Future Military Weapon Technology - United States Weapon Systems (13)
1 April 2007

Airpower Sumary for Iraq and Afghanistan | War in Iraq – Aircraft information

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f15 eagle us air force

U.S. Central Command Air Forces officials have released the airpower summary for March 31.
In Afghanistan, an Air Force B-1B Lancer dropped Guided Bomb Unit-31s on an insurgent compound and a GBU-38 on an enemy firing position near Garmsir. A Joint Terminal Attack Controller confirmed …

1 April 2007

F-22A Raptor – The Future of Air Superiority – F22 Video

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FA22 Raptors Oct2005

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT]
The FA-22 Raptor is a symbol of Future Firepower. The Raptor encompasses advanced avionics, a very maneuverable airframe, and the ability to cruise at supersonic speeds without the use of an afterburner which increases it’s effective range. The F-22 can internally carry two …

1 April 2007

Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV

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predator uav

The predator is an unmanned aerial vehicle that capable of airborne reconnaissance missions over a particular area for up to 20 hours. The predator gives the US military a birds eye view of the battlefield so units can react to emerging threats quickly and decisively. The great thing …

1 April 2007

Depleted Uranium Munitions – Rounds, Armor | 120mm | 30mm

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depleted uranium

Depleted Uranium is a relatively recent development in military weapons and technology. Depleted Uranium is one of the heaviest elements on earth giving it tremendous power when coupled with ammunition. Depleted Uranium rounds are usually of a higher caliber such as the 120mm rounds fired out of …

28 March 2007

The OICW – Objective Individual Combat Weapon – the M-29

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OICW Assault Rifle of the Future

Manufacturer: Alliant Tech Systems [NYSE: ATK]

It was decided by the Department of Defense (DoD) in the 1970’s that the limit of effective rifle technology had reached it’s peak. Basically, rifles had reached the pinnacle of accuracy, weight, and reliability under the current chain of development seen around the world. Given …

28 March 2007

AH-64 Apache Helicopter Attack Video

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apache18 1

Mfg: Boeing [NYSE: BA]
The Apache is likely the most lethal killing machine ever built. The 30mm turret mounted below the pilot moves with the pilot’s helmet-mounted optical target selection system, which allows the pilot to aim the weapon without operating a joystick, simply look at it, and it can …

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