot in the world who has flown both the F-22 Raptor and the Eurofighter Typhoon, and he basically confirms the previously held notions about the comparisons concerning maneuverability and stealth attributes.

“The Eurofighter is certainly, as far as smoothness of controls and the ability to pull (and sustain high G forces), very impressive,” he said. “That is what it was designed to do, especially the version I flew, with the avionics, the color moving map displays, etc. — all absolutely top notch. The maneuverability of the airplane in close-in combat was also very impressive.”

“The F/A-22 Raptor has stealth and supercruise…It has the ability to penetrate virtually undetected because of (those) capabilities. It is designed to be a penetrating airplane. It can maneuver with the best of them if it has to, but what you want to be able to do is get into contested airspace no matter where it is.”

Eurofighter Typhoon FlightAnd that about sums it up. The Eurofighter is an extremely impressive performer. But surely the Europeans already knew about the stealth capabilites of the American F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning. So what gives? Likely, the Eurofighter is the answer to the Russian Su-37 Terminator, and all of Europe has banded together to counter this plane, if it ever reaches sufficient production levels that is. Likewise, the European consortium of defense contractors probably couldn’t reach agreement and funding solutions as smoothly as the sole company responsible for both the F-22 and F-35, Lockheed Martin. By and far, the Eurofighter is an awesome plane, and thank god that it wasn’t built by a nation like China or Russia to use for saber rattling or something else…

Check out this cool Eurofighter Typhoon video.

Posted by Andrew   @   19 October 2007 28 comments
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Mar 2, 2009
8:49 pm
#1 Alex :

First the eurofighter Typhoon is not a bomber, it is a total air combat plane build for multi task roles, it is design for speed and aerodynamics but dose have stealth abilities. It can do many things that the f-22 pator can’t do like a “front fall” (the typhoon and one russian plane can only do this and can be very useful in combat). Its not about the weapons because they can be changed but i personaly think the Eurofighter is better than the f-22 but they will never fight against each other, together they rule the sky. I am german and i also really like the panavia tornado, a german fighter-bomber with extreme low flying skills.

Jul 4, 2009
6:42 am
#2 aaron :

i so cant wait to wodinton iwhat to see the red arrows and the tiphoon phile

Aug 31, 2009
7:37 am
#3 Elizabeth Nickless :

Saw this at Dunsfold, yesterday… truly awe inspiring! Amazing craft.
The Red Arrows weer brilliant as usual.

Feb 1, 2010
5:55 pm
#4 Spartan :

I think The Eurofighter is a geat plane, however not better than the F22 Raptor, The Eurofigherter is clasiffied as a 4.5 Gen fighter. The F22 its a 5 gen fighter cuase is completley stealth, The Eurofighter may have front canards like the SU 35 and SU 37 but lack of stealth and thust vectoring that the Raptor have and many Sukoi fighters have. An US Air Force General flew both, the eurofighter and the raptor, both have diferent advantage in manewverability. the Thyphoon can do front fall, the Raptor can do the Cobra and the SU35 and 37s can do both so in temrs of maneuverability I give it to the russians, but in terms of overrall performance I give it to the americans, scince the F22 is the only 5 gen fighter in service sceince 2004 at the Langley AFB, Virginia 27th TFS. The Thyphoon and the Raptor both have supercruise that the russians lack. but Radar, stealth, trusth vectoring make the Raptor superior to the Thyphoon, besides the supercruise of the thyphoon hits mach 1.2 the supercruise of the raptor hits almost mach 1.8. besides the Thyphon have the weapons in external hardpoints, that reduce the maneuverability, the top speed, and the operational range. The F22 have his weapons internally giving him the full advantage of no drag, stealth, operational range. I put my money on the raptor. Im puertorican greetings ;-)

Mar 3, 2010
5:06 am
#5 dave47 :

eurofighter typhoon is one of the most advance fighter jets in the world, with advance avionics and cockpit displays..i think it is better than russian made jets like the latest sukhoi’s and mig’s

