The DREAD Weapon System – Small Arms Technology and Innovation

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Dread Gun Brochurer
The DREAD weapon system is a revolutionary small arms weapon that can shoot upwards of 120,000 rounds a minute with absolutely no recoil or heat signature. Perfectly suitable for space-based applications such as satellites as well as ground vehicles and aircraft, the DREAD weapon system is truly a universal small arms weapon. This small arms innovation will bring firepower to a whole new level with an electrically driven firing…

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Al-Qaeda Jihad Propaganda from Iraq

Jihad OnlineOn NPR recently there was a piece about the propaganda war taking place as a part of the War on Terror. The focus was on how NPRs correspondent believes that the US is losing the media War on Terror, but that new efforts are being made by the US military to counter this phenomenon. Official spokesmen for the military are paid daily to surf the net for subversive remarks about the United States and the West and to reply to these posts in-kind, educating those that…

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Kinetic Energy Projectile – KE-projectile

penetrator ke
An APFSDS, Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabalized Discarding Sabot round.

A Kinetic energy Projectile is one that can pierce through advanced armor more efficiently due to a smaller penetration surface and a high rate of speed. As you can see the munition bursts apart leaving a small rod that can penetrate advanced armor technology such as reactive armor. Typically the penetrator rods are constructed of extremely high-density metals such as depleted uranium or tungsten. The purpose of a sabot with rounds such…

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OCSW – Objective Crew Served Weapon

The Objective Crew Served Weapon (OCSW) is an integrated machine gun system which couples the firepower of air bursting munitions with optoelectronic fire control to provide all-environment operation and enhanced lethality. (FAS)

ocsw machine gun

This incredible machine gun system is capable of dismantling slow moving aircraft and light armored vehicles from over 1000 meters away while incapacitating enemy soldiers from over 2000 meters. The objective crew served weapon is an ultra light 2 man crew served weapon that will replace the MK19 grenade machine gun…

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OICW Future Rifle Technology- Future Force Warrior

OICW rifle
The Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) will be the most versatile weapon ever. It can kill targets hidden around corners or dug in half a mile away. The OICW will leave no place for the enemy to hide with its incredible firepower. As you can see in the picture above the rifle is modular which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The OICW has some convincing to do before it comes into full scale production.

For observers encountering OICW for the first time, there is also the question

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5 Incredible Military Technologies – Future Military Warfare

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YAL-1A Airborne Laser

The Airborne Laser is without a doubt a revolutionary weapon that will change the way battles are fought and Nations are protected.air borne laser The proliferation of ballistic weapons systems has prompted military officials to persue an airborne weapons system capable of defeating ballistic missiles long before they become a threat to their intended target. The YAL-1A Airborne laser (ABL) comes in the form of a Boeing 747-400F and…

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Apache Airstrike in Iraq – Nightvision Warfare

Apache AttackThis video might possibly be one of the coolest ones I’ve seen yet. Of course there will always be more videos, but let me take a second to analyze just how bad ass this particular video is. The first thing to note is the obvious fact that the attack takes place at nightime, and was filmed by a nightvision camera. One advantage of the US military, we rule the night. Second, the enemy is being targeted by a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) on the ground, whose laser…

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Flybot – Fly shaped Robot for Reconnaissance

The Flybot, a new robotic reconnaissance fly may help keep a more soldiers, and others out of harms way.

Scientists at Harvard have invented a robotic fly to send on reconnaissance missions in areas too dangerous for humans, such as those contaminated by chemical or biological weapons.

It can also be used to find hidden bombs and in search missions.

Fly UAV flybot

The “flybot”, which can fit on a fingertip, is made of lightweight carbon and weighs less than a pin.

Researchers, led by Professor Robert Wood, spent seven years on the…

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Boeing’s X-45B New Phantom Works UAV

Testing has Begun on the New (BA) X-45b which is sure to be the next generation of UAV technology. Development is under way for systems that will help the Boeing Phantom Works unmanned aerial vehicle acquire and track targets on its own. This truly is an awesome looking machine and sure to be the Future of unmanned Aeriel technology.

x 45b uav 1

Global Security has a great article with a detailed review of this aircraft that is said to be “generations ahead of…

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New Arms for US allies – Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia $40bn+

The US has announced military aid worth more than $43bn to Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in an effort to boost its Middle East allies against Iran. Egypt will receive $13bn in aid over 10 years while $30bn will go to Israel over the same period, Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, said on Monday.
Rice weapons
She also said that an unspecified defence aid package was allocated for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

The Saudi package is expected to upgrade the country’s missile defences and air…

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The Latest Military Weapons