Hunter UAV Airstrike – Viper Air Attack on Vehicle

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC)

Viper Strike
The Viper is a standoff munition guided by GPS and laser-guidance. The Viper is primarily used in missions that require a flexible angle of attack, either steep or shallow. The weapon is produced by Northrop Grumann’s Land Combat Systems Facility in Alabama. This particular Viper Standoff munition requires a man to lase the target either from the UAV itself where the missile is fired from, or from the ground. The Viper is similar to the Hellfire missile used in the Predator UAV by the US air-force. The Vipers warhead is smaller than the Hellfires and the Vipers platform is the Hunter RQ-5A UAV. The Hunter is similar to the predator although its functionality is more limited.

Hunter UAV airstrike with Viper Munition
Check out an awesome Video Here, Please allow time to load as the video is somewhat large

The MQ-5CE-Hunter has been developed for longer endurance and higher-altitude missions.

Hunter 1

The Viper Munition is being tested with a variety of different platforms including AC-130 Gunships and even the notorious Predator. The video below shows the incredible power of the Viper in Combination with the Hunter UAV.

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