F-16 Attack on Insurgents – Iraq Airstrike Video from Fallujah

f16This video depicts the final moments of around 30 insurgents during the battle of Fallujah. In Fallujah, US troops saw some of the most intense urban combat of the Iraq War. During intense fighting, small groups of soldiers would be out-manned by the insurgents, but it usually didn’t matter. As seen here, it takes only 2 people and the technology of the American military to neutralize a roughly 20 person threat. The voice that says “take ’em out” is that of a US soldier on the ground who called in airstrikes, and he directs the F-16 to the insurgents approaching his position. Clearly, this video represents why people should think twice before challenging American firepower.

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Watch this F-16 Airstrike video from Iraq, it definately puts into perspective wath precision firepower is all about.

[youtube 63-KuD4ZD28]

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