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The JSDF – The Japanese Self-Defense Forces Video – The New Military of Japan

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The Japanese-Self Defense Forces

JSDFAfter the fall of Japan in WWII, Japan succumbed to unconditional surrender to the US. Fortunately though, despite the complete disbandment of the military and initial humiliation of defeat, the future of Japan was not so bleak. With US help, the Japanese nation rose once again to become a regional economic power. As one can see in the video, The Japanese Self-Defense Forces possess the most modern military tactical and strategic technology. Technologies observed being employed in an integrated fashion were GPS targeting (cruise missiles), night vision, electronic battlefield command and control (AWACs), not to mention their obviously advanced military hardware. Aircraft observed are the F-16 Falcon, F-15 Eagle, and AH-1 Cobra. The Japanese also have Aegis class battle cruisers and missile frigates. The main battle tank of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces is the Type 90 tank as seen in the video.

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