JASSM Cruise Missile of the Future

“We need some options on the table!” Yells a military commander sitting in the Pentagon.

“How about the option to hit them with stealth cruise missiles, sir?” Says a lowly defense analyst in the back.

“What did you say!?” Screams the general.

“Well sir, we can just have our jets launch these JASSM cruise missisles from about 230 miles out sir. No one is put at risk but them, and they cost $300,000 less than Tomohawk missiles. We’ll save some money and take out the targets.”

“Brilliant! Order the strikes. What did you say your name was? How would you like me to take you out to Chilis for some fajitas?”

JASSMAnd so goes the scenario in the Pentagon in 2009 once the JASSM (Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile) stealth cruise missile goes into operational service. The missile has been in development since 1996, and the production costs have reached $3 bn so far. Never fear though, because these missiles actually cost less, and work better than their main competitor, the Tomohawk cruise missile. Stand-Off range is basically considered a range long enough to where we can attack them, but they can’t attack us. Brilliant indeed. The missile carries a 1000 lb warhead, and can be fitted with nuclear, chemical, conventional, or even biological warheads.

Check out this JASSM video produced by Lockheed.

[youtube wiVfRx8O0Ow]

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