South Korean XK-2 Tank Video – New South Korean Tank with Hydraulics!


The South Korean Army has developed a next generation tank, the XK-2 Blank Panther that incorporates some interesting advances in technology. The tank’s most impressive new features are its amphibious capability, active defense system, and handling/suspension technology. First of all, the tank is capable of driving completely underwater for river crossings. Likewise, the tank has an active defense system that can shoot down incoming missiles and rocket-propelled grenades. Obviously, the South Koreans are on the frontier of next generation tank technology. With comparable optoelectronic sighting, navigation, and fire and control systems to the US M1-A2 Abrams tank, the XK-2 Blank Panther definitely embodies extreme fighting technology.

This promotional XK 2 tank video is widespread on the net; it definitely shows why the XK-2 is something to talk about.

[youtube YZ1seG7MHZU]

F22 Raptor | F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter Jet | Best Performing Jet Fighter Hands Down

763px FA 22 Raptor

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT]

The F-22 Raptor exemplifies the very pinnacle of air superiority. Decades of research have contributed to the ground-up design of this plan that was forged from the outer limits of chemistry, aerodynamics, materials science, and engineering. The F-22 Raptor was the first jet designed completely by computer before a model was fabricated. The design incorporated a concept known as continuous curvatures, and when combined with the RAM radar absorbent skin of the aircraft; enemy radar waves simply flow past like water. The continuous curvature is clearly visible in the F-22 when compared with the accompanying F-15 Eagle. The F-22 has been slated to replace the F-15 in the air dominance role. Another stealth feature is the internalization of the weapons system, which also helps to preserve the continuous curvature.

Imagine this scenario, a squadron of 5 F-15 Eagles is heading straight into enemy territory for a strike. The enemy scrambles fighters to intercept them. A pair of stealth F-22 fighters fly ahead of the F-15s, and the enemy only sees the F-15s on their radars. The F-22s lock onto each incoming interceptor, and can fire missiles before the enemy ever knew what hit them. That is air superiority.

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The Shape Charge – Hellfire, the Javeline, and IED armor-piercing technology

The technology of the shape charge is a modern development in the evolution of armor piercing weapons. In a digression from the classic battle between thicker armor and larger guns, the shape charge defines itself during the explosive exchange that takes place when armor meets anti-armor technology. A shape charge gets its name because of its design and the impact it has on armor. The warhead contains high explosives like any other, however, the tip of the warhead is a conical shaped piece of magnesium or copper. Upon impact, the explosion of the warhead melts the shaped metal cone in the tip, and the “shape charge” is propelled in a molten state to literally melt through the armor at high speed and pressure. Think of it as literally a spear of molten copper.

This armor-piercing technology has already seen widespread deployment in Western allied military forces; common examples being the Hellfire and Javelin anti-armor missiles. The Javelin missile actually houses two shape charges, the first designed to take out reactive armor, and the second for penetrating and killing the target. Likewise, a newer version of the AGM-114 Hellfire missile also has a dual shape charge configuration, as commonly employed by the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter against armored targets. Recently, reports of shape-charges being incorporated into IED’s and roadside bombs in Iraq has created great problems for the American M1-A2 Abrams tank, which cannot withstand an appropriately deployed shape charge. The fact that Americans worry about the shape charge gives merit to its destructive force, and likewise explain its widespread application in armor piercing technology. Other developments in armor piercing technology can be found with the uses of depleted uranium technology (see post on DU).

Military of Iran – The Iranian Armed Forces Video

ArteshThis video is a display of Iran’s military. The Iranian Military video shows that Iran has modern military hardware, and likely a lot of it. However, an important fact to note, is that Iran doesn’t have GPS technology or widespread use of electro-optic fire and control systems. The tanks and rockets rely on line of sight visual aiming; the sole upgrade being mere optical and television camera scopes. The forces of the US, Britain, Israel, and any other western allied military power all have sophisticated infrared sighting systems, widespread night vision capabilities, laser guidance, computerized fire control systems, and specialized ordinance. Never the less, Iran presents a worthy adversary to any challenger.

AH-64 Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter Video

AH 64 Apache

AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter
Mfg: Boeing [NYSE: BA]

The Apache attack helicopter has actually been around for some time now. It is not necessarily a new machine in and of itself, but its potential and features have been upgraded extensively since its deployment in Desert Storm I. With new fire-and-forget Hellfire missiles, an upgraded FLIR and night vision sensory module the AH-64 is likely one of the most fear inducing weapons in the US arsenal. The Apache can operate in any weather conditions, which renders its night missions the most ominous to the enemy. As evidenced in the accompanying video, the Apache can kill with precision from greater than 1 mile without being detected. In the video, the apache utilizes it’s 30mm cannon, which can fire either high explosive or armor piercing (depleted uranium) rounds. In the video, the apache is firing high explosive rounds, which leave no chance for these “soft” targets.

