Stryker Armored Vehicle – Mobile Gun System

Manufacturer: General Dynamics [NYSE: GD]
Stryker Mobile Gun System
The latest production to roll out en masse from General Dynamic’s war factories is the Stryker Armored Vehicle. Since the Iraq War has evolved into the constant urban battle with the Muslim insurgency, America has since devised some innovations to armored vehicle design to increase the lethality and deployability of urban combat teams. These newer urban combat teams have been built around a doctrine described as the Brigade Combat Team, which aims to incorporate the latest in situational awareness electronics with increased firepower and protection in the urban environment. For example, the Stryker vehicle is digitally linked to all of its troops, so that they know where the armor and cover is, and can divert or flush enemies into an area where they can be blasted by the Stryker. There exist different variants of the Stryker, the most impressive being the Mobile Gun System variant, which is pictured above. The Mobile Gun System fires 105mm cannon that can fire either armor piercing rounds or anti-personnel rounds that can fragment shrapnel over large areas. Putting these capabilities into the hands of urban combat teams dramatically increases their effectiveness, not only through the obvious firepower advantage, but also by boosting morale. The cannon mount on the Stryker could be used to take out snipers easily by simply destroying the suspected spot completely. Likewise, ambushes or large groups of combatants could be easily dealt with by the shrapnel rounds of the 105 mm cannon. All in all, having the Stryker on the ground in any urban scenario instantly promotes success.

Check out this Stryker video!
[youtube 41CpIA1Jytk]

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