Mar 13, 2010
10:23 pm
#6 michael :

The Typhone is a very impressive aircraft but its lacking in adequate stealth characteristics to survive russias S300 anti aircraft system, not that we want to go to war with russia but currently crazy governemnts like Irans plans on purchasing this system from russia. but then i found many articles on Europes stealth UCAV’s being developed and researched, like i think britian, france and germany have their own versions their working on,,, but i want to ask why no european nation currently have any long range strategic bombers like our B52, B1, B2, and currently under research and development B3? Britain previously had hte avero vulcan which could’ve been reupgraded to 21 century standards, yet i read that basically aircraft like the panavia tornado typhoon and all have the capabilities of being used for deep strike nuclear bombing roles if need be. its great having a superp aircraft like the typhoon capable of an air to air and air to ground role but what about if the european natio9ns needed a long range cruise missle platform?

Apr 10, 2010
11:00 pm
#7 roman :

The delta wings on the Typhoon are similar to those on the Avro Arrow which was developed, built, and scraped in the late 1950’s in Canada. The Arrow was capable of Mach 2+ and the Americans never could catch it when it appeared on their radar screens. Another plane that never went too far but had awsome potential was the US F-20 (Tiger Shark) which could fly circles around an F-15 or F-16. it is too bad we need a war or conflict to match the planes’ metal. A friendly competition like an ‘olympics event’ simply would not do as nobody wants to admit their stuff is not the best.

May 8, 2010
5:32 pm
#8 Canadian airforce :

the F-22 is a waste of money, it is the air superiority of the USA but it’s a bomber, not a fighter and has very few weapons. yes it has stealth but is not worth what it is sold at, as for the f-35. I hope Canada willl not buy the f-35 but the Eurofighter wich the gov’t is leaning more towards, hopefully the Americans will stop wastiing so much money on the planes

May 11, 2010
8:39 pm
#9 Osamah :

The Eurofighter typhoon is much better. IT is a bomer and combat jet. Also if a pilot in the Eurofighter is looking at the target that is where the missile will go. THe F-22 does not do that. THerefore the F-22 is not good at all. THe Ef2000 does not have to be stealh because it can go super sonice for its whole time of attacking. Lastly go to and search Eurofighter Typhoon Nothing Comes Close. ☺

May 11, 2010
8:40 pm
#10 Osamah :

F-22 Suckes

Aug 14, 2010
4:29 pm
#11 Sumar :

Typhoon, Dassault Raffale and the modern Flanker variants have radar jammers, which is incredibly useful when fighting at long ranges or low altitudes.

Aug 31, 2010
1:58 pm

If we judge the planes on export potential criteria I think that Typhoon is a winner. Countries such as Switzerland, Czech Republic, Canada and India who are looking to procure military aircraft in the near future will conduct a cost benefit analysis of the competing planes and surely agree that the sophisticated but expensive Rapter cannot be justified when measured against the reality of the perceived threat. That is always assuming that the Pentagon would wish such advanced technology to be in the hands of other nations…even those deemed to be friendly.
One country, Saudi Arabia, really, could afford to buy the best of the best in terms of air superiority fighters with a ground attack capability… Moreover it has legitimate concerns about the hostile intent of neighboring Iran. It chose Typhoon.

Oct 16, 2010
7:41 pm
#13 Red :

I’ve seen both the Eurofighter and the F22 in flight. The F22 has the Eurofighter beat in maneuverability, speed, and payload. If it came down to a fight between the two, the Eurofighter will lose every time.