This Apache Attack helicopter video shows the US attacking insurgents in Iraq. Graphic Nature… Viewer discretion advised…

[youtube udTJp72mib8]

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AC-130 Spectre Gunship Video – Modern Warfare

AC-130 Spooky Gunship
mfg: Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] and Boeing [NYSE: BA]

AC 130 2The AC-130 gunship is an attack platform unlike any other. The plane is a modified C-130 Hercules transport, outfitted with a modified 105 MM artillery cannon and a 40 mm cannon along with Gatling guns. The AC-130 operates at night and the pilot flies the plane in a large circle around the target, and rains down fire from the sky. This weapon strikes fear through the very fabric of the enemy’s soul. In this video, the people are completely unaware that they are about to be attacked until it’s too late. Once the first shot is fired, all hell breaks loose. People duck for cover, attempt to hide, and run for their lives. The AC-130 has a crew of 5 officers, who serve roles of co-pilot, pilot, navigator and 2 fire control officers. With only 5 people and the AC-13o attack platform, the US annhilihates a Taleban camp and cave complex, killing untold amounts of the enemy.

This is a video of an AC-130 Spooky attack on the Taleban in Afghanistan.

[youtube 0Jn6nByuDS0&hl=en]

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The XM-307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon – ACSW

Manufacturers: US Army, General Dynamics [NYSE: GD] and Raytheon [NYSE: RTN]

XM-307XM-307 (2)XM-307 Picture

The XM-307 is the next generation stand-off machine gun. A more technical name for the weapon is the advanced crew served weapon, dubbed “crew served” to designate that it must have 2 soldiers to be fielded effectively. Regardless of the support troop, it only takes on man to unleash the devastating firepower of this weapon. The XM-307 fires high explosive 30 MM shells, and has a sophisticated night vision and fire control system. The electronic scope enables the gunner to zoom in and hit targets up to 2,000 meters away at night. The biggest advantage of this weapon is its ability to inflict casualties on hidden targets. The air-bursting high explosive fragmentation shells can spray shrapnel on targets hidden in cover. Likewise, another advantage of the scope is the FLIR vision, enabling the identification of people lurking in foliage or wooded areas by heat signature.

Watch this Future Weapons XM-307 machine gun video. It truly displays how the US Army stays on the cutting edge.

[youtube U4_pnRM_UCI]

MOAB – The GBU-43 Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb – The Mother of All Bombs Test Video

800px MOAB bomb

Coined the “Mother of All Bombs” for its massive size and blast radius (400ft), the MOAB truly is the Future of Military Firepower. The MOAB is a massive 21,000 pounds and contains over 9 tons of H-6 explosive. The MOAB is so large that it must be dropped out of the back of a cargo plane. The bomb is not considered to be a precision weapon but it is definitely a psychological weapon! Trust Me, you do not want to be on the receiving end of this ten ton Mother of All Bombs.

MOAB Video

[youtube H7tG7keSe-0]

SMAW – ESMAW-NE | Shoulder-launched Multi Purpose Assault Weapon Video

smaw 1

This shoulder-launched multi purpose weapon system is an oldie but goodie. The SMAW or ESMAW-NE has been used in the US Military for over 20 years. Weather you are trying to breach a bunker or engage light armor, the SMAW is the right weapon system. The SMAW has night vision and rail grabbing capabilities. These technologies make acquiring targets much easier than systems such as the RPG. The SMAW employs a rocket which can penetrate triple layered brick and thick concrete to explode on the backside of the fortification.

The SMAW has exhibited 90% accuracy on 1-2 meter targets on the combat range.

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Check out this SMAW video, 2 direct hits in very short time.

[youtube mB0egDxEXyY&NR=1]

MULE – Multifunction / Utility Logistics Equipment

The MULE, or Multifunction Utility Logistics Equipment is another example of the US military switching to robotic systems in an effort to keep our troops out of harms way. This particular high tech unmanned ground vehicle is produced by Lockheed Martin and can be used in a variety of functions such as sweeping for mines, reconnaissance, or engaging enemies. The attack variant of the mule – the armed robot vehicle ARV -A (L) – is equipped with a line of site gun and even anti-tank capability. The mule can climb steps and engage enemies in situations where the threat is to high for an infantry soldier to move in. The MULE has incredible suspension that enables it to cross almost any terrain.

This weapon system is being developed by the Future Combat Systems initiative, a massive overhaul effort for the US military to switch to a more mobile fighting force.


Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT]

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