South Korean XK-2 Tank Video – New South Korean Tank with Hydraulics!


The South Korean Army has developed a next generation tank, the XK-2 Blank Panther that incorporates some interesting advances in technology. The tank’s most impressive new features are its amphibious capability, active defense system, and handling/suspension technology. First of all, the tank is capable of driving completely underwater for river crossings. Likewise, the tank has an active defense system that can shoot down incoming missiles and rocket-propelled grenades. Obviously, the South Koreans are on the frontier of next generation tank technology. With comparable optoelectronic sighting, navigation, and fire and control systems to the US M1-A2 Abrams tank, the XK-2 Blank Panther definitely embodies extreme fighting technology.

This promotional XK 2 tank video is widespread on the net; it definitely shows why the XK-2 is something to talk about.

[youtube YZ1seG7MHZU]

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