Nov 7, 2010
10:07 pm
#14 owen :

the americans have placed an export ban on the f22

Dec 8, 2010
1:03 am
#16 Jareth :

“the F-22 is a waste of money, it is the air superiority of the USA but it’s a bomber, not a fighter and has very few weapons. yes it has stealth but is not worth what it is sold at, as for the f-35. I hope Canada willl not buy the f-35 but the Eurofighter wich the gov’t is leaning more towards, hopefully the Americans will stop wastiing so much money on the planes”

You have it backwards, The F-22 is built as a air superiority stealth fighter, with the F-35 being a stealth support fight/bomber. It cannot even compete with the F-22’s manvueriblity. The F-35 has been proven in tests to be on-par with the F/A 18 without the radar signature, and having VTOL equipment capabilities. Current plan for a 4.5 & 5th gen air mission? F-22 being utilized to keep the air clear while the F-35 remove targets on ground.

F-22 production was ceased due to high costs thanks to republicans willing to increase the payout per F-22 higher then originally agreed with lockheed to the point where it became too expensive and the cease was added to the health care bill.

Jan 12, 2011
10:58 pm
#17 Doug :

Id put my money on the Typhoon everytime on a head to head between it and an F22. A few points, supercruise is mentioned a few times this is nothing new the BAE lightning had supercruise back in the late 1950`s. The main issue with the F22 is numbers and cost, yes it has stealth in fact its probably so invisible it would appear it wasnt there and thats because its so expensive it wont be. Gen 4.5 & 5 is mentioned alot the issue with this is its an american classfication for aircraft Gen 5 aircraft having low observability and AESA radar etc. The eurofighter doesnt conform to this classification as it wasnt designed to be fully stealth although from some aspects its RCS is lower than the F22. As for agility the euro has the F22 totally licked not only with supercruise like the F22 but high agility at super cruise speeds something the F22 can only dream of and avionics that are more than a match for the F22. Also lets not forget while the F22 has inboard weapons which reduce drag and increase stealth when it deploys them that advantage will disappear and while the exact effects are classified you can be sure they wont be beneficial. So my conclusion ill take the Typhoon thanks there will be more of them they are more versatile and equipped with the meteor missle for long range standoff capability make a truly awesome piece of kit. As a side note on the F35 Lockheed classify it as Gen 5 even though it doesnt have low observability and personally i think the money spent by the UK on it would have been better spent on revamping the Harrier.

Jan 13, 2011
8:17 pm
#18 Dylan :

Can someone explain what the “Front Fall” maneuver is? I couldn’t find it anywhere online, I’m assuming it has another name.


Jan 14, 2011
3:37 pm
#19 Doug :

Dunno never heard it called that before sounds like a made up name. Nearest i can see is it might refer to the stall maneuver which is performed followed by the 360. That might be the real name for it though. Either way its an aerobatic novelty that modern missles can deal with.

Jan 31, 2011
11:04 pm
#20 dez1gq :

the euro fighter is the best fighter jet without a dout it got lock on a raptor in 1on 1 exersises at close range and suprisingley at long range aswell.the americans wouldnt come out 2 play on day 2 wen they should ov had 2 on 2 exersises probabley because they were embarresd that they spent a billion billion billion billion billion on it or somthing like that lol then it gets beat by a slower surposedly less surfisticated euro fighter- the euro fighter is a far supirior fighter and if it managed 2 get off the ground quick enought b4 the stealth raptor destroyes everything it would desimate the raptor thats if it is stealth from this link it has big problems with its stealth at low level flight and they need to much money 2 opperate that they need 381 but funds have been cut and they have stoped the program at 183 in other words for a 5th gen plane its not lasted very long theyve scraped it for the lightning ll whitch althought not as impressive in the stats depo the das on it together with the stealth makes it the more deadly plane before the other 2 get 2 detects eyedentifies any threat so u can simply fire and forget leave the supirior eurofighter and very impressive piece ov junk raptor to fight the missles while the f35 gose home for tea because it sees everything everywere all the time.thats if it works we let the yanks build it althought they did good with the desingh ov it they fucked up the short the typhoon rules as a fighter plane but fuck the plane das digital awareness system class cock pit and target recognision rules you could put that on an apache,camanche or a car make it stealth and it would be more dangerous das rules ok

