Su-37 Terminator – Experimental Soviet Acrobatic Jet Fighter – “Super Flanker” Video


This is a video displaying the acrobatic ability of an experimental Soviet jet fighter, the Su-37 Terminator. The Su-37 is designed to be able to outmaneuver any adversary in close combat dogfighting. With it’s reinforced frame, vector thrust, and aerodynamics, the Su-37 can perform dogfight moves unlike any other plane built, including the F-22 Raptor, or F-35 Lightning, the Su-37’s closest competitors. However, the Su-37 has not entered service into any military, and for now remains a demonstration of the limits of human piloted aerial acrobatics.

This Soviet aircraft video shows just how maneuvarable the Soviet fighet jets really are!

[youtube NvMkAFFpWC4]

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