CheyTac Intervention M200 Sniper Rifle – .408 Caliber

ShooterIf you haven’t seen the movie Shooter yet, then you probably aren’t really familiar with the longest range sniper rifle in the world. That’s right, this rifle, the CheyTac M200 Intervention has beaten out the Barrett M107 and Accuracy International AS50 (whose longest ranges were negligably similar at approximately 1 mile) as the longest consitent accuracy rifle to date. Of course it takes more than just the .408 caliber rifle and a trained sniper to achieve hits at its max range, 2500 yards or 1.42 miles. You must also have all the compenents of the so-called CheyTac “Long Range Rifle System”, LRRS. This package includes the CheyTac ballistic computer (a PDA with ballistic software installed on it), a Vector IV laser rangefinder, and a Kestrel 4000 (a device that monitors wind, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure), all linked to the PDA and the OPS Inc muzzle brake and suppressor.

Quite a mouthful, right? Of course it is, but its all worth it when you can reach out and touch someone at ranges that would impress upon the victim as having just suffered an act of god.

This opening scene of Shooter is way better than the Future Weapons video I was about to post. Ok, in the opening scene of the movie, Marky Mark wipes out a ton of Africans with the .308 M40A3 of the US Marine Corp. He also takes out a Kiowa Warrior helicopter with a Barrett M107, what badass scene! Later in the film, he demonstrates the extreme range capabilities of the M200 Cheytac Intervention, with a direct hit on a tin can from over a mile in distance.

Note, the rifle that he is firing is actually not the CheyTac, but a good scene sniper scene none-the-less.

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