Jan 31, 2011
11:19 pm
#21 dez1gq :

i agree with doug the euro typhoon would lik the raptor it has done in practice com/watch?v=Eb_jqsg13wY long range and short range and ye for 5th gen theyve scraped after not even 1 generation were as the typhoon is selling like hot cakes so dont do the same with the f35 which is nowere near as good as the above as a fighter it dosent have 2 be it has das and stealth and taget detection so it will kick every1’s ass glad were in on it bout time we had another harrier remember it surrpassed every other more manouverable plane in its day because it has vertial landing and take off now stealth super sonic and das it dont need 2 be as good as a euro fighter cos its a better computer game have u seen that class cockpit helmet real cool

Feb 27, 2011
3:13 am
#22 G777 :

Okay lets get one thing straight.

The F22’s performance can only be achieved with inefficienctly. The range is rubbish. It needs somthing like 3 hours of maintenance for every 1 hour in the air. Its supercruise is only achieved with big fuel hog engines. The aircraft has to be clean every flight to make its stealth work. Which takes more time and its avionics/electronics are old.
The F35 (or A35) has similar problems. Its newer but cant manuever, cannot perform VTOL manuevers like the Harrier, has a rubbish range compared to Eurofighter and it doesnt have supercruise. Oh and has any checked the major fuel difference between the three? Eurofighter uses much less fuel than F35 (like half) with slightly better combat radius.

The Eurofighter has actually beaten stealth. It took a picture of a B2 more than 80+ miles away. This video will show you:

There is a ton of stuff that the Eurofighter will be getting in future. Including electronics, new engines, CFT, TVN ect

If anyone wants to contact me, just post a comment on my Channel.

Mar 22, 2011
11:16 am
#23 sparky2010 :

Each plane has its pros and cons.
The Raptor:
PROS: Great maneuvrability, super cruise, stealth, radar (BVR)
CONS: PRICE / EXPORT (lack of export)
PROS: Great maneuvrability, super cruise, multi-role, export
CONS: No stealth, Price
PROS: Maneuvrability (best), price, export
CONS: Avionics / radar (vs. western aircraft) N011M??
Waiting to see public Su T-50

Dec 23, 2011
3:46 pm
#24 Kurt :

Planes come at a price. For 1 F22 Raptor you can buy at least 1.5 Eurofighter Typhoon. So how do 3 Typhoon compare in aerial combat to 2 Raptors? That boils down to stealth, the expensive part of the Raptor. However there’s a problem with stealth, you can also see blind spots on a radar. Watching for natural radiation from space, the biggest passive radar device, you can spot things that are opaque and don’t appear on radar. Hey presto, you’ve found the F 22. This stealth concept is in my opinion a bit misleading because it’s hyperbole of the real low observeability aspect. The airspace on earth is a large place to cover and as long as you don’t know where to look you have a hard time locating targets. The problem is even greater for smart munitions that can be fooled much easier the lower the observeability of the target is for them. Last, but not least stealth to radar is just one expensive option for achieving non-radr observation. Others are well known like the Israelis do with UAVs targeting radar emission sources for destruction. So like Israel showed, you can fight enemy radar into silence and thus also achieve stealth because none illuminates the radar reflecting aircrafts with a radar beam. So to fully assess the problem, we have to analyze the threat environment and the multiple solutions possible for a given task. So the F22 can for example stumble across opponents with both sides relying on external reconnaissance via space based assets for example.
However, I would agree that the Typhoon has to improve for being a direct competitor to the F22, at least considering new engines with thrust vectoring and lowered IR signature and it seems they’re doing it.

May 13, 2012
8:02 am

I hope that the generals of the phillipines armed forces chose the typoon insted of the aging F16c against those bullies communist SU27 of red china. Typoon is much needed to phillipines gain some respect to those counterfits reds.

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