Future Robot Army Technology

Terminator RobotsToday’s battlefield little resembles those that your grandpa could tell you about from either WWII or Vietnam.  Lasers, satellites, encrypted channels, infrared radar, and myriad other advanced technology permeates the battlespace.  Bascically, we have finished weaponizing the electromagnetic spectrum.  Next must come the weaponization of the combination of this electro-optic technology with both computers and the current hardware in service, i.e. tanks, aircraft, and sea vessels.  Basically, we have begun to build an army, navy and airforce of robots.  Check out the lists and diagrams below to see what is in the works, and also check back for more in depth info coming soon!  Also check out the links to the unmanned vehicles already covered right here on FutureFirepower.com!

RQ-9 Predator UCAV (Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicle)MQ9 REAPER


M.U.L.E Logistics Vehicle



Firescout UAV HelicopterFire Scout Display


Desert Hawk Recon UAVDesert Hawk


Global Hawk UAV

Global Hawk


The Protector – Unmanned Patrol BoatProtector


SWORDS weaponized robotSWORDS robot


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