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Future Weapons

Richard MackRichard Machowicz, the host of The Military Channel’s Future Weapons, probably has the best job on the planet. I mean, after 10 years in the Navy SEALS he probably got bored with all the intense training and bad ass weapons right? I guess not. Now he gets to enjoy augmented civilian status as he still has access to top secret facilities and weapons technology, which he proudly displays with cold precision on his Military/Discovery Channel show Future Weapons. Basically, “Mack” is our hero here at Future Firepower. Its not like he has a show where he just narrates while soldiers shoot all the guns and show off, he actually gets to get into the tanks and drive them, pick up the brand new machine gun prototype and unload as many clips as he wants; and he does it all with perfectly honed form and skill. Probably the best moment was when Mack competed against a US soldier in a cold-bore sniper rifle competition, and Mack out shot the soldier with a perfect headshot with the 1st round. Obviously, he has extreme weapons training. It’s been a long time coming that Discovery Networks finally launched the Military Channel, and it was long enough that they finally came out with Future Weapons. Richard Machowicz 2Discovery Networks has always been very respectfully patriotic, and they have also done a good job keeping up with the times by gradually increasing their military-related broadcasting. I remember as a child the best show that I could find was Wings on the regular discovery channel. I guess they could tell that I watched it all day long, and made the military channel with robust programming just for me. Now all the Military Channel needs to do is quit showing so many reruns and kick their production engine into high gear. They need to have a million different shows with a million different weapons, hell, they should just start inventing weapons. Long live the military channel, the embodiment of my inspiration for this humble website, FutureFirepower.com.

Mack is also the author of a book: Unleashing the Warrior Within, and also founder of the Bukido Institute.

Read Mack’s Wikipedia Bio here.

OICW Future Rifle Technology- Future Force Warrior

OICW rifle
The Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) will be the most versatile weapon ever. It can kill targets hidden around corners or dug in half a mile away. The OICW will leave no place for the enemy to hide with its incredible firepower. As you can see in the picture above the rifle is modular which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The OICW has some convincing to do before it comes into full scale production.

For observers encountering OICW for the first time, there is also the question of sticker shock. If the demonstration project is successful over the next several years, the Pentagon plans to make an initial purchase of 45,000 OICWs, to be in the hands of elite light-infantry units by 2006. The weapons will cost between $10,000 and $12,000 each, plus $25 to $30 for each 20mm air-burst round.

For a Video and some more pictures of the Objective individual Combat Weapon click here for another post.

Japan’s Type 90 Main Battle Tank – New Japanese Self-Defense Forces Tank Video

type 90

The Japanese Type 90 tank rivals any other main battle tank on the modern battlefield. The Type 90 incorporates several newer technologies, some that are even lacking in other nation’s tanks. For example, the Japanese employed an auto-loading cannon, which reduces the crew requirement and also increases the tanks rate of fire. Likewise, the electro optic thermal sighting system has a passive viewing mode, which enables them to target the infrared signals emitted from enemy vehicles rather than the type 90 having to target the enemy on its own. The type 90 employs the Japanese Self-Defense Forces own version of armor incorporating layers of ceramic and steel. The type 90 is definitely a contender for the top spot of the greatest modern tank.

Watch this Type 90 tank video, the scene where the tanks hit the target simultaneously is designed to portray the digital communications ability of the JSDF.

[youtube 6dupnqSjnW4]