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TROPHY – Active Military Vehicle Defense

When armor just isn’t strong enough and munitions keep evolving such as the armor pier cing tandem rpg 27 (two shape charges), “active protection systems” are called upon. Currently in development for the Striker and the Israeli Merkava main battle tank is the TROPHY active protection system which promises to revolutionize military vehicle and armor defense. The U.S is not currently partaking in RAFAEL’s TROPHY weapon system as it has contracted a favorite , Raytheon, to build an equivalent system for its vehicles.

[youtube 62jzAupr044]

TROPHY is being produced by RAPHAEL and maintains a 360 degree field of view with its radar. The TROPHY will pick up incoming threats using its radar and do some complicated physics and mathematics to find a bearing of the incoming threat. Once the threat is identified the TROPHY system calculates the best time and angle that it should fire its shotgun-like pellets which repel the incoming threat. The system is also capable of engaging multiple threats simultaneously from different directions.


TROPHY is designed to work against all incoming anti-tank missiles and Rocket propelled grenades. Also the ability to fire upon incoming threats on the move gives infantry vehicles and tanks equipped with the TROPHY system the ability to evade the enemy while under attack. Another advantage is that vehicles equipped with the TROPHY weapon system won’t need heavy armor installments that slow them down like explosive reactive armor. The Trophy system may not completely alleviate the need for reactive armor installments as the new “active protection system” is not capable of defending againsty land mines, artillery, ant-tank guns, or IED attacks.

Israeli Defense Forces Merkava 4 Main Battle Tank – Merkava 4 Tank Video

Merkava 4
The Israeli Defence Forces recently implemented a modernization drive on their main battle tank program. Their newest design, uveiled in 2002, features some technological advances forged from the fire of the battlefields of the Middle East. This video of the Merkava 4 main battle tank displays the blast-proof ammunition container, and the ability to target and track multiple targets while on the move, even helicopters. Likely the best features of the Merkava 4 are that it has one of the smallest profiles on the battlefield, the sloped turret angles allow for this advantage. Additionally, the Merkava 4 actually has a rear hatch and extra rear space that can accomodate several fully-armed combat troops or can be used to protect the wounded in battle.

Check out this Merkava tank video. It really shows off the intensive training that the IDF undertakes.

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